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Database of books for eductors, librarians, media experts, and others who want to create their own database or seek books to recommend to readers, which will encourage reading and literacy for all, paricularly to encourage non readers to become readers. Books included in these lists are books which I have noted over many years that some readers, across a large range of varing interests, have read and commented on enjoying. While I would encourage those who have interests related to each book's topic to read them, I would not select many of them as required reading or for a read aloud to a whole class. Those I would select from my five star list.

Books published to 1980
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
The Swiss Family Robinson Johann David Wyss 1813 The Robinsons leave Switzerland to settle on the other side of the world. Sole survivors of a shipwreck, they make it ashore and the adventure begins. An adventure that tests their courage, cleverness, endurance, and faith as they struggle to survive and create their own on a tropical pardise.

fiction adventure classic
Freckles Gene Stratton Porter 1904 Great adventure story about a young boy hired to patrol the Limberlost forest and be on the look out for lumber poachers. Gene's description of the animals and plants is great for anyone who loves being outdoors. See also A Girl of the Limberlost 1909
realistic fiction mystery forest early 1900's lumber
Geronimo His Own Story dictated to S. M. Barrett newly edited For Ward by Turner 1906
One of the most extraordinary and invaluable documents in the annals of Native American history. The authentic testament of Geronimo who fiercely defended Apache land from Mexico and the United States. Between 1905 and 1906 he dictated his story through a native interpreter to S.M. Barrett, while he was a prisoner of war. Geronimo told his story, beginning with his telling of the Apache creation story. When Barrett posed a question, the only answer he received was, Write what I have spoken. Reprinted in 1970
Gen. George F. Crook later predicted we will decide that he was one of the greatest Americans who ever lived.

See also -
  • Odie B Faulk The Geronimo Campaign 1961
  • Britton & Davis The Truth about Geronimo 1951
American Indians Native multicultural nonfiction
A Girl of the Limberlost Gene Stratton Porter 1909 Great story about a young girl, Elnora Comstock, growing up in the Limberlost Swamp in Onabasha (fictional town maybe base, Geneva, Indiana) in the early 1900's. We learn she is an independent enterprising young women who raises herself as her mother is suffering from the death of her husband and Elnora’s father. The story beings in the summer, as Elnora enters high school. As a freshman. The plot describes her struggle to go to school using the resources of the Limberlost and her ingenuity. The healing of her family, from her father’s death, adoption of Billy, social settings in school, dealing with your desires, marriage, and her stedfast desire to resolve a failed engagement with grace and honor. Characters include: Mrs Comstock, Aunt Margret, Uncle Wesley, Billy, Bird Women, Philip, Polly, Edith, Hart, Freckles, & Angel.
Gene Stratton Porter made the Limberlost Swamp famous in the early 20th century, where she lived for years on its periphery, wrote about it and its environment, which she lobbied unsuccessfully against its destruction. See more about her and the Limberlost.
realistic fiction nature teaching adolescence family crisis single parent social life social classes environment marriage honor
The Black Dog Who Went into the Woods Edith Thacher Hurd 1910
realistic fiction death (dog)
Blackfeet Indian Stories George Bird Grinnell 1915
Grandfathers have told these stories to their grandchildren for generations.
Native Americans anthology
The Boxcar Children #1 Gertrude Chandler Warner 1924 Later edition 1942
realistic fiction
Last week my brother Anthony died Martha Whitmore Hickman 1925
death fantasy fiction
Freddy the Pig adventure book series Walter R. Brooks 1927 Freddy the Detective coverThe first Freddy chapter book: To and Again is written. Stories of a group of barnyard characters who have different adventures in each book like the title of each book suggests.
Walter writes 26 Freddy books from 1927 - 1958. 
In his third book, Freddy the Detective (1932). Freddy the pig, assumes the role as the main character, Simon, the rat, is introduced as the antagonist, and the detective role becomes one Freddy will often assume with the use of wit and logic to solve problems in other books. The stories have interesting plots, humorous dialogue, and a literary style unique in animal stories for when they were written and now.
animal fantasy fiction humor chapter book
Millions of Cats Wanda Gág 1929 Picture book with verse:
Hundreds of cats, thousands of cats, millions and billions and trillions of cats.
Once upon a Millions of Cats covertime there was an old man and an old woman who were very lonely.
They decided to get a cat, but when the old man went out searching, he found not one cat, but ...
Unable to decide the best, he brought them all ...
So how did they end up with one cat to call their own?
picture book cats rhyme
The Little Engine That Could Watty Piper 1930
A train filled with gifts for boys and girls breaks down. After asking several passing trains for help over the hill, a little blue train agrees to help. Even though she is small, the blue train tries her best to make it over the hill.
helping others trying fantasy picture book
Farmer Boy Laura Ingalls Wilder 1933
westward expansion homestead historical fiction
The Good Master Kate Seredy 1935 republished 1991
fantasy fiction
The White Stag Kate Seredy 1937 The White Stag coverA 94 page illustrated epic told in the best traditions of Greek and Roman mythologies. The story unfolds the origins of a prophecy with all the trappings of gods and mortals, mystical creatures and fantastic animals all positioning to gain favor for their kind so they might have a better life. The quest for this better life for the Huns and Magyars leads to the rise of Atilla who leads them in a migration from Asia to Europe and into their promised land. Great story.
How does it compare with history?
Why has this story not been as popular as other Newberry award winners?
Epic story about the migration of the Huns and Magyars (Hungarian) from Asia to Europe.

God Hadur
Old Nimrod, Mighty Hunter. Son of Cush the Great Leader.
Sons of Old Nimrod. Brothers or sons - Hunor and Magyar
Follow the White Stag. Hunor and Magyar ride to follow. Gone long time seven months.
Sacrifice to Hadur to find what to do, but no animals. Sacrifice Taltos, his horse. Fire burnt path into mountains and a great eagle, holy bird of Hadur. Old Nimrod told prophecy. He will die, Hunor and Magyar will take his place and lead them near the promised land. Then there will be a greater leader (Atilla) that will take them to the promised land.
Hunor and Magyar return. Saw promised land. One day to get there following the white stag and seven moons to get back.
After much conquering meet moon maidens and white heron explained by Damos who sees future becomes blind and is now a prophet.
Damos lights the torch of marriage for Hunor and Tunde and Magyar and Cilla.
12 moons later Damos named Hunor s son Bendeguz, the White Eagle.
Fifteen years.
After Hunor and Magyar are gone Bendeguz (the White Eagle) will lead and he will have a son that will be greater most powerful warrior of all the Red Eagle, and will lead them to the promised land.
Bendeguz meets Alleeta who he asked if she hated him. She replied not now. They had a son and Alleeta dies in child birth. Bendeguz s heart turns to stone and he raises his son. That night Atilla is proclaimed by Demos as the Red Eagle with wings of blood and the greatest warrior who will lead them...
After years of conquering, backs against the Carpatians and a renewed army closing in on them the White Stag of Hun legends - Stag of Hunor and Magyar leads them through the mountains to the promised land and finds the Sword of Hadur.
fiction legend myth history survival republished 1965
Unit for book and Myths
Yellow Eyes Rutherford Montgomery 1937
In the high mountains lives Yellow Eyes and his mate, The Golden One. Tawny mountain lions move through the shadows of the forest. Rutherford Montgomery portrays animal life with animals acting only like animals. Not with Anthropomorphic or Anthropomorphism (where animals speaking as having human motivations, characteristics, or behaviors such as having human reasons for acting.
animals, environment fantasy fiction
The 500 hats of Bartholomew Cubbins Dr. Suess 1938
Bartholomew Cubbins is a young peasant who is at the mercy of the unjust hands of King Derwin who abuses his power. abuse of power magickings picture book
The Singing Tree Kate Seredy 1939 Setting is rural pre-World War 1 Hungary. Outstanding pencil sketched illustrations. A story of how war intruded on life. When German orphans, Russian military POWs, and the "good master" is missing in action. Kate, her slightly older cousin Jancsi, and their friend Lily must grow up in a hurry. The kindness, common sense and good humor provided as they grew up gives them strength to see them through this time of trial. Originally published in 1939 and republished in 1967.
1939 and 1967
Sequel to the Good Master
family rural Hungry historical fiction
By the Shores of Silver Lake Laura Ingalls Wilder 1939
westward expansion homestead historical fiction
The Noisy Book Margaret Wise Brown 1939
science sound inside outside sounds
The Long Winter Laura Ingalls Wilder 1940 Pa making hay Laura wants to help does. Look muskrats thick mud walls hint winter.
Errand to town. Laura go get part for broken mower. Carrie go too. Take short cut through slough almost lost come out at Wilder Brothers place. Both thick other not scared find out both are
Fall of the year-rain stop mowing frost then clear pick potatoes, corn, tomatoes pumpkins pie surprise.
October blizzard follow hay stacks to feed stack. Bring wood, puddle sing keep warm. Three day storm
After storm (on the fourth morning) cold and snow inside, tore tar paper off roof. Pa don t like feeling of things (cattle not eat stand) Head froze ground. Found bird (Auk)
Indian Summer take Auk lake flies south Pa worries about hard winter Muskrat again.
Indian Warning-Big Snow come end every seven winter bad and 21st worst. Pa go to town at store building
Settled in town-fix house start school Laura and Carrie scared Ma tells pa finally see good in town? Pa yes, but nothing by jack rabbits, Oregons the place
Cap Garland Go school Laura and Carrie worried and Mary sad she not go Boy threw ball. Mary Pawer Minnie Johnson. Blizzard school Mr, Foster came-bumped into Mead s Hotel Cap Garland Fuller s three day s blizzard
Almonzo claim 21 seed wheat worried train.
Pa goes to Volga train stopped shovel through. Pa go clear track to Volga.
Mr. Edwards visits walked 40 miles for Christmas gifts tin cup and candy for Laura and Mary. Mary $20.
12 alone another blizzard. 13 we ll weather the blast -40o 2 day blizzard. Mary won bible verse game Laura decided to help send her to college by teaching. 14 one bright day another storm supplies low no train. Three day storm, there night think here pass fiddle play no blizzard
15. no trains chores make braided rug
16.fair weather 30 foot drifts train get hay sled drifts stuck hard work trouble with grass
17. Seed wheat Almonzo false beck room for seed
18. Merry Christmas Gilbert went to Preston tomorrow and regular train next
Blue suspenders Pa. Merry Christmas last load coal good train coming cloud in burn sticks of hay.
19. Where threes a will, Laura trust hay grind wheat with coffee mill.
20. Antelope stranger rush off. Almonzo s horse in so can t shoot, goes and gets her eat pancakes Almonzo.
21. Hard winter 4 pounds roast no train till spring. Pa tells story of train and why no more.
22. Cold and dark house buried in snow.
23. Wheat in the wall from Almonzo pail home. Seed wheat.
24. Not really hungry. Storm cold.
25. Free and independent Almonzo go south get wheat. Royal not alone I m going too.
26. Breathing spell. Almonzo and Cap go after wheat tomorrow can t do blizzards have to wait.
27. For daily bread 3rd night 3:00 blizzard stop Almonzo wakes wrong them see meet Anderson hadn t seen anyone since October. When went to town for supplies not sell go buy $1.25 per bushel after noon leave for town. 125 pound fast fall in switch lead go on. See blizzard cloud night fall we re in for it now.
28. Four day blizzard worry about boys can t get out run out of wheat.
29.The last mile made it so light hit town with blizzard Almonzo feet swollen sore four days stone shared $3 snack, Loftus how much chanfe haul $0 wolidn t do for you did for hungrey all mad back down sell 1>25 so ration out as needed. 30. It con t eat us grind wheat haul, hay, tickle silly if Laura hadn t helped haven would have next out. Chunook comes Spring 31 watching for the train. Icy dirt in drawers pich shovel too much water.
westward expansion homestead historical fiction
Call It Courage Armstrong Sperry 1940

Horton Hatches the Egg Dr. Suess 1940
Everyone laughs when Horton, an Elephant, offers to sit on Mayzie bird's egg while she goes on holiday. Horton's kindness and faithfulness are sorely tested when he, and the egg, are kidnapped and sold to a circus. However, in the long run he is rewarded.
fantasy fiction responsibility family protection perseverance relationships
Blue Willow Doris Gates 1940 Janey, her father, and step mother are unable to find permanent work and resort to migrating from job to job in the 1930 s. The title refers to a a blue willow plate that belonged to Janey s great great grandmother. A story of poverty and family hardship with a happy ending. republished1968 historicl fiction
Indian Captive: the Story of Mary Jemison Lois Lenski 1941
historical fiction Native Americans
Adventures with a Microscope Headstrom, Richard 1941
nonfiction science microscope
Mythology Edith Hamilton 1942
The classic collection of myths that has delighted millions of readers with its timeless tales of gods and heroes.
Adam of the Road Elizabeth Janet Gray 1942
1294 Adam Quartermayne wait for father, minstrel school Abbey St. Alban want
out. Harp friend Perkin dog Nick. Perkin got in school priest father serious
student till Nick trouble.
Visit Dame Malkin and Nick here Roger Minstrel take with. I m Sir Edmunds man, go with him now too bad Perkins can t go.
Horse Bayard leave ride.
Roger tell story Adam ride in wagon hay sour notes, well out- meet Squire. Simon.
Adam friends Boys club.
Simon love Emilie wed Sir Gervase. Wedding many minstrels. All money Roger gambles dice lose money and Bayard- to Jenkin.
London see Jenkins flip Nick for horse Bayard no done.
Rain inn meal story Jenkin Bayard not know say good bye to much.
Jenkin trade horse Nick claims, run off follow ask pilgrim Guildford.
See Jenkin follow run swim ever separate from Roger.
Meet nice lady spend might back castle Roger left in morning have to stay might castle. Gone to find Roger Fornahorn.
Meet Merchant on through kings forest robbers Adam tree, last harp sheriff.
Barleff knight follow feud knight Rideware castle goods and merchant ( Duan William) free back up chase knight got away.
St. Gilesfair goes church miracle find Roger.
Sees play fall of Adam falls off wall.
Nursed back health be parish clerk! Meet Minstrel who saw father fight over dog with send out town think go London- Christina B. travel with.
Loan harp hit town after curfew (steal lunch) caught scatter run, Adam good hear me . Guildford after Jenkin good help escape.
Meet man road sing story chicken dinner, Inn hear Roger looking Bayard London.
Leaves message stay tell go Ludlow pick you up May went with Sir Edmund and king rebellion wates. Run around town bump into Jenkin lost Nick in Gorhamburg find have both have a dog.
Start out Dame Mulkin Nick there Perkin took met man if study Oxford look up man. On shoes wear out.
Reach Perkin has Nick can t go Oxford. Help pa plow Adam will mend shoes and sew coat new clothes, shoes, bag pipes.
So around Perkin time leave call office oh no go Roger can stay here no minstrel good you have done well son.
historical fiction Medieval England
The Hundred Dresses Eleanor Estes 1944
fiction acceptance
Strawberry Girl Lois Lenski 1945
Birdie Boyer (10) can hardly wait to start picking. and family move to the Florida backwoods ready to farm and prosper. However, there is heat, droughts, cold, and the neighbors, the Boyers.
historical fiction Florida
Pippi Longstocking stories and The Children of Noisy Village Astrid Lindgren 1945 Born - (11-14, 1907 - 1-28, 2002)

Pippi in the South Seas
The Brothers Lionheart 1973
The Children of Noisy Village 1947
Wonderful old fashioned stories from a time when the most important task of a little girl was to play with her friends and the greatest problem was where the old hen laid her eggs. Children will see a life where the children of Noisy Village, know each other, are friends, and live a common day to day life.
fiction Swedish author global
Stuart Little E. B. White 1945 A classic adventure of a mouse (Stuart) born to a family of humans - his parents, brother - George , and cat - Snowball who all live in New York City. Stuart is shy and reserved, but likes a good adventure. His first adventure away from home finds him plenty of adventure, but will he make it back home? animal fantasy fiction being little
It Looked Like Spilt Milk Charles G. Shaw 1947 White on blue - guess what the forms are? Like clouds..
picture book concept book patterned language visual creativity puzzle observation
Blueberries for Sal Robert McCloskey 1948
picture book realistic fiction Sal, mom, bear, adventure picking blueberries classic
Wait Till The Moon Is Full Margaret Wise Brown 1948

The Important Book Margaret Wise Brown illustrated by Leonard Weisgard 1949
Explores the important properties of different common objects with poetic phrases and vivid illustrations.
picture book
The Boxcar Children #2 Gertrude Chandler Warner 1949
realistic fiction
The Door in the Wall Marguerite De Angeli 1949 Robin s father was a knight away in service to the King in the Scottish wars. His mother was called to serve the Queen as her lady in waiting, as the Queen was very ill. Robin was left in the care of three servants for a few days until he was to be taken to Sir Peter de Lindsay to be inservice as a page before becoming a knight. Through a rather bizarre set of circumstances, illness that leaves Robin weak and his legs paralyzed, spilt porridge, bubonic plague, the robbery of John the Fletcher, and the good will of Brother Luke the circumstances take a turn for the better as Robin begins to regain some strength, a letter has been sent to his dad and returned, John go with the wynd teams up with Brother Luke and the three of them set out on a journey to Lindsay. With much adventure along the way as they avoid being robbed, get lost, and finally end up in time to have the castle surrounded in a siege. We aren t told what kind of person Robin was before he became ill. However, he either was or because of his illness become immature, impatient, selfish, and lacking in confidence. Through the story Brother Luke is steadfast in his determination to encourage and support Robin in finding a way to become confident and self sufficient. By concentrating on what Robin can do instead of what he can t and using the title of the book as symbol of hope in that if you follow the wall you will find a door. Robin finds several doors that lead him on a journey where he ends up back home knighted and reunited with his parents - studying with Brother Luke as his tutor.
Pencil sketches.
Robin s father was a knight away in service to the King in the Scottish wars. His mother was called to serve the Queen as her lady in waiting, as the Queen was very ill. Robin was left in the care of three servants for a few days until he was to be taken to Sir Peter de Lindsay to be inservice as a page before becoming a knight.
Ellen brings him porridge and he knocks it into her. Thinking he will get something better. She doesn t return nor anyone else until a strange Friar, Brother Luke arrives with a fish dinner. He informs Robin that Ellen has the bubonic plague and can t come and the other servants have fled in fear that they might catch it.

