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Database of books for eductors, librarians, media experts, and others who want to create their own database or seek books to recommend to readers, which will encourage reading and literacy for all, paricularly to encourage non readers to become readers. Books included in these lists are books which I have noted over many years that some readers, across a large range of varing interests, have read and commented on enjoying. While I would encourage those who have interests related to each book's topic to read them, I would not select many of them as required reading or for a read aloud to a whole class. Those I would select from my five star list.

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Books published from 2000 to 2010
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes

Genre & themes

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Benjamin Franklin Peter and Connie Roop 2000
Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi Cindy Neuschwander 2000
concept book fantasy fiction math adventure, mathematics, geometry Pi circumference
The Incredible Awesome Box Joanne Rocklin 2000

Cool Nick moved and Jancan has to e-mail. Grandma Ada 80 years old. Ordered birthday gift over internet. Ordered TG124 sent TG123. Talk of different shapes and predict what is inside. Open pieces, go to internet get directions, four steps, parts as geometric pieces... Made robot...

Concepts include: curve, slide, roll, flat, sides, square, circular, ... motions, shapes, and their properties

scince fiction 3 dimensional shapes, geometry, mathematics, concept sphere pyramid cylinder rectangular prism three dimensions

A Pig is Pig

Douglas Florian 2000

Douglas Florian and a big pig travel around town, across a continent, and through the universe exploring things that are big, bigger, and biggest.

picture book size relative mathematics measurement big bigger biggest map picture book
Dogs Don't Tell Jokes Louis Sachar 2000
modern fantasy fiction
Among the Hidden Margaret Peterson Haddix 2000

Luke (12) is a third child (shadow child) where the population police enforce the ban of only two chldren a couple. Luke forced to stay indoors finds other shadow children, Jen next door and others on the internet as a fast paced plot about their fight for their existence.
Young readers rate this futuristic book (Orwellian in nature) very high.

science fiction
The Amber Spyglass Philip Pullman 2000

His dark material book 3

Mrs. Coulter watching over Lyra tells Ama, who brings food, that she is under a spell, but is really drugged. Dreams of Roger.

Will with Balthamos and Baruch, angels... See dead man, witch eaten by a specter and a blue lake. Baruch sees Lyra sleeping in a cave.

Metatron finds Will and he and angels escape to another world. Tells of the Authority, dust seeks dust and Metatron being in charge.

Baruch leaves to tell Lord Asriel and Balthamos stays with Will.

Serafina Pekkala meets King Iorek and tells what Lyra has been doing and he leaves to help her and she leaves to find the Gyptians.

Ama hides and sees Lyra struggle with her mom and discovers she is being drugged.

Lord Roke is a Gallivespians spy captain for Lord Ariel.

Baruch arrives Metatron wants to destroy the republic, knife is in hands of Will, and he is friends with daughter Lyra and will not come here till he finds her. Sends for his alethiometrist,Teukros Basilides to find the cave.

c-6 Fra Pavel at the Inquirer of the Consistorial Court of Discipline is asked ... Answers the knife can kill anyone. and if the child is tempted, she is likely to give in to temptation as Eve did, and fail. If she does give in and fail, then sin will destroy Dust and all who oppose us - sin will triumph. Then tells the child is in Himalayas ... talks about the importance of killing Lyra.

Assassin - Father Gomez has been doing preemptive penance for pre absolation. don't look for girl, look for tempter Louise. Leaves to assassinate her.

c-7 Mary Malone task is to find boy and girl and play the serpent... Finds wheel seed riders (Mulefa) ... Lyra pods - trunk beings carry off.

c-8 Will settles disagreement between bears and village people by asking Iorek to fight and bear says not fair, then give piece of armor, gives helmet, cuts into pieces, says not fair you win. Helps villagers rebuild, they give fuel. Yurick Bearestein takes Will up river to rescue and protect Lyra. All converging on Lyra.

c-10 Mary Mulavah sees pod trees, oil, geology to provide roads pods need constant vibrations to crack. Trunk needs others to tie knots, need partner. Bird raid food, Alapy destroy all village. Mulafa trees ding.

c-11 Truth told wring intent ... all lies you can invent. The Chevalier Tialys and Lady Salmakia hid in Zeppelin going to Lyra. Dragon flies hatched and they were to protect Lyra.

Will finds way to cave meets with Mrs. C and she tells she is tired of lying and that she is protecting Lyra from the church that wants her dead.

c-12 All come together, Will uses knife to try to get Lyra, Ana with powder, Iorek ready to hold off army from Zeppelins with Lee. When he gets in he sees Mrs. C who reminds him of his mother and as he cuts his way out he breaks the knife.

Will has gun from Mrs. C. stalemate,

c-13 Tialys sticks her with spur and paralyzes her. The Gallivespians... we will help because that is the task we have been given, but what?
Iorek find to fix knife, and go to land of the dead to see Roger, tell him sorry, and Will s father... Loadstone resonator to communicate with Lord Asriel.

Iorek says can and will fix the knife, but warns them that they may know what they do with the knife, but they don t know what it does on its own. Your intentions are good. The knife has intentions too.

Can you see the sharpest edge? Then how do you know what it does? Warns Will not to think of his mother when he uses it.
Marissa, Mrs. C meets with Asriel. He is amazed that she has been touched by Lyra...

Lord Asriel, King Ogunwe, Lord Roke, Xaphania (an angel), We intend to be free citizens of the Republic of Heaven. Intention craft... Mrs. C escapes or Lord A lets her and sends Lord Roke with his blue hawk.

She will go spy for us and as soon as she knows where Lyra is, she will go to her and we will follow.

Mary Malone made amber mirror with help of Atal and later fashioned it into an Amber Spyglass to see the dust...

Lyra asks how get rid of spies, told don t, your life depends on them. Asks how to get to land of dead, follow the knife, and is this the tight thing to do, yes. Her death leads her and she and Will must leave their daemons at the river s edge. Mrs. Malone wants to see sraf, tree tops, tree house. Father Gomez looses track.

The Harpies meet No-name. Will help if tell story. LIAR...

Travel among dead looking... decide to let them out, find Roger, he tells her it wasn t her fault he got dead... Couldn t get out with knife everywhere underground. Harpies come and are mad she is going to let all out. The Authority gave them the job of tormenting the dead by feeding off their bad thoughts... Will asks why they kept quiet and still when Lyra spoke, the answered that it nurtured us because we had no idea of anything, but wickedness. Your job then can change to escorting the dead out and let them tell true stories.

Mrs. C arrives at the presidents tells all? When she is asleep sneak in steal her locket and lock of Lyra s hair. Use with bomb to destroy Lyra. Can t get all hair back, must find the bomb, but she is taken to the cellar and put into chains. She was going to be used to cut link from her to her monkey and the energy would be used to set off the bomb. Lord Roke was limited in the poison left in his spur... but died using the last on a witch. Lord Asriel to the rescue.

Lyra found Mr. Scoresby. Warns of bomb. Take knife, find where Lyra s hair was cut and cut another lock, open another world and put it there. Now and close it again. Bomb goes off, ghost will wait and attack with Asriel. Slide starts Lyra falls, saved by No-Name harpy. Get out Will cuts hole wide enough for 7-8 walk abreast and Roger was the first to leave.

Dr. Malone in tree house looks to dust stream goes into trance and was being swept away with the stream. She struggled to get back and the dust sensed it and carried her back. Father Gomez stepped out of the mist... Mrs. Coulter wakes and asks Lord Asriel if the bomb got Lyra.
And the cloud mountain or chariot?

Lord Asriel, King Ogunwe, Xaphania, Madame Oxentiel, and Teukros Basilides. Are told the his daughter and this boy lost their daemons and Metatron intent on capturing them. Must find and return them to them our future depends on it. Else Metatron will control them.
Asriel talks to Mrs. Coulter who asks him if he meant it when he said we will destroy dust forever. News comes of finding the daemons ....

Lyra gives name Gracious Wings to harpy no-name. Specters attack Ariel s men and ghost go to their aid. Mrs. Coulter takes Intention craft and flies toward clouded mountain meets Metatron who asks for her daughter. Tells her she is not in her power or she would have brought her. She says she isn t but her daemon is. How can that be? He calls her a cesspit of moral filth. Yes I can betray him easily. I can lead you to my daughter s daemon and you can destroy Asriel and control her too.

You have not had a wife for thousands of years, I could be your consort.

Will and Lyra stumble into cliff-ghasts and a large cage of crystal with?

Mrs. C leads .. I could strike him now Metatron says, not yet says C I want to see his face to know I betrayed him.

Goes To A and whispers if Lyra safe. We won t live will we? I wanted him to find no good in me, and he didn t. There is none, but I love Lyra. I felt that I needed to commit great crimes so he wouldn t see the love in my heart. I was so afraid he would see... Asriel leapt at him at once. the Mrs. C. and both their daemons. Fight angel wings flying away Marisa!! She leapt with all her hear, to the angel, and her daemon and her dying lover, and seized the beating wings and bear them all down together into the abyss.
Lyra and will cliff ghasts Tialys saves by putting spur deep in cliff-ghast's neck.

Hear man in crystal litter moaning and suffering use knife to cut open shrink with fear and in the breeze he dissolved with his eyes blinking in wonder and a sigh of relief.

Lady on an indigo hawk arrives and tells them she will take them to their daemons. Use knife see daemons, each grab the others and feel shock of excitement. Lee Scorsby tells them and bears to leave and floats into air...

Buried Chevalier Tialys and Lady Salmakia.. meet Mary Malone... Atal...

Mary is called to chasm and sees the ghosts joyously leaving the land of the dead. One ghost beckons to her and tell... tell them stories they want true stories... and all will be well.
Mary looks through the amber spyglass and sees the river of shadow particles stronger than ever. What can I do... Tell them stories. Goes back and tell Lyra and Will true stories of her life, Nun, leaves, research scientist, falling in love, taste of marzipan, and at conference tasted again and all came back... church, miss god? yes but missed the sense of being connected to the creation.

Dust leaking out wounds of subtle knife. Stream something new. Dust came into being when humans became conscious of themselves, but it needed a feedback system to reinforce it and make it safe. She saw sun, moon, clouds, wind, grass, trees, all trying to keep the flow of dust in the universe. Matter loved dust. It didn t want to see it go. Father lands...

Will and Lyra go to look for daemons. Find, but are hiding, talk about future... marriage,,, not from my world... keep knife... they are following... Father Gomez is watching... picks up rifle and feels something has his daemon. Balthomos... Lyra give Will red fruit... exclaim love for each other... Gomez chases Balthomos who doesn t have the strength to kill him and asks what he wants. But you are an angel? What does that matter? Then Balthomos steps in water and leaves foot print so F G can see where he is... When Balthomos let go of beetle daemon F G threw himself and Balthomos and was expecting something that wasn t there, reached for help but Balthomos kicked at his hand, and he fell down toward the stream landing face first in the water. Balthomos used all the weight he had to keep his face underwater until his daemon disappeared... then Balthomos was gone... Mary looked through spyglass and saw that the terrible flood stopped flowing and looked as if it were falling as snow.
She looked at Will and Lyra coming and saw what humans could be their true inheritance. These children, no longer children, saturated with love were the cause of it all.

Daemons come, Serafina Pekkala takes Daemons and talks to them. Tells shapes will settle... Tells that because of what they did they are like witches able to separate from their daemons. Names Wills daemon Kirjava. They need you for what they have to do next. You have to tell them what you know.

Mary shows Serafina dust with spyglass... explains that until yesterday Will and Lyra didn t see each other in a way until the did then and that was like a pebble thrown into the stream at a critical point to change it so that the dust was attracted to them and it stopped flowing in the other way. And now it s safe or will be when the angels fill the great chasm in the underworld.

But the forces of the kingdom will elect a new leader and come back...
Daemons come back, tell... dust must not all leak away or all good will fade and die... No one knew because the edge was so too fine to see, but big enough for dust to leak out... ***????**** Thousands they never closed... dust leaking out... We must close every single one said Pantalaimon... And Kirjave says we must choose one world to live in... Lyra cries out... The daemons don t know why, they didn t know what

Will and Lyra knew...

Will s father said you can spend a little time in another world... but not long...

Kirjava says an angel told them that all the windows must be closed...
What if make hole only the two of us use and short time... No each time it makes a specter...
One of us will have to come to the other s world... I Will... No your mother... I will... I couldn t stand to see you .... as I grew stronger... DO you remember my father saying we have to build the republic of heaven where we are... I thought he meant Lord Asriel, but he meant us, we have to live in our own worlds...
Lyra is going to ask the alethiometer.... I can t make it work... It s left me...
Xaphania comes and asks for help to teach her how to close the windows.
Yes but you must help us... there is no way to help... there are fates that even the most powerful have to submit to. There is nothing I can do to help you change the way that things are.
You read it by grace and you can learn in a lifetime.
Must show others how to make dust by being kind, patient, cheerful, and keep minds open and free and curious... Then renew enough to replace what is lost through one window... Yes.. No. must leave one for them... the dead...
Tell people the harpies want to hear the true stories... They must tell them alone...

All right I will show you how to close a window. But what about another Specter? Xeno... we will take care of those... and will close abyss made by bomb and great opening made by Asriel and all others but the one from the world of the dead. Will that confine you to one world? NO; we have other ways to travel... Lyra asks if they can learn... Yes you can as Will's father did. It uses the faculty of imagination. Not making things up. It is a form of seeing. Not like pretend. It takes long practice... What is worth having is worth working for. You have a friend that has already taken the first steps.\

Should I break the knife... Yes

Surely one window... We will close them all, because if you thought there was one you spend a lifetime looking for it and that would be a waste of time. You have more important work to do in your world.

There will be no travel outside it anymore.

Lyra and Will touched each others daemons and felt a pleasure so like joy when she put the fruit to his lips... and she knew that neither daemon would change now, having felt a lover s hands on them.

The gyptians arrived the next day.

Lyra goes with will to the Botanic Gardens... find bench... sit there once a year... On midsummer Day at midday as long as I live......

Tries to break knife as before thinking of mother, can ' think of Lyra touch tear on cheek, break...

Lyra back at Jordan college, with Master and Dame Hannah Relf... Ask if they promise to believe her, money parents, Master not to worry endowment..., alethiometer study... future... never did only present,

What and where... not a bear or witch or gyptian... study alethiometer... school... wait till ready. Goes to Botanic Garden sat on bench, reflect on building... We would have gone and they would have gone with us... but we have to be cheerful, kind, curious, patient study think work hard in our different worlds to build the Republic of Heaven.,..

*** ?? Existence for these things? Without LOVE?

science fiction modern fantasy good vs. evil fantasy adventure parent child relationships
Gathering Blue Lois Lowry 2000

Companion to The Giver

Book starts with Kira, at the field of leaving four days after the death of her mother Katrina. Fears of what would happen now that she was an orphaned girl with a twisted leg. Her father was killed by beasts.

Vandara wanted her gone so she and other women could claim the land where her parents cott had been. When Vandara and the other women came after Kira with rocks in their hands, Kira quoted a village law that would provide her a trial by the Council of Guardians. Jamison, a council member took her defense and argued that she should be taken as the weaver of the robe, as she was talented a weaver was needed since her mother had died. Cloth that comforted her.

Kira finds Matt who grabbed and hid some of hers and her mothers possessions from the Cott before the village people burned it , and she and he go to Council Edifice where she will live, Meets Thomas the carver, water, bath... guardians bring food... Meet Annabelle, learn to dye, repair robe, Thomas works on carving staff, Hear crying downstairs, find Jo, training for singer, Asks Jamison about father, beasts... Gathering comes Thomas introduced as the carver of the futurea, Kira is introduced as robe threader or designer of the future, and Jo as the singer of the future. The future is theirs to make, or Jamisons? Later tells Jamison Annabelle says there are no beasts.

Annabelle dead. Matt is missing, go to fen to find... turns up with giftie - blue and father

Father wants her to return with him. She refuses stays. Matt stays...
Lowry is interested in third book being about Matt. She also says that because Josh left in the Giver, she wanted Kira to stay. Although she doesn t beleive that Josh left to run away, but left to help those he left behind.

Matt - Branch lived in Fen mother beat went for blue and brought blue and father

Annabelle - taught how to make dye, no blue, others father away could make blue, gave colored threads, told there were no beasts, killed

Thomas - carver friend co-conspirator , wooden key, had piec of carved wood that talked to him, made box for Kira s cloth, both parents killed by lightning

Jo young singer, beat, made to learn songs, kept locked in room

Christopher - father, Jamison attacked with club, knife, left for dead in field of leaving, rescued by others from another village, kind help each other... uunraveled blue shirt and gave thread to Kira.

Singer - had braces, bleeding under robe.

science fiction good and evil creativity kindness caring art artists friendship
The Wanderer Sharon Creech 2000
fiction adventure Atlantic Ocean family girl
Building Big David Macaulay 2000
nonfiction building big buildings architecture bridges tunnels skyscrapers structures dams design
Math Rashes and Other Classroom Tales Douglas Evans 2000
anthology realistic fiction tales of school math humor
Follow the Polar Bear Sonia W. Black 2000
picture book polar bears, geography
The Little Giant Book of Math Puzzles Derrick Niederman 2000
puzzle and riddle book math puzzles hints answers
The Thief Lord Cornelia Funke 2000

Two brothers orphaned go underground in order to avoid being seperated. They are taken in by a gang living in an abandoned movie theater that is lead by the Lord Theif. A story set in present day Venice, Italy of adolescents struggle for survival and where one s loyalties lie and how strong they should be for: family, gang members, friends, society, others?

First German edition 2000
Present day - Venice, Italy - Private Detective office of Victor Getz .
Ester and Max Hartlieb propose to hire Victor to find Prosper & Boniface (Bo) Ester s late sister s sons 12 & 5. They are willing to take Bo but not Prosper. However, they would let him visit once a month. Prosper would have none of it and ran from grandfather s in Hamburg and they traced Bo and Prosper here.
Prosper and Bo met Hornet, Ricio, and Mosca who are members of a gang living in an abandoned movie theater. The leader, The Lord Theif (Scipio), is a Batman/Robin kind of character who steals things from his parents on the sly and gives them to the gang to sell to provide food and necessities. When Prosper joins the gang he is given the task to bargain with Barbossa for the sale of the latest aquisitions. After the transaction Barbarossa tells them of an offer to steal a wooden wing for 5 million lire.

While attempting to steal the wooden angel wing they are befriended by Ida Spavento, the wings owner. Wanting to see the merry-go-round of the merciful sisters she and Giaco, the housekeeper s husband, join with Mosca, Prosper, Ricio, and Scipio, leaving Hornet and Bo at the theater.

In two boats they plan to exchange the wing for money and follow the Conte to whereever he is hiding the merry-go-round.

Leaving Ida and Giaco in one boat the others take the second boat and meet the Conte (Renzo) and Morosina, make the exchange ,and return to join Ida and Giaco in the motorboat to follow the Conte s sailboat. The Conte leads them to The secret islet, Isola Segreta. They are spotted, duck gun fire, and sail away from the Isle.

Returning they found Hornet and Bo gone with a note saying someone was at the door, meet at the emergency meeting place. Prop gets Victor s gun and when they get to the meeting place they weren t there. Prop runs off toward Victor s. Scipio goes home where he is confronted by his father who has been notified by the police that a girl and young boy were found in his theater. Scipio s argues with his father and begs him to help the girl (Hornet).

Prosper, Ricio, and Mosca go to Victors thinking he would know something about Hornet and Bo. Victor denies knowledge of anything, tell money is fake, receives call saying that Bo was found and with Esther.

Victor takes gang to Ida s. Hornet gets taken to the orphanage. rescued by Victor and Ida.

Prosper goes look for Bo, Riccio finds at hotel, talks into going to Ida s. Does and leaves later that night and meets Scipio. They head for the Isola Segreta, land, explore, get locked in the barn.
Bo escapes from Esther who calls Victor and tells him that they don t want him anymore. Put him in an orphanage, they will settle his mother s estate and send the money. Victor leaves and finds Bo and takes to Ida.

Scipio and Prosper wake and meet Renzo and the girl (Morosina). Renzo appologizes for fake money says is Barbarossa s idea. Renzo tells them he will show them the Merry-go-round and if they want they can ride it. Bell, main gate, Scipio rides M-G-R and comesoff looking like a younger version of his father. Barbarossa arrives and jumps on M-G-R. Comes off like a very small child. Prosper, Scipio take Barb... to Ida s.
What will they do? Scipio says Esther. Put Bar... in orphanage? Too young looking to run his business. Then decide to try Scipio s plan. Ida and her housekeeper dress as nuns and with Barb... help pretend that Barb is in their orphanage. Esther comes to sign papers giving up BO and Prosper, sees Barb... and is charmed. Takes for trial and decides to adopt. Prosper, Bo, and Hornet stay with Ida. Mosca and Riiccio move into empty place in poor part of Venice. Scipio asks Victor what adults do. Work, eat, shop. pay bills... Boring? adventure? Detective work for you. All see each other a couple times a week.

Esther notices that things are missing, caught Ernesto stealing her earrings, finds many missing items in his room, and sends him to boarding school. Barbarrosa (Ernesto) forced kids to do his homework, encouraged themto steal for him, and made them call him the thief lord

fiction modern fantasy Venice mystery detective adventure international German author
The Way I Feel Janan Cain 2000
picture book feelings classroom management behavior emotions caring
The Sun Is My Favorite Star Frank Asch 2000
picture book science sun star astronomy
All Chalked Up Amy Keating Rogers 2000 Bubbles's monster drawings are popping off the playground
fiction modern fantasy The Powerpuff girls series
The Brand New Kid Katie Couric 2000 Book in verse about a boy that doesn t look like and act like the rest of the kids in the class. His being different encourages his classmates to mistreat him. Until a fellow student discovers his mom is considering sending him to another school because of the trouble he is having. So she decides to do something about it. She asks him to come to her house and play.
picture book relationships first day of school new student rhyme
Stargirl Jerry Spinelli 2000 I liked the feeling the moonlight gave me, as if it wasn't the opposite of day, but its underside, its private side, when the fabulous purred on my snow-white sheet like some dark cat come in from the desert. It was during one of these night moon times that it came to me that Hillari Kimble was wrong. Stargirl was real. - Creative, giving - Stargirl is accepted and rejected and loved by Leo who can t deal with rejection. The adolescent struggle with friendship, love, acceptance and all the pressures they bring. A story that every adult can relate to and every adolescent needs to know.Win contest and mobs of people will adore me.
speech I might have heard a Moa. Practice on side? no first time I heard it too. Wins... return to crowds... Dori and two teachers.
Leo Borlock was given a porcupine necktie by his Uncle Pete from PA.
On his 14 birthday he got a second.
He first saw Stargirl Caraway in 11 grade she played the ukulele and sang songs plus happy birthday (Alan Ferko was the first) ...
Leo s friend Kevin Quinlan star of show Hot Seat.
If we happened to somehow distinguish ourselves, we quickly snapped back into place. like rubber bands.
Whatever she was, she was not real.
She joined the cross country team turned the wrong way, they waited for her at the finish line, she never showed. She was dismissed from the team.
Pet rat, canvas bag, dance in the rain. A single word seemed to hover in the cloudless sky over the school: HUH?
I liked the feeling the moonlight gave me, as if it wasn't the opposite of day, but its underside, its private side, when the fabulous purred on my snow-white sheet like some dark cat come in from the desert. It was during one of these nightmoon times that it came to me that Hillari Kimble was wrong. Stargirl was real.
15 Stargirl was the friendliest person yet she had no friends.
Hillari Kimble was famous for three things her mouth the hoax and Wayne Parr - gorgeous... Stars of the school.
Cheerleader... football game run around... missed next game ... invited to join
26 We were afraid to get close to her.
Hillari tells Stargirl not to sing to her on her birthday. She didn t sing it to her, she sang it to Leo... why? He s cute.
Went to see A H (Archibald Hapwood) Brubaker every Saturday... Loyal Order of the Stone Bone My school is everywhere and always in session.
Talk about Stargirl... Archie knows her.
By Dec. 1 Stargirl was the most popular person in school. Was it us? Did we change?
She wins the oratorical contest.
40- Frogs... For years the strangers among us had passed sullenly in the hallways; now we looked, we nodded, we smiled. If someone got an A, others celebrated, too. If someone sprained an ankle, others felt the pain. We discovered the color of each other s eyes.
It was a rebellion she led, a rebellion for rather than against. For ourselves. For the dormant mud frogs we had been for so long...
The trouble with miracles is, they don t last long....
Went to funeral... asked why here?..
Danny Pike. bike wreck... new bike arrives? who? family trouble.. bike trash.
Basketball season, she cheered for anyone... undefeated... the more we loved our team the more we hated the opposition.
Her bad things did not stick to her. Our bad things stuck very much to her.
game... ahead 78 - 29 wanted 100 coach put in subs boos... Stargirl left. cheerleaders made her miss the bus...
Hot seat... literal hot seat...
Real name is Susan change name when it doesn t fit anymore ...
Quit home school to make friends.
Why don t you want to be normal? ... got carried away never aired the tape.
Big game opponent broke leg Stargirl held head.... lost game... tomato face Stargirl...
Valentines.... I love you.
talk Archie... not new to him... he already knows...
Kicked off team... Starboy...
Enchanted place... Erase your senses... listen... erase yourself... and become one with everything.
Silent treatment except Dori Dilson and a ninth-grader.
They hate her? Ask Senor Saguaro...
Whose affections do you value more, hers or the others? The Senor says everything will follow from that.... I realized that I understood the question perfectly. I just didn t want to answer it.
Talk about her giving to others without them knowing.
One day she bought a small plant, an African violet in a plastic pot on sale for ninety-nine cents at a drugstore.
Who s it for? I asked her.
I m not exactly sure, she said. I just know that someone at an address on Marion Drive is in the hospital for surgery, so I though whoever s back home could use a little cheering up.
We went to the house on Marion Drive She tied the violet ribbon around the pot. I held her bike while she set the plant by the front door.
Riding away, I said, Why don t you leave a card or something with your name on it?
The question surprised her. Why should I?
Her question surprised my. Well, I don t know, it s just the way people do things. They expect it. They get a gift, they expect to know where it came from.
Is that important?
Yeah, I guess-
Getting credit
What about it?
Well, it s nice to get credit. The spokes of her rear wheel spun behind the curtain of her long skirt. She looked like a photograph from a hundred years ago. She turned her wide eyes on me. Is it? she said.
Read fillers in paper. Game follow people... Loose change...
Room no different... plain... parents plain...
Doing Biography Biography for Peter Sinkowitz.
Pebbles in her wagon 18 most ever. Kiss...
128 review the question... I resented having to choose. I refused to choose. I imagined my life without her and without them, and I didn t like it either way.... I pretended...
On bulletin board Stargirl Loves Leo... loose it...
People aren t talking to me.... page 133-134... You don t care what people think. I care... Everybody? Do you?
Kovac... enemy? ... nobody likes you... THEM?... two days later Stargirl vanished.
26 jeans, lipstick...susan... didn t work... talk to me and I ll scratch your back... around neck back scratcher. Even Dori... says I betrayed...
Stargirl returned on Monday.... I said I guess you re giving up.. Giving up what? being popular? normal? don t think should back off? because we live in a world of them? I know you aren t going to ask me to the Ocotillo Ball. It s okay... smile... at that moment I hated her.
I heard more. Was it because there was more or I was listening better... I realized the shunning would never end and I knew what I should do. They performed... I left by another door.
I didn t go to the ball. She did on a sidecar with Dori... didn t dance then Raymond Studemacher asked did p 170... bunny hop around golf course... all went but Hillari... Hillari walks up to Stargirl and says you ruin everything and slapped her... face to face... move close eyes and kiss cheek.. gone Dori last any of us saw of her.
15 years ... talk to Archie. she loved you boy... Tool shed her office.
33- Set designer... star girl...
Bury Barney... next time Archie gone
More than stars - five year reunion, I never went... Kevin does... Most common question, were you on the bunny hop?
High school new club... Sunflowers, agree to do one nice thing per day...
Band with ukulele...
First basket small group cheers
Last month, one day before my birthday, I received a gift-wrapped package in the mail. It was a porcupine tie.
realistic fiction unusual girl accepting different friendship popularity being popular being yourself home school
Powerpuff Professor Amy Keating Rogers 2000

Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are in Mojo Jojo's clutches and their only hope is the Professor?

fiction modern fantasy The Powerpuff girls series
Where's That Bone Lucille Recht Penner 2000

Jill has a dog Bingo and Aunt Sally brings over her cat. Bingo buried his bones and lost them so Jill decides to make a map.

picture book mathematics problem solving map maps mapping relative position reference words over under on right left outside inside between behind
Who's Got Spots Linda W. Aber 2000

Story about class that was going to have a play and were worried about all being there.
Chicken pox strikes and worry about who may be and may not be. Alice and Kip take a survey to see who has, may get, had and try to predict who will be at the play and not.

picture book mathematics organizing data chicken pox school play time charts problem solving
Who Are You Calling a Wooly Mammoth Elizabeth Levy 2000
nonfiction mammoth prehistoric America
Six Hogs on a Scooter Eileen Spinelli 2000


Six hogs take a trip on a variety of vehicles and have transportation problems.

fantasy fiction number value value of six mathematics
Michelangelo Diane Stanley 2000

Great story about Michelangelo. Enough detail to bring him to life and respect him as an artist and person.

nonfiction or historical fiction? art artist Michelangelo sculpture design
Egyptian Mummies Henrietta McCall 2000
nonfiction ancient Egypt mummies tombs
Mapping Penny s World Loreen Leedy 2000
picture book mapping scale relative position how to book
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire J. K. Rowling 2000

Harry's Phoenix feather in his wand came from the same birds as Lord Voldemort.


