Procedures and Guiding Principles for Assessment Decision Making to Insure Consistency, Reliability, and Validity

Inspired by Barbara S. Plake

The following procedures and strategies were created to use for the creation, implementation, evaluation, and reporting of valid assessment.

Procedure to create assessments

A diverse team composed of the following members met once a week for two hours during a school year to create learning outcomes, concepts, and assessment items, for the express purpose of using them to create assessments to measure student achievement and progress on the school and state standards: curriculum director, external consultant, classroom teachers from the grade for which the assessments were being developed and classroom teachers above and below that grade level.

The team considered the following principles when making decisions in an attempt to assure the possibility of maximizing the validity of each item and instrument created. The principles are organized by tasks: development, implementation, scoring and evaluation, and reporting.

Development of assessment instruments

Implementation of assessment instrument

Scoring and evaluation of assessment instrument

Reporting of assessment results



Dr. Robert Sweetland's notes
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