Robin tells of how John-the-Fletcher was set on and robbed and didn t make it till later. Having found him he sent for a physician who declared him free of plague, but paralyzed.

Brother Luke tells him he has brought a horse and will take him to Saint Marks.
The food wasn t any better, but because Luke encouraged him to carve wood. He has a reason to eat. Something to do. Whittles a boat and cross. Gets angry when Crookshanks calls him Crookshanks thinking it a joke about being lame. Luke talks about what different names mean.
Pray for what you are thankful.
Luke shows him tools - chisel and plane to carve better. doll, fish, and makes his own crutches, goes to town.
Write a rather nasty letter to his father complaining of being left in the care of strangers and all but blaming his father for his problems. Sends letter with John Go in the Wynd
Luke suggests make puppet - okay.
Go fishing and kids there swimming.
Teachers to swim. Says arms will get stronger and this will then enable you to go about on crutches.
Robin upset - how be a knight? Father? Mother? Luke - even crutches can be a door in the wall.

Brother Luke teaches him there is much he can do without his legs that is worthy and to overcome a challenge you must find a path and it will lead to a door in the wall.
just need to be strong and be patient and trust that it will be there.
Learn to swim and beat other boys in race.
Move between benches and asks if he can make his own crutches.
John Go in the Wynd a minstrel delivers a letter from father saying he should come to Lindsay with Brother Luke and John... Also says that what happened need not be told to your mom at this time. She has enough concern with an ill Queen.
They set out on their journey, wrong fork, sleep outside in the rain aside a fallen tree and ate roasted apples - not so bad.
Hope things not so bad as this from the wrong turn. Shepherd tells they can go through woods back to highroad.
Arrive at an Inn next night. Settle in to room and Robin over hears men planning to rob them as they sleep. Fortunately they wait for the cock to crow. Robin wakes Luke, slip out window, trip up robbers with crutch, get away while tangled up, and spend the night in a barn and leave farthing
day four arrive at Oxford. See fair in town.
Stay with woodcutter and wife.
Arrive Lindsay before gates closed.
Greeted by Sir Peter and Lady Constance. Embrace. I will make a sorry page. Each of us has his place in the world.
Finds way around, swims, make harp, befriends a dog.
The Welsh are hammering at the gate. We are attacked. In the fog crept up and put an arrow in his back. We are surrounded.
Waited, worked on harp. Lathe keys too big or little again, learned patience. And found that the harder it was to do something, the more comfortable he felt after it was done. ********
Food and water growing lower.
Someone needs to go for help.
Robin goes through little door, swims across river, dressed as poor shepherd, watchman sees, fakes being slow, goes to John s mothers, John summons brothers help. Arrive archers shoot, capture, free castle from seige.
A few days before Christmas eve finish harp, parents, King, and Queen arrive.
Celebrate, made knight, sing song and play harp for King. Mom is happy won t have to fight in war, can come home, and asks Luke to come to be his tutor.
Thou hast found the door in the wall.
historical fiction medieval England renaissance and culture fear of failure patience self sufficiency
The Most Wonderful Doll in the World Phyllis McGinley 1950

Ginger Pye Eleanor Estes 1951
Ape in a Cape Fritz Eichenberg 1952
picture book concept book repetition of sounds
Karen Maria Killilea 1952
A wonderful story of human courage, patience, and triumph. But you'll want to read it most for Karen's own words: "I can walk, I can talk. I can read. I can write. I can do anything."
nonfiction orthopedic impairments celebral palsy health problems
Charlotte's Web E. B. White 1952 One of the greatest children s story ever written. Hopefully every child either reads it or has it read aloud to him or her. It is truly a masterpiece of character and plot development that enthralls it readers and listeners. animal fantasy death life cycle friendship giving
The Borrowers Norton 1953
fantasy mathematics
The Boxcar Children #3 Gertrude Chandler Warner 1953
realistic fiction
The Very Little Girl Phyllis Krasilovsky 1953
fiction being little
The Courage of Sarah Noble Alice Dalgliesh 1954
historical fiction
Andy Says Bon Jour Pat Diska 1954
fiction new situations
Squanto - Friend of the Pilgrims Clyde Robert Bulla 1954
Native Americans
Carry on Mr. Bowditch Latham, Jean Lee 1955 This story is based on Nathaniel Bowditch who dreamed of attending Cambridge. However, he is forced into indentured servitude to a ship s chandler for seven years. He begins to teach himself mathematics, navigation, and other languages. At the conclusion of his servitude he found employment on another ship where he navigated and found many mistakes in navigation books. He wrote The American Practical Navigator which is claimed to still be in use today. He eventually became captain of his own vessel and found that he could teach the crew navigation so they could get better positions on their next voyages It is historical fiction as there are parts including dialogue and other information that isn t factual. While he improve on the mathematical calculation of the lunar distance method he didn t invent it.
Newberry Award Winner, Navigation
See more about Nat in the Yankee stargazer;: The life of Nathaniel Bowditch for 15 + years
Not feel bad luck- father lost ship? How, Mary, Wm, horn, Essex Street Lizza. Nat- 6 found shilling live Grandma. Shake silver under full moon good luck- rain have wait a month.
Nat buys expectations for 1 shilling 10% pilgrim Tom Perry.
School boo Hab quit to help pa make barrels school bore wanted math problems. Pa writes note give big problem did get right who told you answer? No one beat tomorrow who? Had goes stand over watch do! Fantastic song. Shake hands on it. Pilgrim catches ship but Tom killed hero.
Hal leaves on Freedom War over times bad. Nat school start pa needed no school, Pa late back river?
Dr. Bently think smart- Mother dies. Father swear do better. 2 years granny dies. I ll do better swear Many. Indenture hopes and Hodges Chadley Years.
Meet Ben Meeker bright becaloned like you. Stuck here 9 years Sam ah strong man sail by ash breeze now ship ahead full explain log.
Winter he was 13 learned navigation found Cyclopedia read cover cover. Algebra 16- covered make almanac Mr. Morris Howard write me if get unindentured.
Astronomy Prinsipid Latin learn. Sell Chandlery.
Lizza falls dries Elizabeth brings present in Latin.
Learns French now. Nat human like even with spite of your brains. Want stay on in room.
Sammy die fever - Henry as clerk-venture $135, not command Henry.
Since captain take if clerk and second mate clerk never does anything between post.
2 laws never break a law of the port you are in or never become a slaver.
Ship out teach crew navigate going ashore cloths etc.
Long time load unload cargo
Nat finds errors in navigation books
Discover new way to take lunars.
See many Dave s crew all die fever.
Astred. Manila 4 crew 2nd. Mates other ships new green one troublemaker.
Guns Portugal 15
Leam won t learn. Ocean on fire. Like fire flies.
Nat says Learn?
some crew scored good. I ll tell.
Marrills Saturday I ll lay out my goin a ashore clothes then.
War France hole ship home. Dave Farrel Howard Eliz. Talks as brother 17-24 of coarse simple problems of Mr. blunt- war tables yes ah you I d be as likely to pink on.
Mathematics principid I did what college where no where!
Red corn kiss marry Elizabeth. Supercargo. Learn 2nd mate Betsy- New gun man prince bah. Mediterranean convoy 400 ships some slow drop back protect scare 3 ships
Elizabeth dies.
Made fellow of American Academy of arts and science.
Ship Astreo jump ship out ways anchor Batavia- men die like flies.
Lupe follow seated finally knife 1 trade how throw knife for navigation,
8000 mistakes Moore- write own book
No mistakes
use terms all can understand.
Tables to solve for all. Learn dies by mistake in Moore if use log lead and lookout no depend on book went aground.
Write book over work many Polloy book book took book E. Marine Society 1/3 interest sealer love book now check figures.
John sinks all soft thanks to god my thanks to books.
Book sells in England- Master and supercargo on Putnam
go commencement Harvard.
Got degree w/o classroom-
Mr. Morris tells MA. Leam back Betsy sunk go out to see pick up ship to donation go with Nat again. Leam broke leg.
Typhoon fall asleep watch home months rain wind fog.
Christmas day come in in fog.
72 hours dead reckoning and center Salem Harbor
How do it? Impossible! By the book sailing and mathematics 2+2=4.
historical fiction or biography mathematics navigation slavery
Two Lonely ducks Roger Duvoisin 1955
loneliness, relationships
The Enormous Egg Oliver Butterworth 1956

Annie's Spending Spree Nancy D. Watson 1957
Nice story, outdated, but okay for young learners thnking about money values.
decisions mathematics number value money coins
The Lonely Doll Dare Wright 1957
A lonely doll, Edith, meets a bear family and finds friendship.
The Cabin Faced West Jean Fritz 1958
historical fiction
The Witch of Blackbird Pond Elizabeth George Speare 1958 Kit was raised in Barbados by her grandfather after her parents died when she was 3. His liberal ideas afforded her an education, encouraged her to be a free thinker, and allowed her to explore her environment which included the beaches where she learned how to swim. On her grandfathers death she was left without a home and headed north to New England where her Aunt lived in a very Puritanical community. Kits life is dramatically changed from one of leisure to having to learn how to endure a way of life that is demanding physically and mentally with structured thinking that she rebels against. Among those she befriends is Widow Tuper who is an eccentric lady that lives by herself. Anyone familiar with the history of New England and the witch trials can foresee a conflict in the making. The author writes about this historical time period with eloquent detail of the environment, the artifacts, and the religious and philosophical differences that people capable of questioning and taking risks surely were wondering about if they weren t capable to speaking up. Fortunately Kit is willing to take action and she is able to find cohorts of similar mind willing to risk action for positive change.
1687- Conn.
Kit to America from Barbados
Eatons own ship (Dolphin) live cast
Nat Eaton s son Kit s age
Kit s going upriver Wethersfield won t step ashore. Going back girl drops doll in H2O, Kit dives in Nat after, thinking can t swim, back alland. Go live out Mistress Wood Uncle Matthew W. tells witches float.
Meets clergyman Puritan John Holbook.
Kit s parents died when she was 3 raised grandpa and slaves, John you can read? Shakespeare s plays? Sin shame. Aunt didn t know she was coming.
7 tanks why, 3 daughters no money? How?
Girls and Rachel all try on dresses for him Yowl? All back no gifts. Lets Mercy keep draft. Kit helps card wool. Kit really left. 50 yr. old men wanted to marry her. Hears Judith complain about her help as much as 5 yr. old. Why sleep with me?
Go church 2 hrs ah over you mean 2 services?
Rev. dinner loyal kin yes Matthew had democracy now turn over to governor Mr. Way. You ll
Will lead only to Rev. Wm. Ashley ask call on Kit.
&. Wm. and John come visit Sat. night. Come back again 3,4 times learn knit drudgery everyday soon came to look forward to Saturday.
Widow Tuper- At Blackbird pond see when go weed onions has cats, says witch learn she can read and will teach. Go good till act play good Samaritan. Head master nev. Come bang meadow cry old women. Thomas built her house friend said. Brought coral ask about Kit. Must be what s in heart goes to Mr. E Kimberley and gives one more chance.
Hannah Quaker chased Boston broken promise not to go back! No see Hannah sea fearing friend Nat.
Prudence brings flowers Ma tells too stupid to read. Wants to meadow. Meets Hannah blueberry cake eat and horn book love. Kit see John and Mercy.
Help Hannah thatch roof Nat walks home Matt forbids back.
Judith going after Hohn but Hohn really digs Mercy. But when talk Matt all think Jud. And no one can say different. Wm wants kit no one get spring house done.
Fall comes Dolphin sees. Nat gives bolt wool for Hannah to Kit to deliver. Gov. coming Nat s ship doesn t get wind.
Charter missing. Wm. governor?
Nat and 2 sailors put Jack O Lanterns in Wendy's house. Stocks never return punish- Prudence Kit make dress. Hannah late back John gone militia. Bulklley Gershon write support Gov. Last straw. John can no longer take
All sick fever Hannah fault go burn out Kit taken woods. Must go uncle no miracle- Dolphin swim out took both on cat- Kit go too- no can t. Kit back for Mercy and find fever broke AM.
Thanks Matthew for sticking up for her last night. Come accuse Kit witch take lack shed cruff sign complaint.
Find book Prudence s name wrote to make ill but burn out in time why still well!
Nat rescue with Prudence. Read old man Cruff finally puts wife in place. Got someone to read me Bible that no work devil old bag. Old lady Cruff seaman whip Wm. speaks out. Justice done. Ressined order. Too late Nat turns out.
Wm. comes, new start? Changes? No! Can t good bye. John captured Indians. Wm. and Judith match. She and John interrupted. John ragged comes buries head in Mercy s lap.
Wed. Wm.- Judy, John Mercy announced. John come agreement Bulklley and med. But he think by himself. Kit in Barbados no realize run no good need love. Spring Nat back new witch talk Unk. Matt named witch in honor of Kit.
historical fiction courage Conn. America multicultural religious persecution witches
No fighting, no biting! Else H. Minarik 1958
realistic fiction sibling fighting, relationships, bullying
The Light in the Forest Conrad Richter 1958
fiction Native Americans
The Boxcar Children #4 Gertrude Chandler Warner 1958
realistic fiction
Onion John Joseph Krumgold 1959
Andrew J. Rusch Jr. center field-met onion John dump outside center field. Team picture in newspaper all fuzzy. Called and complained owner says you re so important. I ll watch you. O.J. speaks weird. Big game starting.
Andy triple 2 RBI s- he misses fly to center three run. HR. 3-2- last of 6th, Andy hits HRwin 5-3- After game walk through dump talk OJ understand? Pat divides wants to.
Understands O.J. take Eechee to understand O. J. O.J. left Valley Mts. In Europe. Didn t own land. N.Y. City no land move mud valley not his place _ Then Hessian Hell let brave rocks pile up make house. Cut grass $.35 hr. think enough and people let stay on hill.
Working on making it rain. Explain O. J. rain method Dad while taking inventory at hardware store. Dad ok if know it s in fun, but have to believe it works. Ok out.
Procession for rain good cedar trees, Song, River, Jump no forgot. Clear H2O stone-dump splash better idea Rain Forest and if won t finish John won t think he caused ok- dump in splash.
Next day no rain, 3 days later rain. Go to stream burnt cedar tree O. J. second coat. Dad put O. J. tarp on back. Pick up overcoats collection from kids. Dad say you really believe O. J. like rain? Why tell casts nice? Dad He takes pride in it. Happy a lot of ways he is younger.
Halloween party . Invite O.J. drive evil spirits oil smoke- Rotary saw mayor s ? Win _. Late back make gold 1:00 Mom Dad get O. J. out house.
John s door off hinges go hardware store buy dad meets oh boy! No wait fine out to Hessian Hill look over house- Dad need new house build new Rotary club. All go back 14th century with O.J. or all bring him up to today.
Rotary discuss-chip in how John upkeep. All pay $1 hour instead $.35 Vote yes O.J. day. Talk John through Andy- Dad out Bath tub- where put in house pheasant hunt. Bath upstairs screen down basement.
O. J. day stants John tries be like rest.
Build house stop shadows fall in foundation- ok. Covered insurance- John new name Mv. Claiblin. O.J. day done house finished O.J. is but friend dad .
Hardware store- O. J.- Insurance- House warming goat.
Fire- Hohn light stove newspaper no. switch but paper on stove look out morning back fire numbskull. Fire out O.J. in house says.
Fire started insurance O.J. doomed need. House warming w/ goat save. New house insurance. No O.J. can t live like that! What? What we think s right and O.J. think s right are diff. All argue.
Job at General Maneto- O.J. doesn t know what s best but later will. Run away.
O.J. ran away hospital. Come see O.J. run away too no moon men? Trouble you help me, meet 12:00 piano factory.
O.J. comes door bell as Andy _ way sown stairs caught argue Andy grown up, foolish, decide let him make his decisions. Argue O.J. stay well if fumigate Oak fire- No?? Why not ? O.J.goes .
Fish drive, vote O.J. s house down he ll show fish drive- wait tell (no fumigate) till after fish drive. Day no O.J.
Talk at fish drive Andy tells dad he s not a failure he wants to stay and be like him. Dad says don t decide forever wait, ok.
2 minutes after Andy and father turned bend of Musconetty Creek, thin column of smoke rose above hill west of serenity Mr. Kardles Cove- drifted toward town smell of oak fire.
realistic fiction friendship being different Newbery winner
Harold and the Purple Crayon Crockett Johnson 1959 Historical significant picture book
picture book fiction
Peter Piper's Alphabet Marcia Brown 1959
picture book concept book alphabet book repetition of sounds