  • Father -
  • Mother -
  • Lord Voldemort - killed father
  • Karkaroff - Death Eater. Moody caught and sent to Azkaban. HE also taught dark arts at
  • Durmstrang.
  • Alastor Moody - best Auror the ministry had, killed father, slept in trunk,
  • Snape (Severus)
  • Mr. Crouch
  • Mr. Bagman - bad wizard, death eater
  • Lucius Malfoy
  • Ministry of Magic
  • Cornelius Fudge brought the dementors to protect him
  • Crabbe
  • Goyle
  • Nott
  • Wormtail - faked his death and returned to Voldemort
  • Neville - raised by grandparents said to be insane in Mungos Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries.but his parents were with Crouche's son
  • Pensiene - holds Dumbeldor's memories
  • Gillyweed
  • Remus Lupin
  • Arabella Figg
  • Mundungus Fletcher
  • Dobby and Winky - house elves
  • Krum - eye dragon
  • Roomates: Ron, Seamus, Dean, Neville, Ball, Harry, Parvati, Ron, Padma, Hermione turned
  • Rita Sheeter into a beetle, Krum, Cho, Cedric Diggory (died ),
  • Rita Sheeter - news women
  • Tom Riddle
  • Hagrid - half giant on mother's side (Giantess Fridivuulfa
  • Ogg - grounds keeper before Hagrid
  • Professor Grubby Plank - temporary teacher of care of magical creatures

Spells: summoning, accio-firebolt, conjunctivitus cure, expecto paatronum, riddikulus, demento, avada kedavra, expelliarmus, avada kedavra, gold dome, wand balls, back to vold. Accio, Veritaserum, imperius curse,

Artifacts: Fawkes tears heal Harry's leg from the spider wound
Invisibility cloak
Marauder's map
Polyjuice potion
Mrs. Norris - Filch's cat

fiction fantasy, witches, magic, school
How Do Bats See In The Dark? Melvin and Gilda Berger 2000
nonfiction night creatures science
Bug Faces Darlene A. Murawski 2000
nonfiction bugs science
Henny Penny retold Jane Wattenberg 2000
picture bookthe sky is falling , concept book rhyming alliteration figurative language
Petey Ben Mikaelson 2000
nonfiction cerebral palsy
The Fungus that Ate My School Arthur Dorros 2000
science fiction science fair fungus school


Books published in 2001
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
We Were There Too! Phillop M. Hoose editor 2001

Biographies include:

We Were There Too!

  • Diego Bermudez
  • The Tainos
  • Pocahontas
  • Tom Savage
  • Oprhans & Tobacco Brides
  • Saints & Strangers
  • Betty Parris & Abigail Williams
  • Eunice Williams
  • Eliza Lucas
  • Olaudah Equiano
  • Phillis Wheatley
  • Anna Green Winslow & Charity Clark
  • Christopher Seider & Samuel Maverick
  • Joseph Plumb Martin
  • John Quincy Adams
  • Sybil Ludington
  • Mary Redmond, John Darragh, & Dicey Langston
  • James Forten
  • Private Deborah Sampson
  • Smith Wikinson
  • Rebbeca & Abigail Bates
  • Caroline Pickersgill
  • Lucy Larcom & Harriet Hanson
  • Anyokah
  • Manjitro
  • George Fred Tilton
  • Frederick Douglas
  • Allen Jay
  • Maria Weems
  • Elisha Stockwell
  • Johnny Clem
  • Billy Bates & Dick King
  • Susie King Taylor
  • Carrie Berry
  • Vinnie Ream
  • Sacagawea
  • Enrique Espataza Mary Goble
  • William Cody
  • Ng Poon Chew & Lee Chew
  • Teddy Blue Abbott
  • Chuka
  • Gene Schermerhorn
  • Rose Cohen
  • Joseph Miliauskas
  • Jennie Curtis
  • Kid Blink
  • John Thayer
  • Edna Purtell
  • Charles Cooper
  • Margaret Davidson
  • Harley Holladay
  • Peggy Eaton
  • Calvin Graham
  • Terry Grimmesey
  • Joe Nuxhall & Anna Meyer
  • Claudett Colvin
  • Elizabeth Eckford
  • Carolyn McKinstry
  • John Tinker
  • Jessica Govea
  • Bill Gates
  • Arn Chorn
  • Judi Warren
  • Ryan White
  • Kory Johnson
Nonfiction Biographies U. S. history
Zach's Lie Roland Smith

Jack Osborne's life changes forever the night masked men break into his house, threaten Jack and his family, and ransack their home. Jack discovers his father has been arrested for drug trafficking. Jack, his sister, and mother move to Elko, Nevada, for witness protection. There he meets Sam and Catalin. But he finds himself and everyone he cares for in danger again.

realistic fiction
Sir Cumference and the Great Knight of Angles Cindy Neuschwander 2001
Radius is on a quest to earn his knighthood.! With a circular medallion, a mysterious poem, and his own wits, he must find and rescue the missing king.
picture book angles, geometry mathematics measuring concept book
Freedom Summer Deborah Wiles 2001
Two boys, Black, White, are best friends in the segregated 1960's South who stick together through thick and thin.
picture book multicultural African American black experience South 1960s
The Chimpanzees I Love: Saving Their World and Ours Jane Goodall 2001 Jane Goodall - introduces the reader to the chimpanzees she documented and see how she uses ethnographic scientific inquiry method to teach the world about chimpanzees. Big word, but basically means she had the curiosity and desire to wake up early one morning, sneak out of the house and into the chicken coop to sit patiently and discover where eggs came from. nonfiction chimpanzees environmental concerns endangered species arthropologist life science
Artemis Fowl Eoin Colfer 2001

Artemis Fowl coverThe first book in what will be a series of books, graphic novel, and movies on Disney

Artemis (12), a criminal mastermind, decides to restore his families fortune by kidnapping and ransoming, Holly Short, a member of a group of dangerous, tech-savvy fairies who inhabit a world below ground.

  • Did he underestimated the fairies' powers?
  • Is he about to trigger a cross-species war?Artemiss


  1. Artemis Fowl
  2. Artemis Fowl and the Arctic Incident
  3. Artemis Fowl and the Eternity Code
  4. Artemis Fowl and the Opal Deception
  5. Artemis Fowl and the Lost Colony
  6. Artemis Fowl and the Time Paradox
  7. Artemis Fowl and the Atlantis Complex
  8. Artemis Fowl and the Last Guardian
fiction modern fantasy child prodigy adventure
Wooly Mammoth: Life, Death, and Rediscovery Windsor Chorlton 2001 Great story and reference about a wooly mammoth found frozen in Siberia... nonfiction mammoth archeology, reference
Shrek the Novel Ellen Weiss 2001


  • Shrek ogre
  • Princess Fiona
  • Donkey
  • Lord Farquaad
ogre fairy tale fantasy book based on movie
Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius: my book of inventions Simon Spotlight / Nickelodeon 2001
science fiction inventions science Jimmy Neutron Nickelodeon
Isaac Newton Paul Mason 2001
biography scientists
Spinning through Space: Comets and Astroids Eva Hans 2001
picture book space astroids astronomy comets
The Angel Factory Terence Blacker 2001

Set in London, England

Themes include Who has the right to be human? What is human. Adventure of alien intrigue and survival. War of the Worlds without the explosions and Earth ripping actions.

First published in England
Compared to Lois Lowery's The Giver. Makes you think. Unusual because aliens are good and did good, as they saw it.


  • Thomas Wisdom - main character
  • Gip - friend
  • Family - mom - Mary, dad - Mark, sister - Amy, Dougal - white West Highland terrier, Luke
  • Ross - Amy s friend surfer.


All go to west coast US for vacation and a day of business (worked for food development or CIA? what s SERAPH)
Curious he and his best friend, Gip Sanchez, hacks into computer finds file in code, transmitter in bathroom, letter with visitation code for reconfiguration - follow parents, use access code, purple dream like but sagebrush.
Met Cy Gabriel for breakfast. Colin the Beast Rendle math teacher broke code, didn t want to tell, Tom took code and translation and ran.
Found he was adopted and his real name is Michael and mother Karen Garnham.
Meets with Cy watches film/dream with god like voice in head about the project and explaining how angels are trying to save the Earth and humans by bringing them out of the darkness into the light.
Angels are good and you must trust us.
Find Colin Rendle in a fatal crash - police hit when stepped from curb. Parents give computer. Goes with Gip and Manny to meet mother (Great Miraculo magician and lovely assistant Maria Procchutti). Told to make choice, Gip tells of thousands of other adopted children he is getting emails. Wrote message to all, asked Gip to send no need to batch... Uses kewl-disk on Gip takes laptop and runs... Gip an angel. Meets President Foxx, sends sealed letter with key to Karen G.
Decides to stay human. Project ends, derms will be replaced by DNA geonome to make angels human. Gip brought back fixed leg, moved to other side of town never really changed much. Other angels changed slightly... Always faint trace of derm look around you...

science fiction adoption family life London angels extraterrestrial beings good and evil
A Pair of Wings Marilyn Singer 2001
picture book science animals life science form and function
Thomas Edison George Sullivan 2001
biography Edison invention electric engineers
Everything You Need to Know The Answer Book for School Survival
School's In Collection 2001 Gnomes Don't Slurp Spaghetti
Horrible Harry and the Brownie Revenge
The Hard-Boiled Egg Fad
Gloria Who Might Be My Best Friend
Jigsaw Jones and the Case of the Red Satin Purse
Tomie dePaola's First Day of School
anthology collection of short stories first day school
All New Calculator Math Tricks Kris Hirschmann 2001 12 puzzles...
nonfiction mathematics calculator
Are We There Yet? Elizabeth Levy 2001 Humerous - Great stories - A must read nonfiction European discoveries in America history exploration diversity humor
Bridges Kris Hirschmann 2001

Good simple yet comprehensive review of different types of bridges, how they are constructed, and history .
Few pictures and no detail.
One plan for K Nex suspension bridge as long as a red K Nex.

K’Nex Build & Learn SeriesScholastic Book Club

nonfiction K nex bridge design technology science construction activity book
The Grapes of Math Greg Tang 2001
picture book mathematics number value patterns problem solving
A Pair of Wings Singer, Marilyn 2001
picture book science animals life form and function
Betsy Ross Peter and Connie Roop 2001
historical fiction Betsy Ross revolutionary war reference biographical
The Spider Weaver - A Legend of Kente Cloth Margaret Musgrove 2001

The Three Pigs David Wiesner 2001 The Three PigsDavid's story starts as the usual Three Little Pigs story, but a fortunate huff and puff blows the first little pig out of the story book. The story book says ... and ate the pig up. However, the first pig has found a life outside the pages of the book and coaxes the second little pig into this world. So it is on to the next little pig and further exploits beyond the pages. A chance meeting with the Cat and the Fiddle and a Dragon soon to be slayed how our three snout faced friends choose to arrange the rest of their story? Super creative exploration of the possibilities when the figurative and literal interpretations are intertwined. picture book animal fantasy three pigs
Jake Drake - Bully Buster Andrew Clements 2001 A creative story of Jake (fourth grade) who has made it his life ambition to study the bully and the bully bait to help both to learn how to coexist. Well it isn t quite that simple. It takes a little under a hundred pages for him to discover it. Language, character development, and plot is strong enough to keep readers reading to the end. series ready - for - chapters bully classroom management self help skills
The Hickory Chair Lisa Rowe Fraustino 2001
realistic fiction blind sight Aunt Candy-May


Books published in 2002
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
Why Do People Harm Animals? Chris Mason 2002
animal life animal human interaction animal habitats life science concept book
Stoner and Spaz Ron Koertge 2002

A compelling story about Benjamin, a troubled youth with CP, who struggles toward self-acceptance with the help of a drug-addicted young women. This story has everything that reality TV on MTV and VH1 has, and maybe more detail.

A troubled youth with CP struggles toward self-acceptance with the help of a drug-addicted young women.
Compelling story.

Benjamin , the main character, has CP and calls himself the resident Spaz. He meets Colleen Minou (drug addict-stoner). at the Rialto Theatre. They share a passion for movies. She asks him to write an essay for her and she will show him her tits.
Begin to share their feelings about the world and life. Asks why she likes Ed Dorn the drug dealer and stud in school. She answers because he has good dope.
Then he asks, Why does he like you? - I ll get high and do anything.
Benjamin replies his drug of choice is celluloid.
Marcie (a new neighbor who made a documentary movie about people who had heart transplants) encourages Ben to contnue with film and school... Invites him to come to Caltech and preview some films, including hers, in a class she is taking. Calls Colleen and invites her. I ll bring you a rose... half dead to match your tatoo. She agrees but reminds him that it is Not a date a good deed. I m helping the handicapped.
After... Maybe I m a stoner, but the devil doesn t make me do it and my mommy and daddy didn t make me do it. Don Secoli is in a wheelchair, and he s Mr. High School... K R is practically deaf and plays drums in a garage band, D S is blind and all you have to do is say one word to her and she know who you are. GET over yourself, okay? I never get high enough. Why do you do it? there s a point where I m just about perfect: just high enough but not too high. Everything makes sense to me, or if it doesn t I don t care. So I guess I figure if I feel this good on a few hits, I ll twice as good on twice as many. Stupid huh?
Marcie asks Colleen - Ben s in love with movies. What are you in love with? Later in book... I m passionate about drugs.

Colleen - I don t want to be your girl friend. Why are you with me? You make me feel like I am in high school.
Grandma questions about Colleen... she s the only person who actually touched me, actually put her hands on me... She touched this... she touched by stupid leg... It was like it didn t matter. WHen I was with her somethimes I felt like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever bopping down the street carrying that can of paint.
Believes that if he wasn t like he was ... she would... later grows more and sees reality.
Grandma... Everyone stands in front of the mirror and wishes they were different.
Colleen in bad shape Ed brings her to Ben... You re not taking her from me, I am giving her to you. She is pretty bad. Hospital...
Share video with Marcie... stereotype... work on it...
Ben and Colleen work on video at Macie s apartment, Ben wants her to help, no go, talk... kiss, look, sex, sleep.
Later Ben talks to Ed.. Asks about his C.P. does it hurt?... It s more clumsy...but it never gets easier? No... You re a tough little fucker. I couldn t handle it. I d kill myself. How s Colleen? great..... ed until she shows up loaded. ben she won t. ed if you say so.

Creates film High School Confidential,

realistic fiction Cerebal palsy physical handicapped drug abuse self-acceptance school video film making
Bronx Masquerade Nikki Grimes 2002 Combines prose and poetry to tell a story about inner city youth, a teacher, and the idea of open mike day. A compelling look into the life in the inner city. A compelling story with many of the individual poems and stories powerful enough to stand alone.

realistic fiction poetry Black Americans identity high schools multicultural
Zathura Chris Van Allsburg 2002 Two brothers find more than they bargained for in a mysterious and mystical game board
picture book fiction fantasy mystery gameboard space adventure
What Happened to Lani Garver Carol Plum- Ucci 2002 Claire unable to face her fears about a recurrence of her leukemia, her eating disorder, her need to hang with the crowd on Hackett Island, and her mother s alcoholism is helped by Lani Garver who risks his life to save her. realistic fiction emotional problems cancer prejudice alcoholism homosexuality adventure mystery
Crispin: The Cross of Lead Avi 2002 Falsely accused of theft and murder, an orphaned peasant, Crispin, in fourteenth-century England fless his village and meets a juggler with a dangerous secret.
historical fiction Middle Ages Great Britain Edward III orphan theft murder fourteenth-century England
The House of the Scorpion Nancy Farmer 2002 Action adventure, with Matt, a young adolescent who, as long as he can remember, has had a mysterious relationship to El Patron (140 year old leader of a corrupt drug empire). Sometimes it is great and other times it is worse than being an animal on the ranch. When Matt finally discovers El Patron's true intentions he acts to thwart his plans. However, circumstances put Matt's life in danger and he has no choice but to run. Where does one run and hide from a drug lord? Is it possible that Matt can escape with his life? And if he does how long can he live before be is discovered and returned to El Patron? science fiction cloning Mexico drug companies adventure
Double Fudge Judy Blume 2002 Characters
Main character is Fudge - Farley Drexel Hatcher
Story is written in the first person as told by Pete, Fudge's older brother

Other members of the family are Tootsie-Tamara-Roxanne younger sister; Anne-mom-mother; Grandfather-Buzzy-senior; Grandma-Muriel; Father- Warren-Tubby; Uncle Farley Drexel; Turtle-dog; Uncle Feather Myna bird;
Pete's Friend Jimmy Fargo and his father artist Frank moving to SoHo; Beverly Muldour fiance; Pete says, now I know he he felt when I left the city last year.
Sheila Tubman busy body 12 year old classmate

New neighbors -Richie Potter and Melissa Beth Miller - in Mixed group with Fudge.
Fudge loved money "Fudge Bucks" Farley Drexel Hatcher Bank; visit mint in Washington D.C.

Meet old lost Cousin Howie and wife Eudora Hatcher from Hawaii; daughters Flora and Fauna who were home schooled; and Farley-Fudge-Mini-Farley-Mini Fudge; Heavenly Hatchers;

We don't say the stupid word we say Turkey Brain;

P 133 simile " like a row of hot dogs in their rolls. All that was missing was the mustard and relish."

P 137-138 Pete in a rage because of Cousin Howie and family staying Anger management; relate to how Fudge acted at the shoe store

Heavenly Hatchers sing at school big hit.
Uncle Feather flies into window breaks wing when Mini lets out. Vet Bonjour Stupid
Halloween elevator self-serve
Fudge lose tooth Mini eats Pete says like me when you ate turtle Finally know how I feel.
Fudge finds secret box of teeth, Pete takes reflects, and puts box under pillow - hey you never know.
fiction modern fantasy family conflict anger management first person
City of the Beasts Isabella Allende 2002 Alexander Cold (15) son of John and Lisa Cold who had cancer is sent to stay with his individualistic Grandma Kate Cold while his mother gets chemotherapy. Trashing his possessions and being ripped off by Morgana after arriving in New York he finally meets Kate. She gives him his Grandfathers Joseph s flute and gets him a change of clothes. Then Kate and Alex are off to the Amazon in search of a Yenti like Beast among the Tribe of the Mist. After arriving they meet their guide Cesar Santos and his daughter Nadia Santos. Other members of the party are photographers Timothy Bruce and Joel Gonzalez who is attacked by an anaconda, Matuwe, an Indian guide, 5 soldiers, Ludovic Leblanc (a famous anthropologist) and Dr. Omayra Torres a female doctor who wants to inoculate the Indians, Mauro Caria a writer who Omayra plans on marrying, Captain Ariosto who wants to make money and retire in Miami and Karakawe Ludovic s personal assistant and undercover Indian Agent.
Beasts are nine feet tall with three razor blade claws, sloth like, and emit a super skunk like chemical that paralyzes, disorients, and can be fatal. The People of the Mist attack the party and kidnap Nadia and Alex. The shaman Walimai and his Angel wife, Mokarita who Alex saves but dies later of internal injuries, his wife Ivomi who later becomes Chief of Chiefs, Tahama later becomes warrior chief, among others.
While with the Indians they learn their way, Alex undergoes the becoming a man ceremony and they both go on a quest Nadia for three crystal eggs, diamonds, and Alex for the water and herbs for his mother. They also find that the beasts are thought to be Gods by the people of the mist. They are human recorders of the history and protectorates of sort for the tribe. Genocide, murder, attempt to procure gold, jewels, lumber and other resources from the Indians, a visit to Eldorado, the fountain of youth below ground, and an ascent to the mountain top Alex and Nadia return to work with Kate, Ludovic and Timothe Bruce to save the Tribe and Beasts and Lisa.
fiction modern fantasy east supernatural Amazon river ancient wonders fountain of youth Eldorado fantasy
Coraline Neil Gaiman 2002

Coraline finds a door with a brick wall or door way into a parallel disturbing world of people with black button eyes. Let the games begin. Scarry movies, supernatural adventure, witch craft, romps through a dungeon, missing parents, mystery and suspense; masterfully written this story will enthrall all readers.

Coraline Jones finds a door with a brick wall or door way into a parallel disturbing world of people with black button eyes.
Coraline likes to explore and meets her neighbors Miss April Spink and Miss Miriam Forcible.
One day as they were talking and telling Coraline her future by reading her tea leaves and finding she was in danger. Miss April Spink gives Coraline a stone with a hole in it and suggests it will protect her.
Coraline goes through the door and meets her other parents, singing rats, and a talking black cat. Writes a story on computer.
Coraline s parents are missing and when she tries to find them she does on the other side of a mirror. Her mother fogs the mirror and writes help us (backwards). She recalls a time her father let the hornets sting him until she ran away. Afraid? Yes? but must do. So she sets out to save them.
Finds other parents, other mother locks door puts key in pocket and disappears. Goes to sleep in bedroom, wakes finds clothes like dress-up, talks to other father who tells her there is no other place to go. Looks at snow globe with two people in. Goes out doors and the further she goes the less real things are and then a fog that was like nothing.
Meets the cat who tells her this is outside the part of the place that she hasn t bothered to create. Walk away and back. Spider s webs only only have to be large enough to catch flies. Cat catches rat, says the rats are her eyes, bats the rat, lets go, catches...

Other mother appears. Let s play games... You were in the mirror, said Coraline. other mother smiled and said, mirrors are never to be trusted. Let us all go. The other mother said the proudest spirit can be broken, with love. You can t make me love you.
Eats black beetles. Takes a small silver key out of her pocket and tells Coraline that it is to teach her manners. Takes it unlocks the mirror and locks Coraline behind the mirror until she learns some manners. Felt something and it said hush and shush say nothing for the beldam might be listening! Finds three children that the other mother had stole their hearts, souls and lives and left us here in the dark. Help us, find our hearts. A voice says to her look through the stone. Slept. Other mother comes, carries her out of the mirrored space. She wakes and asks questions. Then challenges her to a game. If she wins all free, if she looses she will be the obedient child, let her sew buttons on her eyes, play the family game... What kind of game? A finding things game. What find? my parents and the souls of the three children. I agree. Looks, thinks, walks to mirror, takes out stone and sees a girl holding an emerald glow in the mirror and a ray pointing to the bedroom. Look through hole in stone and gray marble burned and flickered with a red fire. Talks to her and says indeed I was a boy but hurry there are two more to find and the beldam is angry for uncovering me. Changed back into her bed clothes. Didn t want to do this in hers. Strong biting wind. Play fair and it subsided. Goes to theater, old musty, dog-bats, spider egg case with two plasticine people, brown glow inside when look through stone hole. Reach in a get another marble. Two people inside look like Miss Spink and Miss Forcible with button eyes, cry thief! give it back!... A voice inside her head says you have two of us flee this place while your blood still flows.

Other mother tells here she loves Coraline. Coraline agrees that she loves her as a pet or a possession. She tosses her a small brass front-door key from her tongue.
Enters the empty flat. A ghost voice whispered to her that they don t believe she would help her... trap... opened door. inside finds trap door, opens goes down, finds father grub like thing with button eyes, wasting away as old discarded item, locked in for telling Coraline too much. Tells Coraline that she is going to make him keep her down in the cellar so she can t win the game. He chased her, she grabbed and pulled his remaining eye off. Ran up, slammed the trap door, locked the front door, and put the key under the mat.
Walked upstairs to the flat where the crazy old man lived . Old man tells her to stay here and be the center of attention and have whatever you desire. Looked through the hole in the rock and saw a brown glow. When she got closer he fell apart and rats scurried everywhere. Lifted coat to look for marble and it wasn t there. Then she saw a rat walking on hind legs carrying a marble. Ran after fell cut knee and hand. When she got up the rat was gone. She felt she had failed all. Walking out she saw the rat s head on the ground with a smile on its face with its body several inches away from its body. With the cat standing paw on a gray marble. Hope you don t mind my getting involved.
A voice in her head said, she lies to you. She will never let you go. Coraline knew it was true. She had the 3 marbles and all she needed was to find her parents. She knew where they were. In the snow globe on the mantel. the cat says the ways in and out went flat.
The cat was frozen so she picked it up and walked up the steps.

