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Geometry & spatial reasoning


Geometry originates from Greek ge or gaia - meaning earth or land and metria meaning measuring, or measurement of earth or land.

Analytic geometry is the combination of geometry and algebra.

Relative position is used to locate objects in space with distance and directions. See related activities

Spatial & visual representation

Knowledge base & tools to develop mathematical literacy

Knowledge base

The mathematical knowledge base includes concepts necessary for learners to conceptualize to become mathemtically literate and misconceptions that must be over come. Particularly important for geometry and spatial reasoning include:


Information to facilitate literacy in geometry & spatial reasoning & tools to achieve it

Background information for learning and teaching.

Activities to facilitate geometry & visual spatial literacy

Puzzles & challenges, with work sheets

  • Pythagoras theorem - Explanation sheet to justify a2 + b2 = c with 1. Area model & 2. lengths of sides model
  • Relative position & topology - Work sheet to identify: in, on, out, for 3d & 2d pictures, & draw the 5 shapes. Age: preschool - first grade
  • Tessellation - Work sheet: How to make a tessellation
  • Triangles - properties, kinds, angles, sides, and relationships
  • Ruler and compass constructions
  • Cross sections

Tangram puzzle sets and tables

Tangram puzzle sets
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Tangram tables
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Geometry is the science of correct reasoning on incorrect figures. George Polya


Two or Three dimension figure