Books published in 1960
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
The Cricket in Times Square George Selden 1960
animal fantasy
Crystals and Crystal Growing Alan Holden and Phylis Singer 1960
nonfiction science crystals
Island of the Blue Dolphins Scott O' Dell 1960 Survival adventure set in the Pacific. Based on a true story about a girl, Karana, that survives through the seasons until she is rescued. It is more than a survival adventure as she develops her personal understanding of her plight. Quality style and tone have made this book a classic. historical fiction siblings Pacific Islands survival
Is it hard? Is it easy? M. Green 1960
search for identity
Kate can skate Helen Olds 1960
realistic fiction learning a new skill
Inch by Inch Leo Lionni 1960 Measurement, inch
concept book measurement inch mathematics insect worm science persistence
Ishi in Two Worlds: A Biography of the Last Wild Indian in North America Theodora Kroeber 1961
Ishi, the lone survivor of the exterminated Yahi tribe. For more than forty years, Theodora Kroeber's biography has captivated readers. In 2004 the 1976 deluxe edition, filled with plates and historic photographs that enhance Ishi's story and bring it to life, has been reprinted.
Ishi stumbles into the twentieth century on the morning of August 29, 1911, when, desperate with hunger and terrified of the white murderers of his family, he is found in a corral of a slaughter house near Oroville, California. Identified as a Yahi by an anthropologist, Ishi was brought to San Francisco by Professor T. T. Waterman and lived there the rest of his life.
Karl Kroeber adds an informative tribute to the text, describing how the book came to be written and how Theodora Kroeber's approach to the project was a product of both her era and her special personal insight and empathy.

Native Americans legend
I Can't, said the Ant Polly Cameron 1961
animal fantasy cooperation
Hailstones and Halibut Bones Mary O' Neill 1961
poetry collection
The Bronze Bow Elizabeth George Speare 1961
realistic fiction Holy lands Jerusalem Christian
Hog Wild! Julia Brown Ridle 1961
Joss Melborne needs to raise money for his father's operation by driving hogs to Prairie Town. 232 pages of problems stand in the way. of this adventure. A bit dated, but a good action adventure.
realistic fiction
Owls in The Family Farley Mowat 1961 republished 1981
animal fantasy
The Phantom Tollbooth Norton ,Juster 1961
fantasy mathematics figurative language
Let's Be Enemies J. Udry 1961
Powerful emotions
The Snowy Day Ezra Jack Keats 1962 This book was the first book in main stream America that had an African American as a main character. Besides this historical significance the book is has relevance with young children that have experienced a first snow and sharing that experience and relating it to how it was communicated as a story in this book with pictures and text. How did it naturally unfold as a story with a beginning, middle, and end? How did the author add some style to make it more interesting and more of a story? Further explorations of the story elements of plot and style can be explored where the author sets up a surprise or interesting situation by having the main character put the snowball in his pocket. Would most children laugh when he put it in his pocket? How does that style affect the tone of the story? It was an event that readers could predict to add interest and possibly humor. Further discussion related to science experimenting with water and ice and exploration of the different tracks that the boy makes. How did he make them? Can you show how each was made? Can you show me how a snow angel is made? Can you design tracks of your own to challenge others how they might be made? A delightful story with historical significance, and colorful illustrations that can studied by children and used as examples for creating their own illustrations. picture book realistic fiction snow African American Black experience multicultural tracks in the snow science solids liquids water cycle
Sad Day, Glad Day Vivian Thompson 1962

realistic fiction moving
Mine for Keeps Jean Little 1962
realistic fiction orthopedic impairments or health problems
Snail, Where Are You? Tomi Ungerer 1962
Wordless book
On the Way Home Laura Ingalls Wilder 1962 Setting by Rose Wilder Lane
Year after year of bad crops mortgage bank takes land
1893- panic world depression
Coxey s Arinies rob and steal out of work want to go Washington D.C.
Rose tells how Ma and Pa had diphtheria and she read everything Pa work too soon paralyze.
Ma and Pa work hard Pa provided and Ma sool go land in .. Big Red apples Ozarks. Ma save $100 bill hid writing desk never talk.
Laura and family left July 17, 1894
Carrie Mary and Grace still there.
Ma's notes of trip. Map and diary of trip through Nebraska, Kansas to Missouri.
Arrive look high and low for farm find, but lost $100
Can't find for a few days, then find in a crack of the writing desk
Buy farm.
Man came food family and stoved Manly gave come cut wood tomorrow. Laura no thought never see.
Work few weeks cutting wood and moved on sold in town and dept some.
Build new house from things on farm. It is still there and picture in book.
historical fiction South Dakota Nebraska Kansas Missouri history great depression westward expansion homestead
A Wrinkle in Time Madeleine L'Engle 1962 Classic science fiction that predates or is the dawn of children and adolescent science fiction the quality of which has seldom been exceeded. The story explores the strength of family, friends, society, time travel, supernatural beings, among a balance of good and evil.
Newberry Award Winner
Meg main character
Charles Wallace
Mrs. Who, Which, and What
Meg Murray, Father,
The twins
The Happy Medium
Aunt Beast
science fiction tesseract time travel mathematics dimensions family being smart
Sara Crewe Frances Hodgson Burnett 1963
historicl fiction
Aesop's fables Ann Mc Govern 1963
collection of fables
Amelia Bedelia Peggy Parish 1963
realistic fiction, multiple meanings humor
Down Comes the Rain Franklyn M. Branley 1963
Drop out Jeannette Eyerly 1963
realistic fiction dropouts
Polite Elephant Richard Scarry 1963 Overly didactic and preachy
animal fantasy manners
It's Like This, Cat Emily Neville 1963 This is a story of a boy - Dave Mitchell- 14 who is growing up in New York City. The setting transports the reader through various places that would be familiar to adolescents that grew up in NY City in the 60 s. His love of a stray tomcat, complications he has with a 19 year old troubled boy, his adolescent beginning relationship with a girl, and the insight he develops for his father as a person as well as his father. While the setting may be dated the themes are universal and timeless. realistic fiction relationships family
Where the Wild Things Are Maurice Sendak 1963
Max, a wild and naughty boy, is sent to bed without his supper by his exhausted mother. In his room, he imagines sailing far away to a land of Wild Things. Instead of eating him, the Wild Things make him their king.
picture book fantasy stress monsters imagination
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Bill Martin Jr & Eric Carle 1964.   Picture book with torn paper in Eric Carl style. Using repeating question and different answers: looking at me … for a red bird, yellow duck, blue horse, green frog, purple cat, white dog, black sheep, gold fish, and brown bear repeats all. picture book fantasy animals repeating pattern
Fortunately Remy Charlip 1964
patterned language
Ishi: Last of His Tribe Theodora Kroeber 1964
legend Native Americans
One, Two, Where's My Shoe? Tomi Ungerer 1964
wordless book
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Dahl, Ronald 1964 Paradox - The characters thought they were not getting anything from Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, but ended up having their bad habits changed.
modern fantasy
A Bad Day Ruth Holland 1964
bad days
The Alphabet Tale Jan Garten 1964
picture book concept books repeating sounds
Harriet the Spy Louise Fitzhugh 1964
realistic fiction sex roles series
The Giving Tree Shel Silverstein 1964
Parable of a relationship between a growing boy and a tree.
realistic fiction imagery love giving classroom management environment conservation science
A Baby Sister for Frances Russell Hoban 1964 Frances feels living with her parents isn't as much fun as it used to be since the arriva of Gloria. So after dinner she packs a bag and runs away under the dining room table.
picture book animal fantasy sibling rivalry relationships
The Good Bird Peter Wezel 1964
wordless book
One, Two, Three Tomi Ungerer 1964
wordless book
Arrow Book of Science Riddles Rose Wyler 1964

Stepchild in the Family Anne W. Simon 1964
The Forgotten Door Alexander Key 1965 The Forgotten DoorA story of a rural (Great Smokey Mountains) American family with family members who are strong minded and caring for all living things. The family is immersed in a maelstrom of action that descends upon them when they befriend a young boy. Jon (12), who appears to have amnesia, when they find him along a road, after being lost in the woods. In their desire to reunite the child with his family they discover his unique abilities. He seems to communicate with animals, jump six foot fences, and communicate with mental telepathy. Trusting too much in the goodness of humans, it isn't long until his abilities attract attention from unsavory elements in our society, who would take advantage of his abilities for their selfish benefit. Shortly before it is too late, the Bean Family (Thomas, Mary, Sally, & Brooks) recognize that their attempts to protect him may be far too limited to protect themselves and the child.
Incredibly fun to read aloud to middle grade learners with its fast paced action packed thrilling plot that listeners won't let you stop until you get to the surprising heartwarming end. However, be sure to schedule time for the deep thought provoking discussion that listeners will surly want about stereotypes, discrimination, treatment of people who are different and how to deal with it all. A truly cutting edge plot that is timely for its time and now. Alexander Key also wrote Escape to Witch Mountain (1968) Disney movie 1975 & 1995.
Modern fantasy realistic fiction science fiction peace helping humans multicultural aliens space visitors interdimensional travel bigotry stereotypes fear of unknown
The Noonday Friends Mary Stolz 1965
rea;ostoc foctopm
The Story Telling Stone Susan Feldman 1965
Native American
Just Me Marie Hall Ets 1965
picture book
Over Sea, Under Stone Susan Cooper 1965

What whiskers did Ruth Carroll 1965
picture book wordless book
Camilla Madeleine L'Engle 1965
realistic fiction
The Abraham Lincoln Joke Book Beatrice S. de Regniers 1965
collection of jokes Lincoln
Why Did He Die? A. Harvis 1965
Across five Aprils Irene Hunt 1965
historical fiction war
Tunnel Through Time Lester Del Rey 1966
science fiction
Nothing ever happens on My block Ellen Raskin 1966
picture book imagination boredom bored
A Country of Strangers Conrad Richter 1966
Chronicle of a White girl, captive of Native Americans, is rescued and returned, against her will, to her white home. Her reception and rejection of her and her Native son are themes in the story.
historical fiction Native Americans mixed family
Sam, Bangs and Moonshine Evaline Ness 1966 Samantha (Sam) a fisherman's daughter dreams rich and lovely dreams, which her father calls, moonshine. However, her tall tales bring disaster. From which she learns to distinguish moonshine from reality.
picture book realistic fiction lying Caldecott medal


Books published in 1967
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler E. L. Konigsburg 1967 M-F letter to lawyer.
Claudia Kincaid bored straight A run away injustice plot Jamie- money- break out
Hide bus train Manhattan- go Art Museum.
Museum lunch wonder out in part of team now. Hide restroom sleep bed.
Next day steal paper make statue research item eat lunch part of group but not some people do this all too well Saxonberg.
Wash clothes grey research Michaellangelo Bath fountain (close call restroom here moving angel. Bring Mona Lisa.
See statue footsteps back velvet statue sit on 3 circles W no M. Write letter Museum send get P.O. Box
Letter see Jamie's 3rd grade knew about and more lunch Formington, Mrs. F.- Buy ticket without asking price, take Taxi how find in bus and that s how Mrs. Fenters story.
Get letter knew about and more lunch Formington. Mrs. F.- Buy ticket w/o asking price, Take taxi how find in bus and that s how Mrs. F enters story.
Give step taxi broke at Mrs. F. traded safety for adventure. She makes them wait then turns around and asks if ones missing for a week? Want to know if carved that s our secret. Jamie tells while Claudia bathes. Plan run out like home but away. Tell me all about and I ll give ride home. No. Bargaining power, secret discovered? Make deal there s my files answer there find it 1 hour. Jamie start stop. List look nothing 6 men. Bologna where bought find paper by . Finding a secret can make everything else unimportant. Why not sell paper? @ need the secret more than the money. I ll will do it if you keep secret and tell how did it (museum) Claudia secret needs Jamie secret worth boodle. If all files secrets and secrets make diff. inside then Mrs. F. must be most mixed up I ve ever seen. Why planning fun and hiding all secret now has permanent secret. Why not give sketch. They ll question sketch and don t want doubt on what I know. Don t want to know for sure no I don t want to learn new too old. Not always learn just take a days or time to let what know rattle around.
Keep kids saxonberg called keep and deliver. Make Mrs. F. Grandmother . Saxonberg their grandfather. She knows S. P. been her lawyer for 4 years (secret).
realistic fiction mystery problem solving puzzles Newbery winner
The White Mountains John Christopher 1967
Tripods (huge three-legged machines) control the adults of Earth. However, children aren't slaves of the tripods. Will, never thought much about any of this until his time a s a child was about to end. He hears rumors that freedom may still exist in the White Mountains. One of a series.
science fiction
The naughty bird Peter Wezel 1967
wordless book
The Outsiders Susan E. Hinton 1967
realistic fiction adolescent bullies growing up
Evan's Corner Elizabeth S. Hill 1967
realistic fiction sharing relationships
Moon Eyes Josephine Poole 1967
Kate, her father and little brother, Thomas (5), live in an impoverished state in a grand old house, Harvest chamber (wooded eminence) owned by the Pawleys for 200 years. Afteer his wife, Kate and Thomas's mother dies, he can't paint so decides to go away in the spring and leaves Mrs. Beer and her husband to look after them. In the great old house, with only Thomas for company, Kate is terribly lonely.
Thomas draws, cuts paper figures, very intelligent, but didn't talk till age 5.
So when Aunt Rhoda appears in the quiet village and introduces herself as a relative, Kate is more than happy to meet her.
Thus, begins a deadly struggle for possession with Thomas as the prize.
Statue with recent writing scratched in it.
First we'll wait, then we'll whistle, then we'll dance together.
Afraid writing on statue go with Mrs. Beer to her cottage Thomas tears out page of dog bird in mouth and Burns. Home see black dog in garden, talk Mrs. Beer find out Grandfather's second wife's cottage burn, leave weeks before had black dog eyes like the moon. Rhoda Cantrip comes back. Invite to tea shed has black dog.
2 Whisthing. Rhoda Cantrip comes to stay with Kate. Mrs. Beer jealous, Kate clean room scratches window sill dog?
3 star- trace think dog comes- Aunt Rhoda arrives garden in house blows window out- supper. Thomas behave badly bed- Invite Mrs. Byebegone to supper- Aunt Rhoda puts on show has 3 necklace. Rhoda- I've got Thomas you can't stop what's happening so join us for your own good. No No bed think dog master? Sneak down Rhoda uses book Mistress Bennet familiar with Black dog associated with the kingdom of darkness Aunt Blow out fire? Elizabeth Bennet witch what is Rhoda Cantrip? Go visit Sunday School happy leaf research myrrh home Thomas in bad temper. A Rhoda pond conjure dog Tom draw stars throw clod reflection dog away Rhoda Run house. Thomas whistle answer woods.
III. Dancing writes Father Rhoda takes postcard Kate searches Rhoda s room notebook school cry talk
Mrs. Byebegone- don t worry- shows book- finds- church window lead amulet and verse- sees Mrs. Beer- Quit Kate- finds Rhoda and Thomas picking herbs- flowers- house Thomas makes flower arrangement with his and flower Kate s John s wort- Shows A Rhoda toplease knock to floor smash run out. Dream Thomas crying wake A Rhoda dress scream you chase it out Thomas was crying takes to her bed. Whistling no school Thomas Aunt Pins flowers on dress lead in pocket take Thomas Block door touch leaf scream as burned leave.
Whistling stops walk Kate Thomas chocolate church home no trace Rhoda bath bed no sleep hot noise window dog bed Thomas gone A Rhoda s Room hot dog glow Thomas won't join out by pool.
Aunt Rhoda recites poem to huge moon balls of huge dog come take her away Thomas talks statue bird in Hand empty before statue writing gone. Mr. Rawley is refurning. Statue statue but underwater brother? Not sure? It's a statue.
modern fantasy
The New Schoolmaster Phyllis Naylo 1967
realistic fiction understanding
A Boy, a Dog and a Frog Mercer Mayer 1967 A boy and his dog go walking in the swamp. They spot a frog in the water. Can they use a net to catch him?
picture book realistic fiction
Change, Changes Pat Hutchins 1967
wordless book
Jennifer Jean, the Crossed-Eyed Queen Phyllis Naylor 1967
realistic fiction physically handicapped, Visually handicapped
Too Much Noise Ann Mc Govern 1967
science sound coral poetry
Mr. and Mrs. Bo Jo Jones Ann Head 1967
Frederick Leo Lionni 1967 While all the other mice are gathering food for the winter, Frederick daydreams the summer away. When dreary winter comes, Frederick, the poet-mouse, warms and cheers them with his words.
animal fantasy classroom management belonging relationships
The City of Lead and Gold Christopher, John 1967
Second in the Tripods Collection (4): The White Mountains; The City of Gold and Lead; The Pool of Fire; When the Tripods Came science fiction
Zeely Virginia Hamilton 1967
realistic fiction African AmericanBlack experience multicultural