Inside is other mother waiting. You have yet to find your parents. Where are they? They are in the hallway between the two houses. Open the door. Gloating.. she says see they re not there. You must stay with me forever. Coraline backing up to the mantel throws the cat at her head. The cat grows large and lands claws extended and teeth bared fierce and angry. Coraline grabbed the snow globe, put it into her pocket and ran for the door as the cat sunk its teeth and claws into the other mom and blood ran. Not red but tar black. Pulled the key from the lock, leave her and come she told the cat. Trying to shut the door against a phantom wind she noticed other people in the corridor. Help me please, all of you. Two adults and three children were too insubstantial to help but they put their hands on hers and she felt stronger. The door closed as something fell from head height. The cat said come on this is not a good place to be. Quickly; Whatever the corridor was she knew if she fell she wouldn t get up. She felt that it was older than the other mother. Not seeing the wraiths before her as she passed through the door way she knew that there was only one thing she could do and she slammed the door and locked it with the key and put it back into her pocket.
She curls up in one of her grandmother s chairs and falls asleep. Mom and dad wake her and ask what she is doing there and what happened to her PJs, scrapped knee, and hand. She felt three marbles, the round stone, and black key in her pocket. Enjoyed parents, dinner, and fell asleep and dreamed of a picnic and three children who had to go. Wakes hearing a scuttling sound. In hall and sees a hand moving. It s not fair , it should be over.
Back in bed she finds the marbles broken open like egg shells with what ever was inside missing. Miss Spink and Forcible came back and Coraline had tea with them. They read her tea leaves and said everything looked shipshape and Bristo fashion. Except that they didn t know what the thing that looked like a hand meant.

She kept the key on the chain always. She awoke during the night by scratching on the window and when looked out she saw the white hand with crimson finger nails. Sets a trap with tea cups, filled with water on the edge of the paper table cloth, and dolls at the well. Visits Miss S&F asks about Hamish. Vet doesn't know what cut. Mr. Bobo thinks weasel. Swing the key on a string and singing she slowly moves toward the well. Talked to dolls and place key in the middle of the table cloth making sure she was holding the string. Then she got up and backed away. The ? came closer, climbed on to a stump and sprang for the key. The hand, key, and table cloth disappeared into the well and she counted 40 before she heard a splash. She covered the well with the planks hoping nothing would fall in or get out. The cat climbed onto the boards and winked at her. As she returned Mr. Bobo clapped her on the back and said the mice tell me that all is good, They say you are our savior. She went to Miss Spink and Forcibles and returned the stone. Don't need and I think it may have saved my life and others death. As she went to sleep she had no apprehension about school starting.

fiction mmodern fantasy supernatural adventure excitement survival female
Weird Wildlife Seas Creatures Clare Oliver 2002
nonfiction sea creatures ocean animals sea life
Myths of Oceania Anita Dalal 2002
anthology aceania oceans Myths reference
Kangaroos Patricia Miller - Schroeder 2002
nonfiction kangaroos animal life
Space Busters Space Mysteries Steve Parker 2002
nonfiction space stars black holes pulsars science reference mystery
How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found Sara Nickerson 2002 With a swimming medal, key to a mansion, and a comic book about a half-man/half rat as her only clues, a 12 year old girl seeks the true story of her father s mysterious death four years earlier near an island in the Pacific Northwest. fiction family life pacific northwest cartoons comics recluses libraries mystery detective stories
Stars of the Sea Allan Fowler 2002 Picture book of stars of the sea. Many examples. Well done factual and good amount of information.
nonfiction picture book stars sand dollars sea stars ocean life
How Do Frogs Swallow with Their Eyes? Melvin & Gilda Berger 2002
nonfiction amphibians frogs science animals reference
Pick Me an Apple: From Seed to Tree Shelly Rotner 2002 Great picture book. Very accurate Year in the life of an apple tree. nonfiction apples life cycle living fruit seeds buds tree seasons year
Once Upon a Marigold Jean Ferris 2002 A young man with a mysterious past and a penchant for inventing things leaves the troll that raised him, meets an unhappy princess he has loved from afar, and discovers a plot against her and her father. modery fantasy fairy tale Princess Kings Queens family trolls humor
Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident Colfer, Eoin 2002
modern fantasy child prodigy adventure
Slowly, Slowly, Slowly, said the Sloth Eric Carle 2002 Picture book where Eric Carle celebrates the slowness and peacefulnees. picture book animal fiction jungle animals sloth art slow peaceful
Philadelphia Chickens Sandra Boyton 2002

Philadelphia Chickens coverPicture book with 20 children's songs with a musical theme. CD included. Sample

song dance musicals
Fifteen Animals Sandra Boynton 2002 I’ve got fifteen animals. They’re friendly and tame and I’ve given each one a special name. Cat, dog, fish, hamster, horse, piglet, rabbit, wife, & kids, mouse, bird, … Bob … & turtle Simon James Alexander Ragsdale the Third.
picture books animals counting humor


Books published in 2003
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
Sorcery & Cecelia or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot Patricia C. Wreede & Caroline Stevermer 2003 Interesting style written as letters between two cousins Cecelia and Kate in the style of 1817 English country life and London society. The exploits of these girls involves witch craft and wizardry that adds even more twists and turns to the plot. Interestingly, the story began from a letter game created and played by the authors. Soon after the game/ letter writing began the creative genius and playful nature of the authors lead to fantasy and the authorship of this book. Delightful! modern fantasy wizardry writing letters Londaon 1800's city country life
The Pack Elisa Carbone 2003 Wolves, growing up with wolves, bullying, violence, school violence, friendship, guns, bombs, invisible students, belonging, and not belonging. The author created a powerful story about relevant for today s middle school students and above. It has to be read to see how such a compact book could be authored that brings together these ideas in a compelling powerfully important story for these times. Here is a sample from the beginning.
WHEN AKHIL VYAS showed up at school in early October, I thought he was, without a doubt, the weirdest person on earth. But on that cold December day, by the time the last police car left and the last ambulance pulled out of the school parking lot with tires screeching and siren wailing, I had begun to believe that he was the first truly sane person I'd ever know.
realistic fiction agression bullying violence friendship guns belonging invisible students
Olivia Kidney Ellen Potter 2003 Twelve year old Olivia explores her new apartment building and finds a psychic, talking lizards, a shrunken ex-pirate, and exiled princess, ghosts, and other unusual characters. Did I say creative? fiction modern fantasy apartment building pirates psychic lizards princess ghosts
The Stories of Hans Christian Andersen Hans Christian Andersen translated by Dianna Crone Frank and Jeffrey Frank 2003 Classic literature needs to be read to all children as it was written by the author. This translation captures the richness of language and imagery of Andersen. One delighful example is Andersen s story of The Little Mermaid totally different than the Disney version or A Fish Called Wanda with Tom Hanks ... and probably all the others you ve ever read, unless of course you ve read Andersen or have had him read to you.

fairy tales fantasy fiction anthology Denmark delightful must read

The Man Who Walked Between the Towers Mordicai Gerstein 2003 Picture book with wonderful illustrations about the story of Philippe Peiit and his 1974 tightrope walk from atop one World Trade Center to the other World Trade Center.
Excellent perspective. Gives you the feeling that you are actually on top of the World Trade Centers with him.
picture book nonfiction movie article Newsweek adventure Philippe Petit WorldTrade Centers tightrope walking aerialists France
Acceleration Graham McNamee 2003

In addition to the usual struggles of a young adolescent Jacob is plunged into a deeper struggle with his inner fears and uncertainties after not being able to rescue a drowning girl. Exiled to the concrete underworld of Toronto's Transit system where he has plenty of time to drown in his self pity he thinks he finds clues of a mass murderer. Will he be able to save his life in time to stop more death? Compelling action packed thriller that builds suspense and endangerment of life as well as any movie thriller. The story also has some masterful uses of language to realistically set the story and plot for the reader. ...

  • goes to school because she loves learning, not on fast track to Oxford, just to learn, stretch brain... Not me... I have had the last decade with my brain being stretched against my will...
  • Toronto Transit Commission's lost and found. A political prisoner of the capitalist overlord otherwise know as Dad.
  • Jacob, supervisor, lifer, He doesn't hear the clock anymore.
  • Subway thunder, Satellite-dish ears that can pick up a cricket farting at twenty feet, sun feels like its about to go supernova and burn us all to ash.

Bud Wayne, friend works at Dairy Barn
Juniors in H.S. (17 years old)
While working finds diary with doodles, gruesome science experiments drown mice in different liquids, hang cats, start fires, other clippings.
Dream that is a rerun where everything went wrong the first time goes wrong again. And no matter how hard I fight I can't change anything. Relates story of how swimming and tries to save a drowning girl, but can't reach her in time and can't find underwater. Labor day weekend at Kayuga Beach. Lake Ontario. I was the one who didn't save her.

Vinny friend lives in G building in the Jungle, left hand only three fingers, birth defect, likes to tell adventure / horror fiction stories about cause, PE teacher Pitt always allowed him to be shirt and wear jacket.
Wayne criminal element steal, vandalize, steal toilet, get caught, do community service together.
Bald people as stereotyped skin head. Dalai Lama, Captain Picard, Vin Diesel, Charlie Brown
Jacob, sour old fart wife stroke, pulled plug wouldn t you?
Back to reading thinking about journal fire, arsonist,
Wayne let s hit the pool. Didn t want to but since it was so hot, mom works Wal-mart part time, goes to school because loves learning, not on fast track to Oxford, just to learn, stretch brain (*no I have had last decade with my brain being stretched against my will*),
Pool cannonball in flash back fear enabled, kick Wayne, what s the matter?, I am done, fear of failure, fear of hopelessness of not being able to help (not established here, but later. Great description of fear in water p 42-43.
Back work, diary, reads about another fire, No accelerant needed with all that paper.
Whoever said burning books was wrong never read this one.
Man comes t claim his putter national putt putt champion
Read fires getting bigger, starts to hunt for pretty ladies
Sunday, wakes, mom, making noises in sleep, makes tofu something, only ears for you, Always here, think of giving Kim a call? That s been over forever, Kim she was energy, said I was turning into a mass of negative energy, you re my boyfriend not body guard, don t know what s out there, the world is out there, the good, bad, and the plain old ugly. You re locked up in some dark little prison cell and yo want me to join you. But I can t live like that. That was the beginning of the end. I screwed up after Kayuga, we say hi, but it s nothing like before.
Desk past midnight diary CONTESTANTS Cherry, Bones, and Clown. Sees vulnerability they are the bait.
Vinny hanging out (*DUNCAN*) must do something before it's too late, what if it already is? Rant about war against lower class, keeping in prison where they live. I have to do something before home. Vin I'll come, no it's something I have to do. Red hair girl is real. She'll think I am the nut Follow What is my plan? What am I doing? I scared her, I am in over my head. Need to study book.
Mom worried where he was, phoned friends, girl? Date? Not really. My first step was kinda stumble, but it was a step.
Dad talks see poor guy being eaten by guilt, even though impossible for him to do anything. All guys have that thing, it doesn t go away that thing is a belief that one day you re going to be a hero. It s bred into you. MEDIA I am still waiting for mine. You re worrying your mother. You re trying to guilt me into not feeling guilty. Whatever works, kid. All the stories didn t do it for me, but when I saw how Mom was looking at me, that did it. Wasn t quick. Or easy. But I had to wipe that look from her eyes. Guilt versus guilt. Whatever works.
Vinny brains, Wayne muscles. Library.. research. List animals bed fire ADD abuse, tell cops handwriting? Turn it in.
Police talk to several people irritated, just leave it, too busy, won t do anything. Take go.
Roach writes about the old bitch of a grandmother. P 99
Vinny cops didn t believe me. Dreams girl drowning are starting again. I think there is a reason that I found it. This is about that girl. A second chance? I just need to do something. Okay man I hope you re right about this.
2 and a half million people in Toronto and
Call Kim. Machine, erase message.
Vinny calls at work. Meet after work at the barn Done close to home
Diary about grandmother and bring men back, sending basement, locking
Vinny clips from paper to find where crimes were on map from diary. Somewhere in these six or seven blocks. Jungle, so we got squat.
Why stuck this page? Receipt from hardware store at mall. Employees discount.
Go store, ask for job, find discount for employee is 25 and 10 is anyone work at mall. Security guard. Six wait to see all Wait if he works here, girl rides subway, hunting, girls Wilson station not far from all those dots on map. We follow the guards home.
Wayne, shaved head, free man fired from burger barn. $600 missing usual suspect. Skimmed $20, but they never knew about that. Kim phoned hung up 4 times, what s the
List to 2 Vinny follow one I other. Both meet women rule out don t fit
News women pushed in front of subway Jacob lunch early reminded of wife.
Jacob back know what call this place? Morgue, dungeon, come to die Don t belong here kid, when time is up run.. Man looking for a book Found him? Follow him home Nothing must not have been turned in. Security uniform. I become his shadow. Subway, bus, alley house. Cops now? Roach leaves house. Vin would call a seriously stupid idea.
Wayne, favor, pick a lock. Knocking empty in grandma sleep, padlock basement, open this lock, okay, wait on corner. Metal door pipe lock, empty, back, knife, bar hit, slash left forearm, run stairs, follows yelling, run 2 blocks pothole, subway, gets closer, fake throw hook he dodges it, hits me, down on ground, train sound thunder, shoe kicks at me, not hard, second catch, give yank, falls past me, horn blast, no time to crawl out, flatten against stone, last thing I see is Roach staggering to stand, scream metal sparks, impact, blinding pain, black, falling, nothing.
One male died on the scene from massive injuries, witnesses must have been failed mugging other critical
If botched mugging why did he follow? Sorry I can t remember. He tried to rob me, he had a knife, all I can remember.Wayne and Vinny tell they are the only ones that know and they will take it to the grave. Wayne waited on corner, but rain, went into coffee shop, missed Roach, saw me leave followed, lost heard sirens, followed to hospital, saw mom, but slipped away. Wake familiar smell, Kim, look like roadkill, should see the other guy. You were always so busy trying to rescue me from my life, tell me who needs protection? Sleep wake who there? Vanilla phantom.
Cops, got more from them than they got from me. Weber s grandma was uncooperative. I could see that she would see him for what she always thought he was. Lady who caged Kim called, ball game. Back to work, Jacob, five weeks of pain for 15 minutes of fame. So why d you come back here? Don t know, what would you do without me, Get some peace and quiet, You can get that when you re dead guess so he mumbles. Stunned closest thing to a conversation. We ve both been doing our time here, My sentence was almost up. Jacob might just be a lifer. But I ve still got a couple more weeks to work on him.
Vinny, night, jump fence, swim, you know I don t swim. No one here to see you. Dive deep down, wait for screams in my head, nothing but empty water and silence. Wait as long as can, whisper a silent sorry, then kick off for the surface. I was born to swim. Tell Vinny she s not there. Who? Maya, That s good, man. Let her sleep. Yeah. . Night.

realisitc fiction mystery fear recovery detective teen growing up diary Canada
The Bartimaeus Trilogy book 1 The Amulet of Samarkand Jonathan Stroud 2003

The Bartimaeus Trilogy Book1 CoverNathaniel is apprenticed to learn magic and encounters Simon Lovelace who humiliates Nathan in public.

Nathan determined to learn more spells and magic on his own summons a djinni Bartimaeus. To get revenge he commands Bartimaeus to steal Lovelace's Amulet of Samarkand.

Let the trilogy begin!

Adventure, excitement, suspense, magic, spells, power, and of course good versus evil.

fiction modern fantasy djinni geni magic Egypt London England adventure
The Dream Bearer Walter Dean Myers 2003

A story about a family that centers on a father - son relationship and finding ones place in the world that balances family and cultural histories with the realities that a young adolescent faces in his present world to create his own life. Intriguing three stories within the story told the dream bearer and how they relate to David s life and suggest directions he might choose. Includes great imagery... It was as if sadness had just come in and was living with our family. (36) and ... When I dream of him sometimes I think I see him peering through his darkness looking for something he ain t never seen. And it makes me laugh, and sometimes I think I see it and it fills my cup with tears

Main character - David Curry
Ty - older brother (17)
Reuben - father

David Curry and his best friend Loren are watching a neighbor girl Sessi Mutu from Kenya build a model of her African house on the roof of her apartment next door to David s apartment.
David wakes in middle of night and hears his father (Reuben) and mom arguing.
Reuben has spells, said boys weren t his, threw dishes out window said they had poison on them, nervous, on medication, and when he didn t take them would work real hard around the house.
Mom was working with the neighborhood to purchase a building owned by Mr. Kerlin that she and others wanted to open for the community. Reuben was offered a job from Mr. Kerlin to help renovate it.
And after a while all that mad got to fallin in on itself and collapsing until the point where you couldn t tell what he was mad at and neither could he. Since it was too much trouble straightening it all out, people just decided to call him crazy. Pg. 27
David and Loren play basketball hang out... Meet Mr. Moses old man that carried dreams in his head and is trying to leave them behind. (31)
Cops come to house ask if Ty is Circle T? Ty flushes something down toilet. Cop tells Ty if he catches him dealing he is going to blow him away. Reuben all upset because he can t be a man in his own house.
It was as if sadness had just come in and was living with our family. (36)
Ty left didn t come home. Reuben mom fight. Reuben thinks cops came because he got a job, says Mr. Kerlin has a dream... Mom says she is tired of that phrase. Wishes King never said it.
Mrs. Mutu asks Mom to be character reference for citizenship, agrees.
Moses Littlejohn dreams that are special that fill up the soul... I must bear. Used to have six one got away. Dream of being a child, chained, carried to the water, took him on the boat, I could see his mouth gaped like a dead man s mouth...
There ain t no homeless people there just people ain t in their homes.
Empty lots are like holes in the neighborhood.
Ty gone two days. Back smelled bad...

Helps Reuben with Mr. Kerlin. Noticed didn t smile when talked to Reuben.
Me and David are going to have some donuts and milk and then he can go see his friend. Talks about how they control you and if they don t, they kill you like they did Malcolm X. How do they control you? By making you think in circles. They even tell you what to dream about.
Moses tells dream about in field picking cotton and started picking real fast... overseer knew needed to pick all day and wasn t going to do it like that, so he cracked the whip, but both of us wouldn t stop, we was both suffering, but we had got caught up in it and couldn t do nothing about it. Two men couldn t find no way out the pain, Ain t that a sorry dream?
Ty home. Reuben asks him to play ball... Ty got mad because Reuben had a way of making you feel little inside.
Ty tells David he owes $400 dollars. Reuben tells him to stay away from Moses.
Scholarship to private school mom yes, Dave no, Reuben mad because mom opened the letter, later visit...
102-103 great paragraph. Ty asks why tell mom $400? Just did.
Moses sick.... Reuben goes with D to see, says can sleep in Mr. Kerlin s building. Dream about church money stolen, man says don t see him among them, kinda like... sheriff... puts kinda in jail guilty hung... (114-116)
Loren calls meeting about Moses. During meeting says at least he doesn t go off like David's dad...
Ty...Reuben tells D that If you re a man you control your space...
Henson Crisis...
Take Mr. M to see house on roof. Dream??? Checkers blind man could beat anyone. First thing he would ask is what color they was. He said he had to play black people different than white people. When I dream of him sometimes I think I see him peering through his darkness looking for something he ain t never see. And it makes me laugh, and sometimes I think I see it and it fills my cup with tears.
Upstairs... hospital go to hospital every day ask... Ty tells mom gambling debts... mom pays $400. Finally D thinks drugs...
Reuben... bed... Mr. Kerlin sold building to city and the Henson Project will lease it from the city and he dumped your father the same way he did the building. Reuben leaves, follows to pier. Sun comes up back to house. police car... sends D upstairs to get some money for breakfast...
Last chapter The Dream... David s dream rats chasing he and Reuben... Ty, Reuben, ...Mr. Moses.

fiction fantasy father son African American family Harlem New York mental health great imagery. African American black experience multicultural
The Keys to the Kingdom: Mister Monday Garth Nix 2003

Being in the wrong place at the wrong time makes Arthur Penhaligon, a self-conscience 12 year old asthmatic boy that wants nothing more than to be a normal 12 year old boy, heir to Architect of the Universe. Unable to walk away without the universe as we know it being destroyed Arthur begins to collect and assemble the will. Not to mention survive and conquer the most unusual days worth of adversaries. The title suggests a weeks worth of book adventures ahead.

The Will was destroyed physically torn apart into seven fragments and scattered across space and time.
The first and last fragments were fused inside clear crystal harder than diamond,then encased inside an unbreakable glass, inside a cage of silver rand malachiite on the surface of a dead sun at the very end of time. Guarded by twelve metal sentinels. A corp of inspectors visited every 100 years, no one else for ten thousand years. After the inspector showed up something small skinny and very black shot across the golden line and onto the plate and vanished. A fragment of the will had escaped and worse it touched him and he knew what it said. Into the trust of my good Monday, I place the administration of the Lower House. Until such a time as the Heir or the Heir s representaitves call upon Monday to relinquish any such offices, properties, rights, and appurtenancves as Monday holds in trust.
Two taller thinner and more handsome men arrived. You will come with us we serve a higher master than Mister Monday. Drew and elevator with sticks and said we are going all the way to the top.

Arthur Penhaligon was at his new school on the first day. PE run asthma attack, helped by a girl (3 puffs from inhaler), went to call 911, A flash of light and odd man in a sort of wheel chair being pushed by an attendant. Explains that he must give Arthur the key wait until he dies and then get it back. so that he can claim he gave it up to one in the line of heredity. Sneezer picks up Arthur and holds while Mr. Monday utters something and goes to give him a blade and when Sneezer drops him on the grass and drops the blade in Arthur s open hand. Instantly Sneezer wrapped Arthur s hand around it, pain... but he could breathe. The other heas has to have it all. Monday questions Sneezer s motives. Says usually an idiot and how did he come up with this plan? In league with the Morrow Days? Trumpets letters in black ink formed on Sneezers skin then through the air, then Sneezer disappers, and something hits him on the head. a lim green clothed notebook... saw 4 words Heir, Monday, The Will
In his hand looked like a minute hand of an antique clock. He didn t want anyone to take it from him so he stuck it into the ground. He would come back for it, but his chest tightened, if he lived.

2 still in hospital mother (Dr. Emily) medical researcher and father musician guitar famous band Ratz 35 years ago. Robert (Plague Rat).
Six brothers and sisters mixed 3 on tour, 1 Emily s, and 2 both, and arthur adopted (parents died in flu epidemic and worked with Emily. Two school friends visit, Leaf and brother branch Ed. They say they saw two wierd guys and wheel chair thing. There were lots of them saying go away.
The Octopus (principal Doyle) couldn t see them. Not hallucination.
Tells about notebook... A Compleat Atlas of the House and Immediate Environs. Covers won t budge. They dug up the whole oval. ?? found key ?? why dig all if found?? He would find it. Under pillow feels key. It wasn t there before. How? followed the book? Leaf?
3 Home Atlas and key wrapped in shirt in a plastic bag. On way home he sees a house that wasn t there Monday. Bob doesn t notice it. With key and Atlas it opened. The House: An exterior aspect as manifested in many secondary realms.... Monday Postern ... dictionary 1. back door or gate 2. lesser or private entrance. 12:01 Monday mmorning heard a noise and a winged man was at his window. ... It was going to be an interesting day...

fiction modern fantasy adventure good and evil
Catie and Josephine Jonathan Scott Fuqua 2003
fantasy fiction
The Wee Free Men: A Story of Discworld Terry Pratchett 2003 A young witch to be, Tiffany, teams with the wee-Free-Men, clan of six inch blue men, to rescue her baby brother and ward off a sinister invasion from Fairyland.
Great play on words and use of puns.
fantasy fiction Witch wee free men fairyland puns play on words
Sword of the Rightful King: A Novel of King Arthur Jane Yolen 2003

Jane Yolen writes this story using fantasy and selections from different historical interpretations of Arthur, the various members of his court, and his adversaries. It relates well to English literature, history, and the political scenes for a variety of different types of government. Particularly the interesting interplay between perception and reality and how different entities of the government can try to manipulate them to achieve their goals.

Prince Gawaine - of Orkney, believes King should be for power not birth right.
Brothers - Argravaine, twins(Gareth, Gaheris), Medraut
Mother - Morgause (Morgana?) Her mother (Queen) married Uther Pendragon (High King) and they had her (no sons). She should be Queen and Gawaine Kiing. She spins spiderweb intrigues of spiteful magics, because she dispised Arthur for taking her crown.
Hwyll - male servant of Morgause.
Merlinnus - Druid priest
Kay Arthur s step brother and court clerk?

Calls Gawaine to her tower...Good to let him stew... a stew long boiled makes easier eating. Casts a binding spell on Gawaine. Asks him to stay and rule? no will go back to Arthur s court. Asks him to spy for her. find out about all Arthur s companions. their strengths, weaknesses, faults... sexual and other... We prepare for his fall.
Talks to northern lords messangers. Who is with me to overthrow Arthur? No one. I will do it alone. Then all of you will be next.
Four sons leave for Arthur s court.
Medrant her pupil youngest son Agravaine stays
Bedwyr sends messanger with letter to Arthur to notify him that the North witch is sending her four sons and one will assassinate him.
Not written in letter held in messangers mind.

Arthur says... Let s reason this out together. Gawaine we know him here he is sound.
Kay - everyone wants to be King (even Kay) except Arthur,
Messenger leaves runs into Merlin, tells him everything... assassin sent by Margause, if true, she must feel ready and have magic greater than he. Turns back to his tower.
Use water to scrye... she is still practicing magic even after having so many children, At seven she charmed Merlin... Called him Lord Magic and he taught her for a short time to stay on her mother s (Ygraine) good graces as she was pregnant with Arthur who Merlin was promised that he would be charged to nurture, train, and love and put on the High King Throne. He never thought she would have such power of magic.
If the people believed Arthur to be their only choice (perception), then he would be (reality). Merlin wonders how to do this and make Arthur believe it himself. Merlin, believed Arthur was the once and future king and nothing would come of her actions, but how to insure it? I know only fire, air, stone, steel, and in a moment he had it.
Merlin - dream of sword in stone, another trick, but a good one. Goes to Arthur and tells him of his dream. Three time (lie) so it must be true. Arthur and Merlin argue over the importance of the message and Merlin s trick...
Arthur - I won t take sword and right wrongs? The ear is the seat of government.
Kay and Arthur talk about assasination... (knows Merlin lies to push his ideas) Kay doesn t but... Talk about May Queen and what she should be for next year.

fantasy fiction historical King Arthur Great Britain knighthood magic middle ages
Green Angel Alice Hoffman 2003 Green loses her family at fifteen and retreats into her ruined garden. She struggles to survive emotionally and physically. Imagery from 9-11 or the journey through adolescence and the struggle to finding yourself as an adult. Creative, thought provoking, and incredibly profound vivid and emotional imagery. fiction realistic modern fantasy death destruction grief gardening Gothic imagery
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix J. K. Rowling 2003

It s Harry... However, the writing continues to get better with each book.
How does she keep everything straight?

