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Politics is how people deal with issues locally, nationally, or other levels. Issues that are social, economic, cultural, legal, religious ... Why is politics often thought of negatively?

"No America without democracy,

No democracy without politics,

No politics without parties ..."

Clinton Rossiter

Parties for cooperation to achieve something or to do nothing. Are parties best when they are ran by pliticians that know how to run local government, state governments, and national government? In 1968 Parties began to change the nomination process from being controlled by the party and to eing controled by the electorate. The electorate being controled by the billionares, big names, and monarchial families.

George Washington on political parties ...

"However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion."

"... sometimes to strengthen democracy you have to restrict it." Fareed Zakaria.

Commons of the Earth needs a return to the idea of the commons. Where half the Earth is reserved for the commons of all nature ... See E. O. Wilson The Half Earth


Topics Overview
  • Politics and what to teach.
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  • Race
  • Economics and politics
  • Wealth & poverty
  • Jobs
  • Citizens & Democracy
  • Poltics & education
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Political ideas related to education and what to teach


Charter Schools and anti pubic eduation

Ideas related to charter schools ...

Names associated with Charter Schools and anti pubic eduation



Race, character, giftedness, and mental disabilities retardation

Economics & politics

Robert Rich struggle against inequality for all

States with no income tax grow slower than those with income taxes.

When New Jersey passed a millionaires tax there was little or no evidence of millionare flight from the state. Local taxes are not the most important factor for firms finding a location for their business, unless they need uneducated cheap labor. It's the people their education and skill.
Industry is more protected than our children.


Source Bargaining for the American Dream: What Unions do for Mobility, Center for American Progress.


Union membership and education levels


As the rate of union membership declines so too does middle class income.

Michael Kahn found that the higher the more negative pension plan changes a state makes to its employees, the greater the income inequality increased within the state.

He found one single negative change in a pension plan increases income inequality in the state by 15%.

Michael Kahn also found that hold the line economics increases income inequality. For example: states that reduced compensation to employee's pension funds increased the state's income inequality by about 15 percent.


Homeless rates of students in U.S. public schools reached a record of 1.36 million in 2013 - 2014.

Homeless rates increase chart


Wealth & poverty

Five factors strongly linked to a low-income child's changes of making it into middle class as an adult.

  1. single motherhood is the srongest
  2. degree of inequality in the geographic area.
  3. high school dropout rate
  4. degree of residential segregation
  5. the amount of social capital measured by things like voter turnout and participation on community organizations.

Video Inequality for All by Moyers& company

Cheap food is subsidized for poor nutrition.



Andrew McAfee discuss job growth since 1980 graphs and more ...see Jobs and Wages in January: Some Growth, Still Plenty of Slack February 10, 2015 on his Blog. Also author of The Second Machine Age.

Citizens and democracy

Politics and Education

In education it is vary vare that teams of gifted educators and other professionals collaborate in union of trust over extended periods of time to create educational resources and methodologies and use them with students, reflect on the results adjust and teach again.

Public education ... Charters and private education

Some Americans have being persuaded to move their hard earned money, in the form of taxes, from investing in public education to also investing their tax money in private education so those who simply want more money have another source of income through Charters and other forms of Education for Profit.


Article - When Did Public Education Become the Enemy?

Ravitch on Public Money for Private Schools in Nebraska

Source: The Voice . Ravitch to Nebraska: Stay Independent. March 2016


Tax distribution for education in Nebraska

Who Should Decide Tax Speding Survey in Nebraska

Carter Schools and Tax Money Public Survey of Nebraskans


National security




Health and well-being



Words & phrases ...


Charters and Public Schools now agreee they must operate alongside a community where parents are involved, that medical and mental health services are available, community jobs or services overcome poeverty, trauma, and neglect and students needs and interests are meet.


Raising poverty levels in the name of school reform. Taking money from the community and moving it to corporate America and Wall Street.

School closings

Conspiracy by wealthy profiteers.

Charters are inequity not choice.

Contracts that treat teachers as professional educators

Singular focus on teachers as cause of student growth.

High stakes accountability is self-defeating when it is used singularly to fire teachers and close schools. Needs to be used to investigate causes and implement change.

What are the right variables for measuring change?

When is a school too big to fail?

Single sex schools, school uniforms, ...


Word bank


Standards, Common Core,

Subject integration, Coordination, Sequence, Connected,

Academic orientation

Quality, high quality,

Learning strategies,

Skills, Knowledge, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking,


Aesthetic Appreciation

Creative Studies


Natural World



Assessment, Accountability, Feedback, Feed Forward, Level, Outcome




Individual differences, developmental differences,

Personally Relevant



Globalism, Nationalism, Citizenship,


Equity, Human Rights, Responsibility, Caring, Human Relations, Unity, Connections, Race, Culture, Class, Moral, Morality, Feeling Safe, Sexual Orientation, LBGT, Human Values, Values, Citizenship, Responsibility, Character, Humanness





Vague, superficial,




Man A Course of Study (MACOS) (1970) introductory course for elementary students, to introduce them to anthropology. Bruner and ... with NSF grants.

Outcomes based education (OBE) Spady 1988. Objections that transformation outcomes infringed on family values and responsibilities.


An assessment that attempts to perform too many functions-student diagnosis, curriculum planning, program evaluation, instructional improvement, accountability, certification, public communication,-will inevitably do nothing well. Linn & Herman, 1997



Rhetoric - sub category - A Brief History of Ancient Greek Rhetoric