Books published in 1968
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
The Nitty Gritty Frank Bonham
Charlie- Mom, Dad, skip school need money. Dad idea poor always poor.
Blacks job only jobs for poor. No use getting educated - Charlie dreamer.
Mr. Tora comes over good paper A+ should go to college if graduate but not go school. Flunk think father say no go college. Says got to get out of this place.
Charlie the healer - dream about with U. Baron. Come horse pin. Favorite pull out lady give 5 hundred dollar bills.
Tell Mom go with U. B. mom probably doesn t want kid tag along
Cowboy at shine stand get mad U. B. says mad lose cool and cool win. Give burn shine.
Breathing man - Leonard fast money ask Breathman, father tell U. B. come keep money but present? Get rid Charlie. Money sell blood. Play Raisin in Sun. Mon trust run off with money trusted. Charlie stupid to trust. Money not work out. U. B. Volkswagon chalky blue.
Mayor Charlie-great U.B. U. B. business deal need money. Ask U. B. go with? I ll put my money on it. I don t know? I ll get money well maybe!
Shine box kid? $50 no $75 no? Treasure hunt Lot sign deal $50 if quit.
Rat Pack- Cowboy-smash bottles steal Brass Cu. Mr. Tora hold money
Junk Cowboy fight Charlie hit first phone old money.
$5 a smash
Lady bug Lady bug- Blood Bank- Collect Lady bugs
Fly away home. Sack rip fly out.
The Nitty Gritty- need more money Mr. Tora- write Lady Bug story need $30 dollars. Breathing man Glimpse V. Baron doesn t want Charlie.
The Brawl- worry fight animal blood- ceaser
Come out fighting
Captain teach-rooster- fight
Shake bag-chicken fight
Catch the R bus. Police raid- down town take R bus home
$100 lady bug- Uncle oplit tells parents cops. Writes story lady bugs.
realistic fiction easy read city life being poor
Escape to Witch Mountain Alexander Key 1968 Escape to witch Mountain coverBook -
Later a Disney movie 1975 & 1995.
Science fiction modern fantasy good evil
The White Lark Agnes Sligh Turnbull 1968
realistic fiction physically handicapped
Tikki Tikki Tembo Arlene Mosel 1968
fairy tale rhyme India
Let the Balloon Go Ivan Southall 1968
A boy (12) handicapped by cerebral palsy and overprotected by his parents, he is left alone for the first time. To express his independence he does what he has been forbidden to do.
realistic fiction orthopedic impairments health problems cerebral palsy realistic fiction
The Pool of Fire John Christopher 1968
Will Parker escapes from the City of Gold and Lead. Where he was a slave for an of alien Masters. He has discovered the Tripods' power and their plan to destroy the Earth.
science fiction
The Littles to the Rescue John Peterson 1968
modern fantasy
Nicholas Kempner, Carol 1968
realistic fiction curiosity being lost
The adventures of paddy pork John Goodall 1968
picture book wordless book
Ramona the Pest Beverly Cleary 1968
There's a Nightmare in My Closet Mayer, Mercer 1968
realistic fiction picture bookfears
1, 2, 3 To The Zoo Carle, Eric 1968
picture book counting book mathematics counting number value
If I were a mother... Kazue Mizumura 1968
A young girl reflects on the qualities of animal motherhood she would follow. Like a monkey that checks behind their child's ears, or the lion that teaches its children to be brave.
picture book mothering qualities
Why the Sun and The Moon Live in the Sky Elphinstone Dayrell 1968
African folk tale pourquoi


Books published in 1969
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
Pumpkin Seeds Steven A. Yozback 1969
A boy buys pumpkin seeds and no one wants to share them with him. Eventually feeds them to the birds.
picture book rejection
The Boy Who Wouldn t Walk Lois Kalb Bouchard 1969
realistic fiction physically handicapped, Blind
The magic stick Kjell Ringi 1969
picture book wordless
Stevie John Steptoe 1969
sibling rivalry
The Cheerful Quiet Betty Harvarth 1969
Patrick searches for a quiet place away from his noisy large family.
picture book needing privacy
Where the Lillies bloom Vera and Bill Cleaver 1969
realistic fiction responsibility multicultural
Where is Daddy? Beth Goff 1969
realistic fiction divorce
Sounder William Armstrong 1969
historical fiction multicultural
A Girl Called Al Constance Breene 1969
Masada Gerald Gottlieb Adapted by Yigael Yadin
Professor Yadin: General 1948 won crucial battle: used forgotten Roman road across the desert. 1963-65 day at Masador. More Nostrum Our Sea - Mediterranean Sea Jews/God-no picture on statue: bewildered and unistated Romans, it was said that the holiest chamber in a Jewish temple was an empty room.
Great Revolt: Brought down rejoice? Zealots: Masador-Hebrew-fort 100 yrs earlier Herod built. Fear people if Romans left and also feared Cleopatra from here 72 AD-drastic actions 15,000 force 1,000.
3. The Traitor Josephus : Romans: Already victory celebration: no records written. Wanted no one to know about that band of revolt. Record time autumn 72 to opening 73: Records Jewish historian Josephus year 66. brilliant general of Jewish forces Lalile- devote Jew but admired Romans and Roman way of life. Feared death turned sides. Wrote history The Jewish War Josephus probably also liar strange? True? Archeologist try to see.
4. Volunteers: People in Israel get as excited about Archeology as football letter volunteer. 4,000 applicants from 28 countries. Letter p. 18-19 of volunteers. Very chill night very hot day, rough long hours sunset.
5. Mt. in desert 1300 cliffs 1,900 long 650 wide 23 acres.. wells all around 18 high double with space inside could move in them inside 14 wide 30 towers, cliffs only climb 2 places east, west and very difficult east-make path.
6. Setting up camp west part- ramp up move heavy digging equipment up. Best site company but no-dig 2nd best wasn t so Israeli army bulldozed gullies leave near Silvas Company for new one overheaded call ferry and telephone. H2O? truck no good road pipeline.
7. Archeologists at work: slow proves of digging. Stage one lock in. 2. attach stone arrow battering yarn, paper, sword of flame earth behind batter make stronger fire wind turned Rome turn again. Morning attach.
8. Life at the dig: 60 mph winds soaked man, wed nights hot dogs.
9. the Hanging Palace there on north: blocks south wind and soaks most of sun during day light and middle lowest tier offer this protection.
10. The Royal Storehouse-behind white wall long narrow halls few doors-one 6 jar unbroken some 19 bc from Rome.
11. The Western Palace: mosaics on floor of palace Herod have torn up treasure hunters other not.
12. Water in desert: little rain when does tornadoes flash flood 2-Wadis when flash flood built dam aqueducts led to Cliffside 500 ft below summit Masador 2 huge from there carry up to summit in by slaves. Also collected rain H2O on summit. Today 1 aqueduct buried under ramp. Outdoor swimming pool.
13. A log soaked with blood. Masador held by Romans: Zealsts scoled cliffs and captured. Jerusalem war 5 years: batter down walls into city. Romans boated city stabbed to death everyone seen. Burned temple of Jews: one wonder of world destroyed. then gathered up able for slaves drove others into desert to stove 70 AD Jerusalem-rubble parades in Rome Coin: Judaea Capta
14. Zealots on Masada: even though Jerusalem fell: Zealots fought on: Masada: Judea desert. Obligation to God to drive out. Led by Elenza Ben Yair fought at Jerusalem. Lived in casemate room sin wall of citadel: lived very privatively=1000 then Zealot women: cosmetics eye make up bronze mirror, wood comb, perfume, rings, bronze, gold, necklace-glass precious stones gold breastplates set jewels, ancient dice.
15. Faith of the Zealots: ritual bathing pool, zealot schoolroom. Find synagogue-seat-scrolls buried under floor, 2 years.
16. Scrolls found Ecclesiastes: The wisdom of Ben Sira, Book of Tubilees. 14 scrolls.
17. The enemy trained professionals 20 years legion 5, 000-weapons.
18. The Siege-siege of Zotapata Silva built wall all around and posted centuries. 6 thick 2 miles long bridged and climbed mountains east section 12 towers 80-100 yds apart, 8 Roman camps 2 large 6 small total force 15,000 people slaves eat.
19. Central plane in citadel near intersection of North paths on summit 11 potsherd each name on it. Skeleton =20 potsherd shovel around armor young women.
20. The Lot: Josephus described camp on stay badly found as dig weird does change suddenly found fire evidence as shelter internationally smashed staff heaped in throne room King Herod and burned last hours assault.
21. Aftermath: Left garrison soldiers (silver did) behind 40 years and coins found. 5 century AD left 7 century AD no one till today.
22. Masada Shall not fall again.

historical fiction nonfiction Jewish tradition
The Lotus Caves John Christopher 1969
Setting - The Bubble
Marty- Born in Bubble on Moon- 25 yrs. Contract- buddy Paul Tall- strain Reform Earth Gravity. Send back 6 yrs. Early ask Marty Go? No stay- Moon

The Great Ballon Crime- Meets stove. Creative all think. Tough-brosh-outcast-Orphan- Go together recreation room paint picture principal balloons fill hot air let out in dome- catch kept out recreation room 1 mo.

A key to Adventure- find a key to a crawler take out on an adventure-head for station.
1st station- where 1st outpost of men to moon do look around find journal, worth it (trip?)

The Impossible Flower- Read further find missing man. 1st. outpost saw flower went to investigate disappeared, go find crawler no flower or crawler climb to top ledge fall.

A storm of leaves- Find Thurgood s Flower- in cave with air also his skeleton-trapped?
A face in a dream. Explore down into cace think tree-Move-grow-brain? Lights out? Sleep? What else? Weird dream confess

Trees-leaves Balloons-Mr. Shering- Awake-Light Bearded Man.
The fruit of the Lotus. Man Thurgood 70 years old? 2068 Talk swim pool. Plant make communicate lights out sleep.

The Worshipper- swim- Marty think how leave Steve not yet- Swim island-follow Thurgood see worshipping plant.

The Hinge of Memory- Talk Thurgood get talk about boyhood in Vermont dark flashlight- Crowler food bring back Steve- wake feed-idea

The Pearl- Talk Thurgood all day miss supper flashlight flash when dark keep up instead sleep talk into helping show way out where plant pushed out minerals go crawler about plough through plant wakes grows tendrils in way smash out Thurgood get nut goes through Mt. What? Pleant like oyster takes in sand surrounds to protect self but in process makes pearl. Plant defenseless against will? Can t bring back- discard food journal ect.

Take lumps- Marty- when I m old will regret choice.
science fiction future machines survival
Trouble River Betsy Byars 1969 Television movie Movie available
1-Has an uneasy feeling-Dewey (boy) & grandma (rocking on porch) boy down river making raft grandma call to come eat. Grandma says I feel trouble. Indians around. Pa away and left raft- Rosey B- oar found with Pa earlier.
2- ready to take raft out-hear pony saw back of Indian in moonlight. Dewey attacked the Indian and dog drove him off. Saw red glow horizon Weicik s cabin?
3- Escape by moonlight-fix dog, talk more about Indians, Pa gone 1 more week. Gather things and go down river to Dargans. Take rocking chair. Down river Dewey works hard steering as grandma yells at. Finally make it to dead man s creek, sits down at back of raft and sleeps. 1-hour scrape aground. Grandma off and wade till deeper H2O Grandma complains.
Unexpected stop - couldn t stop where wanted to eat, but later did when didn t- eat Dewey looks thinks sees smoke back at cabin
Tragedy in Ashes - reach Daragins any time found ashes
Wolves stop for night eat sleep dream Indians wake, growl, chari, Indians!! No wolves, growl, jump. Shoot, raft.
Rapids help 2 men throw rope ask parents-Martin s, here, baby man saddle horse ready go.
Indians- ruined houses, caught them, baby girl. All happy go find oar and someday I ll make another boat.
historical fiction colonial life frontier life
Frog, where are you? Mercer Mayer 1969
picture book wordless
Sylvester and the Magic Pebble William Steig 1969 Sylvester finds a magic pebble and makes a wish that puts a spell on him.
Be careful for what you wish as it may come true.
picture book wishing spells bad luck
Lisa, bright and dark John Neufeld 1969
realistic fiction depression teenage mental illness
Birds of a Feather Baum, Willi 1969
picture book wordless book
The Moon Jumpers Janice May Udry 1969

Summer of the Swans Betsy Byars 1969 Sara Godfrey is going through the worst summer of her life. She thinks everything is all wrong with her, her big feet, her orange tennis shoes, and the responsibility of looking after her brother. A powerful story about strained relationships with family and peers and an added responsibility of a special brother. As if adolescence isn t troubling enough without having an added concern and responsibility for Charlie. While this novel was written and set in the sixty s the issues are timeless and it represents a classic that has had enormous popularity over the years. A quick, easy, and heart touching read.

Newberry Medal Winner
Sarah is growing through adolescence accepting herself and her responsibilities for her brother.

Sara Godfrey - Worries that all is wrong with her. She has big feet and didn t like her shoes so dyed them and they are now - orange. It s the worst summer of her life.
dog Boysie

Charles sucker talk tent

Mother died 6 years Aunt Willie
Sara 19 argue ride motor scooter to see swans. Talk about Charlie Pebych class retarded ride with Frank Aunt didn t want

Frank ride see if safe. Sara said to old! Ha not 40. let go tells Sara you ll be next with bag on cycle not be looks hands Wanda prettier. Sara go see swans here to take Charlie Aunt gives rolls feed.

Mary hair out come in see how cousin will cut it. Tells Aunt made dress not like she wanted.

Charlie sits and watches his watch. Doesn t talk Writes alphabet Charlie starts to leave Sara comes
Swans Wanda Frank tell Aunt go see baby home 11:00
Feed swans not want go 5 min ok
Charlie sick when young high fever dedicated say radis Frank sleep Charlie kick wall

Charlie has a button missing asks to sew it too busy tomorrow
Shoes - baby blue die-puce. Look out window think swans down stairs door open air unlutch out Told never leave but that quiet still go see swans
Lost dogs run scratch confused
Charlie gone to hunt lake no
Police why blame TV if sew button promise sis didn t watch. Watch birthday didn t want get couldn t tell time got birthday lost stolen Joe Milby found brought back no Aunt did Sara tell what she did to Joe? Fink sign on in school police.