Harry Potter on number four Privet Drive hot summer drought
Vernon Dursley, Aunt Petunia, Dursley
Mrs Figg cat loving old lady who loved cats who lived at Wisteria Walk
Harry listen to news behind hydrangea bush BANG (apparating or disapparating] Uncle Vernon catches Harry under window with wand out.
No news from anyone are forbidden to say anything in case owls or letters get stolen.
Ron, Hermione, Sirius [Harry s Godfather].
Dudley [boxing champ ] has gang meet up with Harry going home run into Dementors, Expecto Patronum white stag... Mrs. Figg [witch] shows up and says Mundungus Fletcher was to watch and left. Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery Dumbledore was afraid of this... Carry Dudley back to dursleys ... Ministry of Magic owl turn in wand, expelled from Hogwarts and hearing April 12 9:00 AM
Owl from Arthur weasley don t leave aunt and uncle s house, don t do any more magic, do not surrender your wand.

When Dudley verifies Harry s story about the dementors, Aunt Petunia seems to understand. but when Harry tries to probe she ... third owl ministry of magic okay keep wand... until hearing... fourth owl sirius don t leave the house... Mrs. Petunia Dursley gets a howler remember my last, petunia.
Send owl to Hermione, Sirius, and Ron peck hands until write back...
Visitors lured Dursleys with Best-Kept Suburban Lawn Competion. Alastor [Mad-Eye] Moody, Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Elphias Doge, Dedalus Diggle, Emmeline Vance, Sturgis Podmore, Hestia Jones, Pack. put disillusionment charm on Harry, fly with Harry surrounded.
the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix at 12 Grimmauld Place, London.
Meet Hermione, Ron, Mrs. Weaseley. Ginny, Fred and George use Extendable ears to listen to meeting and hear Some of order follow known death eaters
Bill and Fleur Delacour working at Gringotts. Percy worked for Mr Crouch and didn t notice he was being controlled by Lord Voldemort but since Percy was left in charge he didn t complain. Now he got promoted and is in Fudge s office as Junior Assistant to the Minister. Dumbledore is mud at the Ministry because Fudge says they don t think you-know-who is back. Mr. Weasley says that Fudge gave Percy the job so that he could spy on him because he is in with Dumbledore. Daily Prophet... haven t you been reading? Front page. Hermione - you need to read it all. The undertone that was started by Rita Skeeter making Harry a joke and his tales of L.V. lies.
Kreacher - house elf that lives here.
Portrait of old hag yells - Sirius see that you ve met my mother. This is my parents house.

fiction modern fantasy good vs evil
The Tale of Despereaux Katie Di Camillo 2008

Well written very engaging fantasy adventure to read aloud in primary grades. The author plays with the reader by using the word reader . Makes comments about the meaning of some word (perfidy). And uses a generally delightful tone - With a rope made of mice whiskers, He went up to see the light and ended in the Queen s soup... As he was running away he looked back and saw... the Princess s look that broke his heart...

Despereaux Tilling a very small mouse with big ears and many talents Princess Pea, servent girl, and a rat.
Book 1 Despereaux from birth to the dungeon.
Book 2 Birth of Chiaroscuro - Roscuro birth to meeting Despereaux Botticelli Remorso

Author plays with the reader by using the word reader also with comments on some words (perfidy).
Antoinette - Lester Tilling
Furlough, Toulese, Merlot,
Aunt Florence, Uncle Alfred,
Thread master - red thread

King Phillip, Princess Pea
Gregory the jailer - tell me a story - give me some light, rope to gate, met Roscuro chewing on rope,

Chiaroscuro - Roscuro, Botticelli Remorso rat with heart locket and belief that the meaning of life is suffering or others. Red cloth, light, rope made of mice wiskers, Went up to see the light and ended in the Queen s soup, as running, looked back and saw the Princess s look that broke his heart.

graphic novel fantasy fiction good bad evil living happily ever after vocabulary story elements


Books published in 2004
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
The Young Merlin Trilogy Jane Yolen 2004
Merlin, from his abandonment by his parents at the age of eight to the discovery of his powers at twelve. Three novels reimagine the origins of the legendary wizard. Trilogy includes: Passager, Hobby and Merlin
fantasy magic
Children of the Lamp book one The Akhenaten Adventure P. B. Kerr 2004 12 year old twins Philippa and John discover they are descendants from a long line of djinn. Their mother sends them to Uncle Nimrod who takes them to Egypt to begin their education about their extraordinary powers. The training is interrupted with the necessity of dealing with the ongoing struggle between good and evil djinn and the potential change in the balance of power.potential change in the balance of power between Akhenaten s ghost and Iblis the leader of the Ifrit.Good adventure story with themes for strong family ties. fiction modern fantasy djinn Cairo magical power adventure brother sister Egypt twins uncle family
The Bartimaeus Trilogy book 2 The Golem s Eye Jonathan Stroud 2004 Book 2. Adventure of 14 year old Nathaniel. He hasn t the time he needs to grow into his magical abilities and powers as he continues to discover plots against him and others that are working against the powers of evil. Will he be able to discover himself and sort out the good from bad before it s too late. Bartimaeus is a powerful ally, but how committed can a djinni be when it knows you have the capacity for total control? fiction fantasy djinni geni magic London England adventure
How I Live Now Meg Rosoff 2004 Possibly one of the most talked about books of the year, Meg Rosoff's novel for young adults is the winner of the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize 2004. John McLay
Daisy (15) tells the story, in first preson, of how she is sent to England by her father and pregnant step mother. While in Englland a war breaks out while her Aunt is away on business forcing her and her cousins to fend for themselves. Embedded within this survival story are stories about adolescent trying to find themselves while growing up. Recognition of an eating disorder, and adolescent sex - emotional description not physical being two. Many opportunities for powerful student discussions on adolescent issues. Includes an Epilogue six years later.
science fiction family relationships future war strifeEating disorder
adolescent sex - emotional description not physical
Lizzie Bright and The Buckminster Boy Gary D. Schmidt 2004 HIstorical fiction about race relations and injustice resulting from prejudice in a 20th century small Maine town. The main character struggles to deal with several conflicts beyond the obvious prejudicial ones as he grows to manhood. Black and white relations, minister s son and trying to fit into an adolescent culture, male and female, life and death, family responsibilities and personal desires - good and bad. The author s use of language makes a powerful story even more powerful with numerous insightful descriptions:
... you never touched a girl before? or you never touched a girl with black skin? I never even talked to someone with black skin. ... well never mind you re holding up your end just fine.
...seemed about as surprised at each other as new hope drying a last tear.
- Books can be fire. Books can ignite fires in your mind, because they carry ideas for kindling, and art for matches. ... - Should a minister s son be reading this? Who better.
... everything in the world rejoices in the touch, and everything in the world laments in the losing. And with his hand still on the whale he...
A must read for every middle school child in America.
Newberry Honor
Lizzie Bright Griffin
Turner Buckminster
Malaga Island off the coast of Maine
Setting 1911 Phippsburg

New Meadows, Turner Buckminster III, Lizzie Bright Griffin, Mrs. Elia Hurd, Mrs. Cobb, Deacon Hurd, Sheriff Elwell, Abbie, Perlie, Tripp, Mr. Stonecrop, , West Point, Hermit, Bald Head, Portland, Malaga Island, Phippsburg, Maine, Pownal

Turner Buckminster lived in Phippsburg, Maine
Son of a minister (will always be a minister s son)
Lived there fifteen minutes shy of six hours. Not a single one of them grabbed his arms. They looked at him as if he d stepped in something they didn t want to be around.
Baseball - throw the ball high in air and it drops on the plate. Turner disappointed
Next day swim. Jump from cliff into surf forty feet below Turner no.
Light out to the territories.
All shutters of houses green except one yellow and red strawberry door.
Throw rocks bounce hit fence Mrs. Cobb whose grandfather built the fence.
Mrs. Elia Hurd meet Turner Buckminster III So Turner Buckminster III when you look through that number at the end of your name, does it seem like you re looking through prison bars?
White shirt and starched.

Lizzie Griffin introduced on Malaga Island several times before she meets Turner.
Preacher Griffin s granddaughter. Takes dory to shore digs clams.
Sheriff Elwell stereotyped language (monkey, one less colored,
Phippsburg, dieing shipping business change to tourist.
Turner must read and play organ for Mrs. Cobb for the rest of the summer.
Mrs. Cobb tells Turner that she is going to die in this room. Play for her she sleeps, goes to clean blood from shirt and in underwear when she wakes and comes into kitchen

Town group wants Malaga Island cleaned up. Can t handle own son how can he handle a congregation. Brought him here to move forward.
First meets Lizzie after throwing a rock into the air and hitting him in the nose. Bloody
Egg pudding page 50-51 on spoon, then fall when father is caught up in lecture, and Turner first wonders if his father really believed a single thing he was saying and mother for first time steps in and releases him from the white shirt and Mrs. Cobb.
Mrs. Elis Hurd - You know why you got whipped? You were supposed to hit the boy in the eye. Don t be such a Christian, When you fight someone bigger than you are, you got to go for the nose then go for the eye ( hidden meaning on how to win an argument or take control of a situation)
Lizzie catch Over island? Meet granddad and Abbie, Perlie, Tripp
On way meet Sheriff Elwell and Mr. Stonecrop. Push change and removal of squalor from Malaga Island, they have a way of . Take home and tell Rev. went in Negro dory. New commandment not to island.
Meet Lizzie at beach, fall bloody head, take to Island tide miss island, look into the eye of a whale, not touch, only can when you understand them.
Deacon Hurd rescue on sloop. Stay away - They can make you think what they want to.
Mr. Stonecrop Phippsburg pays the bill of those paupers father sermon walls of Jericho, so also should we blot out what is not wholesome, what is not good, what is not pleasing, and take up our own promised future. Amen Mr Stonecrop replies.
Mrs. Cobb talks to Turner as going to shore. Play and if last words Plays enjoys.
Talks to Mrs. Hurd no church god speaks to her, pounds her chest, here is where I listen. Song I Have Some Friends Before Me Gone. If play finish chorus before cover her.
Father slaps that s how it feels when you humiliate me. Do you know what forbidden means? Island? No Shore! Forbidden. House two weeks. Three days Mrs. Cobb rescues.. Plays for a few days and Mrs. Cobb tells to go find Lizzie. Hurd said you don t care a penny s worth about me. That s a lie, That s what my grandfather said. Come to Mrs. Cobb s to hear play. Turner looked back and forth between Mrs. Cobb and Lizzie, both of whom seemed about as surprised at each other as new hope drying a last tear.
Come tomorrow at high tide.
Turner school at home. Mrs. Hurd gone and shutters painted green. Family affair. Home for the Feeble-Minded in Pownal.
Schooling, afternoon off, see House on raft floating in sea. Tripp s house later Portland news paper forced off island
Books can be fire. Books can ignite fires in your mind, because they carry ideas for kindling, and art for matches. Father gives Turner Origin of Species this is fire. Should a minister s son be reading this? Who better.
Mrs. Cobb people take me to Lizzie doesn t show for nine days, go to see clamming. People trying to take house away. Go visit grandfather who is ill in bed.
Seasons last baseball game of the season. Father told him to get ready. 12 foul balls and let s last ball fall to plate as strike three and walks away. Mom it s good for ministers to be embarrassed now and again. Helps them remember who they are.
Wasn t sure about lighting out for the territories, he wondered if having a house wrapped around him wasn t something he wanted a whole lot more.
Willis painting shutters yellow another brush? So why didn t you hit it? Because everyone expects green shutters. There is another brush in the pail
Forbidden silently lifted island on way back Deacon Hurd. Yellow paint on tip of ear? Disease missionary gradfather
Play Mrs. Cobb pass out write down last words. Safely to the mountain lead me. Safely to my heavenly home. Safely to Your mansions guide me. Never, ohh never, to walk alone. Wakes up no not die today what did you write NO you Can t get it right Oh hell it s warm here. Get me a ginger ale. Then does die, Lizzie straightens clothes and kisses I never saw anyone die before. Lizzie I did my mother, Grandfather is going to die.
Rev Buck. Makes up last wods at funeral 23 Psalm Lie plant violets.
Mrs. Cobbs will house to Turner. Mr. Stonecrop sly minister Mother Turner she gave the house to you because she wanted you to have it. I know what she wanted me to do with it. Then you better do it. Go on Turner disappoint him. Go do it
Lizzie at Mr Eason s house, plant violets in the spring. Watch pine fall from cliff from weight of snow NOTHing stays the same, does it, said Lizzie.
Tells house hers. Phippsburg is not going to let it happen. Not a person with skin as black as mine. And Turner began to believe in it less with the passing of time.
Stonecrop see how those people have brought him to this? But I won t have it. I won t have a Negro living in Phippsburg.
Willis tells Turner tonight, it s going to happen tonight. Goes to Mrs, Cobb s house. Cupola, See lanterns on island. Strike three he hears someone say and bolts the door. Out roof tree catches ground.. Sheriff Elwell shotgun blast right by his head. Knock you down boy. There is a lot of ways to knock a man down. Just a little while ago I took this shotgun away from Mr. Jake Eason. I wanted you to know what it was like, What one of your friends was about to do. Go home. Blow a shot gun by Lizzie s head (in Eason s house) As a matter of fact I didn t need to she just got up and went along quiet, like she was supposed to. Went where? Pownal. Leaped at him
Pounding at him when his father pulled him away. Threw shotgun into sea. What you did tonight you didn t do for the town, you did for yourselves . The last thing Turner saw was his father s moonlit eyes.
Father in coma. Turner goes to meeting where they were to dismiss father. Mr. Newton speaks out against town and for Rev. Buckminster. Tells mom wants you to know we will be moving from the parsonage to Mrs. Cobbs as soon as father can be moved. Willis tells about graves being moved and houses being burned down and where ever the cloud touched, it left ashes.
Father s funeral My father is with God, just as the minister here says. But God didn t call him because he was doing God s work here, He wanted the pople of Malaga Island to live in a place that was their own. The best way to honor my father would be to rebuild the homes on the island and invite everyone back but I don t think you will do that. Turner, Mr. Newton, and Old Mr. Thayer covered the Rev turner Buckminster II vial of ashes from their own hearth and snow covered.
Go to free Lizzie.
Snow, Mr. Newton . Come to ask me to take you to Pownal You ll always be a minister s son. Don t be disappointed with what you might find.
Iron fence with sharp spikes. Elizabeth Bright Griffin died ten days after coming to this institution. Turner felt the cold of the place come into him. He could not move. It was as though the bricks surrounded him and hi alone. He felt that he would never escape them, never see anyone he loved again, never see the ocean waves again. That he would always be cold, and the cold would be in him more than around him.

Church, rejected all but Newtons What was in his father's eyes? What was it that the whale knew?
Mr. Stonecrops shipyard failed and he left taking the investments of half the town.
Hurds were penniless.
Lady s sewing circle asked to come back to church.
Turner told they would move in with them.
Willis and Turner paint shutters yellow and door strawberry red.
Lobster boat. Touch the whales, talk to Lizzie. Turner knows that everything in the world rejoices in the touch, and everything in the world laments in the losing. And with his hand still on the whale he wept for ..
Willis was waiting on the doc with lanterns.
Willis, said Turner, and he told him about the whales.

Author s note
historical fiction slavery injustice stereotypes prejudice Maine history 20th century minister Phippsburg race human relations multicultural moving family friends clergy
The Red Book Barbara Lehman 2004 On the way to school a child finds a red book. Takes it to school and sees that there is a map inside. On the map is an island with a small dot that becomes another child that finds a red book in the sand. The children are suprised to see each other in each other s book. The girl in the city uses balloons to float away, drop her red book, and floats into the other red book and meets the other child. A third child on a bike finds the lost red book, picks it up, and bikes away.
Maybe.. My interpretation since there are no words you may have a different one.
picture book wordless fiction Caldecott Honor
The Voice That Challenged A Nation: Marian Anderson and the Struggle for Equal Rights Russell Freedman 2004 Aren t all Russell Freedman books top notch? nonfiction Newberry Award winner
Kira-Kira Cynthia Kadohata 2004 Japanese American sisters move from Iowa to rural Georgia during 1950-1960. Katie tells the story in first person and sister Lyn has lymphoma. Glittering beautiful desire for family to own their home, sky blue.
Accelerated Reader puts at 4.5, but the themes are more for 11 or 12 year olds.
historical fiction Japanese American 1950-1960 cancer lymphoma family optimism Newberry Award Winner 2005
Kitten s First Full Moon Kevin Henkes 2004 Creative use of black and white and milk and kittens.
Pictures all black and white
Mistakes moon for bowl of milk
Pond big bowl of milk - jumps into it.
Home mad can t get bowl of milk and arrives home to bowl of milk
picture book Caldecott Award
Hank Zipzer: The World s Greatest Underachiever Holy Enchilada Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver 2004 Humerous and interesting story line and use of language. Story of Hank Zipper centered around family, friends, and multicultural day at school. Sitcom in paper back, lite reading to inspire...
Henry (Hank Zipper) best friend Ashley Wong, Frankie Townsend, Heather Payne (class genius)
Principal Love

What comes after Itchy knee? How do you answer that?
ee-che, nee, is Japanese for 1, 2.
Visitor from sister school in Japan and multicultural day.
Yoshi Morimoto will stay for two days and spend time at one lucky student's home.
Hank pick me... Draw from hat... Hank wins.
At lunch Ms Adolf tries to talk him out of it. say may better other family. Hanks says if America is the land of diversity, then his family is very, very diverse.
When get back to class Ms. Adolf asks Hank to make a list of ten things he would like to do with Yoshi at home and spelling counts. video games, burp contest, knuckle cracking contest (K? that one was hard to find in dictionary)... Shares list with Ms Adolf and she says I hop this is a joke? New list describe favorite subject in school, shore 3 facts about their country, write a poem, picture flave, native dance...
Ask parents for permission... help clear table, tea, trip over Iquana, bow, practice for when Yashi get here. Yes, but bathroom wall paper? Dad can share mechanical pencil collection. Whole family vote yes. Even cheerio the dachshund
Welcome Yoshi in Japanese characters sign.
Art teacher Mr. Rock. The door... use it... stop making fun of people, you're welcome back.
Intro Yoshi Mr. Rock he's what is called putting your best foot forward.
Skate board, jeans, NY tee shirt silver sneakers porcupine gelled hair, taller than Hank.
Can go meet him? Principal Will, boring, Hank! Actually class... wow maybe a human being inside her after all. All 32 down stairs to meet...
Yoshi can speak English and Japanese. Warches US movies, TV Bart Simpson... learned English ...
Principal and teacher come off as not too bright. Remarks also about US Higher education as place to go to become...
Principal repeats things twice. Has a mole that looks like the statue of liberty with out torch. Talks about how to eat. Mallomar cookies. Two different colored sneakers that are the school colors with Velcro fasteners.
Ikerie - cool
Yoshi likes to draw Japanese superheros, likes music, Japanese rap.
Play softball at recess hits home run
Use chopsticks to see who could pick up smallest piece of food. Ashley won giggles.
Uncle that is a Sumo wrestler. Favorite food is enchiladas with cheese.
Papa Pete Jog up to school to meet after school. Go bowling and root beer float. Talk about paper bathroom and Iguana getting stuck to floor...
Make goofy shopping list.
Go shopping
People waiting outside apartment to greet. Live on tenth floor.
Mama Vita s Killer cheesy Enchiladas recipe on the web.
How much chili powder? fraction Fear Freeze read lizard threw in 2-3 spoons. Robert on hands and knees making lizard sounds catches Katherine and Emily kisses him blush cage...
Papa Pete call I ll pick you up and take to school tomorrow. Doesn t have a car... shows in limousine.
Ms Adolf what? limo? extravagant? fun! fun not appropriate.
How spicy? stop the camera I can't read.... hate feeling not as smart as other people.
Rock, Principal take back to class before taste enchiladas. Rhinestones being taken didn't work...
When got back it was full of wall to wall food. Ms. Adolf red face hissing like Golem in The Lord of the Rings and then water...
shiicy... spicy... fart run to bathroom

Tell Mr. Morimoto the truth ZIP 10 reasons Mr. should not eat that Enchilada. I put too much chili pepper. Why not follow recipe? asked principle love.
the big question. Statue of liberty was staring at me laughing.
I had trouble reading the recipe.
Mr. Rock rescue with me too they get splattered with tomato sauce, gravy, peanut butter and jelly... Your learning problems are your business, you tell who you want to tell.
Ms Adolf returns... Henry I m sorry. For what. I didn't eat the enchiladas... It was McKelty's pigs in a blanket... OH Yeah life is good. McKelty made the teacher ...
Japan horseradish is WASABI

Emily - Hank was once personally attacked by (143) a small pile of wasabi.,... He put up a good fight, though,
Good thing to say could have...
Mr. M tastes, tears, great, what is it Zing... Very good...
Kicks butt. ate more ... Thank you for an excellent meal. Video to show how made enchiladas.
Later at home Yoshi gives silver shoes. Gave him Met's sweatshirt. Katherine TV star ask Ashley to be her manager. She's considering.
Dad showed Mr. M his M.P. collection and Mr. M has a floaty pens collection. Probably was the longest talk on the planet ever about pens and M.P.
Mom delighted when Mr. M used bathroom and liked the wall paper with pagodas.
Papa Pete brings Garlic Dills from the deli and they eat on the deck,
Say goodbye. Hank tells truth about his dyslexia. the best things come from the heart. Bowed to each other.
I glad we didn't follow the recipe.
realistic fiction learning disabilities underachiever humor school friends city apartment family recipe
The Sea of Trolls Nancy Farmer 2004 Very good story involving magic, legends, Vikings, trolls, dragons, bards, adventure, quest, duty to family.. Themes of life and death, being able to choose your destiny or having it decided, what is a life for? Very good adventure story with some great language and timeless questions of existence. Ties in to myths and legends particular Norse and English.
Jack February Cold Mom, Dad-Giles Crookleg farmer, and Lucy - lost Princess

Father tells Lucy stories that she is a Princess and was carried off by Trolls.
Jack tends sheep, thinks of Adam's sin and God and why punishment for 100 years?
Giles wanted to be a priest but parents were poor and couldn t afford it.
Went to Holy Isle to get leg fixed, couldn't
Jack takes food to Bard who lives in the Roman house, came two years ago and started giving orders. Knows magic
Jack s mom seems to know magic, talk to animals? bees
Bard talks to Jack and asks if he would be his apprentice. Dad needs me. So arranges it so Chief s son and blacksmith s son will work for you. Can go home on Sundays and help mom with bees when needed.
Move to Bards. Watch world and learn songs
Dream of Trolls (Jotuns)
Father s complaints are like crows easing disappointments of life.
Walk three days in woods.
Bard has vision that King Ivar the Boneless and wife Queen Frith (half Troll) are planning to invade and raid.
Sit quiet and all comes to you. It is a long slow process and you Jack opened the door too soon. Feel the life force. People didn t want to be animals so they walled off the life force to be able to choose their destinies.
Valley of Lunatics in Ireland is where all failed Bards are drawn.
Graduated Bard and went to Hrothgar s golden hall as he needed a Bard. Practice harp, magic, stories, fire (6 times - know when to quit), anger belongs to death.
Life and death are constantly struggling. No way for happiness to exist alone. Hrothgar s golden hall is too beautiful it attracts destruction.
Ogre Trolls hate light, laughter, and feasting. Come bite head off 10 soldiers and took bodies home. Warriors avenge, found Grendel had a protection from weapons charm. Beowulf attacked when Ame tore off arm restraining him, went to Swamo and died. Mother Frothi came to Hall took son s arm back to Hrothgar and hung it over fireplace. Beowulf called, but she didn t come. I ll go ... wait ... spells... Down... didn t return H and warriors left Bard exchange bodies with pike swim, beautiful women half troll, fish jump into castle flop around, she switches to troll battle... celebrate story poem...
Jotuheim sister Frith. Sent fire dragon Beowulf too old... fought died. Ivar Boneless sucked marrow out. Turned to half mad tyrant last good thing did was to put me adrift in the Caracle. Jack goes to shore to celebrate 1 year and finds box of a Berserker... (make drink from plant). Tells Bard. Bard says to tell people don t attack run into the forest and let neighbors fight. Hide stuff and then we work. Only Brother Aiden survived.
Jack it s like Hrothgar s hall all bright things attract destruction. What now? We make the biggest fog.
Another day more fog. Bard gets a fever. Jack used mom s medicine. Bard Nightmare: Go to forest, home. Lucy wouldn t stay in forest had to come home. Mom in garden. Says they will come on the Roman road.
Hears Lucy calling doesn t want to become human again, anger, Lucy ... cry... I ll come to you. Voices... hunting horn... rabbit... leaving... Lucy... Knights to take me back... Here I am ... escapee no stay and die with her, blackness... wake... sick at sea. sister...
Thorgil found and took Lucy. She will he her thrall. Haack belongs to Olaf One-Brow. I will kill her if you displease me. Thorgill is Olaf s Shield maiden. Storm, go to shore, rain, slaves, knight always gets worse before knight.
Sail land town sell slaves not Lucy offer not enough. Hack offer was less, but saves himself by singing and saying he is a Bard. Olaf decided he would like a Bard and doesn t sell him. Gives back the dagger the Picts offered for Jack, picked up Jack and left. Sailed fine wind, Olaf teachers Jack. Norse have different heavens and people wind up with the afterlife they expect, so have a good one. Skald = Bard. Thorgil tells Olaf Jack trained by Dragon Tongue and the Queen sent a nightmare to kill him and they should have searched for the body. Jack remembers seeing crow before with missing left foot before Bard lost his wits. Sees crow at see calls him down, names him Bold Heart. Call wind, rain, sink boat...
stops... row sing Fame never dies
Stop along shore, drink Wolf s brew, go berserk attack village. Thorgil mad because she is left on boat. Burn village, murder, pillage, silver, salt, horse (Cloud Mane) Jack goes to watch and write his song. Rune will give him one.
Practice verses - complicated, nothing called by its true name. more variations you work in the better. because that helps create the magic. Songs draw power from Yggdrossil (great tree that rises through 9 worlds- life force.
Bold heart takes Lucy s toys. Jack talks to him. Others think witchcraft, magic, and crow is his familiar.
Thorgil attacks Jack, Olaf stops.
Jotuns - Trolls walked over icy Sea of Trolls. Trolls don t lie, or talk, they thin in your head. Can t be ambushed by them because they can t lie or think lies at you. Berserkers can fight Trolls because they are out of their minds and Trolls don t know what they are thinking.
Thorgil sees Jack play with charm, fight, touch it and gets burned.
Queen half troll, shape shifter, no hold on reality, hates everything.
Reach Olaf s home
Thorgil alone... Dogs greet her. Speaks to them in Saxon.
Thorgil born to Allyson Thorgrim, greatest Berserker ever. Wanted a son, rejected her, sent to woods to die. Dogs found and suckled her. Because of that they could reject her and had to raise her, but they didn t talk to her.
In the morning Jack was put in his slave collar. Thralls tell him to clean pig stye. Trick to get him with Golden Bristles (troll boar). He sings to it, pets it and uses magic. Bullies thralls with fear to get them to clean the pigs.... Later they a get along fine. Find out that Golden Bristles is to be sacrificed in Freya s Fen
Skakki is Heidi s and Olaf s son.
Heidi tells Olof not to take Jake and Lucy to court or it will be his doom. On way to hall to see King Ivar they meet guests Sven the Vengeful, Egil Long-Spear, and Tree foot (wooden leg carved by Olaf, because his was bit off by a troll).
Queen was cold, but if looked at her she was beautiful and made you warm. Rund said don t look. She will pull you to where she is between two worlds. Thorgil gives Lucy who tells Frith the story of her being a Princess that was stolen by trolls...and Lucy calls Frith MOM.
Lucy asked to join Berserkers. Olaf gives necklace of leaves to Frith, So Thorgil gives up first capture and necklace and doesn t get to be a berserker. Queen Frith wants Jack but Olaf says no. King said sing Olaf s praises. Jack sings Frith Olaf s praise Song,
Listen, ring-bearers, while I speak
Of the glories of battle, of Olaf, most brave.
Generous is he, that striker of terror.
Lucky are they who sit in Olaf s hall,
Gifted w with glory, treasure, and fame.
The wolf-headed men call him leader.
Odin s skull-pickers name him friend... Very long poem wonderful...
Is this Skald a gift, asked Ivar? No, old friend, I have given you much of my beauty... I am ashamed to appear greedy, bow head. I have never though of you as greedy. Then I suppose that means I am, said the Queen. Take something else... War horse. Fighting the Queen s beauty, and the cats around his legs, fear, This land has laws, Ivar is King, he s told you not to take me. I ll sing your praises, Great Queen, but I must honor King Ivar s will. Sing me a praise song... Call off cats... They are not mine they are Freyas... Mention of cats, one bites Jack, Shouts, spell broken and Jack feels the life force strongly. Frith s hair detached itself from her head and fell t the floor with a little sigh. Frith screams... Bold heart, Crow seen in rafters.... Rune whispers, that was the biggest snit I ever saw. Go to unhitch oxen from Golden Bristles cart. Jack cuts leather straps. Good-bye, piggy, whispered Jack. Golden Bristles escapes.
The King wants Olaf, Jack, and Rune and Thorgil.
Queen - I want him punished.
Rune - if you do, you ll never get hair back. He was trained by dragon tongue. Freya priestess agrees only person cast spell can undo it. Remove spell. I don t know how.
Rune - he can get magic from the Well of Mimir in Jotunheim.
Quest. safe passage with Queen s chess piece. Save Lucy if back before need to sacrifice.
Olaf kills grouse, eat cave, sleep, food cache in tree, night noise and food gone in morning,
Day - Jack sees dragon eat elk
Thorgil bath because smell from cleaning grouse and will draw dragon or troll bear. writes poem... better than Jack... never because I am a warrior not poet... Girls can t write poetry.
Troll bear, attack drink wolf brew. fame never dies
Jack - Why everyone want to die? What s wrong with living:
Troll bear Crow eye, Olaf foot, Thorgil foot stuck, rescued by Jack
Olaf and bear break through tree fall Olaf dying. Thorgil made his daughter of my heart. Give chess piece, sun stone for Skakki, Thor s hammer,
Funeral pyre, poem fire, Thorgil die? If killed by thrall go to hel.
Dragon thinks fire is invading dragon or honoring Olaf... flies over and screams.
292 It made me what I am today. Being beaten... living with dogs... Maeve.
Jack make crutch, staff, go, argue with Thorgil, on quest need to the honorable thing for Olaf your father. You are right I will...
Odin wasn t allowed to drink until sacrificed something of importance. His eye. The path is guarded by Norns and they choose who finds it. The Norns keep the Yggdrassil tree alive. They decide what you will be when you are born.
Feel like donkey in a lead mine. miserable die. Thorgil lean on him, carry Bold heart. Dragon catches them and takes to her 4 dragonlets.
Bold heart talks to mom and she flies off. tells larger male dragon take advantage and take charge... Kills 3 sisters by throwing them off cliff. Victory scream... Thorgil stabs between plates and kills. Dragon returns to nest. Sneak down to valley, Thorgil leads the way. berries, birds, chicks, didn t kill... apples, walnuts...
Troll boar... Golden Bristles... Jack remembers Lucy...
Thorgil talk to Golden Bristles, practicing seider... you lied to me! No I didn t. I don t know what he says, but I do know what the birds are saying. Heard owls talk about valley and water where the dragon is forbidden to go. You re like Sigurd... dragon blood turned you into a witch.
Stay in valley recuperate, When leave see owls starving, enchanted. Pick up and carry out of valley.
Golden bristles going to Queens cave because she is a good friend. Talk pig, crow, Jack Thorgil... Cross rainbow ice bridge. Ride Troll boar. Eagle talons Jack s back, fall off hang by tied cloak, Jack faint and wake in bed Jotuns.
Troll from and sister Forath. We don t eat humans anymore. Especially with the Queens missing chess piece. Frith sent? Queen loved Olaf and since I m his daughter... Thrall collar? Thorgil removed. I inherited you and said on return to set you free, but decided to do so now.
Queen Glamdas Golden throne help quest with Norns, but they obey no one not even the gods.
Norns come to play chess. don t speak unless spoken to.
What is stronger than gods? time. the Norns are time itself.
Norns summon Jack. I serve the life force I don t believe in Ragnarok
Ice walls fall away and back to valley...
Mimir s well?
The ash tree Yggdrassil. Creatures feed on it.
Mimir s well tornado of bees, sit think peaceful... happy, up hill well, look (will I see Odin s eye at the bottom?) reach for bucket and great force swats him away and rolls down the hill.
Thorgill - told you must sacrifice something important.
Jack - don t believe in sacrifice, I believe in the life force and Odin was an idiot.
Thorgil - rage I ll kill myself for you you after I draw the water from the well. I offer my life to Jack so he may heal the Queen Frith, and save his sister. I swear by... 366. goes up hill, bees not hurt her, reach for bucket, swat, roll down hill. I will kill myself anyway.
Jack - rune of protection crystal around neck... Put on Thorgil...
Thorgil - Mother, I can see her in my mind. Queen Glamdis? No my real mother. Thorgil stories of how she mistreated people and dogs, who showed compassion/love for her. I feel strange. I don t want to kill myself. I don t want to fall in battle. I lack the desire to slash and burn and kill. You have given what you love Berserk and I the charm we can both drink from the well.
Walk up hill hand in hand. No bee tornado gone and bees dancing, get bucket, lower into well, sweet smell of life, drink, smell taste sweet full of life.
Thorgil new found beauty in everything.
Jack fill bottle for Rune. Nonrs say no. He gave his voice in service of people and his greatest poem to me and he s too old to come, he deserves it. and poured rest out on Yagdrassil s roots.
Instead of cutting off his ear or something the giving of the talisman created a win win ... selfless act.
Return to Mountain Queen sleeping. Food dust (Norns enjoy turning food to dust).
Fight for the same land. never give up. to refuse to battle would do neither of us honor. Ragnarok
Give vloaks spun of spider silk, take colors around hide from dragon.
Don't go near rocks on side of valley, walk next to river, travel by dark, hide by day. reach forest go North around field of flowers, follow elk trail. Gave staff (Fire wizard) never bring back.
Last part of trail decide to walk in day. Dragon... go to hide in rocks... spiders caught. Tied to top of tree. Crow. sing by twanging the web and put spider to sleep. Bold heart brings four white birds (owls) to thank Jack for saving their lives.
Reach shore, fire, ship Eric Pretty Face - killed sea serpent and head on ship, Rune asks where is Olaf? Morning Rune drinks well water.
Thorgil poem, talk to birds, nothing wrong accept her Olaf did. Skakki - you are right... I name you sister.
Wait Queen Frith calls, visit, messy room , fat... filthy... Lucy... she was disappointment, rage, feel fire easy to call in staff. Thorgil hand on Jack without here no healing
This will restore your hair he was no longer a mere boy but an agent of the Norms. They spoke through him. Take one-third of the cats hair, a white clothe to catch the moonlight, put the hair on it, lie down... beauty restored at Zenith.
Cuts all hair from cats. Jack free Lucy and Heide, Thorgil cats chase Frith into Fen. Freya call her kitty... Lucy clean up, cut hair, talk, toys, Bold heart... give back, when go home?
Lucy - tired of adventure.
Thorgil and Skakki. Thanks rid us of Frith.

All bright things invite destruction.
Rune - Life and death constant battle no way for happiness to exist alone.
Thorgil - I have written a poem... Jack and Jill went up...
won t last because it s silly.
Its fame will never die.
Thorgill necklace silver leaves gives to Lucy

Jack and Jill Norse legend of two children sent by their father to collect song-mead from Mimir s Well. On their way back, with a full bucket of mead, they were carried off by the moon god.
fantasy fiction family brother and sister Northland druids Vikings trolls Saxon Bards Jack and Jill
Sahara Special Esme Raji Codell 2004 Another nonstop read by Esme. Every page is more compelling than the one before. no question you will turn these pages to the end. A must read for teachers. Particularly in grade 4-6. Sahara a fifth grade girl struggles with the loss of her father while maturing emotionally and intellectually in a Chicago neighborhood. language use is incredible. I felt like I was floating on the ceiling, like smoke from something burning. It s like they re walking on ice, and the ice is made of other people s opinions. The only reason a girl your age should wear makeup is if she s a rock star or a hooker, and the minute you start showing promise in either of those areas we ll hop on down to Target and stock you up with everything you need, she promised. Don t tell auntie I said that, now.
Loving children is what teachers do for extra credit. It s not the main assignment.
Sahara and Darrell Sikes sit in hall...
I was proud, really proud of my mom not being afraid of failure. I am. I;d sooner not try than fail. They may think I am stupid, but I m not. Knowing I m not stupid is enough for me, I m enough for me. Mother signs papers to retain...
Oh thank you, Darrell Sikes, for being wild and nasty and rude and getting me out of the Program and makin me Normal Dumb, not Special Dumb. I owe you one, Darrell Sikes.
Was she thinking I loved her less because I missed my daddy more? I felt like I was floating on the ceiling, like smoke from something burning.
Can t a women get a divorce without her kid going special ed on her?
If I could have put out a cup, I would have made some change.
2- It s like they re walking on ice, and the ice is made of other people s opinions. But there s something not-nice about shy people, too. Something kind of stingy in the way they make you talk first, and then their answers are just one word. That s why it took so long for Rachel to join us upper graders in double Dutch. Always holding back. I had to go over to the fence, special, to get her.
I m going to be a writer.
The only reason a girl your age should wear makeup is if she s a rock star or a hooker, and the minute you start showing promise in either of those areas we ll hop on down to Target and stock you up with everything you need, she promised. Don t tell auntie I said that, now. What she does with Rachel is her business. ...nothing more attractive than a sensible girl... to who? God... if mom had to name her best friend, I might top the list.
... dad could do anything... he liked to try new things.... all the time.
3- When I read books the rest of the world melts away. In a story if you write a happy ending it never has to change. It stays happily ever after.
Paris... imagine if best friend ...
4- First day of fifth grade for the second time. New teacher... I don t want to give them any more material for their precious file on me.
We are not even blinking, frozen like statues in our first-impression pose.
5- I couldn t decide if she was white, Asian, Puerto Rican, or light-skinned black. Flowers, diploma, Madame Poitier, rules... yes looking, yes listening, yes consideration...
schedule puzzling
time travel and world exploration or mad science, read aloud, read together, read alone, art of language. You each owe me two dollars journal.
I don t know that Sakiah tells on people yet, So far, I onlyknow that about you. Assign Darrell Sikes to watch her back, since he was concerned about it. Boring is a swear word.
I am a writer
I believe you
6- I knew why I was angry at my teachers, at my counselor. I don t know why Darrell is angry. At everybody.
7- George Washington and cherry tree. Accountability means, if you ve got the guts to do soemthing, at least have the guts to say you ve done it. Darrell s mom comes in accuses Miss Pointy of calling him a jackass... We don t swear in my classroom. Hardly ever. And we don t hit. Much.
8- Stickers. none. Luz sticker take (she ahs plenty), Paris offer to see her journal. sticker on floor Paris picks up, gives to Luz, accuses her of stealing it... Recess Paris.. you going to take care of your business? I need a trouble basket.
9- rachel s brother flu, watch... Saharah sick homework... I brought it... That was nice of you, Especially since she doesn t do it, does she? Well, it s still hers, to do or not do.... She is going to be a writer... I didn t say she was... Read to her.. leave lots of pens and paper around... You know she has been held back? It will be great material... artist stuffer... I lent two bucks.. you advance her? Now? Now s good. You really haven t read the file on her. Can I read it, sorry it s hers now, you ll have to ask her.
she wouldn t rip out blank pages, would she? I like snooping, too...
I ve never failed a child. She, on the other hand, may fail herself.
Failing other people? Never occured to me. Failing myself, I could handle failing other people, just say I m sorry, but my self? I didn t want to fail myself, I didn t know how to appologize. WRITE in journal share with Rachel.
10- Special ed comes for Darrel... lies about paper she has from his mother about him not being pulled out... Put poem on Darrell s chair... Sometimes I look in his journal.... well don t get caught.
Talks about her WRITING didn t time travel... to get this good? Extraordinary? it s all there... talent. Earned sticker and gave it to Luz.
11- At home, he was beaten. He was poor. When he walked to school, the trees didn t talk to him. When he came to school, the children didn t talk to him. After some time, he started feeling jealous, too. Why can t I read? Why can t I write? Why can t I have friends? We became quiet. He couldn t act angry at his father or he would beat him.... classmates.... who was left? teacher... Loving children is what teachers do for extra credit. It s not the main assignment. I wish she was not my teacher. He wanted to hurt someone, because it felt like someone was always hurting him.
Miss Pointy makes up story of teacher and apple and student... 134-
Wish box - I wish for the letters in my file. Club library - meeting on Saturday
12-I ve told you enough stories, You tell me... Sahara Jones name 157 and her story... Writes like a grown up. story in library... Darrell moral of story... proud... cactus with red flower and Sahara s file. Darrell you sent me that dumb poem... I am not an orphan... neither are you... I know.
13- Dar daddy, I love you. I miss you. I hope someday you re smart enough to be sorry, but if you re not, that s okay. I m smart enough not to keep all this in my file. Love, your daughter and secret writer. Sahara Jones, now and forever. Write about teacher and students. poem ... it was extra credit.
realistic fiction view of inside a fifth grade classsroom from a student s perspective single family retention special ed writing figurative language
The Outcasts of 19 Schuyler Place E. L. Konigsburg 2004

Margaret Rose Kane is sent to summer Camp Talequa by her parents as they head off to Peru. Margret would rather have stayed with her Uncles Alex and Morris Rose. Unknow to her there reason to seemingly reject her was their concern for her as they didn t want her present as their towers were being demolished. Great story of family, free will, persistence in maintaining ones values, creative expression, use of words, particularly clever play on words, and social activism. Other people s response from this book agree it s - fantastic Konigsburg know how to write a story.

Margaret Rose Kane goes to summer camp at Camp Talequa as parents go to Peru.
UnclesAlex and Morris Rose didn t want as find later towers being demolished.
Uncle Alex retrieves Margaret from camp with Tartufo (truffle dog) and Mrs. Kaplan. Put into Meadowlark cabin with girls returning from previous years. Started off not wanting to trade bunk she won in drawing, later... pee bed, Tee shirt in shower, vomit by bed... I PREFER not to.
Alex gets ride back to Epiphany with Jake the handyman (later finds he is not retarded or slow, plays that to avoid girls, Mrs Kaplan s son, artist gets free rent...
story of camp unfolds as tale of trip home, finding that towers are to be demolished, getting to know the real Jake, saving the towers, getting to know the uncles - history from store to Kiosk to retirement
Saving of towers,
Nice use of words through out, place with definitions, questions, word use. ... a tendancy to mistake rules, her rules, for principles. She did not bend because she did not have enough confidence to know when to or how far.
Decide to save talks to Loretta Bevilaqua business woman cell phone company, PeterVanderwaal historian curator they talk about three phases. 1 stop, 2 stall, and 3 Loretta.

Margret handcuffs to tower... Next day six girls climb refuse to come down over weekend Loretta company buys from Margret and plans to relocate to hill... Later becomes center of housing development where all seem to live.
Except Margret computer company in Uncles house after she inherits it.
Jake and Loretta later marry.

realistic fiction family summer camp art social activism individuality Hungarian Americans
clever play on words
Kingdom of the Golden Dragon Isabel Allende 2004

The second book in a trilogy. The first being City of the Beasts. Adventure continues on a different continent with the same characters of good. An adventure of a struggle for preservation of the ancient way against people that would exploit them for personal gain. The intrigue is still here, but a small step below City of the Beasts.

Buddhist monk, Tensing and his disciple, Prince Dil Bahadur, Brave heart, in Himalayas seeking rare plants in the Valley of the Yetis.... Find dragon excrement... has magical properties... shield, transport, cure broken bones in minutes... Are found by Yetis who think they are gods come to help them. Grr-ympr, wise women, said. Taught them to milk chegnos. What is making them sick and children die? Water master... Lavender colored water must be strictly forbidden. Showed short cut to Chenthan Dzong monastery and said farewell.


Alexander Cold, Jaguar, and grandmother Kate Cold, diamonds from People of the Mist, finance Diamond Foundation for People of ... Kate and professor Lebalnc set up. Nadia Santos (Eagle) had a black monkey (Boroba), photographers Timothy Bruce and Joel Gonzalez... (see City of Beasts) Fly to New Delhi.
Collector and Specialist in Hong Kong. Deal for the Golden Dragon. Fortold the future.
Dil Bahadur must go study in Europe and learn what Tensing could not teach when he turned twenty.
Met Tex Armadillo at airport, talked about drugs from ... Alexander didn t think his eyes were right...
Meet Judith Kinski landscape artist, tulip grower...
Alex and Nadia go to red fort follow Tex... meets men with purple and scorpion tatoo.
Meet Wandgi their guide and interpreter and his daughter Pema.

Visit king see tapestry with winged dragons like they saw in the City of the Beasts.
Kate asked king about the golden dragon. Judit smooths over the comment and digs deeper...
Festival and kings birthday, full moon, ... Nadia and Pema plus four more girls kidnapped, horses, up mountain to cave. Monkey steals knife helps Nadia escape up mountain send monkey for help. Scorpions or blue warriors.
Judit who the King felt attracted to and that made him vulnerable... Judit suggests that it is a time of national crisis and the Golden Dragon should be consulted.
Nadia goes to hide and slips and dislocates her shoulder. The intense pain causes her to escape by soaring as a white eagle. Tensing and Dil Bahadur notice, never saw any here and ca' t see any aura because maybe it's a mental projection. Follow to Nadia.
Alex makes list of all details and concludes that kidnapping the girls had to be a distraction for something bigger. Boroba comes to him and he follows, thinks Nadia in cave, Boroba insists to continue, does, when get to where Boroba left her she was gone, confused, night rest... In morning be meets Tensing... and they find Nadia together, Alex done with gear and they pull her up.

Acupuncture, salve, food meditation Charge cave, blue warriors,
Meanwhile back at the palace. King goes to the golden dragon and Teex follows with 6 men two die in traps, kidnap king, take golden dragon, escape, go to ___ Meanwhile King didn't show, Grandma and General ... go to find and find 2 guards in a pool of blood at the magnificant door.
Tex had laptop and GPS with hidden camera in King's Medallion recording what and how to get to the Golden Dragon...
Charge the cave with the blue warriors to save the girls. When the warriors are subdued the women grabs a basket of scorpions and shakes it over the heads of the five girls. Stalemate, Pema jumps at her and they roll across the floor. Dil Bahadur throws a tin of kerosene on the ground.
Saved. Tie up blue... learn kidnap, steal. go to abandoned monastery of Chenthan Dzong and helicopter... I will pray for you.... Pema says perhaps I will marry him (Dil...)

Take different way and send girls to village. Need to lower over cliff, need more rope, clip hair, braid rope lower all 4 send on way. Nadia wants to stay and go too... Leave go to valley of Yetis. Grr-ympr is dying. Want some warriors to help, Will if cure me... Can't Trades himself for six years to help after her death for warrior's help. yes free to die.
Think that the Yeti are becoming frail because of interbredding. Need Yetis from Brazil...
Tex at monestary with King Dorji (ray of true light) and he won't talk, drugged. thinks they will torture Judit and he tells her the secret so that it is on her hands not his if they torture her, and he will kill himself.... Tex finds out and tells she is the Specialist and that he is naive. Armadillor takes over... goes to shoot Judit king steps in front bullet in chest. Nadia who was invisible jumps on Tex... Tensing Yetis... Alex, Dil... Armidillo grabs Nadia...

helicopter.. take off... jumps out... air crash...ten Yetis chase lue warriors... Father tells to go immediately to the Chamber of the Golden Dragon... GPS medallion... figure it out. Allows Nadia and Alex to go... Tells 1. marry a women as strong as you. 2 preserve the natural world and traditions. trust nothing from outside. 3 don't [punish Judit. Seek counsel from the Golden Dragon? Lean closer...
Take short cut to castle and miss Kate, General and Pema.
Watch video and to find a way, past snakes, dark, cloud of drugs, tree of life room of mirrors, garden of temptations. Acid dip and Golden Dragon? Black stone with quartz inset.
No one had ever witnessed the ceremony of the oracle. Hours later done.
Father is dead. My karma to be the next to last monarch of the Kingdom of the Golden Dragon. I shall have a son, who will be the last king. After him the world and this kingdom will change and nothing ever again will be the same. I shall have my father guidance in my dreams, Pema, marry, Tensing and the Golden Dragon.

Dil give dragon droppings for Alex's mom
Isaac Rosenblat will create a new dragon... paid by blackmail of a certain collector.
Judit found sent to a monestery in Tibet.

modern fantasy greed himalayas golden dragon statue family friends supernatural budahism respect for all living things respect for life adventure
Fish L. S. Matthews 2004

Powerful story of a family that seeks to escape from a civil war in Africa. The author delves into human nature and the struggle of survival under a cloud of mistrust and fear of persecution and death. Is survival possible without trusting someone? If not, how do we decide who and when to trust someone not only with our life, but the life of our family members?