Call father won t come. Sam Dad come call tonight

Look hill See Joe Milby play ball help? No thief Charlie point you no confused I didn t wait all boys say help tells swans confused hill cry back Mary s go look

Mary tells time story
boys take watch candy tease
Sara come store didn t give watch back
Aunt goes Joe s house accuses & finds out
Sara & Mary walk up hill see Joe find slipper Mary go back tell searchers Joe go party Mary go Bennie Hoffman Joe maybe.
Sara I go look, Joe wait I will do with you hair curlers I m sorry

Charlie lost fear morning watch stop try wind break sleep
On climb stop nine
Call at top
Charlie wake call out
Find Charlie go home show watch broken can t wind Joe gives him his
See swans leave lake but Charlie can t recognize Aunt Willie run Charlie run meet hug. Sara happy at time all summer not know why. Joe ask go Bennies
Wanda Sara talk phone call did all night good won t come home tired weekend
Life as series of steps Charlie one small difficult step. She just took big step father just
realistic fiction handicapped growing up responsibility relationships
The Cay Theodore Taylor 1969 Adventure story of Phillip (11) who lives on an Island with his mother during World War II. His mother decides to move back to the safety of Virginia and he is separated from her during when the ship they are on is sunk. He sustains a head injury that results in his lose of sight and wakes to find himself on a raft with a black man - a member of the ship s crew and a big tomcat. Days on the raft and months on a deserted island have Philip loosing his prejudice and learning to deal with his sightlessness. A great adventure story and story about overcoming fears. realistic fiction survival race Black experience multicultural adventure
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Eric Carle 1969 See Eric notes

The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Most popular book this side of Peter Rabbit ...
Eric called it A Week with Willi Worm with no transformation to a butterfly at the end. Publishing House- Philomel (World) and Ann Beneduce suggested to make it more sympathetic and worked for changes in the ending and title.
Next, couldn t find a company that would guarantee the holes would line up. Found in Japan.
Also a marketing decision to continue to reprinted it in small batches its first several years so as to built it a market.
Eric has defended the use of a cocoon, actually only used in rare species, rather than the more common chrysalis.
Children on a swing swinging high. helmets or seat belts.
Why it is a book about HOPE. You can grow from an insignificant worn to become a big beautiful butterfly.
Layering colored tissue paper on white board.
First - A week in the life of a worm named Willi.
Grew up in Germany during WW 2 - fits with his stark descriptions He hasn t eaten through anything for a long time.
... On Saturday he ate through one piece of chocolate ake, ... on e... one...
Countries first picture book museum. Amherst Mass.
Lives in Florida and very happy.
picture book science mathematics butterflies number value
Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse Leo Lionni 1969 A charming story that compares a living mouse and a wind up one.
Have the children manipulate windup toys in groups.
Observe a living mouse
Discuss how they are alike and not alike
Discuss how they are like other living things
Ask how the wind up toys are like and unlike other nonliving objects.
realistic fiction living non living science


Books from 1970 - 1979

Books published in 1970
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
Fish is Fish Leo Lionni 1970
A minnow and a tadpole are friends and inseparable, until the tadpole becomes a frog and explores the world beyond the pond where the fish can't go. When he returns to tell his friend of the extraordinary things he’s seen. The fish eye's view is creatively illustrated.
Bird fish with wings
Cow fish with utters
Nice analogy for constructivist learning. What are the core concepts needed by fish to create a more accurate view of the world.
picture book animals
Sound of sunshine, sound of rain Florence Parry Heide 1970
realistic fiction physically handicapped blind
Out! Out! Out! Martha Alexander 1970
picture book wordless book
The King who Rained Fred Gwynne 1970
picture book concept book multiple meanings, words
Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing Barrett, Judi 1970
picture book concept book patterned language
Frog and Toad are Friends Arnold Lobel 1970 Spring
The Story
A Lost Button
A Swim
The Letter
animal fantasy friendship mathematics buttons size attributes
The flying saucer full of spaghetti Fernando Krahn 1970
picture book wordless
Are You There God, it's Me Margaret Judy Blume 1970
realistic fiction growing up
Gladys Told Me to Meet Her Here Marjorie Sharmat 1970
Talking about Death E. A. Grollman 1970
A Bargain for Frances Russell Hoban 1970
realistic fiction friendship
No language but a cry Richard D'Ambrosio 1970
realistic fiction physically handicapped, Autism
Grover Vera and Bill Cleaver 1970
Grover (10) adjusts to the changes in his life after his mother dies.
realistic fiction mother suicide
Sing Down The Moon Scott O' Dell 1970
historical fiction Native American Navaho Spanish slavers
The inspector George Mendoza 1970
picture book wordless


Books published in 1971
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
A boy, a dog, a frog and a friend Mayer, Mercer and Marianna 1971
picture book wordless
Scat! A. Dobrin 1971
The lazy dog John Hamberger 1971
picture book wordless
Elephant Byron Barton 1971
picture book wordless book
Journey to Topaz: A Story of the Japanese-American Evacuation Yoshiko Uchida 1971
Yuki Sakane (11) is looking forward to Christmas when Pearl Harbor is attacked. Forced from her home and shipped with thousands of West Coast Japanese Americans to a desert concentration camp called Topaz, Yuki and her family face new hardships.
Japanese-American historical fiction
Apt. 3 Keats, Ezra Jack 1971
realistic fiction physically handicapped- blind
Me Day Joan Lexau 1971
realistic fiction bad day
Over in the Meadow John Langstaff illustrated by Feodor Rojankovsky 1971 A couinting song for children based on the original version of Olive A. Wadsworth
picture book science animals environment meadow poetry
Annie and the Old One Miska Miles. Peter Parnall illustrator 1971
Annie becomes deeply concerned when her grandmother tells that she will return to the Earth when she finishes the rug that is presently on the loom. Annie takes all kinds of measures to postpone the inevitable until she learns to accept her grandmother's beliefs and wishes and move forward in time. ageism Native American accepting death realistic fiction picture book
The Blue Balloon Frank Ash 1971
picture book wordless book
The Don't be Scared Book I. Vogel 1971
Powerful emotions
I Have Feelings T. Berger 1971
One Fine Day Nonny Hogrogian 1971
picture book Armenia
Feelings p. Dunn 1971
Nobody Asked Me If I Wanted a Baby Sister M. Alexander 1971
realistic fiction sibling rivalry
Don't Worry, Dear Joan Fassler 1971
realistic fiction being little
Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh Robert C. O' Brien 1971 NIMH has developed super rats capable of human qualities. The struggle of these superior endowed rats to find their way in the world to create their civilization is a classic animal tale with a science fiction flare. animal fantasy science fiction adventure, working together
Mandy Julie Andrews Edwards 1971
Mandy (10) is an orphan who dreams of a place of her own. Climbing over the orphanage wall she explores the outside world and discovers a small deserted cottage. She works to make it truly hers, then, she gets sick and no one knows how to find her. Except a special friend she didn't know she had.
Julie Edward's story realistic fiction biography
Shrewbettina's Birthday John Goodall 1971
picture book wordless book
The First Four Years Laura Ingalls Wilder 1971 Everything will even up in the end, the rich have their ice in the summer but the poor get theirs in the winter.
The First Four Years Laura Ingalls Wilder
Harper & Row New York 1971

Begins where These Happy Golden Years
Rocky Ridge Farm Mansfield MO
Laura s house married to Alonzo Died 1957 page 90 Died 1949 page 92
Born 1885 Dakota
Manly courting Laura - She doesn t want to marry a farmer. Tells three years, if not successful then quit and work in town.
Farm two houses harvest dinner all men beans hard, pie sour. Bought two horses now plow then horse Trixie
No Sunday buggy horses tried Manly horse Fly go horseback riders
Five Indians came-smack.
Blizzard three days Manly almost gets lost coming from barn.
Laura P.C. Good crop McCormick Binder Hail-windows screen
Wheat $3,000 ruined- Move back to homestead form tree claim so as to get $800 mortgage.
It is better farther on only instead of further in space, it was farther on in time, over the horizon of years instead of the far horizon of the west.
2nd Year
Cut hay sell Baley girl Rose Christmas sell hay clock
Mr. Boast officed best Horse for Rose no Mrs. couldn t have baby.
April Blizzard
Dry year yield low price $.50 bushel most too bad considering year
3rd Year
Diptheria Laura and Manly caught Royal. Manly s brother came to help.
Dr take if lasy Manly woth too hard lags lost use and gradual improvement
Dr. bills buyer homestead mortgage $200 so move back to tree claim, stroke paralysis still bother.
Sell Laura s pony with school money buy half share sheep with Peter wheat and oats dry shriveled no good cut feed
4- years of Grace 4 years up you call this a success? Just one good crop and we ll be ok. (Mr. Sheldon) neighbor brought sack Woverly
Wind- Dust storm-sheep good wool good-later cyclone-into cellar. Baley bog dies spasms-dry summer short hay many sheep fire summer grass for burning. She started stove and must been to close forming success depends on how you look at it. Stack but dry year surely next for fathers top.
historical fiction westward expansion homestead
Hey Dummy Kin Platt 1971
realistic fiction mentally handicapped
Go and Hush the Baby Betsy Byars 1971
realistic fiction new baby
Touch the earth: a self-portrait of Indian existence McLuhan, T. C.. 1971
Native Americans
The Tenth Good Thing about Barney Judith Viorst 1971
death cat
The Trees Stand Shining: Poetry of the North American Indians Hettie Jones 1971
poetry Native Americans
Leo the Late Bloomer Robert Kraus 1971
realistic fiction growing up slow age relationships classroom management
If I Built a Village ... Kazue Mizumura 1971
realistic fiction stewardship
Two Tickets To Freedom Florence B. Freedman 1971

Do you want to be my friend? Eric Carle 1971
picture book wordless
Gobble Growl Grunt Peter Spier 1971
Repetition of sounds
The Memoirs of Chief Red Fox Chief Red Fox 1971
Native Americans
Martin's father Margrit Eichler 1971
single parent families
Look again! Tana Hoban 1971
picture book wordless


Books published in 1972
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
The Upstairs Room Johanna Reiss 1972
Annie - When asks her father questions he answers with shh! for all talk related to Hitler.
Lived Holland (Winterswijk) 20 miles from the German border.
Father cattle dealer
Ganses: neighbors 2 parents, old son, sister 2- Sini 16, (foarm) Rachel 21 (1939 graduated from teachers college) and Marie - sleep in maid.
Uncle Bram- Cattle business with father Uncle Phil and Aunt Billa (who didn t speak to mom)
Must help run away Jews. Why? German Poland
Annie 2nd grade
Father built house outside town (safe) invade Holland.
Notice on tree Jews stop business (Sept) Marie quit because they were Jewish. Therefore, Sini quit to help mom. Rachel was fired. The principal said sorry but
Now think go to America, but Uncle Bram-too late.
Spring 1941 announcement no Jews allowed in public places, none in school, and then all need an I.D. as a Jew, and start a new school for Jew s Simi as teacher) Harassed at school and on the way home. Move to new house.
When move to new house father gets dog Bobbie for her and Jews in town are taken away by the Germans. Put money inside coat. Could only shop from 3-5 when not much left. Had to wear a star on chest made from cloth. Some volunteered to go to labor camp.
War with American now 1942
Women could now go to labor camps.
Mom hospital not allowed any visitors. Annie had to go to the mayor to get permission to visit mom.
Tree-kids camp, give furniture and Bobbi (dog) away.
Trains sometimes not go to work camp, Concentration camp, letter for all family to report to train. Father gone. Miss Kleinhonte dies.
Rachel s hair goes Reverend Zevall.
Annie boy s haircut and sailor suit-bus to Enschede to meet Dini Hannink and bike to Usselo. Mom going to die.
Lini dies hair red plucks eye brows. Annie cut hair, takes the bus, soldiers stop bus take a chicken and leave. Meet Lini will stay in one room day and night. Annie and Lini upstairs-Hannink. Mom died. Rachel mother house. Rachel s mother house. Suspect? Move cave new house for awhile two months indoors.
Make a hiding place in closet, Opore, Johan, Oosterolds, Dientje. Birthday party for Opore. Afraid Germans come stay in closet all night. Annie go out night.
Read in Underground paper about Jews being killed in ovens, trains...
Rachel visits from ministers when see is staying, stops where Oostervalds lived ask directions, Johan worried that Oostervald wil blabber
Beg to go outside, go sun strokes.
found barn where 10 Jews were kept 10 taken and others thought hiding them were shot. Would Oostervald talk? so Johan got revolver from Heendrioks and shot Oostervald. Germans grab some people and say they will kill them if the killer isn t turned in. break fingers, shoot.
Germans move into house. girls stuck on bed upstairs, Annie sneaks down. Johan- aunt, niece (Rikie), Dientjes niece go and get .. stay awhile then all pack and go.
Johan scared. Germans taking all to the firehouse. Opoe-too dangerous for girls to stay here. Dientje has a place underground. Johanna came back mad and get them.
Sini beg to go out, gets fake papers work as maid.
Sini came xmas dinner Annie eat, noise, couldn t move tired legs.
Germans take all horses and carts.
Johan tells everyone 2 years girls keep not afraid asks for cigarettes and coffee
Sini kisses soldiers. Canadians.
Rachel came 1 week later to take Winterswijk Sini, no I am dating boy and Annie no I am just started to walk. Sini s boyfriend drove in his car to Winterswijk met father there. Opoe gave hat. Rachel and Sini left and later Annie goes to America. Later took her 2 girls there.
historical fiction nonfiction Jewish Germans World War II Holland Poland
The Daddy Book Robert Stewart 1972
Describes a variety of activities fathers do at home and away.
George and Martha James Marshall 1972
fiction friendship
Seven arrows Hyemeyohsts Storm 1972
Native Americans
The midnight adventures of Kelly, Dot and Esmeralda John Goodall 1972
picture book wordless book
A Day No Pigs Would Die Robert Newton Peck 1972
realistic fiction rural farming
The Ant and the Elephant Bill Peet 1972
The elephant is the kindest animal in the jungle, rescuing a giraffe, lion, and rhino, but who will return the favor when the elephant needs help?
picture book helping others
Leap before you look Mary Stolz 1972
A Month of Sundays Rose Blue 1972
realistic fiction divorce
Jacko John Goodall 1972
picture book wordless book
The New Teacher Miriam Cohen 1972
realistic fiction new situations
Ira Sleeps Over Bernard Waber 1972
picture book realistic fiction powerful emotions
Julie of the Wolves Jean Craighead George 1972 Miyax or Julie? Thirteen - orphaned and unhappily married she runs away. Hoping to become a modern teenager she is instead cast the fate of being lost on the harsh Alaska Tundra where she must remember a rely on the Eskimo ways to survive. However, the bleak landscape isn t enough to insure her survival without her reliance on a pack of wolves. This and later novel - Julie 1994 explore a struggle between modern and traditional Eskimo lives. realistic fiction sex roles growing up Native Americans survival
On Mother's Lap Ann Herbert Scott 1972
picture book
8,000 Stones Wolkstein 1972
It's Not the End of the World Judy Blume 1972
D\realistic fiction divorce
Anti-Pollution Lab Elliott Blaustein 1972
nonfiction science pollution activities
Anansi The Spider Gerald McDermott 1972

Unfortunately Harriet Rosemary Wells 1972

Old Dog S. Abbott 1972
picture book death
The Terrible Terror Edith Battles 1972   Being nasty classroom management
High Elk's Treasure Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve 1972
Native Americans
Jimmy Yellow Hawk Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve 1972
Native Americans
Nate the Great Marjorie W. Sharmat 1972
Nate the Great must get all the facts, ask the right questions, and narrow the list of suspects so he can solve the mystery.
realistic fiction
The Knitted Cat Antonella Bolliger- Savelli 1972
picture book wordless
Chocolate Fever Smith, Robert Kimmel 1972

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Judy Blume 1972
realistic fiction
I see a song Eric Carle 1972
picture book wordless
Science Experiments you can Eat Cobb. Vicki 1972 republished 1991
nonfiction science food activities experiments
Admission to the Feast Gunnel Beckman 1972
realistic fiction death friend
The Marrow of the World Nichols Ruth 1972 Linda- adopted by Philip s Aunt and Uncle. Philip 2 years older. Call cousin, see ancient city, 40ft. down nothing but sandy bottom. Linda dream wolf_mts circle leave. Bog burn Linda. I knew women kept fire flies jar-sleep creep out lake figure otter for head man s body-merman_tail? Leave. Current stream pull boat where cabin should be lost shore for the rest night.
Strange animal, stars all different, see wolf across lake-follow- boat Herne(mt. man type, deerskin, fur) Linda answer in strange language, Philip soon can speak language too notices transition-talk decide follow power of wolf Herue with.
Up river row, talk enemy in forest not sure dad held prisoner till died kill now-Kyril Tessarion King and Wizard fought all evil. Cruel women witch Morgan_driven out_vanished she returned build palace forest animal claws felt safe-spent time planning regain lost power. Ramer Kyril pursued her into forest Lake Evaine and rather than surrender, she sank her castle in the lake. Wolf guided good or evil- eagle rope-go get-tree Herne current flow canoe away
Follow wolf-shape shifter giant tree- wolf-man-go in Mistress awaits you- fire flies light in jar. You are Morgan the Enchantress? No Mother died by fire by Kyril. I m Ygerno-don t you remember sister. Linda only witch. Means prolong death. Marrow lost Lake Evaine. I too old you make journey for me.
The Marrow of the World Witches no soul we die we perish- You get Marrow make me young either lake or dwarves stole get meet me Kyril s place. Then I ll send Philip back and give you sister what ever you want. Leave Wolf show way Linda send back.
Arrive Lake- Mer People, down under bubble air find casket open gone for sport we let you come she s dying and can t hurt us remain unharmed. Ygerna- protected (came in dream) on to MTS.
Why Ygerna s tree lined Cu? Fire fear. Didn t tell Linda-fear of what she was becoming. Hit head dragged down.
Captured (bareth s Twin) Linda touched by child look cause chill with draw screaming. Huntsmen come-3d wolf remains toroh tease Linda- hit head rock fall- Herne threw from loft. Herne followed them force brought boat back not same took it. Followed H2O Linda spell light distance.
Leo-Rest think trip show both worlds asks Linda which world is your home. Philip- Don t need witch. Go to King Kyril? No we will follow path laid out for us. Fight minds. Walks away.
Go met King Dwarfs- show jewels take to Marrow-down down she has to pick up- earth taste small grain and reasons she lived to a great age- back
Departing from Barkan- storm underground- haunted- Linda attack kill RIK Blood. Linda look like Ygerna- sleep fever-what power has she to survive this and H2O up? Philip tells. Your father-mother Morgan half witch. Sister Linda I ll not see mom. Tell her I love her- you will must see king. Split herne follows Linda.
Philip go. King is Leo- Linda to witch- very pale, so when, bones, Herne frozen stops Leo you came all this way to protect her would you stop now. Look around torches. Gives Marrow- fulfill your bargin. What bargin? Your world? Ha you promised to restore, my strength you only brought one element need 2nd blood. I wouldn t let you live of your power. Hinged for Linda enter Philip fire. Back King I wanted to met you and check out and you cried a true witch never will.
Remained many days. Made Herne. Ranger. Kyril Philip I go back Linda make up mind no human can. Force another not even out of love. White mark around wrist so never severed and if great need may reunite if not will see more deeply visions hidden sorrow and blessings.
Wake Hoem didn t say good bye yes did (dream?) Look wrist finger prints Kyrils.
modern fantasay
Spooky Rhymes and Riddles Lilian Moore 1972
Apples Nonny Hogrogian 1972
wordless book
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Judith Viorst 1972
realistic fiction A bad day black and white sketches


Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
Hang Tough, Paul Mather Alfred Slote 1973
Paul is a great pitcher when he is diagnosed with leukemia. His parents worry about his health and together they have to balance his health and desire to play baseball.
realistic fiction leukemia
Harlequin and the Gift of Many Colors Remy Charlip 1973
realistic fiction friendship
Girls Can Be Anything Norma Klein 1973
realistic fiction believing in yourself
A Wind in the Door Madeleine L'Engle 1973
Charles Wallace main character
1. Charles Wallace s Dragons- Charles ill? Shot breaths goes dragons-Dr. mention mitochondria farandoles in came from prokaryocytes in eukaryotic cells-have own DNA and RNA symbiotic relationship depend on for OZ. Meg went to see principal about ChW school and fights mother working on the existence of Fornado s : Ch, we might sick: of his. Dragons? Few
2. A rip in the galaxy-farther a way: they saw away out in galaxy series that would indicate matter disappearing, Eat supper argue ChW condition Night Meg out snake, Louise scared drowned, or poof gone. Mr. Jenkins cabin Meg scream, go show ChW outside, listen, see drgaon.
3. The man in the night: I m a teacher and dragon Proginoskes a cerebrums Blajeny give assignments ChW-learn to adapt. Meg pass 3 tests1. you must describe what is Proginoskes will help you. Cabin wait Louise a colleague of Blanjeny she is a teacher that s why she is so fond of Sandy and Denny s one day they will be teacher s too. Back to house Dr. Louise there cocoa hot talk to Mr. Jenkins call teach ChW self defense. Adapt. Darwin? Be was he real? What is real?
4. Progenoskes . Tell progenoskes about Mr. Jenkins think its an?? So back to yesterday see talk father and mother have-father tell evil and write equation see rip in galaxy father tell . Must see Mr, Jenkins back to house breakfast Progenoskes letter.
5. The 1st test: see 2nd Mr. Jenkins? 3rd tell girl time think and they go into building. Echthroi start war they are smoking people not know who they are. Start out Echthori has won a battle when people don t know who they are they are open either to being X ed on Names. Must love Mr. Jenkins X himself if fail and Echtheroi ChW a little boy? Special Try name real Mr. Jenkins talk argue-ChW and Louise Ranger show myself.
6 The real Mr. Jenkins. Think what must take Charles home shoes for Cal, you treat him bad: he only see bad side of you and you him. Pick! House shrink cold rip slashed edges drawn together healed Mr. Jenkins fainted.
7, Metron Ariston Mr. Jenkins awakens all there Meg begs him to come they go to Metron Ariston looks like star rock, talk about size farondola to body: like body to galaxy. Love to create-hate to destroy-ChW whome carry led cold in Mondrion Solar System- an idea of Blanjeny talking to Sporos a farandala. See copy Mr. Jenkins not good sign small large nothingness un name or X all creation ChW farondoler are dying: won t sing? What do? When you get there you will know. Where? Mitochondria ChW!
8. Journey into the Interior: How help? We must live together in harmony or we won t love at all. Large galaxy see birth of star. Small brush with Echthroi and in ChW s mitochondria. Time heartbeat every 10 years rhythm of . Barankoloe can travel motion less motion. Must deepen if not victory for Echthroi s sporas holding back help. 2nd test. Try reach Mr. Jenkins pain she was being X ed .
9. Farandolae and Mitochondria save Meg but other farandolae were X ed Echthroi followed in Mr. Jenkins must reach found him.
10. Yadah-explain all Mr. Jenkins by plants feeling talk, of nail rider last ..sporos
11. Sporos- Mr. Jenkins sacrifices himself sporos deepens Echthrois ente.
12. 3rd talk to save him 12 a wind in the door save Mr. Jenkins go into him and Echthroi s and name Echthroi s no longer nothing- all saved.

science fiction good vs. evil
Lordy, Aunt Hattie Ianthe Thomas 1973
By finding out what kind of day it is, as well as what kind of day it isn't, Jeppa Lee concludes it must be summer.
Summer comes picture book
Bubble bubble Mercer Mayer 1973
picture book wordless
Black is Brown is Tan Arnold Adoff 1973
realistic fiction African American Black experience multicultural experience multicultural
Frog on his own Mercer Mayer 1973
picture book wordless
Pssst! Doggie Ezra Jack Keats 1973
picture book wordless
Joanna runs away Phyllis LaFarge 1973
realistic fiction loneliness
A Chocolate Moose for Dinner Fred Gwynne 1973
concept book multiple meanings, words,
Me too Vera and Bill Cleaver 1973
realistic fiction mentally handicapped
A Taste of Blackberries Doris Buchanan Smith 1973 Tell me the main character for an A. First person
Never learn the name of the main character
realistic fiction death- best friends
Summer Of My German Soldier Bette Greene 1973
historical fiction World war II multicultural
Caddie Woodland Carol R. Brink 1973
historical fiction revolutionary war
My Daddy Lives in a Downtown Hotel Peggy Mann 1973
realistic fiction divorce
Nana Upstairs and Nana Downstairs Tomie de Paola 1973
realistic fiction death, family, relationships
Skates Ezra Jack Keats 1973
picture book wordless
Drip drop Donald Carrick 1973
picture book wordless
The Princess Bride William Goldman 1973 It is every bit as good as the movie. A classic. fantasy romance good evil multimedia
If I Were a Cricket .... Mizumura, Kazue 1973
animal fiction doing nice things
The Slave Dancer Paula Fox 1973 During the the 1840 s in New Orleans Jessie Bollier is playing his flute in the market. Afterward he is kidnapped and smuggled out to sea. Later he discovers his reason for being targeted is so he can play while the human cargo of slaves exercise on the ships return trip from Africa. Fox uses Jessie s experience to write about the atrocities that befell slaves on board such ships as they are transported to America. Not only does she write about the conditions of the slaves, but about the thoughts and feelings of the sailors who were willing or unwilling participants in this passage. While the story is realistic fiction and very plausible up to the ending. It is a children s book which usually requires a positive ending, however there are situations toward the end that move from plausible toward maybe possible. Still an easy read for middle school, a history everyone should know, and a story with a compelling plot and well developed characters where their struggle with their circumstances provide important insight into human nature.
Newberry award winner

Jessie Bollier

Mother seamstress Betty ill sister mom important dress more candles Aunt Agatha father drown Miss snagboat Shanghaied Claudine played song for that noon and got

The Moonlight Purvis home after bit I ll see to it. When? With luck 4 mo. Benjamin Stout Binim Af warns watch Nick Spark & answer everything captain asks even if must lie

found illegal trade U.S. Britian all get port of take Cawthorne ehanges large cauldron, whip 9 knotted chords, Purvis steals egg flogged no Stout stole Speck Spark saw me, why didn t tell, Purvis? Time for captain to remind the men

Africa listen to talks about legalities and illegalities how get shames load, dance, run slaves on board slump & die kick make drink, throw girl overboard, young boy

Play for slaves, miserable lot, notice one boy watch. Refuse to play refuse order lash 5 times. Sadere Purvis coolly help blks give kids extra rations from theirs Spark drove women mad they threw over b. tells name boy. Sadere dies-fever Ned sick says wages of sin Park attact by blk. Strngh blk whipped hung arms Spark up shoo aim gun captian bound thrown over board walk 3 steps H20. killed

8 more dies life (kid down hold) throw him down after boy finds pass blks to him. DCuba Spaniard comes boys

dress up dance drink Stout Spanish ship Capt finds American start throw all over board. Hide with boy in hatch storm hits close hatch long time hatch opens ship swamped. Beached grab most float kick toward shore long time. Old Blk Man find on shore who are Ras L Daniel Ras men take north leave Daniel Home & after back to mom & Betty Aunt changed on his return work dig canal then apprenticed apothecary N to R.I. Family fight civil war Andersonith 3 years family hate music could all blk dance.
historical fiction prejudice African American black experience multicultural slavery
The Dark Is Rising Susan Cooper 1973

True stories about Abraham Lincoln Ruth Gross 1973
nonfiction Lincoln
A Hero Ain't Nothin' But a Sandwich Alice Childress 1973
realistic fiction drugs written from different points of view multicultural
Cathedral David Macaulay 1973
nonfiction Europe, medieval, building, architecture, structures
Grownups cry too N. Hazen 1973
Powerful emotions,
Benjamin and Tulip Rosemary Wells 1973

picture book raccoons bullying sex roles
41 Science Projects with Electrons Alfred Bender 1973
nonfiction science, electron, activities
Have you seen my cat? Eric Carle 1973
picture book wordless
Noisy Nora Rosemary Wells 1973
It's tough being the middle mouse. No one pays attention to Nora, so she decides to be noticed by making noise. Will the family find a noisy Nora better?
picture book getting attention
The Boy Who Didn't Believe in Spring Lucille Clifton 1973
Black experience
The sleepless day John Hamberger 1973
picture book wordless
Morris Brookside, a dog Marjorie W. Sharmat 1973

Accepting friend's decision
Things I hate! Elizabeth Wittels 1973
A boy describes, in verse, things he likes and dislikes. Such as shopping, visiting the dentist, going to school ...
Seeing both sides of a situation
What can she be? (series) G. Goldenreich 1973
Sex roles


Books published in 1974
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
A hospital story Stein, S. B. 1974
M. C. Higgins the Great Virginia Hamilton 1974
Mayo Cornelius Higgins dreams of escape for himself and his family from their home beside a recently strip mine in their Kentucky town. Two strangers arrive at Sarah's Mountain. While they enable their dream?
African American black experience multicultural
Betrayed Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve 1974
Describes the events of a Santee Indian raid on the Lake Shetek, Minnesota, settlement and the fate of the captives.
Native Americans Minnesota Santee Sioux
Handtalk-an abc of Finger Spelling and Sign Language Remy Charlip and Mary Beth Miller 1974
realistic fiction physically handicapped
Where the Sidewalk Ends Shel Silverstein 1974 The most loved children's anthology of poems ever written. poem anthology poetry
When thunders spoke Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve 1974
Native Americans
Thank You, Jackie Robinson Cohen, Barbara 1974
realistic fiction death of a friend multicultural
First snow Helen Coutant 1974
realistic fiction death
Philip Hall likes me. I reckon maybe Bette Greene 1974
realistic fiction sex roles
Sally Can't See Palle Peterson 1974
realistic fiction physically handicapped blind
Joey Joseph J. Deacon 1974
realistic fiction physically handicapped, Cerebral palsy
Watch out for the Chicken Feet in your Soup Tomie de Paola 1974
A young boy is worried about being embaraced by his old-fashioned Italian grandmother when his friend visits. However, when they get along so well, he gains new understneings of her.
realistic fiction being ashamed of your family
Run, Shelley, run! Gertrude Samuels 1974
Running away
He's my brother Lasker, Joe 1974
realistic fiction mentally handicapped
Don't Feel Sorry for Paul Bernard Wolf 1974
realistic fiction physically handicapped
Figgs & Phantoms Ellen Raskin 1974

Oliver Kraus, Robert 1974
realistic fiction making your own decisions
Greenwitch Cooper, Susan 1974

My Brother Sam Is Dead James and Christopher Collier 1974
historical fiction human cost of war American
Two moral tales Mercer Mayer 1974
picture book wordless
Everybody Needs a Rock Byrd Baylor 1974
realistic fiction safety recommended
Frog goes to dinner Mercer Mayer 1974
picture book wordless
City David Macaulay 1974 Story and sketches that accurately and with detail describe the construction of a Roman City. nonfiction Europe Roman building, architecture structures
The Great Vitamin Mystery Marvin Martin 1974 Short stories about discoveries of vitamins over the years. A pretty good read aloud that has good nutritional value as well as a perspective of science and its historical aspects. See nonfiction science nutrition
Listen for the fig tree Mathis, Sharon Bell 1974
realistic fiction physically handicapped- blind
Clem, the clumsy camel Virginia Mueller, 1974

Clumsiness wisdom
Squirrels Brian Wildsmith 1974

Let's Marry Said the Cherry N. M. Bodecker 1974
picture book concept book patterned language pattern book
Free to be you and me Marlo Thomas 1974
Innovative book that celebrates diversity, challenges stereotypes, and encourages kids to be themselves in a joyful, positive manner, through a collection of songs, poems, and stories to be read aloud and shared with new generations.
diversity, stereotypes, self, sex roles collection
Albert's Toothache Barbara Williams 1974
Albert, a turtle, claims he has a toothache, but turtles don't have teeth. So does he?
taking children serious picture book
The Gorilla Did It B. Hazen 1974
Powerful emotions, relationships
Rosie and Michael Judith Viorst 1974
Rosie likes Michael when he's dopey and not just when he's smart. Michael likes Rosie when she's grouchy and not just when she's nice. That's how friends are. When Michael's parakeet died, he called Rosie. When Rosie's dog ran away, she called Michael. That's what friends do. Michael once sprayed Kool Whip into Rosie's sneakers. Rosie once put a worm in Michael's sandwich. They're still friends.
picture book friends
Goodbye, Hello R. Welber 1974
Ben and Annie Joan Tate 1974
realistic fiction hysically handicapped
The Carp in the Bathtub Barbara Cohen 1974
realistic fiction Jewish multicultural
He Is your Brother Richard Parker 1974
realistic fiction handicapped autism
The Self-made Snowman Krahn, Fernando 1974
picture book wordless
Kitten for a Day Keats, Ezra Jack 1974
picture book wordless


Books published in 1975
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
The Making of the Modern Family Edward Shorter 1975
step families
The Quitting Deal Tobi Tobias 1975
Mother and daughter help each other give up their habits of smoking and thumb-sucking. goal setting behavior change
Your aunt is a which Bernice Kohn Hunt 1975
concept book multiple meanings, words
The Gray King Susan Cooper 1975