Mom, Dad Tiger, plays in mud puddle, begins to dry up, worry about fish, save...
Rain, flood, war, no food, no water, must leave... make it to the border.
Guide, donkey, leave camp, borders closed, send back.
feet rest, dad carry
You can not be other than you are.
River mud, fish rescue, donkey carry, day mud cross river
Tiger night wolf/dog rabbit
walk gunfire
Dog - donkey - edge of mountain, dad knife cut pack save donkey
three armed men talk - fish - root - guide
Hostages? dead? alive?
attack bullets run hide in hole, cave, 3 men sot 2 run mud jump in under water 3 minutes surface 2 men dead body youngest
Find mom, dad, guide... walk, fall...
Fish in plastic bottle, crack, put on tray, fall, in mouth, border guard...
page 173 laws greater than ...
Water to others first, fish bottle, sleep wake, Bottles of fish? guide gone, he s okay, don't have to see someone to know they're okay.
Fish guard river never dry don't fish - yes - home

Child has had a gift others have not.
We are just hanging on because things will be better soon.
The end of a journey always seems the hardest.

historical fiction survival war refugees trust fear persecution elitism
Gifts Ursula K. Le Guin 2004 Ursula K. Le Guin tells a tale of contrasts between worlds and people. Set in a fantasy world where families compete to create unions for security to pass their gifts through generations. By telling tales within tales she helps the reader understand how the characters are caught in their feudal history and the lineage of the parents. The story of Orrec, the main character, is of a boy coming of age and his struggle to find his place within his family and his responsibilities. Only Le Guin could create such an intricate thought provoking tale set in fantasy with themes recognized through all time and all worlds within 274 pages, powerful. science fiction dystopian society frowing up adolescence family responsibility taking chances
The Supernaturalist Eoin Colfer 2004 14 year old Cosmo Hill is unwanted by parents sent to Satellite City Clarissa Frayne Instutute for Parentally Challenged Boys. Put to work by the state. Escape or die. Supernaturalists parasites...
Part Blade Runner part Dickens; Midnight Rider, Ghost Busters, Men in Black, War of the Worlds... Action adventure
science fiction future satellite troubled adolescents supernatural action adventure

The City of Ember

Jeanne DuPrau 2004 The city of Ember was designed to save humans from extinction. The builders created the city and supplied it so the inhabitants could survive 220 years. They gave a box, with a time lock, to the first mayor, with instructions to pass it down from mayor to mayor. However, over the years the box becomes misplaced, city is failing, and many citizens are bogged down in their traditional roles.
Two young children, Lina Mayfleet and Doon Harrow are turning 12. A time to be assigned to their life long jobs. Lina is assigned as a pipe works laborer and Doon a messenger.
Lina wants to be out and about, not down under the city, and Doon wants to fix the cities generator, which is accessible to a pipe worker so they switch jobs.
Lina’s baby sister finds the builders box, tares, and chews on the papers inside it. Lina thinks they are from the builders, but can’t get any officials interested in them. So she tries to solve the mystery and confides in Doon. Together they discover the mayor is corrupt and officials try to catch and jail them. As they piece enough of the message together they escape down river to …
Taking Poppy with them they arrive at the entrance of the city, find a diary, send a message to the city and leave …
modern fantasy science fiction future city dystopian society growing up good v. evil
Ida B. and Her Plans to Maximize Fun, Avoid Disaster, and (Possibly) Save the World Katherine Hannigan 2004 It was one of those days that start right and just keep heading toward perfect until you go to sleep.
My insides started itching and my feet started hopin, one then the other, because they were ten minutes past ready to go. So I decided to speed things up a bit.
These are quotes from Ida B. The book is filled with interesting descriptive language as well as a great story about Ida B and her struggle to accept change and how people that believe in children can make a difference by believing in goodness will prevail. Also very supportive of reading and writing. Great story particularly for teachers.
Author notes
Ida B Applewood, Mama, Daddy, Lulu - cat, Rufus - slobbery Dog Apple trees have names,
... one of those days that start right and just keep heading toward perfect until you go to sleep,...
My insides started itching and my feet started hoppin, one then the other, because they were ten minutes past being ready to go. So I decided to speed things up a bit.
Help wash dishes with parents, play in orchard, talk to trees and brook.
Made a soap mask to keep her face clean without having to wash it all the time.
We don t own the earth. We are the Earth s caretakers. Dad says. and when we are done with it, we should leave it better than we found it.
Ida B. I think the earth takes care of us, too.
Go to school kindergarten, we will use given names not nicknames. not Ida B. Ida. needed to wait till it was time... When is time for fun stuff?
I would never be able to make a plan again. Thought fot in a class for bad kids. Told mom... This will not do. Try tomorrow...
Mom decides to go to school to visit. Decides to home-school and told Ida you would have to good on test or go back to that school. NO problem Ida said and that is how it went for 4 years. It was finer than fine.
Mom Dr. appointment, lump, cancer surgery chemotherapy, Mom tired... Dad ahd to sell part of the orchard to pay medical bills and told Ida he can t take care of the farm and teach her and mom is too tired. Need to go to school. Argue with dad... says that s how it s got to be. Decides she will, but not going to like it or accept it and heart changed to sharp, balck stone small enough to fit in the palm of her hand. So hard no one could break it and so sharp it would hurt anybody who touched it. She decided she would not like anything or anybody and she would win.
School thinking over and over I hate this over and over... Teacher what would you like to be called? Nickname? no Ida. Play at recess? no...
Made posters to hang on house being built to scare new people away.
Ms. Washington everyday at recess came and sat beside Ida and asked if there is anything she would like to talk about. It got harder and harder to say no day after day. Silent reading Ms. Washington asked her to help Ronnie to learn his multiplication tables. Hi Ronnie, first time talked to anyone in school. Want to play a game? Brain game? For money?
Another day, voice to tired to read. Ida? yes. She read to the class like Ms. Washington from her practicing at home. Had to tell about reading at home.
Meet Claire, the new girl next door, and yelled at her and her brother even though Claire had tried to be nice to her at school. and Claire said right to her eye... YOU re mean. and walked away.
Decided to confront parents with an edict of never to sell... and give them an ultimatum to sign. Parents preemted her and asked if she would like to plant more apple trees. NO way how unconsiderate... Dad get real mad... breathes, waits, calm and says... Mom... I know it s been hard, maybe we should have talked more.... Ida not going to let them in again.
Ida worried about Claire retaliating... watched and waited... What if Claire was right and I was plain mean?
Asked to read and says can t. Afraid other would be thinking she was mean.
Talks to Ms. Washington, listens, ... Did you ever? ... yes, ... what did you do? ... I just had to say I m sorry. Plans to apologize. Can t find time, Claire knows she is following her tells her to stop. After school walks to her house and tells her she is sorry that she scared her. Also told little brother and that she would never do it again.
Like spring cleaning.... Appologize to trees that she couldn t protect them.
Recess Ms. W. Anything you want to talk about? Look her in the eye and said no ma am and smiled. Ronnie asks to play dodge ball. asks a bunch of questions and does. hit out longer second time.
Mama asks her to read the story to her she read in class.... The silence needed me to cross it. All right I said... glow traveled around the room.
Daddy walk? okay, mom? no too tired. Dad. We are the earth s caretakers, Ida B. I was surprised to hear that... are you all right? I m sorry.Hand on shoulders, looked deep into his eyes as deep and hard as I could, till I could tell that the sorrow that was in there was paying attention. Then I nodded my head, twice. And that was it. All right, daddy said.
Daddy yes Ida B. i think the earth takes care of us. I think you re right, Ida B, he told the sky and the stars and thevalley, and then we headed on home.
A quiet chorus came back riding on the breeze.
realistic fiction family cancer home schooled Wisconsin apple orchards saying sorry apologizing conflict resolution
Abarat: Days of Magic Nights of War Clive Barker 2004

Candy Quackenbush quest in Abarat continues as she makes a startling realization as to who she is, and the forces of night plan for war. Imagination, characters, plot, setting, story, writing, use of art... Everything in this book is creative. After reading the first I thought it was a bit off the wall. Reading the second puts it on the wall and everywhere else. I can't wait to see and read the third and discover the latest in Candy's quest. Small edited sample:

Otto Houlihan (Criss-Cross Man), Lazaru, Baby Pink-Eye (reptilian claws and demented infant face) playing Knock the Devil Down, the Lord of Midnight (Christopher Carrion) talks to Toda about the slow progress of his army of stichlings (sewn together by Carrion s mother). Carrion(has a high transparent collar around his head with nightmares swimming hungrily within wanting a meal of fear). Todo unsuccessfully pleads for mercy as Carrion turns to Houlihan who reports that Candy and Malingo (a geshrat) escaped him in Ninnyhammer and again at Soma Plume. You must apprehend her, I want to understand her, capture her and bring her to me alive.

As the nightmares feed on Todo's fears in the background. Okay, I did select probably the most graphic, but what s a quest without danger? Trust me it all comes together in a great story. I think the use of art in the book may make these pieces a landmark in the history of children's literature.

Candy and Malingo on Yzil (Noon-Day island) and see the goddess breathing out a living creature. The means by which most species in the Abarat were brought into creation by the Creatrix.Wizard Wolfswinkel was Malingo s master from which he escaped with Candy s help. He read Wolfswinkel s magic books and learned magic, but won t teach Candy because he says he doesn t know enough about it.
Lydia Hap suggests the Chamber of the Skein - which is the thread that joins all things together living, dead, sentient and unthinking- to all other things and it originates in the Vault of Huffaker. Connecting us one to the other. Cross bridge with Houlihan chasing and Criss-Cross Man on other. Throw themselves over the rope railing. Water, sail boat Parroto Parroto. Captain Perbo Skebble, old man Mizzel, cabin girl Galatea, son Charry from Efreet. Fish no ice and must get back fast which means pass Gorgossium.
TV, Commexo Kid created by Rojo Pixler.
Zethek come to eat fish, fight, Candy speaks a magic work Jassassakya-thum and all began to shake. Word of power, zetheks suffer and boat vibrating to pieces, inhale the word. Does zetheks decide to leave, but first ruin the fish by putting vile smell on fish. Methis zethek fell hit head, tied him up. People go hungry, take zethek to Babilonium and sell to a freak show and use money to buy fish.
Meanwhile Houlihan was on Gorgossium waiting to report Candy jumped from bridge and was probably dead to the Lord of Midnight when a zethek fell from the sky and reported what about Candy and a geshrat.
On Babilonium Malingo tells Candy he still has a magic book and will teach her. Arrive at freak show where a play was going on about Candy watching the show Candy hears her name being called and looks across the room and sees the Otto Houlihan and the Criss-Cross Man. Go back stage and meet the actors: Betty Thunder, Clyde, and Legitimate Eddie. Where Criss-Cross Man and Houlihan see, Candy runs and only place to go is freak show. open cages and let freaks out to start pandemonium to escape. Lets zethek out and when they were closing in on her she grabs the zethek and yells fly.

Part 2 things neglected, things forgotten
fly north over rabid walrus.
Meanwhile a group of stichlings, Mendelson Shape, the Lord of Midnight, Lee Man Vol (insect man), heading to the Pyramids of Xuxux with the key that Shape, John Mischief and his brothers brought from the hereafter.
Open the Pyramids send in shape. Find the Sacbrood put there years ago by Carrion. There are millions of them he tells Vo and I need you to communicate with them. Vol finds that the sacbrood are impatient, hungry, and want out. soon Carrion says. Shape is eaten, Vol says if you free them there will be chaos in every corner of Abarat. It will be the end of the world. No, Carrion said the beginning.
Candy wanders and meets Filth (munkee - fool of King Claus) in the Palace built for Princess Boa daughter of King Claus of Day. Brother Prince Quiffin. Princess Boa was murdered on her wedding day by a Dragon sent by Christopher Carrion (Prince of Midnight) who Finnegan Hob (Bridegroom) killed. He wasn t arrested because, he s untouchable by the laws of Day .
In Chickentown two summers before there was a tragedy when Johnny Morales came to town for his sister s wedding. He and the bridegroom were drinking and were killed in a car wreck. A couple of months later she killed herself with her mother s sleeping pills. Nadine who Candy knew as the checkout girl at the market, always smiling and helpful. Why did Candy think of that? What was the meaning of the Bridge from Nadine to Princess Boa? Finnegan is a child of both Night and Day. Never has there been a man like him in the history of the islands and this palace would be the perfect place as it stands at the spot where the Dark Hours meet the Light. Candy wakes. Filth tells of visitors.... Criss-cross...
Wunderkammen (Cabinet of Wonders) opens. See totem pole of Totemix object of power. King Claus s collection of astonishment's. Candy stumbles touches totem and releases totemix. Houlihan furious with her rushes with star striker. Candy with a gold glow created a web of light between her hands where the star-striker struck the net. Two opposing forces of light shattering dark shattering light shattering dark. Candy yelled at him to let go. So in a hail of darkness and light, the lethal battle of the Wunderkammen and Houlihan s pursuit of Candy ended.
Filth says only person I ever saw that had that capacity inside her was....
at the 25 Island three women of Fantomaya - Diamanda, Mespa, Joephi sat with brandy, cheese, and bread and contemplated having not disclosed more to Candy while she was in the hereafter instead of letting her discover things for herself. We must let her make her own decisions. She has a will. It may be saving her. It may be saving all of us. You regret it, don t you? You wish we d never interfered with the natural order of things, I don t think it was wise, but it is done. Think of why we did it, we wanted to preserve. Can t we give her a clue or two? Where would we begin? On that night. The rain. Her Mother. She was just a vessel. There s no power in her. we must look beyond the girl. Look to those she s touched and will touch.
Back in Chickentown Mrs. Lavinia White (Widow White) was being put away because of her comment about smelling the ocean. Other people stepped forward and said they also did. Then ocean artifacts are discovered where they shouldn t be in the prairie...

Comfort tree Hotel where Norma Lipnik gave Candy the tour and the ghost Henry Murkitt and his beloved wife Diamanda left him and the town council changed the name of the town from Murkitt to Chickentown. Graffiti of HIGHER GROUND. Norma concluded that the graffiti was the work of a dead man Henry Murkitt, but what did it mean. Norma goes to the room and summons Henry who appears. Norma runs and tells the staff. Later as the whole town learns about it a crowd assembles, police come. Meanwhile Lavinia remembers the gossip that came to her from her daughter-in-law Vivien about the Comfort Tee Hotel. That Norma suspected the ghost wrote the message in room nineteen as a warning. She connected that to the salt air, the jetty, blue lobster... and knew she had to warn everyone starting with Vivian. Unable to overcome the panic attack that overcame her she tried to reach the phone, but couldn t. Soon the pain was so intense she whispered enough and her heart heard her and she was gone.
Malingo missing Candy wandered through the crowd and became entangled with 3 large Hobarookians. Thinking about using magic to escape and as they attacked the spell caused all the blows meant for the geshrat to land on them and as the crowd s interest in the violence grew Malingo crept away and no one notice or the blue fabric that lifted him away.
Carrion contemplates the sacbrood their intelligence and desire for power and decides they and Vol must go when their work is done. Meets with his grandmother Mater Motley who is the Creatrix of the stichlings that the Lord of Midnight would be generalissimo. Talk about the need to get the 25 hour and root out its secrets or destroy it. Also Letheo who wants to be an assassin. Carrion is told that Houlihan / the Criss-Cross Man is dead and Candy did it. A fluke. Why did the sea go to the Hereafter? somebody called it, Carrion, who? Not Mendelson Shape. The lighthouse was there. Yes but somebody had to make the beacon burn to bring the sea. WHO? The girl? If the Grand Court of the Hours gets a sniff of what we are plotting... Our lives would be in danger. Remember holding up a needle before his face. Carrion remembers how she stitched his lips closed for saying the word love. Okay I am not beyond harm. Let s get rid of the girl.
Candy meets her mother Melissa in their dreams. Mom tell me about that night I was born. I feel that I have been in the Abarat. Ran out of gas, dad left, rain, a light, three women, Diamanda, Mespa, Joephi, Sisters of the Fantomaya She had a box and what was inside was the most precious thing in the world and when she opened the box.... mom sobbing... She needed these answers, she deserved them. She has had this secret kept from her for too long. It was light and life, it went through me into you.
Melissa! get up! I m Hungry! he hates to see me sleep. He can t he has nightmares. Father to hit Melissa, Candy blocks blow and he let out a shout of shock, but came again. This time she put her hand in the middle of his chest and pushed hard. He fell and the anger was replaced by superstition. Is there something here with us? Something pushed me. Candy? Is she here? Why can t I see her? I was dreaming. Damn girl. Better off without her. You don t mean that. Remember when she was born. Oh ow it comes, I forgot to put gas in the truck and poor Melissa was left in the truck for hours... shut up and listen. Three women appeared from another world Abarat where our daughter is right now. Enough I don t want to hear any more. Fates - Malingo and Diamanda.. land with other sisters... thanks for the rescue, but why? Candy. I would die for her. I know that s why I am sending you after her now. The 25 hour is where they will attempt to strike. Mespa has her instructions. You are to be Captain of the Lud Limbo. Deaux-Deaux your first mate. Bring her to a place of safety.
Kaspar Wolfswinkel reminisces how Candy came, figured he was plotting, and inspired his geshrat slave (Maling) to free himself. Attack on the Terri Cats and believes someone is coming to free him. Mater Motley tells him he is liberated and tells him to sweat allegiance to her. Take this letter to Julix Mirethak in Churngold on Soma Plume. If you break the bond of silence I ll have you skinned and stuffed with Todo Mud.
Candy wakes up, Filth yelling run, a knife, bag, over her head, kidnapped. Wake on boat, Letheo following orders of employer Mister Masper, heading to Efreet. Boat travels faster, sees Kythrus, cold, snow, boat beaches on Efreet. Good safe, no, five terrible Beasts. We re in trouble? no we re dead.
A summoning Damamand, Mespa, Joephi talk about the situation. Diamanda go to Efreet Candy needs help. She is going to put the pieces together and be furious. She will feel lied to cheated and used and want to know who was responsible. What is done is done. I am not sure I d change a thing, we have nothing to apppoligize. Let s hope the girl agree. Work delicately we are dealing with people s lives. We should have considered that a long time ago.

Part 3 A time of monsters
The first couple was sent from the paradise garden for their sins. They gorged themselves on the fruit and puked them up and the seeds from the fruit beccame the monsters.
Malingo captain of the good ship Lud Limbo talks to Deaux-Deaux about the prophecy, one last war between us and Night. Carrion has a plan for creating permanent Night. Must find Finnegan Hob who is waging a hly war against dragons. A bunch of his friends left to look for him. Boat Belbelo with captain Hemmett McBean, warrior Geneva Peachtree, Two-Toed Tom, gambler Kiss Curl Carlotti, a girl Tria and John Mischief and his brothers, Hohn Moot, John Pluckitt, John Slopo, John Sallow, John Drowze, John Fillet and John Serpent.
Candy, Letheo, and the beasts of Efreet. Worry about the monsters and sudden appearance of the Dead Man s House. Mister Masper. Monsters: Wazrill, Thrak, Vexil, Sanguinius, Fevergibe. Run to house, Letheo falls trapped in thorns, Candy returns to help, trapped, door won t open, Diamanda in blue smiling.
Nonce the search for Finnegan Hob continues. That s why we haven t, found him, Geneva says, he s underground.
Diamanda puts a spell on Sanguinius talks to Candy, someone in the house undoes the spell. Attack Candy, no graps Diamanda, horrible skewering, as saunters off with the limp body hanging from its mouth. Candy let darkness take her away from the world.
Candy wakes inside house where there is a curious abundance of all, everything, and more than everything, changes clothes, meets Mrs. Kittelnubetz, asks about Letheo, okay? he s under Mister Masper s protection now. Enjoy... what? visit dreaming street (Marapozsa Street). People with dreams on the top of their heads. She doesn t have a dream, chase her, escape by jumping through light. Man in room Mistter Pius Masper, owner of the house.
Chickentown mayor Harold Meadows accused of taking bribes. Dad tells family he s leaving town. Melissa, we re not leaving, Candy. She never elonged to us. You aregoing to listen. Story three women from Abarat, had something to give to the baby that was to be born and it would change her life forever. Nothing would be the same because of what they were to give her...
Henry Murkitt didn t sleep anymore. Diamanda? Is that you ? Yes. Why after all this time? Death Henry. I suppose I came to make peace.What happened to your fancy man? Never did have... Why come back? To do this and she kissed him. So we re just two ghosts now? What s been happening... The Abarat is a world without limits. She explains all, her initiation into the mysteries of Time out of Time. Magis is about connecting things until the power flows. We must warn them... Talk into their ears.
Geneva, Mischief, Manlingo, Tria, search for serpent, find surrounding them, Nythaganius Pejorius. Unearth Finnegan and company... Find egg, spit out the man you just ate... regurgitate, smashed egg,
Candy and Masper go at it... mental games... Discovers he is Christopher Carrion, and he wanted to know what s inside her head. Mentions Sacbrood to her, but she doesn t know what they are. She laughed and said she wasn t alone, his rage sparked light in his container surprising him and as he blinked Candy made her escape.
She ran through doors and headed to the staircase. Lights out, head floating in his container. He insists that par of her is part of him and he needs to know how... Tells of her 26 brothers and one sister. Who died by choking on a fruit pit. Father temper, burnt orchard, fire spread to house and killed all but myself and grandmother. Father left and never saw again. Didn t have hope until met Princess Boa, but she didn t return his affection. He thought that she lived long enough to regret her decision. Murdered on her wedding day by a dragon. I feel hope again, thanks to you.
Baby dragon jumps into hole with Tria, John Mischief and the brothers sign to distract him. They do and there is time to climb out of the hole. Where did baby go? Away... that s bad Hermaphrodite, eat and grow twice size in hours. Talk about why kill dragons. He s looking for an explanation for Princess Boa s death. Killing dragons... Will stop for a time to help Candy, then come back. Love is love... story of many who falls in love with plant, over and over...
We must go to Candy, how? ship too slow, conjure one, fly to Dead Man s House on Efreet. Glyph, we need to act as one mind.
I am of no danger to you. I am just a girl from Chickentown who is here by accident. Is anything an accident? Tries to convnve her they are similar in their lonliness, but when touch hands his resonse to her rejection was instant and terrifying. She was granted a glimpse of Christopher Carrion with her mind. Tries to reasure her that was a mistake and she would never see that again. I would never hurt you, you are my salvation. She climps higher. Leave me alone, climps iron ladder, Grandmother was right you are crazy. At the pinacle she looses her footing and falls backward face up. She looks up and sees something. Slides, grabs pipe, Finnegan and Malingo see her. You will need to let go, I ll fall, we ll catch you, caught. Malingo looking sick, glyph shacking, Carion is taking possession of the glyph and it falls like a stone. They fall, Malingo shakes off the control, he was in your head, why not in Candy s? Front door opens, out he comes with Letheo, fight, Finnegan then if it s... we re leaving, Malingo and Candy work together to get the glyph off the ground. Carrion returns with Letheo to the Dead Man s House. Sickness of the blood, turning to an animal with cravings for blood, I must have her dead, there is something powerful in her. DO you want the green thuz? yes, well then... one drop to keep you of rational thought. drop, thank you Lord. We will use our warship the Wormwood. If she is given safe haven anywhere we will destroy it. Never contemplate betrayal again if you do it will be your last moment.
Candy and Malingo pilot the glyph. Candy talks to Finnegan, why he wants t kill you? what his plans were? he talked about what? Sacborrd be bought from Pixler when he dug the foundations of Commexo City. Finnegan looked familiar to Candy. I have to go home. It was a boring life, but I can t run away from it forever. Maybe you were running toward something. If it hurts to leave, then stay. I think I ll end up hurting more. I will never forgive myself. I think you were born to be here and I think if you stay you will change Abarat forever. My minds made up, I need to go back. Thought Finnegan had the answer to what she wanted. Who am I?

part 4 The sea comes to chickentown
Being here has changed me, I have found something to care about. After a down pour the sun light a ridge where they see Elathuria and later Numa Child united again.
Carrion goes to Faithless Harbor to await the Wormwood s arrival. On board were Kaspar Wolfswinkel and grandmother. Grandma says we can t afford to let this girl live. I will stay, watch, sew... What do you want proof? Her head, her eyes, they are two different colors... I will be invisible. Why did you bring the damnable wizard? He knows the girl. Promise him power if he helps and I ll put him out of his misery when the girl is dead.
Admiral Bloat, plans? ram them, sink them, dozen buckets of goat s blood, feeding frenzy, eaten alive in two minutes.
Rumors in Chickentown higher ground danger and people began to leave.
Diamanda and Henry talk. I am afraid people will die in fear because the don t believe they have a heaven to go to. You just have to open your heart and look... Melissa looks West and goes to get boys.
Candy wonders how she will keep her memories fresh. I will write my memoirs. But why asked John Slop? I don t want to loose it. But this is different Candy it is a two way street. Abarat is also going to remember you. Now the tears came. Vessel to stern. Hugh wave, Captain McBride uses it to his good. Called creatures from deep. So many slowed the Wormwood. Chickentown, a storm said Melissa, looks west, an enormous wave, we have to go up roof. Food, medical stuff, gun, ... Great roar of water... Candy sees Chickentown, this can t be happening, it s all my fault, You didn t do this, they did. Matere Motley. You might as well said that it happened before you were born. No we wouldn t be here now. So who s to say what s for the best We do what we do and we take the consequences. You just have to know this is not your fault. So few dead, they must have been warned. But my dad never did anything anybody told him. Search... I
I can see mom and dad. Tell father to sit down in boat... Fish rock, attack, all out but dad, shot fish, frenzy, dad looks like a little boy, that s what he is, Candy jumps... What are you doing, Candy looks past to Wormwood and staircase descending from it with Lord Midnight and his arms spread.
You re the father I presume. Get on your knees. No, pain, knees, Kaspar zWolfswinkel grabs Candy, say good by, off up stairs. Finnegan first to action, let s go before the stairs disappear. Need to be fast and get Candy out of this damnable place. Malingo attacked by seamstresses, casts spell, seamstress accidently bumbs figure head and demon comes alove and finishes her off. Malingo escapes in search of Candy.
Secretof Secrets. Wolfswinkel drags Candy down, talks, tells after she is done he will find his slave and beat him till he has no more tears. Calls her a princess, I am not, yes you are, ha ha they didn t tell you. The sisters plotted and took the soul of Princess Boa after she was murdered by a dragon sent by Mater Motley on her Princess wedding day. Then they took it and gave it to your mother and you both share the same body. Two souls in one. But I don t have a sister, no two souls in you, the Princess in my? yes, it made sense, how did you know, the air, the earth, put things together, told no one knowledge is power, I am your executioner, Letheo, I came for the girl, you can t have her, claws at him, cast spell cage, fireball, Letheo down, Candy goes to, sees the wizard sneaking up on her in Letheo s eyes. Turns, kicks, grabs hat buckle, knocks all off, Letheo grabs claws into confetti, enraged, dies of a heart attack.
Melissa looking around and begins to blame herself. If only I would have... Diamanda comes to her, explains it is for the best, how? Who are you talking to? Myself... tells of light, that it was the soul of a Princess, Carrion tires of watching battle, goes to see what is taking the wizard so long to do in Candy, meets Letheo, begs for greenThuaz, tosses him the bottle, goes finds Candy who tells him Wolfswinkel s dead. Candy hints of her being Princess, Carrion doesn t seem to know. She tells him and he becomes enraged with MaterMotley I lover her, she didn t love you, Nightmares grew, cracked collar, hung for awhile, then moved toward skin, becamse petals, flowers, eggs, swelled, fattened, next generation, laughter, You knew and didn t tell me, I wanted to beg her for forgivness. The nightmares leaped to Mater Motley two lights meet massive release of energy all blown through the ceiling into the battle field.
Candy finds Captain McBean and Tria dead because of Mater Motley, There is power in me Candy thought. Then up from the bowls of the Wormwood came Carrion and the Hag locked together, Candy watches, spiraling black flame, Malingo grabs Candy a says we have to get away from here, no I want to watch, what s to look at? watch them murder each other? She deserves to be judged, yes I agree, but not here and now, and not by you. Deaux-deaux brings the Lud Limbo around jump, land on ropes and sail, ship lurches, dangel overboard, hang on to rope, lurch back on deck, Fish, must save, family, people on capsized boat, and others in water... Diamanda and Melissa talk, I hope you are proud of her, I ve seen you in her, and it s wonderful. she left the roof and walkde purposefully across the water.
The beginning of the End
MaterMotley power continued to stike him and then the words. I should have left you in the fire it would have saved a lot of wasted time. The feeding frenzy quickly died down, is that... Not Carrion surely? Looked like a piece of spoiled meat... What else.
Save the people hitch ship to chimney, Watched Wormwood and fire, MaterMotley produced a nimbus, can t you stop her? I don t know how. In the instant the sounds ceased, she was gone.
Down and Down

Wormwood sinks, you re young Geneva said Death doesn t move you so much, because you can t imagine it ever happening to you. Candy contemplated for a moment, I think I can. Are we going, staying, boat pulls chimney over, all run to safety of roof, don t want to go...
Candy looks overboard and sees a face, it smiles as if it was an innocent game and drages her over into the Sea of Izabells.
Never fear...
It was Letheo, points to a doorway, inside she goes upstairs to her mother s bedroom and Carion is in her bed. (Grandma what big teeth you have...) Princess Boa feels her inside of her, talks to her, work together to use magic to break window and let the flood claim him.
The Return of the Sea
The people on the roof heard the breaking window and felt the house shake as the water flowed in, but didn t know tht Candy, Carrion, and Letheo were carried away by the force of the tide. All in the house was washed away. some how the waters had treated the people with care. The town was lost but little life was lost and miraculous stories were told of how people were saved from the flood. It was all so strange the day of the Chickentown wave. Experts concluded that a large body of water was underground and some fracture of the walls that contained it were fractured and it was disastrously unleashed.
I am going back -- I tried to leave, but here I am on my way back.

modern fantasy family abuse adventure art multimedia
Among the Brave Margaret Peterson Haddix 2004

Men in grey coats, people being killed, people being led off in handcuffs, secret rooms, riots, population police, and being a third child is some of what Luke has to deal with at the beginning of this story. WIll he survive? If so how and will there ever be a time when the population police are not in control and people will be free to make personal decision?
first edition
Trey (Trahern Cromwell Torrance)
friends Nina, Lee (Luke), Smits, Illegal third children
Headmaster Mr. Hendricks
Mr. Talbot,