The Hundred Penny Box Sharon Bell Mathis 1975 Michael loves his great great aunt Dew and the stories she tells of her life as she reminisces with her old box of pennies. The survival of the box comes into question when Michael s mother questions its value. Timeless story about family relationships. realistic fiction elderly, death, family
New York City Too Far From Tampa Blues T. Ernesto Bethancourt 1975
Tom (13) moves from Florida with his family. A young hispanic boy who tells his experiences living in Brooklyn and his friendship with an Italian boy who shares his passion for music.
historical fiction Hispanic American
I'm Not Oscar's Friend Anymore Marjorie W. Sharmat 1975
Friendship making up
Tuck Everlasting Natalie Babbitt 1975
Tuck Everlasting coverClassic story about immortality. Winnie (11) is mysteriously introduced to the Tuck family. Who have discovered a spring that can impart immortality. She is befriended by a male family member - Jesse (17). The story is a philosophic expedition of the struggles of making choices and balancing emotions, spontaneity, common sense, desires, fear of the unknown, and everlasting life. The imagery with which the story is written is powerful enough to make this story a classic that deeply peruses the eternal subject of life and death and what choices we might make if we were able to choose.
Mae Tuck set out to Treegap to meet 2 sons Miles and Jesse at the Winnie Foster-family owned Treegap and ran away. Words hub of the wheel. Fern s wheel. Sun hub or calendar.
1. Wood-owned by the Foster s own to center? Cow path around wood. If through-find Grant Ash and Spring disaster.
2. Mae go treegap meet sons; get ready take music box reflection not interest her same for 87 years.
3. Winnie-Foster runs away talk to toad
4. Winnie porch fireflies man Music elf says mother music box Winnie.
5. Winnie catches Jesse making spring-ma and miles come.
6. Kidnap Winnie-take to stream music box claims her.
7. Explain to Winnie that they had passed spring drank, no one dried fell tree head, hunters shot horse, cut knife, didn t get old backpack woods tree with T carved still same, shotgun blast. Live forever, you ll always be a little girl.
8. All go home take Winnie back tomorrow, but man in yellow suit was in bushes and heard it all.
9. Home meet Tuck.
10. Talk how get on meet every 10 years boys go their way move = every 20.
11. Eat, talk about strange man yellow Winnie says tell dad, wants to go home. Pond talk.
12. Talk about cycle of H2O-wheel and Tucks stuck in pond can t move. Winnie I don t want to die, but can t forever stuck like rocks. Pa horse I s stole.
13. Man yellow suit horse-fosters house-I know where they have taken the girl.
14. Winnie try sleep refuse nightgown, Jesse came down offers wait til you re 17 then drink marry me go around world enjoy it.
15. Yellow suit man trade child for the woods. Get constable? No Mr. Foster do it my way.
16. Yellow suit man-constable-go for girl talk tells his woods now constable say um? Doesn t say much else.
17. Winnie fishing with miles talk decides to keep secret throw fish back.
18. Eat pancakes-like party Winnie thinks 17 Jesse? Knock door yellow.
19. Yellow man comes talks of grams strange story of man and family never got older, goes school studies, but can t find anything, so back tracks their route and hers music box, follows hears stay when telling Winnie, is going to sell water much $ to select people. Grab Winnie and run Mae grabs shotgun and hit him over head. Constable coming sees this.
20. Constable takes over orders man to be taken inside take Winnie back and lock Mae up if man dies Mae : Winnie she must never.
21. Winnie-home-happy-man dies-no kidnap-Mae hung? No!
22. Winnie-outside-talks Jesse-gives bottle H2O drink 17 tells break out Mae window-Winnie says put her in to make think her 12:00 meet
23. Bed wonder sleep 11:55 wake leave.
24. window out-Mae good by remember.
25. 2 weeks didn t find Mae and... Constable found at breakfast home why whipped mom ! I loved them. Toad dog bottle H2O on Toad.
Epilogue-Tuck come back Winnie died 1948
modern fantasy everlasting life philosophy
One Frog Too Many Mayer, M. and Mayer, M. 1975
picture book wordless book fiction powerful emotions
Mr. Brimble's Hobby and Other Stories Eve Rice 1975
Mrs. Brimble bakes a cake, little Willie Brimble finds a useful new word, Mr. Brimble takes up a disconcerting hobby, and Polly Brimble sets up an unusual roadside stand.
realistic fiction common life events
To Live a Lie Anne Alexander 1975
realistic fiction divorce
Tom Little's Great Halloween Scare John Peterson 1975

Talking about Divorce and Separation E. A. Grollman 1975
Howie Helps Himself Joan Fassler 1975
realistic fiction handicap Cerebral palsy
I Like To Be Me Barbara Bel Geddes 1975 Declares I like me no matter what.
picture book patterned language self esteem classroom management
Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang Mordecai Richler 1975
modern fantasy justice big people little people unjustice being youngTV program ...
Naughty Nancy John Goodall 1975
picture book wordless
Two More Moral Tales Mercer Mayer 1975
picture book wordless
Rachel Elizabeth Fanshawe 1975
realistic fiction physically handicapped
Glue fingers Matt Christopher 1975
realistic fiction physically handicapped stuttering
Anno's Counting Book Anno, Mitsumasa 1975
picture book mathematics counting number value
Who's Seen the Scissors? Krahn, Fernando 1975
picture book wordless
Lost Lisker, Sonia 1975
picture book wordless
The Egg Book Kent, Jack 1975
picture book wordless
Morris and his Brave Lion Helen Spelman Rogers 1975
realistic fiction divorce
After the Wedding Colman, Hila 1975
realistic fiction divorce
Nonna Jennifer Bartoli 1975
realistic fiction death grandmother
Petunia's Treasure Roger Duvoisin 1975
realistic fiction greediness, greed, relationships
Please don't say hello Phyllis Gold 1975
realistic fiction physically handicapped, Autism
Small in the Saddle Mark Alan Stamaty 1975
Animals with hats and boots riding.
picture book fantasy being small
Kelly's creek Doris Buchanan Smith 1975
realistic fiction physically handicapped
Pyramid David Macaulay 1975
nonfiction Egypt building architecture structures
Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears Verna Aardema 1975 Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears coverAfrican folk tale picture book folk tale African myth mosquito insects
All kinds of families Simon, N. 1975
Search for identity
George the Babysitter Shirley Hughes 1975
Young man becomes the babysitter for three young children. Sex roles
Thirteen Remy Charlip 1975
picture book wordless book
Strega Nona Tomie de Paola 1975
picture book fantasy fable following directions spaghetti
A Friend Can Help Berger, Terry 1975
Songs of the Trees Mildred Taylor 1975
Set during the depression, Cassie Logan knows money is hard to get and food is short. So when Mr. Andersen tries to force Big Ma to sell their valuable trees, she knows they are worth a lot of money, but they have always been a steady source of comfort to her. She can't just sit by, because something tells her they need the trees.
historical fiction
So Do I Barbara Bel Geddes 1975
patterned language
You Come Too Robert Frost 1975
Quick Science Sherman and Nina Schneider 1975
nonfiction science
The Purple Mouse Elizabeth MacIntyre 1975
realistic fiction physically handicapped deaf
Dragonwings Laurence Yep 1975
historical fiction
What is a Seal? June Behrens 1975
concept book multiple meanings


Books published in 1976
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
A Bowl of Sun Wosmek, Frances 1976
realistic fiction physically handicapped seeing impaired
Becoming E. Faison 1976
Dig-Drill, Dump-Fill Tana Hoban 1976
picture book wordless
Like Me Alan Brightman 1976
realistic fiction mentally handicapped
Tracy Mack, Nancy 1976
realistic fiction physically handicapped Cerebral palsy
I Love You Mouse John Graham 1976
picture book concept book patterned language
Hiccup! Mayer and Mayer 1976
picture book wordless
Railheads and Potato Eyes Cynthia Basil 1976
concept book multiple meanings
A boy called Hopeless - By M. J. David Mellon 1976
realistic fiction mentally handicapped
Ac-hoo! Mercer Mayer 1976
picture book wordless
Eliza's Daddy Lanthe Thomas 1976

realistic fiction remarriage stepfamilies
The accident Carol Carrick 1976
Death dog
Deep in the forest Brinton Turkle 1976
Wordless book
What about me? Colby Rodowsky 1976
realistic fiction mentally handicapped
Corn is Maize - The Gift of the Indians Aliki 1976
historical fiction Native Americans corn history food
Hattie Rabbit Dick Gackenback 1976
animal fantasy being ashamed of your family friendship relationships
hist whist e.. e. cummings 1976
An Edwardian Summer John Goodall 1976
picture book wordless book
Yagua days Cruz Martel 1976
A Puerto Rican boy living in New York makes his first trip to Puerto Rico where he learns about yagua days.
Hispanic American
A Button in Her Ear Ada B. Litchfield 1976
physically handicapped
Crow Boy Taro Yashima 1976 Chibi means little
Not my notes
C. Nester notes
Crow Boy by Taro Yashima is a story of a little boy who is timid and small and made fun of by his classmates. He is very close with nature and his surroundings. With the help of a good teacher, he is able to gain confidence and when he performs crow calls in front of the school, he wins over his classmates' respect.

The story is written in the 3rd person viewpoint; however whenever the classmates are mentioned the reader is included. For example, "in our class," "we were in the 6th grade," and "Every one of us cried." This makes the reader a part of the story, but not the protagonist; it forces us to ridicule the main character and learn to appreciate him as well.

There is very little text, as the illustrations tell the story. The title page provides the setting with the title written on a blackboard, with Japanese words beside it. We now know the story takes place in a Japanese school. The illustrations are done in detail but not perfect. The lines are jagged, not smooth; the illustrations look like Japanese writing or pictures you might see in a Chinese restaurant. The first picture already places a burden on Chibi. He is hiding from the others, under the school, and already the other children are looking at him -- all of them, through the windows, noticing he is different. The following page is similar -- the teacher on the left page, the children above Chibi on the right, all of them looking down on him, and Chibi, all alone in the corner, so outcasted that he doesn't even get a colored background, it's as though he doesn't exist.

Chibi is all alone when the children study and play; even on class trips, he is at the end of the line of children, forgotten. The next page shows Chibi creating his own world, crossing his eyes. This is depicted by circling him in a yellow frame; in his world he is in the spotlight. He sees the other children as the strange ones with his eyes crossed. The next 2 pages show six frames of how Chibi looks at the world. There are no people in any of these frames, a foreshadowing of the fact that Chibi lives out away from people in the country. It also shows how intently Chibi studies his surroundings. When he is on the playground he is alone but above him, in his mind, he pictures the origin of the faint sounds he hears -- a bicycle, wagons drawn by animals and men, and other sounds. He carefully studies nature even though the other children taunt him.

To Chibi, school is important; he goes in the rain or sunshine, just as he goes if he is made fun of and alone or not. After five years go by, Chibi is still there and the students have a new teacher. They all want his approval because they all think he is wonderful -- just like the teacher from Chrysantmemum, Mrs. Twinkle -- they raise their hands up for him to notice them. Mr. Isobe takes the children out to the fields and nature and notices how much Chibi knows about nature. Mr. Isobe begins to notice Chibi's talents and praises his small accomplishments. Soon we see timid Chibi standing behind him, far different from when he stood alone.

Chibi is suddenly in the spotlight. He's on the stage, in the center of the pages, at the top, while the other students are now isolated in the white of the page on the bottom. Chibi performs his talents of imitating crow calls of all kinds -- now expressing those tiny details he learned to master. Everyone pictured him out in the country all alone with nature. Mr. Isobe explains to the children how he travelled a long way to school every day and a long way back, just as Chibi's journey to become acknowledged was long and hard -- but he stuck to it!!

The classmates and people began to respect him and called him Crow Boy. He is now on the bottom to midpoint of the page but for once as large as everyone else and facing the reader, looking the reader straight in the face. The school is behind him. All of the others now face him, with their backs to the reader, and he is on the top half of the page showing dominance. The book ends with the Crow Boy heading out with confidence to become a man.

-- C. Nester, Lit 395, Spring 2000

picture book realistic fiction visualization activity third person
Much Bigger than Martin Steven Kellogg 1976
A little boy thinks of all sorts of methods for him to grow bigger than his bossy older brother.
picture book being bigger
Max Rachel Isadora 1976
On Saturday mornings Max walks with his sister, Lisa, to her dancing school on his way to the park for his weekly baseball game. One morning Max is early, and Lisa's teacher invites him to join the class. Max discovers that dance and baseball make a good combination.
picture book sex roles
Seven Years From Home Rose Blume 1976
An adopted boy's emotional struggle to find his real parents and himself.
Lizard Music Daniel Manus Pinkwater 1976 New Jersey boy follows clues to an exciting adventure with Lizards.
1: mom-dad argue: Colorado get away, Sister Leslie (17) - go trip Cape Cod be back before mom dad. Type 10 letters on Leslie s stationary; love Leslie mail one a day. Watch TV., Sci Fi, lizard band sister fell asleep on couch
2: Try smoking- look listening no lizard show. Go to Hogboro. Chicken man gets on bus- dancing chicken does tricks.
3: Walk town old album modern lizard quintet play Mozart in pad locked store. See chicken man.
4: Claudia chicken doesn t like rain joke about lizard. Then look in baseball glove little green lizardman.(Introduce as Victor) Run rain home soaked. Empty pockets: note Herr Doktor professor Horace Kupeckie PLT. D. (The Chicken Man.).
5: parents call: watching TV: Roger Mudd with lizard on shoulder. Man on street interview: chicken man say hello to Victor.
6: Make list call tv WLIZ station off air, ask Roger Mudd had a lizard on shoulders? Chick buzz Hogboro record cover gone, tape where had been. Bus lizard poster thought real visit zoo ad on bus.
7: Soda fountain Shane Fergassen- watch liz with chick man. # chick man.
8: Zoo Buss. Cab pulls up $1.00-$1.25 Charles Swan-chicken man? Home eat supper-watch TV talk about jail cook dishes watermelon we ve been invaded by pod people.
9: Clairify people pod- no pod. Lizards all channels call C.M. p. 76 names: appointment, explanations no charge Hogboro zoo reptile house, TV lizards pack up go. Quiz you bet your duck feet lead bed.
10: 10:00 mom called woke submarine honk honk dive. Leslie story up late movie, creepy date, call work no. Goes zoo 2 hrs reptiles-guard talk alligators Jones gone outside house chicken man, talk, smoke, 15 names which like best Charles Swan. We have been invaded by people from another planet not people creatures Charlie said.
11: Pod people not from space- Earth people who? Think about it? Pod? Lizards outer space Home pizza Charlie deliver anchovies parents and Leslie don t like eat TV lizards snowy can t see off sleep up. Swim suit garbage bags off to drugstore-Charlie didn t find out Leslie went off and left him - only a matter of time. ____ hasn t heard from Charlie yet. Checks TV channels for lizard broadcasts and tell me when they come Save money for a yellow life raft and looking for a real intelligent chicken.
12: Invisible Island- bends light chicken will guide 12 miles. Force field around, but isn t over TV signals get here-island floats and floated near Hogboro that s why you get picture now. Lizard men live there chicken jump; swim clothes bag under force field holes boat sink Charlie under. Victor? Pull under by ankle.
13: Charlie tells Victor your crazy not listening to guide swim back to Hogboro. Pigeons big as horses Lizard men comes to meet. Charlie never had been here before? How know-Claudia-chicken? Isn t Fergusson with you? How know that? We ve been watching you on TV you re the most popular show on TV. Island diamond hard-Thunderbolt City Human TV popular with lizards watch 1,000;s at a time. Different setup cylinder spin blk rock see all shows and people watching them. Down Volcano cloudy-fog moist all liked Claudia-excited them.
14: Chicken over all doors farmhouse but none on island. Claudia celebrity stay over night Claudia popular they not so? TV close eye cylinder Charlie? Victor no!
15: Must leave tonight because predict island float 100 miles off. Split tour. House ideas. Shouting lock in house of egg. (Reyonld 1st left and said stranger come, egg hatch, leader do all sorts of goods things, conquer pods, field fall apart, and house of ideas open flood world make pod people better. ) House of Memory. House of plants-
16: Go to house of memory see memories snake ect. Come back yelling playing neeble neeble neeble. English egg hatched, leave crowded home.
17: See Charlie ___ had medal on ribbon little yellow fuzzy chicken Claudia. I don t know how to raise chickens so me and Claudia will be staying on. I want to too, but know parents, besides you know the legend. The Island gets easier to see so you come back. I ll see to it personally. Only tell Shane Fergusson others think nuts pass board run with it: H2O shield. Turtle Shore. Bag squirrel to our friend Victor, We will never forget you. Reynolds and the Gang.
18: Leslie home few days later mom and dad home on schedule-silver left buckle Indians lizard in turquoise. Didn t find out Leslie went off and left him: only a matter of time. Shave hasn t heard from Charlie yet. Checks TV channels for lizard broadcasts and tell me when they come. Save money for yellow life raft and looking for a real intelligent chicken.
modern fantasy television alien invasion
The Missing Person's League Frank Bonham 1976
science fiction adventure ecology
Rotten Ralph Jack Gantos 1976   animal fantasy cat being nasty relationships
Hist Whist E . E . Cummings 1976
Moving day T. Tobias 1976
powerful emotions
It's not fair! Robyn Supraner 1976

picture book a new baby


Books published in 1977
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
Anpao: An American Indian odyssey Jamake Highwater 1977
Native Americans creation
Frozen Fire James Houston 1977
Native Americans
Anna's Silent World Bernard Wolf 1977
realistic fiction physically handicapped- hearing impaired
A Summer to Die Lois Lowry 1977
realistic fiction death of a sister
Big Bad Bruce Bill Peet 1977
Bruce, a bear bully, never picks on anyone his own size until he meets a small and very independent witch.
picture book bullies
Alligator's Toothache Diane De Groat 1977 An alligator with a toothache who is afraid of the dentist.
wordless book
The Grouchy Ladybug Eric Carle 1977
picture book time size shape friends mathematics
I Have a Sister-My Sister Is Deaf Jeanne W. Peterson 1977
physically handicapped
Noah's Ark Peter Spier 1977 based on a seventeenth-century Dutch poem
wordless book pairs
Night of the Kachina Nichole Salas 1977
Native Americans
Horses, Airplanes, and Frogs Mark Parker 1977
realistic fiction physically handicapped blind
Harry and the Terrible Whatzit D. Gackenback 1977
Powerful emotions
One Old Oxford Ox Nicola Bayley 1977
picture book concept book pattern bookrepetition of sounds
My brother Steven is retarded Harriet Langsam Sobol 1977
Physically handicapped Mental retardation
Jon O., a special boy Elaine Ominsky 1977
nonfiction physically handicapped
Anno's Journey Anno, Mitsumasa 1977
picture book wordless book
Miss Nelson is Missing Harry Allard & James Marshall 1977
realistic fiction appreciation school classroom management
Bridge to Terabithia Katherine Paterson 1977 Story where Jess (10) learns about possibilities beyond his own backyard when he is meets Leslie. A true story about friendship, dreaming, creativity, and how we can become what we experience. Figurative language realistic fiction death of a friend, relationships, fantasy, growing, maturation
The Pinballs Betsy Byars 1977
realistic fiction foster children, relationships
The Surprise Picnic John Goodall 1977
picture book wordless book
Ramona and Her Father Beverly Cleary 1977
realistic fiction sex roles
Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes Eleanor Coerr 1977