Panic attacts, one act of bravery to save Lee s life.
On porch, chaeffer drves off with friends leaves, Mr. Talbot closes door, drive off in handcuffs. Hide army of black cars... uniformed boy tells him to stay hidden... Goes into house meets Mrs. Talbot...tells her Mr. and Mrs. Grant dead killed by man named Oscar. Holding papers from Grant s desk... Tells of how she hid in secret room and plan was to go to Grants... Didn t know what to do now. Riots on TV. Mr Talbot double agent...Aldous Krakennaur head of population police on TV... Only way release Geore is in a cofin. She walks out and shuts the door. What about Mr. Hendricks... call? phone lines and modem cut... Stays for days hide... third day electricity goes out, goes outside sees candle light in neighbors thinks he sees Smits Grant the boy Lee had taken to safety. Grabs Smits says he is Peter Goodard... tells he thought Lee was with him because the chauffeur got him the first day. Mark arrives hits Trey... Why Luke go back to Grant s house?
Need to take papers from Talbot s house. While there gather food.
Leave in truck, meet Mr. Hobart... what should I know? don t say ain't.

men in gray uniforms building fence around Grant s house. Line to join the population police. try under fence. electric! zap, guards Mark dragged off.
Trey join the population police (Travis Jackson)... uniform, bathroom, grill off, hide, follow ducts, Hears and sees Aldous Krakenaur tell he is in charge and what he will do... also hears of prisoner in basement... keep till done interogating, then dispose... follows ducts down... then flimse plastic tubes falls out... sees Mark in cage ... found nap sack and tells Mark he will be executed at dawn... Mark yells liber, free... hoarse... night man comes with flashlight, why yelling liber? guard sits talks... Trey comes out of hiding, make deal and plan... Transport Mark in truck to another prison, pick up _____, then will arrange release of Lee.... and key to let Mark out of cage... Leave, truck stalls, mob attacks, turns over cage break, leg... Trey quick thinking gets truck turned over... leaves... Arrive a prison, Trey charms the commander... shower... eat... gets prisoners... Marks leg set and medicine... TV Krakenaur announcing that traitors Jonas Sabine and son Jonathan were found and will be executed after interrogation will let know of others involved, phone call, fax... leave shoot... truck arrives with Lee, Nona, Joel, and John and a man (chauffeur) chained together in the back driven by... Nedley... load stop wit hand caught in chain...help being kidnapped... Mark driving... slashed tires so couldn t follow...
Go to Hendricks School. Find Mrs. Talbot there... Find papers are codes of hundreds of third children, burn? NO Trey saves...
We can defeat the population police We will jin the Population Police and sabotage them like Mr. Talbot did. Nedley, Lee, Nina and the chauffeur agree and Mark Mr. Hendricks says he will help in the background.
Last paragraph very good how he had messed up again and again, but recovered and with help everything worked out.

science fiction population control society freedom fear coping panic attacks adventure
Chasing Vermeer Blue Balliett 2004

Fantastic story of intrigue, art theft, and problem solving to recover a master piece. Calder, sixth grade girl mysteriously finds a book. Suddenly this book seems to be getting more involved in her life than any ordinary lost item should. Class assignments, people she meets, and other happenings seem to be related somehow to this book. Trying to understand unusual people, hidden messages in pictures with frogs and codes to decipher messages, and solve the mystery becomes her obsession. WIthin the story the reader is introduced to pentominoes, different views of art, and the University of Chicago as the setting. Great mystery and use of problem solving. Other people that I have talked to that have read this book agree.

lausability is a stretch due to ESP?
Fortean Society
Hidden message in pictures with frog. Uses code on P. 57 numer of frogs = column, and design hidden in picture. Several possible designs in picture, no pattern as to what pentominoe shape, size and other variables change and no pattern. Would need to list alternative possibilities. Too tedious for most jeuvenile readers. Use web site...
Calder into pentominoes; his father Walter, mom Yvette, grandma Ranjana,
Petra Andalee classmate
Hyde Park

Three letters went out a man, a woman, and another women...
Calder Pillay in Ms. Hussey s sixth grade at the University of Chicago, John Dewey's school. Ms. Hussey asks what makes a truly extraordinary unforgettable letter? Asks to write one... Didn t decide to visit Art Institute maybe find one or painting... Calder and Petra look for clues... Letter in painting with red seal. Look and get caught in storeroom. Trip didn t exactly work...
Picasso said art is a lie, but a lie that tells the truth. What makes an object a piece of art? Assignment... Petra gets discarded book Lo, by Charles Fort from Powells Mr. Watch given from Mrs. Sharpe... Calder has box with Geographer...
Calder's friend Tommy moved to NY because his mom married Fred (Steadman alias Xavier Glitts international art theif Glitter Man) letter in code p. 57 tells of boy Frog missing... At work delivery to Mrs Sharpe tells of Petra and book, make tea date. Research Vermeer, Dreams of girl writing (A Lady Writing, 1665 by Johannes Vermeer)... Call national Art gallery and find it is traveling to Chicago.
Vermeer Vanishes... Letters to the public start. Mystery to solve...
Dark wood equals fancy place... add to list of clues...
Ms. Hussey asks if thief wrote them a letter... Petra letter she found and blew away... another ad... Vermeer not all paintings his... Another delivery to Mrs. Sharpe... another letter... Mrs. Sharpe s husband art historian murdered after found evidence for Vermeer s paintings... Ms. Hussey arrested... Feel it is here... Begin the search... school, find kids painting, search,,, Mrs. Sharpe hospital broken leg... letter... postoffice, man, mail... monkey, panel, vines, flute, finds... letter if galleries don t, then burn...
man... dad... twelves... panel, slide object velvet... chase, separated, blood, Treehouse, Fred found dead massive heart attack, explain how found, how got the painting..... All issues resolved explained....P

modern fantasy Vermeer art mystery detective story friendship pentominoes Chicago University frog
The Keys to the Kingdom: Grim Tuesday Garth Nix 2004 It s the second day of the week and the second book in The Keys to the Kingdom. Will continues in his quest for a return to normalicy in his world and with his family, although normalicy with his family is not a typical normal. However, the main action for this adventure is not on Earth and his family is unaware of his recent acceptance of this responsibility. Nix has created not one world, but seven connected to each other and life on Earth. Mere happenstance saved Will s life, but involved him in the creation of what will be the future of the entire universe . Keys is the adventure of that quest to attain and distribute the keys in amanner that saves the universe from evil exploitation. adventure good and evil modern fantasy


Books published in 2005
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
The Lightning Thief: Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 1 Rick Riordan 2005

The Lightning ThiefModern fantasy book is a series of five. Being made into a movie by 20th Century Fox.
Meet twelve year old Perseus Jackson at a school for troubled youth, the son of Poseidon and a mortal woman, whom dies soon after this discovery putting him in mortal danger. Percy along with sidekicks of Grover, (a young satyr) and Annabeth (daughter of Athena) take on quest after quest resulting in many close calls, monster melees, trips across Earth and into Hades. Mythological quests meet today's street kids.

  • Book 1 The Lightning Thief - 2005 - Twelve year old Perseus Jackson an ADHD, wise-cracking, first-person narrator. Who the reader meets at a school for troubled youth and learns that he is the son of a god (Poseidon) and a mortal woman, putting him in mortal danger. Percy along with sidekicks of Grover, (a young satyr) and Annabeth (daughter of Athena) take on a quest which results in many close calls and monster melees as they travel across the United States and into Hades. It is the action throughout the book that moves the plot along quickly by introducing new unpredictable twists till the end. One of the most vivid descriptions is of the underworld. A second vivid description being a hovering Olympus 600 floors above the Empire State Building. Naturally, the real quest is for his own identity as well as his three companions quest for their places in the world and families. Themes include family, trust, war, the environment, dreams, and different social perspectives for sophisticated readers. It is a series, however the novel ends with a satisfying conclusion. 
  • The Sea of Monsters (2) 2006 ...
  • The Titans Curse (3) 2007 ...
  • The Battle of the Labarynth (4) 2008 ...
  • The Last Olympians (5) - 2009 


mythology fiction modern fantasy teens adventure gods friends
Nasty Book Narry Yourgrau 2005 43 humorous short stories. Internet witches, Panda marauders... fantasy
Where I Want to Be Adele Griffin 2005 Two teen sisters Jane and Lily drift apart, but death brings them together. This powerful story of Jane, with mental illness, and its grip on her family is told in alternating voices from two very different sisters who try to bring light to each other. The mixing of voices blurs the line between imagination and reality, life and death, grief and guilt, hanging on and letting go. realistic fiction
The Last Universe William Sleator 2005 Fourteen year old Susan s brother insists to be taken into the mysterious backyard garden that was designed by their quantum physicist great uncle. Each twist and turn of the garden maze creates unpredictable results of fortune and misfortune. What is the key? Is there one or are they doomed to the same fate as their strange uncle.
Sister brother
Sister accepts the cancer her brother has to save her brother?
Quantum physics and reality of reality.
Change until the future is acceptable.
science fiction space time quantum theory brothers and sisters illness Massachusetts maze gardens
Code Talker: A Novel about the Navajo Marines of World War Two Joseph Bruchac 2005 A story told in American Indian oral narrative style about Ned Begay and a group of Navajo men that were taught in a boarding school and were then recruited by the Marines to become code talkers in World War II. Great story and very good read if the didactic preachy tone is overlooked. historical fiction World War II North American Indian troops Navajo language cartography Marine Corp multicultural
Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment James Patterson 2005 First in the Maximum Ride series - Mutant Erasers abduct the youngest members of their group. In pursuit of their abductors they find themselves struggling to find out their own origins and purpose.
The book starts with a warning and again in the first paragraph: Yes, you, standing there leafing through these pages. Do not put this book down. I m dead serious - your life could depend on it. Genetic mutants? Author of adult murder mysteries Along Came a Spider and Kiss the Girls.
science fiction genetic engineering adventure
The Keys to the Kingdom: Drowned Wednesday Garth Nix 2005 The third installment, of the saga of Arthur Penhaligon. How could any 12 year old survive a week of this... Wait it has only been three days. Start with Mister Monday, then Grim Tuesday for a wild adventure. How long? Seven days? or in real time how long till Garth Nix turns out the rest of the story? modern fantasy adventure good and evil
Bone: Out from Boneville Jeff Smith 2005 Cartoon that may be too advanced for me. I don t know why, but I did read the uncolored version from beginning to end and would like to know WHAT? This one is colored and it really adds much greater style and tone for ... ? The entire series that started as a newspaper cartoons is now available. graphic novel fanatasy picture book art cartoon people and social interations
Gooney Bird and the Room Mother Lois Lowry 2005 It was early November in Mrs. Pidgeon s seconod grade with students hard at work on their Pilgrim mural and of course - Gooney Bird Green who likes to be in the middle of it all, is indefatigable, and feels ennui when she wears matching socks. An entertaining story about class life that incorporates vocabulary, dictionary skills, a unique way to introduce foreshadowing, predicting, and reasoning with Gooney s stories and second grade students literal interpretations. Gooney seems to be a model student and class leader. But, will Gooney solve the problem of finding a room mother so she can be rewarded with the role she want for the Thanksgiving Pageant? picture book realistic fiction Thanksgiving school true stories story telling vocabulary
Book One Spy Goddess: Live and Let Shop Michael P. Spradlin 2005 Beverly Hills teenager Rachel Buchanan gets in trouble with the law and ends up in the mysterious Blackthron Academy in PA, where she uncovers secrets about the school and becomes entangled in a case of international espionage. realistic fiction boarding school juvenile delinquency spies supernatural
The Color of Fire Ann Rinaldi 2005 Fast paced action laden Phoebe s best friend is charged with setting fire to buildings and starting an uprising. Threatened to be burnt at the stake unless he identifies the leader, Phoebe is plunged into this outcry of fear and mob brutality desiring a scapegoat needing to decide to do what is right or seek her own freedom. historical fiction 1741 war Spain New York History Catholic slavery freedom scapegoat mob decisions race riots
Red Ridin in the Hood: and Other Cuentos Patricia Santos Marcantonio 2005 Creative collection of modern fairy tales told from a Hispanic perspective. Fantastic read aloud or read alone for that matter. Hispanic Americans fairy tales red riding hood, snow white, pied piper jack and the beanstalk emperors new clothes three pigs sleeping beauty
The New World Order Ben Jeapes 2005 Instead of the European invasion of the Americas in the sixteenth century how about an alien invasion of England. What a turn around when a superior civilization comes through a gate with a modern invasion force. Oliver Cromwell and the King Charles of England must deal with this invasion in this turn about adventure. Within the story Dhon Do s son, Daniel, comes of age within the story of political intrigue. I don t know what sixteenth century politics was like, but the story line includes interesting possibilities that suggest how behind the scenes negotiations, deal making, and dastardly deeds might have changed history. Great story. There is some discussion of different kinds of sex acts as cultural descriptions to set a tone of reality not gratuitous in nature. science fiction Great Britain history civil war space time Oliver Cromwell Christianity Charles I King of England adolescent
Down the Rabbit Hole: An Echo Falls mystery Peter Abrahams 2005 Ingrid, an eighth student, is challenged from a variety of directions. Her algebra teacher, soccer coaches, brother, parents, friends, desire to be an actress, are making life more complicated everyday. How can she deal with all of them when an even greater concern is what the sheriff might know about her and her shoes being at a murder scene. Will she be able to save herself with the use of her intellect, as her idol Sherlock Holmes did?
This is the best children s murder mystery I ve ever read. If you like adventure movies like the Goonies, Ferris Bueller s Day Off, and Home Alone (without the slapstick) you ll find this story compelling.
Ingrid Levn-Hill (13 grade eight), mom (real estate sales, dad (financial advisor for Ferrand Group), brother Ty (ninth grade only ninth grader that will start on the football team), friend , past classmate Chloe and her father... her father s boss Mr. Ferrand.
Sherlock Holmes fanatic, read all his stories...
At orthodontist, done, mom not there, worried late for soccer practice and will not get to play. Decides to walk to practice. Doesn t know the way. Gets lost. Ends up at Cracked up Katie. You lost? No. Look like it. Run away? No. Tells her name is Griddie. How can you be lost in your home town? Call cab. Hears footsteps upstairs. Lightning... Asks, what is your passion? Honk... Huge cat tinny bluebird in its mouth. Practice...
Mom... where have you been? I have been here three times. I decided to walk. You could have told someone.... won t happen again will it. Mom explained why all the way home.
99 Maple Lane two-story Cape built in the 1950 s
Uses quotes from Sherlock... Uses I could run.... Appliance for teeth... forget
Mia McGreevy
Algebra - can do problem, but not sure how...
Play audition. Alice in Wonderland.
Katherine Eve Kovac was murdered. Echo Falls police...
Friday night football, Ty could run, running ran in the family. Tail gate cooks burgers...
Tries to tell Ty tip for flea-flicker.... Get off field.. not good... two touchdowns. Ty benched.
Reference to Ferris Bueller s Day Off and others
Stacy - friend... Not allowed to go to Stacy s to watch videos. good night sleep??? NOT soccer match... Can t find her red Pumas (loved red....) Benched for sass. Forgot earrings too. Team down one score. Ingrid put into game and played the best game of her life. WIN. She sees police and taxi driver, gets hit in head out... Knocked out... Wakes with team around... A spark went off in her head. She left her red Pumas at Cracked-Up Katies.
Internet chat talk ... Joey Strade
Needs to get shoes...
Echo printed Kate s address, mapQuest, learning town, fear - good and bad (fear passing test so study, but when bad is going to happen for sure, then fear only hurts.
Grampy, mom visits, marshmallow, go get, shoot guns, mom - sell off small part of land... NO
Night, sneak out to get shoes, go through woods... bars pull off, down the rabbit hole.
Noise, glass, two guys in alley, replace grate... no shoes where left them, up stairs, shoes, noise downstairs, hide under bed, Adidas tennis sneakers with dark-green paint spatters, Prescott Players handbill for Dial M for Murder, police, out back door, run... flashlight on. off, officer crashed into tree, meet big dog, wrong direction, deep down the rabbit hole, home after sunrise, mom, appliance.
Phone Jill Montenro auditions, Ty argue, tease about football flea-flicker, hits her, black eye, big dog follow into woods, Joey Strade dog Nigel, Chief Strade, looking to see if guy Sergeant Pina was chasing dropped something... We got the murderers, bottle prints, used to smash window, same prints inside all over, murder one, and think there may have been a third accomplice. Slept bed boat, not so snug,
Ms Groome A on quiz and note see me, cheated... change to F... appeal, Stacy Joey s dad is a real jerk .9 only .1 over and gave DUI to her brother Sean. hard-ass.
No more Prescotts in Echo Falls. hadn t been for 30 years. Heritage society and plans to fix up the theater....
Chloe Ferrand daughter of Tim.... most beautiful 13 year old girl in town. try out for Alice. Vincent Dunn (dark ) tries out for part. Thanks about murderer.
Ms. Grooome and her buddies in the math police.... p 136 spends more time figuring the rate she should do problems to get done in 10 minutes and doesn t get the problems done. Stacy look at TV show murderers... shoes no... Mom as kid wanted to be a poet, memorized poems... Jill Montenro calls, got part... Alice.
Prescott Alaska... Kate... Dad calculus track to go to Princeton... Red? homework, moved to pre algebra, Joey s catapult, workshop, dinner, Philip Prescott - last - Alaska, farewell letter to Echo, never heard from, what about money?
Mom, guidance counselor, Ms. Groome, make a deal to let Ingrid back in class, grounded... e-mail, chat, rehearsal, after no ride, Vincent gives ride to... 337 Packer Street in the flats... Talk about Holmes and if he is cold or caring, acting, key three - like fairy tales, in side look around, audio tape man, home through woods, Ty starts next game, she was going to have to solve case, no one to go to for help. Put keys into mom s coat.
Next day, sick, home, goes to Echo Falls newspaper office, visits with editor, school project, The Life and Death of Kate Kovac. Article about audio tapes, go to get audio man, garbage retrieve, Chief stops bike ride no helmet, school, take back to school, talk about murder, red shoes, connection Kate and soccer, bike bus? Mr. Sidney Tell him you re Aylmer Hill s granddaughter, he will, and drops at school and she rides off to home, hide shoes in Ty s room.
Attic, tape machine, listen to tapes, Kate and Philip, movie The Accused Will Rise, talk, MOM, should we talk? Vincent in car... back to tape, Dial M for Murder... clipping, Playbill, needs to see it. Joey calls, asks about project? call back he didn t. Vincent covered for her? Ty back acme?
Vincent wants key, stage freight, Ingrid gets ride home from Mr. Ferrand, phone call from Jill about key and says no absolutely not.
Talk to Stacy, she thinks Ingrid is rich, Ingrid thinks not Mr. Ferrand... practice, Ty arm wrestle, Ty... Grampy wins, last time... Proposal for Grampy, Sell? Partnership? Dad we need this things aren t too good at work right now. Biotech start up told to go slow, Tim didn t... Ty let grampy win for his pride, dad said that? YES. Mr. F own Adidas?
Google them Prescotts, Ferrand..., big game tailgate, face paint, taxi driver, couldn t say if her,(Holmes master of disguises) Ingrid never saw him before, Eleanor Kovac on Moodus Road calls old women.
Chief, shoes, soccer team red? Rat on team members? no, Joey science fair? Nigel maze food... variables, Chloe squash shoes, Adidas? shoes from England special made... rehearsal Jill Piano head Fresca... (Vincent) Convoy to hospital, ride with Vincent, talk about movies... Vincent director, key Mr. F...
Grampy, Saturday all gone... tractor, dynamite, toad eggs water, Caddy visit Mrs. Kovac granddaughter Kate, letter, engagement ring in safety deposit box, wanted to talk more, asked to leave, took sealed manila envelope, found glasses and hung on her doorknob. Typed letter to Katie (misspelled?) from Philip said to have accidentally killed David and that is why he must go to Alaska. Holmes Eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth, back Grampy drives home as she starts to put all the pieces together. Mom drive to Blockbusters, The accused will rise? no try Wally s, closed, David Vardack, Vincent?
Rehearsal, not go well changes to darker, Alice is an intruder not supposed to be a comedy? Dad on time, sensed, something go wrong? next time, phone call - Vincent better if Chloe, you can withdrawal for illness, Ingrid never, extra rehearsal? yes okay .
Boat bed worms sinking... Brucie Berman on bus, thing in The Echo way cool. Lots of people read the paper? Best quote dogs don t vote. Life and Death of Kate Kovac story project... Goes to Wally, video missing, no scene with Barb Stanwyck spooning honey into tea, not in any of her films, not only is video missing, but also the back up system to the backup systems back up is gone. it s weird...
Back home in bed middle of day wishing in school, Ingrid, Chief Strade, freeze, I can help, doesn t answer, goes to theater extra practice. Mom drops, no one there, but Vincent, strange girl interested in murder. I decided Chloe will take over the part, March Hare? no sit this one out. Put on his gloves... Ty mom s been honking five minutes... Acting is for losers anyway Ty said your okay at soccer.
Googled Philip Prescott, David Vardack Vincent Dunn... bike Prescott Hall, Vincent s car was there. big cat, cat flap down the rabbit hole. heard scraping, metallic, sees play bill and dvd box the accused will rise... Wally s sticker... laptop playing it. look down well and see... David Vardack and Vincent Dunn were one and the same, heavy duty green plastic garbage bag (30 years ago was there green plastic garbage bags?) with typewriter, skull, sneakers with green paint spatters, renovation worried find, cat, Don t you realize what I could have been? Brando, Olivier, but couldn t be in movies as long as Katie thought he was dead. You kind of trapped yourself with that good bye letter, chase, shatter glass jump through, run, come out bulkhead doors, slip on frost, catch, struggle fall in river, flow to the falls, caught in boom struggle, underwater, grab, kick, slide off... motor police, Chief Strade It s all about shoes... ,. (A few coincidences here? out of the probable, but what makes it seem plausible and possible, what?
Nigel was the hero, woke noticed Ingrid not there, whine bark claw... call police, later police get call from Murad taxi driver noticed kid on bike. Connect two dots.
Chloe resigned from the production, Jill Montenro returns, Chief Strade came to house had a long talk off the record, Dunn s body found, Joey building a telescope, Play Echo witty portrayal of a girl trying to project sanity into a world gone mad.
mystery detective realistic fiction adolescent
Summer School: What Genius Thought that up? Henry Winkler 2005 humorous story... What else would it be? realistic fiction
The Book Without Words: A Fable of Medieval Magic Avi 2005 This book isn t the book without words. It has 200 pages of them. The story is set in 1046 England. Master Thorston dies and dies some more toward the climax of his lifelong quest to discover the meaning of a book without words so that he might create gold and eternal life. Sybil, his servant, with the aid of Oto a talking Raven, must continue the master s work to rediscover the use of magic to find the secret of the Book without Words and the truth to this fable. medieval magic mystery fantasy fiction fable
47 Walter Mosley 2005 Story of a slave, 47, who endures harsh treatment, meets Big John, hopes to escape... slavery historical fiction
Project Mulberry
2005 Girl and friend explore their roots and difficulties of unforeseen events as they work together on a school project. realistic fiction
Red Bird Astrid Lindgren and Patricia Crampton translator 2005 Marit Tarrnqvist reimagines Lindgren s wistful tale of two children (author of Pippi Longstocking) alone in the world that watch and follow a red bird. Notice the change in color as the children move from their colorless world of poverty to the meadow... to ...
Translated from Swedish by Patricia Cramption.
Swedish author global
Septimus Heap Book One Magyk Angie Sage 2005 After learning that Jenna is the princess, she is whisked away from her home and carried to safety by the Extraordinary Wizard. Leaving those who she had always thought were her family she is pursued by the same characters that killed her mother ten years earlier. Action packed adventure of good versus evil. First children s book to include a CD? magic Princesses wizards fantasy fiction series
The Last Codfish J. D. McNeill 2005 15 year old Tut lives with his father and hasn't talked since his mother died. He is befriended by Alex, talkative, outgoing, in your face type. Compelling story of loss and survival, with one of a kind characters. realistic fiction
On a Summer Day Lois Lenski 2005 Classic 1953 picture book is back with bright colors.
Summer means the outdoors to kids.
picture book
The Whispering Road Livi Michael 2005 Joe and Annie escape the abusive farmer they work for and head for Manchester in Victorian England. It is an adventure with helpful strangers and swindlers that would even sell them. No matter how he tries Joe and Annie get separated, Joe joins a gang, and it is questionable if they will ever find what happened to their mother.
Epic novel that will grip the reader from the first page. Winner of four English awards for novels for adults.
historical fiction
Arizona Kid Ron Koertge 2005 16 year old Billy, from MO, spends summer with his cool gay uncle Wes in Tucson and works at a race track; where he meets an outspoken horse exerciser Cara Mae. Billy discovers that gaining stature and manhood come from places you least expect.
Wes is a strong character and positive role model.
gay lifestyle growing up love sex adolescent
The Whole Green World Tony Johnston 2005 Young girl with her shaggy dog plant seeds, care for them, and then enjoy the flowers and trees that make the whole round world. Each verse matches actions in the book with a repetitive verse. Folk art paintings with detailed actions of nature. Art is paint and paper. Search of detail will find many wonders. Use to increase students respect for the Earth. picture book
Forest of the Pygmies Isabel Allende 2005 Third book in Isabel s trilogy (City of Beasts, Kingdom of the Golden Dragon). Alexander (18), Nadia, and Grandma Kate are off on a new International Geographic expedition too Africa. Jaguar and Eagle totemic animal spirits help return leadership to its rightful hands and a transformation of an extraordinary friendship. fantasy international
Seen Art? Jon Scieszka 2005 Museum of Modern Art in N.Y. City is the setting for this work on art appreciation and first person narrative that becomes tiresome by the end of the book. Why did Scieszka believe lame humor would add to the quality of his book? Forget the rule of three, even Letterman wouldn t repeat the same gag over twenty times. Jon Sciezka, on the other hand, in one way or another repeats the title of the book as a pun twenty or more times. However, the shape of the book and display of art is worthy a view; especially before a trip to a gallery or an online art study.
The gag line, I am looking for Art, have you seen him? MoMA (Museum of Modern Art).
picture book art humorous art galleries museum
Story Time Edward Bloor 2005 After getting in trouble and being sent to a new school the main character discovers that the school has gone mad with desire to have all students do well on achievement tests. A madcap adventure lampooning the standards testing movement in schools in the style of the best madcap satyr movie comedies. Maybe more interesting for teachers than students. realistic fiction
Age of Science and Revolutions 1600-1800 Toby E. Huff 2005
Night Wall Duncan Weller 2005 Julie and her sister Sarah are on vacation and desire to build a wall to keep out the wild things (Maurice Sendak revisited?).
Rich detailed forest scenes... Sarah helps her sister find the monsters.
Harrry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince J, K. Rowling 2005 If you have read previous J. K. Rowling Potter books, then you will know most of this book. How do you write a sequel and not include pages of information to remind the reader of the intricate relationships of the characters and the characters ancestors while at the same time keep the story moving ahead at earlier paces? Probably not a problem for the average reader, but for the avid Harry Potter reader and movie viewer the reminders overshadow the continuing plot. However, what avid Harry fan isn t going to read and enjoy Harry reruns? fiction fantasy good vs. evil
Giant Surprise Hiawyn Oram 2005 Picture book with rich fanciful color pictures of the main characters (Puddleglum the Marsh wiggle and his niece Lally) are on an adventure to save their mice friends from the marauding and frolicking giants in the land of Narnia. The setting of Shribble Gorge, The Giants castle, and Lally s Rocks is colored with rich earth tones and supports this tale of rescue well. The illustrator s personification of background objects assists the fanciful tone of the story with objects such as rocks and clouds personifying characters in the story.
The story is markedted as a new Narnia adventure based on characters in C. S. Lewis The Silver Chair.
picture book fiction fantasy
The Game of Silence Louise Erdrich 2005 Continuing story of Omakays, Little Frog, an Ojibwa from the first book in the series: The Birch Bark House (1999).
The series follows an Ojibwa family on an island in Lake Superior beginning in the summer of 1847. First book Grandmother's Pigeon, takes you through a year with all the seasons. Omakays is 8 winters old. Very good cultural and historical view.
historical fiction Native American Ojibwa Lake Superior
Burning City Ariel Dorfman and Joaquin Dorfman 2005 Simmering summer of 2001 in New York City. Heller is the youngest employee of a messenger delivery service that delivers bad news orally. He is the best deliverer of bad news and is allowed to deliver by bike instead of roller blades. He is drawn into a wildly diverse cast of characters and learns to relate to people in a whole new way. realistic fiction New York City
Project Mulberry   2005 Girl and friend explore their roots and difficulties of unforeseen events as they work together on a school project. realistic fiction friend shool
SilverTin Charlie Higson 2005 James Bond in print for the younger set. adventure spy fiction mystery
Ranger s Apprentice Book one: The Ruins of Gorlan John Flanagan 2005 Excellent high fantasy tale set in the background of the story of the main character, Will, coming of age, being selected apprentice for the mysterious and feared Ranger Corp against his desire for apprenticeship as a knight. The story describes Will's struggles as his boyhood friendships develop to life long friendships. As he discovers who he is. As he accepts his abilities and desires for what he would become rather than what he believes others would want him to be. And how he discovers the uses of force for good and evil as well as the limits of force when people use it to control or attempt to control other people. modern fantasy survival
The Riddles of Epsilon Christine Morton-Shaw 2005 A fourteen year old girl, Jess, must solve a series of riddles to save more than just her Mom. The author twists and turns this story creating riddles with secret artifacts, strange markings, letters, notes, diary entries, sketches, and character behaviors that make it difficult to know if a character is allied with good or evil or what might be the right thing to do. On top of all these puzzles is the mystery of how a person living around a hundred years earlier seems to know Jess and what she has done before she herself does. modern fantasy riddles mystery
The Last Apprentice: Revenge of the Witch - 1 Joseph Delaney 2005

Joseph Delaney brings the thrill and scary spiritual world to the adolescent reader. This is the first children's book that could realistically raise a few hairs on the back of the neck of the typical adolescent reader. The story is set in what could be England or New England in the 1700's or early 1800's before industrialization. Inhabited by typical human beings of that era with the addition of ghasts, ghosts, boggarts, and other nasties that people of that era are known to have imagined and some they might not have been capable of imagining. Thomas Ward, as an apprentice, must learn what all the different spiritual entities are, their strengths, weakness, and how to control them if he is to protect the country. How far can he stretch his beliefs and still be true to what his father taught him and he wants to believe. However, in this book the fears aren't imagined they really do exist and result in real consequences. One chilling chapter after another.