Castle Macaulay, David 1977 Story and sketches that accurately and with detail describe the construction of a medieval castle. Great resource. nonfiction Europe medieval building architecture structures
More Spaghetti I Say! Rita Golden Gelman 1977 A monkey asks monkey to play, monkey refuses too busy with spaghetti, second monkey discovers spaghetti and
A cane in her hand LAda B. itchfield 1977
realistic fiction physically handicapped visually
The Seeing Stick Jane Yolen 1977
realistic fiction blind
Oops! Mercer Mayer 1977
picture book wordless
I'm terrific M. Sharmat 1977
Search for identity
David and dog Hughes, S. 1977
Sibling rivalry, relationships


Books published in 1978
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
That's What Friends Are For Ronald Kidd 1978
Two inseparable thirteen-year-old friends are confronted with death when one is diagnosed with leukemia.
death of a friend
The Westing Game Ellen Raskin 1978

Sixteen people are called to the reading of Samuel W. Westing's will. A game loving millionaire brought them together for this last game!
A mystery with a puzzle for the serious problem solver.
1. Sunset Towers: faces east and no towers; Lake Michigan 5 stories Barney Nothrup-no such person.
2. Ghosts or worse Doug Hoo- Track star senior Wexler. Turtle-braid. Halloween (3 kids) 1. scream-hit rocks. 2. purple waves. 3. red blood hands.
3. Tenants in and out. Angela Wexler Flora Brauerback brother, theo theodorakis senior Otis Amber-delivery boy 62, 15 yrs old Chris Theodorakis saw limp into Westing house. JJ Ford judge-Sandy McSouthern-doorman. Sydelle Pulaski-wide hipped secretary- no one paid attention to her 4 crutches 6 came enamel paint thinner.
4. Corpse Found! Turtle Wexler-house Doug Hoo-Timer goes in 11 min. scream turtle out dead man 4 poster bid. $2x 12 min= 24 morning paper sam westing found dead. Obituary no mention about envelope by bed, 2 peanut butter jelly sandwiches flashlight or silver cross on chain, seen a witch, or sneak tracks-nothing to fear. 16 letters E. J. Plum at a law delivered by Otis Amber for reading will.
5. 16 heirs coffin-in uncle Sam costume: silver cross in hands at Plum bumbling toward in competence. 16 heirs 8 nephews did not die natural causes. One of you confess, westin heir heir who wins windefall will be the one who finds the _______? Win the Westing Game.
6. Sent letters to people to get to rent. Dr. Grace and Dr. Jake Wexler: secretary Sydelle Pulaski-ask mansion north cliff old westing house, rent all one day. Theodoakis-Coffee shop F. Bauenback Hoo-Restaurant J.J. Ford mothers, father, children, dressmaker, secretary, inventor, doctor, judge, booker, burglar, bookie, and minister mistake.
7. The Westing Game: rules 16 players, 8 pairs $10,000, each pair 1 set clues player drops out the partners must to forfeit $10,000, 2 days till next session. Discover who you really are. Pair everyone each pair set of chess no 2 sets alike its what you don t have that counts solve mystery.
8. Paired Heirs Chris for plain grain shed binoculars Westing house snow found and someone in it.
9. Lost and found: Mr. Hoo stole disposable diaper-Westing
10. The Long Party: Angela-Mother boss her? Notes spend it wisely and may God they gold refine.
11. The Meeting: Hoo found notebook in restaurant: can t read Polish ask questions who met Mr. Westing who got kicked last week Chris no underwear adjourned to panic.
12. The 1st Bomb: Tomato sauce exploded? Turtle-sister argue crutch-Braid-steal-don t want to marry Private Investigator maybe trick the voice is the same.
13. 2nd Bomb: Sydelle talk Chris-laugh Theo-talk to Angela-Theo writer brother operator Angela med school quit mom said too difficult for women. Ford talk to Flora-made dress for Violet Westing, Turtle tell dad bookie Otis Amber here roads clear 2nd bomb. Sydelle fractured leg gas explosion. Wexler air apart. Next boomb.
14. Pairs repaired stock market Flora-Turtle loose. Sandy-Ford give $ fried West organize union. Otis Crow shout losing clues hide her love in Angela s bag? Chris play game with intern won t stop: my God they gold refi
15. ne-America the Beautiful. Sydelle psychiatrist some disease attention. In Angela bag letter:
16. Fact and Gossip: Judge-Westings daughter marry crooked politician suicide instead.
17. the 3rd bomb-Turtle? Angela-Bomber?
18. Some solution Theo-Otis-tell Doug get crow.
19. The trackers: Chris: operation Dr. Deare.
20. Odd Relations Grace s name: Windleloyal Crow s husbands none Sam Westing wanted Sybil Pulaski not Sydelle.
21. confessions George Theo-Marry-Violet: Mother broke up. Mrs. Westing accused daughters death and that s who we must protect.
22. 4th Bomb. Judge-Servants-played chess America
23. Losers Winners accident-plastic man old face Westing new after accident Snayd says Otis-Westing if so judge played into his hands. Crow fells danger.
24. Judge ask Dr. Deare. If Otis Plastic surgery-no Crow-Mother? Didn t write. Theo-take Queen-Library.
25. Wrong all wrong Sandy-Sam Westing: perfect pair? America-songs weren t there spell Berthed Erica Crow: Sandy-die-sheriff call _ hr. before died Crow-Confesses?
26. Wettings cake; Sandy wink, chess game, never kicked Sandy-Angela? Turtle figure now why crow heir: no she s queen to be sacrificed.
27. Turtle s trial: Chris man Dr. Sides Otis Amber P.I. hired Westing to catch crow then Barney-and judge J.J. Ford. Madame Hoo thief Sandy died medicine ran out-why 2 parts Barney:
28. A happy 4th crow back: all read last part will think over. Fireworks house down. Turtle find 4th Sam Westing Barney Northrup Sandy Mc Southern 4th Windy Kidnapped 4 sunrise lone newly elected chairman Wasting.

Riddle game family relationships mystery realistic fiction
Mitchell Is Moving Marjorie Weinman Sharmat 1978
After sixty years in the same place, Mitchell the dinosaur, decides it's time to move. His neighbor, Margo, dreams up ways of stopping him, but can't. Two weeks later, Mitchell's in a new home, but not as happy as he thought he'd be.
picture book dinosaur moving
Toby Lived Here Hilma Wolitzer 1978
Toby hopes she and her sister will be reunited on her thirteenth birthday. It doesn't happen and she enters foster care.
foster care adolescence
Rocking chair rebellion Eth Clifford 1978
A teenager retells her involvement with the residents of the Maple Ridge Home for the Aged and their revolution.
elderly picture book
Between Friends Sheila Garrigue 1978
realistic fiction mentally handicapped
Pancakes for Breakfast Tomie de Paola 1978
Wordless book
Squaw Man's Son Evelyn Sibley Lampman 1978 Billy Morrison's father sends his wife and son to live with her tribe, the Modocs.
historical fiction Oregon Native Americans
Wheelchair Champions, a History of Wheelchair Sports Harriet Savitz 1978
nonfiction physically handicapped
Shark Lady Ann Mc govern 1978
Science, ocean, shark
Stanley and Rhoda Rosemary Wells 1978
Three short stories where Stanley uses his tactics to handle his toddler sister.
Being a big brother
A Swiftly Tilting Planet Madeleine L'Engle 1978 Charles Wallace main character
science fiction good and evil
Welcome Home, Jellybean Marlene Fanta Shyer 1978
realistic fiction mentally handicapped
Tintin Translated by Leslie Lonsdale-Cooper and Michael Turner 1978 Three volumes
The Adventures of Tintin
Tintin in America
Cigars of the Pharaoh
The Blue Lotus
adventure comic art graphic novel before they were called that fiction picture book art
The Popcorn Book De Paola, Tomie 1978 History of families, Black experience The history of popcorn
historical fiction popcorn science mathematics history
The Snowman Raymond Briggs 1978
picture book wordless book
A Big Fat Enormous Lie Sharmat, Marjorie W. 1978
realistic fiction picture book lying truth
The Girl Who Married a Ghost and other Tales from the North American Indian J. Blerhorst Curtis Ed. 1978
Native Americans
Six New Students Franz Brandenburg 1978 Six Fieldmice (children) find their new school more enjoyable than they anticipated.
animal fantasy new situations classroom management relationships new students
My Trip To Alpha 1 Alfred Slote 1978

Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday Judith Viorst 1978 Pencil drawings and a story about Alexander who finds if very difficult not to spend money. His Grandparents give him and his brothers a dollar each on Sunday and the story begins on where the money goes. An interesting tale that adults might enjoy more than young children as it takes a bit of maturity to get the humor or not see the story as didactic and preachy. picture book realistic fiction money mathematics adding number value money
The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses Paul Goble 1978
Picture book Native Americans
Bill and Pete Tomie De Paola 1978
picture book crocodile taking care of your self self-sufficient classroom management
The Biggest Christmas Tree on Earth Fernando Krahn 1978
picture book wordless
Feeling Free Anne N. Baldwin 1978
relistic fiction mentally handicapped Down's syndrome
An Egg Is to Sit on Christine Tanz 1978
patterned language
The Stupids Have a Ball Harry Allard 1978
realistic fiction being stupid
Sideways Stories From Wayside School Louis Sachar 1978
The 13 Clocks James Thurber 1978

Freight Train Donald Crews 1978
picture book concept book colors trains
The Enormous Crocodile Roald Dahl 1978
picture book animal fantasy crocodiles humor tricks
The Great Gilly Hopkins Katherine Paterson 1978
realistic fiction foster children
The World Between Two Rivers G. M. Bataille, D. M. Gradwohl, & C. L. Silet 1978
nonfiction Native Americans
Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry Mildred Taylor 1978 Second novel in a series:
Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry
Let the Circle Be Unbroken
The Road to Memphis

Logan family
historical fiction African American Black experience multicultural
Beauty: A Retelling of the Story Beauty & The Beast Robin McKinley 1978
fairy tale
Jamie's Tiger Jan Wahl 1978
realistic fiction physically handicapped deaf


Books published in 1979
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
Running Scared Jane Morto 1979
The latest mistake Dave (15) makes is stealing a car for which he is sent to Juvenile Hall where he meets Pat, a counselor determined to help.
realistic fiction stealing learning disabilities
A Scale Full of Fish and Other Turnabouts Naomi Bossom 1979
picture book concept book atterned language
Fast Friends: Two Stories James Stevenson 1979

Two Places to Sleep Joan Schuchman 1979
After his parent's divorce, David lives with his father and visits his mother every other weekend.
picture book divorce
The Big Dipper Marathon Jerome Brooks 1979
Physically handicapped, polio
Laura's gift Dee Jacobs 1979
Identical twin sisters (13) cope with strict regulations at their private school and a crippling disease, which has stricken one of them.
relistic fiction orthopedic impairments or health problems
Changing images of the family Tufte, Virginia and Myerhoft, Barbara eds. 1979
Hi, Mrs. Mallory Ianthe Thomas 1979
A young girl explores her friendship with an elderly neighbor. Illustrations are in two colors.
picture book
My Sister s Silent World Catherine Arthur 1979
realistic fiction physically handicapped and hearing impaired
The blond brother J. Geibel 1979
prejudice, relationships
Sport Louise Fitzhugh 1979
Go well, stay well Jones, T. 1979
maturation, growing up
Great Gorilla Grins Beth Hilgartner 1979
concept book repetition of sounds
Literature by and about the American Indian Anna Lee Stensland 1979
Native Americans
Zoophabets Robert Tallon 1979
Repetition of sounds
Anno's Animals Anno, Mitsumasa 1979
picture book wordless book
Robot-bot-bot Krahn, Fernando 1979
picture book wordless book
The Neverending Story michaek ende 1979 Translated by Ralph Manheim
shy mystery fantasy
Love and Tennis A. Slote 1979
A special kind of sister Smith, Lucia B. 1979
picture book wordless book physically handicapped
Tramps like us Morgenroth, B. 1979
My first love and other disasters Pascal, F. 1979
Maturation, love
The Two of Them Aliki 1979
picture book wordless book death grandfather
The S. S. Valentine Terry Wolfe Phelan 1979
picture book wordless bookphysically handicapped
The Young Landlords Walter Dean Myers 1979
Fridays P. L. Gauch 1979
Love, relationships
Clunie Peck, R.N. 1979
The quiet revolution; the struggle for the rights of disabled Americans James Haskins 1979
nonfiction handicaps
My brother is special Maureen Crane Wartski 1979
mentally handicapped
The Case of the Vanishing Boy Alexander Key 1979 By Roland W. Coryell (Syktyvkar, Komi Republic, Russia or Mt. Vernon, ME USA) -
Despite the current abundance of mindcrime and psionics on the market today, I keep finding myself drawn back to this one, now dogeared smudged from rereading. Intelligent science fiction in a kid's book is not something I'm used to turning up - and this book got me through grade school when the only alternatives on my budget were my father's Jung and Kipling.
There's no comparison here to Kipling or his ilk - the language is comfortable but not flowery - but in terms of story, as well as a place to come back to, this book remains a good friend. Besieged as we are these days with family values and violence on the telly, my daughter will find this book on her shelf when she begins reading - coffee stains and all.

Should I happen to find it at a yard sale or somewhere online, a second copy will join (but not replace) the one I keep under my bed with the family photos and computer manuals

All Five people rated 5 stars
science fiction
The disappearance R. C. Guy 1979
Stepfamilies Fredrick Capaldi and Barbara McRae 1979
The rose-colored glasses Leggett, Linda and Linda 1979
realistic fiction isually impaired
Breakfast in the Afternoon Cynthia Basil 1979
Compound words concept book
Gator Pie Mathews 1979
Like it is: Facts and Feelings About Handicaps From Kids Who Know Barbara Adams 1979
nonfiction handicaps
The 329th Friend Sharmat 1979
Rockfever E. Rabinowich 1979
Drug abuse
My other-mother, my other-father Harriet Langsam Sobol 1979
Blue Sea Robert Kalan 1979
picture book concept book big bigger biggest little littler littlest mathematics
Growl When You Say R . Muriel Stanek 1979
realistic fiction hysically handicapped Speech impediment
Tex Susan E. Hinton 1979
realistic fiction abandonment
All Together Now Sue Ellen Bridgers 1979
realistic fiction mentally handicapped
Feeling free Mary Beth Sullivan 1979
nonfiction handicaps
Where does the teacher live? Paula K. Feder 1979
Three students discover where their teacher lives.
realistic fiction curiosity
Chief Joseph Leader of Destiny Kate Jassem 1979 Most Americans don't recognize Chief Joseph as a Native American that tried to live in peace, until the United States government tried to move him and the rest of the Wallow band of Nez Perc, off their reservation they were given in perpetuity.
Rather than fighting or surrendering he attempts to escape to Canada in 1877.
This is the story of how he out maneuvered the U. S. Calvary by traveling 1,800 miles before the army is able to summon troops via telegraph to surround him in Montana. Where he surrendered.
His speech has become famous for these words -
"Hear me, my chiefs.
I am tired; my heart is sick and sad.
From where the sun now stands
I will fight no more, forever."
See National Geographic images to support the book

historical fiction Native American , I will Fight no more forever chief Joseph war peace pride , relationships
Passenger T. Keneally 1979
abortion and pregnancy
Flicks Tomie de Paola 1979
picture book wordless
A space of His Own S. Brachan 1979
The Sick Day Patricia MacLachlan 1979
realistic fiction sex roles
The running back McKay, R.W. 1979
Eric needs stitches Marino, B. 1979
Tyrannosaurus Wrecks: A Book of Dinosaur Riddles Noelle Sterne 1979
riddle book
Felita Nicholasa Mohr 1979
Felita's parents promise she will love their new how. Only her grandmother, Abuelita, knows Felita will miss her Puerto Rico and her best friend Gigi. Her new neighbors taunt and tease her and her family because they are Puerto Rican.
Hispanic Puerto Rico historical fiction



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