Plot summary and more

modern fantasy witches ghosts boggarts and other dark evil entities
Inkspell Cornelia Funke 2005   modern fantasy books
The Ratbridge Chronicles Volume 1 Here Be Monsters Alan Snow 2005    
Barkbelly Cat Weatherill 2005    
The Dark Hills Divide The Land of Elyon Book I Patrick Carman 2005    
Dark Reflections Book one The Water Mirror Kai Meyer 2005    
The Land of Elyon Book 2 Beyond the Valley of Thorns Patrick Carman 2005    
Ranger's Apprentice Book Two: The burning bridge John Flanagan 2005   modern fantasy witches ghosts boggarts and other dark evil entities
Minerva Clark gets a clue Karen Karbo 2005   realistic fiction
The Sisters Grimm book two The Usual Suspects Michael Buckley 2005   modern fantasy
The Sisters Grimm book One The Fairy Tale Detectives Michael Buckley 2005   modern fantasy
The Secret Under My Skin Janet Elizabeth Mc Naughton 2005 The Secret Under My Skin is a futuristic story that takes place as the earth is recovering from a global ecological disaster. The main character, a teenager, orphaned at age six as a result of a power struggle for government control. As she grows her curiosity and love of reading open doors of opportunities. However, she is concerned and confused by her perceived obligations to others and her obligation to herself. The author sets her struggle against the struggle of another major character. The contrast of the way these two girls work differently ignoring each sometimes and working together makes an interesting story of intellectual and emotional development about adolescent girls. science fiction adolescent
The Riddles of Epstion Christine Morton-Shaw 2005 Fourteen year old Jess moves to a remote island with her parents and attempts to dispel an ancient curse if she can befriend a supernatural being, Epsilon, and solve riddles.

modern fantasy adolescent

The People of Sparks Jeanne DuPrau 2005 After Lina Mayfleet and Doon Harrow exit the City of Ember, they wait. 417 people arrive. What would they eat, sleep, do to survive?
Mrs. Murdo found their note, tells the mayor who gathers his supplies and men and tries to leave first. However, Lister Munk and Mrs. Murdo discover them at the river. Pandemonium … some fall into the river get swept away, many leave, others stay behind as city is failing.
Gather outside, find road and follow a road where they find a Sparks. Whose inhabitants are conflicted with so many new arrivals and to discover another post-Disaster city was so close.
Lina learns about the world before the disaster, war, disease, movies, gasoline, …
How to provide for so many new people? What will they do? Where will they go? How will they learn everything they need to know in such a short time?
How much will the resentment of each other group grow?
Resentment grows fueled by malevolent leaders as citizens from both cities must learn how to collaborate to deal with their struggles for survival. However, they first must learn how to stop the hate and to step forward with good.
Reminds me of the picture book John Jeremy Colton

modern fantasy science fiction future city dystopian society growing up good v. evil


Books published in 2006
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
Children of the Lamp book two The Blue Djinn of Babylon P. B. Kerr 2006 The story continues ...
12 year old twins Philippa and John Gaunt live at number 7 East 77th street in New York continue to learn what it means to be djinn and not human. They learn there are different tribes, wicked such as Ghul, Shaitan, and Ifrit who enjoy tricking people and other nasty things. They find they are of the tribe Marid, a good tribe and must continue the struggle against Akhenaten s ghost and Iblis the leader of the Ifrit. Fast moving exciting adventure.
fantasy genies djinn Cairo magical power adventure brother sister Egypt twins uncle family
The Keys to the Kingdom: Sir Thursday Garth Nix 2006 The fourth installment, of the saga of Arthur Penhaligon. How could any 12 year old survive a week of this... Wait it has only been four days. If you have read the first three, then you are hooked and this is a must read. modern fantasy adventure good and evil
The Sea of Monsters: Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 2 Rick Riordan 2006

The Sea of MonstersModern fantasy book is a series of five. Being made into a movie by 20th Century Fox.
Meet old Perseus Jackson (12) at a school for troubled youth, the son of Poseidon and a mortal woman, whom dies soon after this discovery putting him in mortal danger. Percy along with sidekicks of Grover, (a young satyr) and Annabeth (daughter of Athena) take on quest after quest resulting in many close calls, monster melees, trips across Earth and into Hades. Mythological quests meet today's street kids.

mythology fiction modern fantasy teens adventure gods friends
Summer of Discovery Melody Herr 2006 Summer of DiscoveryVery interesting story set in Bridgeport NE during the summer of 1939. Ben and Dave are intrigued with the discovery of an arrowhead and manage to tag along with Mr. Daley and archaeologist from Lincoln, NE museum of history. The adventure to discover the story behind the giant arrowhead reveals much about the history and geography of Nebraska and neighboring states. From dust, to tornado, to wild fires, ash hollow cave, ice age hunters, first people, cowboys, first horse, Fort Robinson, and much more. An interesting story that could spark readers to search for what is true and what might have been created by the author for a better story. historical fiction archaeology Indians of North America great plains dust bowl
Anahita s Woven Riddle Meghan Nuttall Sayers 2006 Set in Northern Iran in the 1880 s Anahita is informed that at this time next year she will be old enough to wed. She wants doesn t want to be married to someone that doesn t match what she is. From her love of riddles she decides that it must be someone the enjoys riddles and if they do, then they would be able to solve the riddle that she would weave into her rug. However, not everyone thinks her idea is a very good one. The story is a year of controversy between her family, tribe members, and even herself as she struggles with her decision set in the 1880 s of Northern Iran. Suggestion while reading - As the characters are introduced in the book take notes on what what the character traits are for each character - what they value, and what they believe. Use the notes about the character to predict what their interpretation of the riddle might be. How do your ideas compare with the answer to the riddle that each gives in the book? How does each character s personality match their interpretation of the riddle? fiction realistic historical Iran nomads family marriage eternal love
Archer s Quest Linda Sue Park 2006 Action adventure of Kevin Kim who is befriended by Chu-mong, a legendary King of Korea, who is transported to present day New England. A sense of urgency is discovered as the magic needed for Chu-mong to return might only be available for the current year, which ends tomorrow. Mystery, problem solving, play with words and phraseology make this an interesting and delightful read. Major objection I have for the book is the narrow and inaccurate description of mathematics from a mathematician or mathematical perspective. See discussion in math ...

fiction adventure legend Korea history math Tongmyong Wang king time travel magic Korean Americans

The Last Apprentice: Curse of the Bane - 2 Joseph Delaney 2006

Joseph Delaney continues with his second book that takes off where the first ended. More thrills and scares from the spiritual world for the adolescent reader. It will raise more hairs on the back of the necks of adolescent readers. Again set in English or New England community of the 1700 s or early 1800 s before industrialization. Inhabited by typical human beings of that era with the addition of ghasts, ghosts, boggarts, and other nasties that people of that era are known to have imagined and some they might not have been capable of imagining. Thomas Ward, as an apprentice, continues to learn, but now with is master weakened he is thrown into life and death situations not only for him, but the people he has vowed to protect. This second book has stepped up the action, suspense, and mystery to the next level. One chilling chapter after another.

Plot summary and more

fantasy apprentice magic bane thought control supernatural witches
Voices Le Guin, Ursula K. 2006

Half Moon: Investigations Erin Colfer 2006 Not Artemis Fowl, but Fletcher Moon realistic junior detective set in realistic fiction mystery seventh grade friendship peers boy girl relations
Desert Crossing Elise Broach 2006
realistic fiction mystery love peer relationship responsibility accidents identity intimacy
London Calling Edward Bloor 2006

Horns & Wrinkles Joseph Helgerson 2006

Fablehaven Brandon Mull 2006 Kendra, thirteen, and Seth, eleven, were unexpectedly told by their parents that they were left with no option but to have them stay with their mysterious grandparents at their country estate. Wondering why they seldom see their grandparents and not their grandmother for ages they arrive at the estate so their parents can go on a required other half of the family cruise. Seth, who has way more curiosity than would be needed to kill the proverbial cat, and Kendra arrive at the estate where it doesn t take long to sense that there is enough danger available that a curious child probably would not survive. As the children explore, Kendra much more reluctantly than her brother, hangs back but soon is drawn into a battle of survival that endangers not only her brother but her grandparents and possibly herself as they discover the estate is one of many secret sanctuaries for magical creatures that are maneuvering for an epic battle between good and evil. fantasy grandparents magic brothers and sisters
Tanglewreck Jeanette Winterson 2006

The Green Sea Ellen Klages 2006 Its 1943 and Dewey is on a train in New Mexico to live with her father. The destination is the secret town, Los Alamos. Her father works developing the Gadget - first atomic bomb. Dewey, a girl who likes science and mechanical things experiences struggles relating to children her age, 11. However, she is at home in a world of mathematicians and scientists that are interested in her thoughts and ideas and willing to support her thinking and helping with her creations. She befriends a young budding artist, Suze and together they help each other through the ensuing years. A very interesting story about struggles of being different as well as a realistic and well documented view of life and the culture of 1943 . Including a low key look, comparatively speaking, at the development of the weapon that changed the world. historical fiction audio book available nuclear weapons Manhattan Project
The Road to Paris Nikki Grimes 2006 The struggles of a biracial girl in a predominantly white town. Her mother has left her often enough that she and her brother are part of the system. Changing from home to foster care back and forth, but at least she has always had her brother, David, However, this time was going to be different. The system was separating them. A story told with the intensity and feelings that is becoming associated with the writing of Nikki Grimes. 153 page story about the struggle, growth, and empowerment that Paris attains when conditions finally provide her the support necessary for her to be able to take risks and seek positive change. realistic fiction biracial broken home runaway mother growing up accepting self concept
11 000 Year Lost Peni R. Griffin 2006 Fiction about a girl who wonders back in time and can t return. she is accepted into a family that survives by hunting mammoth. A year long adventure where she struggles with responsibility and survival. An interesting view into what life might have been like for nomadic hunters in early North America and how archeologists might construct their understanding of earlier people and animals from small amounts of evidence and a lot of creativity and logical thinking.

Among the Free Margaret Peterson 2006 Last in the series of the Shadow Children Books.

Firegirl Tony Abbott 2006 A middle school boy's life is changed when a new girl Jessica, a girl disfigured by burns, starts attending his Catholic school while receiving treatment at a local hospital. This is a powerful book about friendship and personal relationships easily among Ida B, Bridge to Terrabithia, fiction coming of age burns and scalds disfigured persons
Flyte Septimus Heap Book two Angie Sage 2006 with CD
see notes for one and three...

The Wright 3 Blue Balliett 2006 The adventures of three friends continue in Hyde Park Chicago as they struggle to save the Robie House, designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright. Their struggle turns up buried treasure, ghosts, hidden treasure, and a coded message left by Frank Lloyd Wright that might be understood with the Pentominoes. Mysteries to solve in life and death situations to restore justice, but will they survive? realistic fiction mystery detective
Avalon high Meg Cabot 2006 Ellie, daughter of college professors that are medievalists moves to a new school where she gets a chance to start over... Well according to her best friend Nancy.
Cabot weaves together modern day characters and their popularity struggles in high school with medieval England and the story of King Arthur. Romance, action, mystery, and fantasy. Interesting very interesting story.
realistic fiction King Arthur
Small Steps Louis Sachar 2006

Changeling Delia Sherman 2006
fantasy New York fairies demons mermaids folk lore
Fairest Gail Carson Levine 2006 A creative fairy tale that combines song and story. Listening to this book presents it in a unique interesting way. Story of a plain commoner and her struggle in life until happenstance and her unique gift lead to a fairly tale ending. Great story for middle grades and above. fantasy fairy tales beauty personal singing songs self-acceptance identity
The Higher Power of Lucky susan patron 2006 Lucky (10) lives with her mother until she is electrocuted by a power line downed in a storm. Her father, who doesn t want to care for her, arranges for - Brigitte, his ex-wife, to leave France and take residence in Hard Pan California to care for the child. Hard Pan (pop. 42) is in the middle of the California desert. Lucky's choice of activities and friends is very limited to say the least. She likes to listen to addicts tell their stories of addiction, has an unusual friend who is a genius for tying intricate knots, and often looks after an attention starved little boy. She is worried that Brigitte will up and leave, but has been able to keep her fears in check with the creation of a survival kit backpack and searching for her Higher Power. The colorful characters, language, and impending plot move the reader forward with a desire to understand Lucky and know how various conflicts in her life will be resolved. realistic fiction abandoned children interpersonal relations runaway
An Abundance of Katherines John Green 2006 Great story for adolescents. Colin Singleton is not your ordinary high school prodigy and he is not going to become one or even become ordinary anytime soon. Far from it. He and his high school friend, Hassan, embark on a road trip that becomes one soul searching and eye popping adventure. The reader discovers how 19 different Katherines have edged Colin to obsess about having a Kathrine in his life. However, that doesn t mean there isn t action in this story. Plenty of action from wild boar attacks, to alcohol, tobacco, characters frolicking in the woods naked, mysteries about who is buried where, and what is grandma up to anyway? This is probably not a book to read aloud in school and it might even have trouble making some reading lists, but for those that like adventure, sex, and hoping for the days that the nerds dominate, this is a read for you. I really want to know what others think about it. Anyone read it, let me know realistic fiction interpersonal relations self perception graphic methods
Copper Sun Sharon Draper 2006 Stolen from her village, sold to the highest bidder, fifteen-year old Amari has only one thing left of her own - hope. Two 15 year old girls one a slave and the other an indentured servant escape their Carolina plantation and try to make Fort Mose Florida sanctuary. Coretta Scott King Award historical fiction indentured slavery south Carolina colonial America Florida Africa Americans
Rules Cynthia Lord 2006 Catherine and her autistic brother David have a Frog and Toad relationship. Any brother would be proud to have a sister as insightful as Catherine. She sees the depth in most situations, which isn t always helpful in making decisions. I m torn between all losing choices. David will scream if I make him go inside now. Mom ll think I m selfish if I beg her to take him with her. Then there is Ryan. I cross my arms and pick the one maybe choice. Maybe Ryan doesn t want to look bad in front of Kristi any more than I do. Lord tells a story that not only captures the special bonds between brother and sister and how Catherine has learned to cope with his special problems, but additionally Lord opens new doors for Catherine with the introduction of adolescence and coping with peer pressures as she becomes entwined in Jason s life. Jason is about 14-15, wheelchair bound, and communicates with a speech book. Catherine uses her experiences, her insight, and her creativity to cope with her adolescent peers and create winning situations. A compelling story about a really remarkable girl as well as giving a genuine glimpse into special populations and their families. realistic fiction autism paraplegic brothers sisters disabilities
Letters to a young mathematician Ian Stweart 2006 Very good letters. However, they might get repetitive or too much of a good thing for some readers. One or two a year read orally would be a good diet for all middle school students. Be selective. nonfiction mathematics
The Secret Country The Eidolon Chronicles Jane Johnson 2006
fantasycats animals myths space time England
The Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Basil Wiley Miller 2006 This is really creative, interesting, adventure, for primary students that like good guys versus bad guy stories. In addition to the marvelous pictures on every page. picture book Fantasy
Lucy Rose Busy Like You Can t Believe Katy Kelly 2006
fiction multiplication
Victory Susan Cooper 2006 A picture of Lord Nelson, an excerpt from Shakespeare s Tempest, a flashback to Lord Nelson s funeral, and the giving of a piece of flag to Samuel Robbins all happens before the main character, Molly, 11, is introduced. In the first chapter she is rescued from drowning, we learn of her sideways moments (seizers), her complicated family situation, recent birth of a brother, her stepfather s relocation from America to England, and her mother s and new family s desire for her to develop a love of sailing. Things get more complicated when she is drawn to the book - Life of Nelson. Flashback to Sam Robbins, 11 and his farming family in Kent, England in 1803 where Sam and his Uncle are pressed into service for His Majesties Service on the Victory . The story of Molly and Sam are intertwined even though their lives are separated by more than 200 years. Within this story is a sub story about Admiral Nelson, the Victory, and the battle at Trafalger that changed the course of history. This story is compelling enough to stand on its own while the story of Molly while interesting Cooper didn t sell the connection of the past to the present. Time travel, over active imagination brought on by seizures, or some other mysterious connection that wasn t explained, but left the reader wondering. historical fiction navy Great Britain sea stories HMS Victory Admiral Horatio Nelson
Quantum Prophecy: The Awakening 01 Michael Carroll 2006 Ten years after the disappearance of superhumans, both heroes and villans, thirteenyear old Danny and Colin begin to develop their super powers, making them the object of much unwanted attention. A sci-fi adventure that raises interesting ideas with respect to science, super heroes, friends, and trust. science fiction super heroes villains peer pressure society trust human nature reasoning
Vive La Paris Esme Rai Codell 2006 Esme Tai Codell is a master of the story. She has done it again. A story about a young girl Paris, whose father is a drummer, and wants all of his children to be able to play an instrument, sends her off to piano lessons with one of her brothers. While Paris s relationship with her piano teacher is central to the story so too is her family with five brothers and a few classmates of hers and her brothers. These characters are intertwined in a powerful story about abuse, bullying, dreams, being Jewish in World War II and concentration camps. Out of which comes an inheritance accompanied by a deeper understanding of human nature that enables Paris to make decisions that all people make to help one another. Powerful use of language to create a beautiful story. realistic fiction bullies holocaust brothers and sisters family African American Jewish
How to Get Suspended and Influence People Adam Selzer 2006 Gifted eighth grader, Leon Harris, becomes an overnight phenomena when his class project is declared too risqué and censored by the school power brokers. The dialogue and conversation of the characters is humorous and right on with feelings that 13 year olds can experience in junior high or middle school. Selzer has written a very creative and imaginative novel. realistic fiction realistic fiction adolescent sex masturbation middle school production movie video gifted motion pictures
Maximum Ride: School s Out - Forever James Patterson 2006 Second in the Maximum Ride series - After the wild adventures in The Angel Experiment the six meet up with Ann Walker FBI and begin a normal life as far as even attending school. While the question of their origin and purpose of their being has not been answered Max s desire to understand grows until she has to take flight and seek answers. The answers will not come easy and it is one intense thrill after another as they seek answers to the mystery and remain alive. science fiction genetic engineering adventure school
The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane Katie Di Camillo 2006

Flotsam David Wiesner 2006 A boy s visit to the beach has an underwater camera wash to shore at his feet. The fantasy of the camera s voyage is photographically depicted in the film contained in the camera. Of course it is the duty of any curious young child to explore and discover the camera s purpose so that he can send it on its way to the next waiting young girl. picture book Fantas y recursive picture in a picture
Marvel 1602 Neil Gaiman 2006 Between a graphic novel and comic book. Historical birth of super heroes on Earth. graphic novel fiction comic
Ranger s Apprentice Book Three: The Icebound Land John Flanagan 2006
high fantasy adolescent growing up friendship responsibility heroes
The Pull of the Ocean Jean-Claude Mourlevat 2006 Jean-Claude Mourlevat brings Charles Perrault s character Tom Thumb and seven brothers into modern day France. Tom, the youngest, convinces his brothers to flea their parents and head for the Ocean. The story is told by the accounts of the different characters as they experienced the boys. A very creative story for children who enjoy self-reliant and industrious characters in an adventure. loosely based on Charles. Perrault's Tom Thumb; seven brothers in modern day France flee their poor parents farm led by the youngest who although mute and exceptionally small is exceptionally wise
Sold Patricia Mc Cormick 2006 Travel to India and Nepal where she interviewed women of Calcutta s red-light district and girls rescued from the sex trade. historical fiction
Confessions from the Principal s Chair Anna Myers 2006 After Bird ( 14 year old Robin) participates in a cruel prank, her mother moves them to Oklahoma, where fourteen-year-old Robin wants to each her mother a lesson which leads to helping the middle school students as a result of her being mistaken for the substitute principal. While it is realistic fiction their are parts that require a bit of readership willingness to go along with the story. If they are, they will get to see a new perspective on bullying, fiction bullying school friendship mothers daughters Oklahoma classroom management
The Tourmaline Paul Park 2006 High school or upper upper middle school fantasy
The Cat On the Mat Is Flat Andy Griffiths 2006 Collection of stories for beginning readers. Illustrated with pencil sketches. Outragous read! Simple pencil drawings to inspire young artists! picture book fantasy poems humor
Fancy Nancy Jane O Connor 2006 Let s be fancy for a day... picture book fantasy costume dress manners customs family life
Arrival Shaun Tan 2006 A picture book or a graphic novel that includes images so the viewer feels both an apprehensiveness and strangeness as well as a sense of adventure and wonder that flip-flops through the viewers mind as scenes of family, family goodbyes, standing alone, reflecting, longing, waiting, anticipating, among crowds of immigrants as they travel, arrive, and begin a new life in an unfamiliar, strange, and hopeful place. Tan s pictures both urge the viewer on and ask them to linger and interpret the story in this wordless book. picture book historical fiction immigration wordless books cartoons
Everything that Creeps
picture book surreal art
The Story of Salt Mark Kurlansky 2006 If you don t know about the importance of salt now and historically, there is information in this book that you might want to know about. I is filled with information about salt that can be found to be fascinating. However, it requires a person with the disposition of wanting to know about salt to be a good read. It does lack a style and plot that pulls the reader into reading and encourages him or her to read and turn the pages. picture book non fiction salt
Marco Polo Freedman 2006 Want a nonfiction story about Marco Polo, then this has the information you desire. It is a good read for those motivated to know about Marco or early exploration. However, it doesn t have that punch to draw non motivated readers into the story. nonfiction history China travel spices trade
Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony Colfer, Eoin 2006
fantasy child prodigy adventure
The Mailbox Audrey Shafer 2006

The MailboxTwelve year old Gabe is down on his luck.

Can't be any one more down.

His mother and father are gone and he is living with his Uncle who is in the process of changing his life because of Gabe. One day when Gabe comes home he finds his uncle dead. Afraid he will be sent away he hides his uncle's death from the local authorities, as he is not prepared for what happens when this secret is discovered.

An excellent story about how a friend of his Uncle, a Vietnam veteran, and other characters work together to try to do what's best for Gabe. A scared young boy who needs to find himself and how others who help him each end up helping themselves in return.

A frustrating, but real story that gets below the surface of the different troubles the more significant characters in the book have and how more people work to help them, instead of so many being jerks as is usually portrayed in many television programs.

realistic fiction foster care home Vietnam veterans
Endymion Spring Matthew Skelton 2006
fiction Johann Gutenberg apprentices magic Oxford England mystery detective story family problems Bodleian Library quest
Amelia Rules Super Heroes Jimmy Gownley 2006
graphic novel
Jack Sparrow: The Coming Storm Rob Kidd 2006 Have a reader that wants more of the Pirates of the Caribbean and would enjoy a much younger, but still egotistical Jack Sparrow with plenty of sarcasm? Then this is the book for you. fantasy

Miss Malarkey Leaves No Reader Behind Judy Finchler & Kevin O Malley 2006
realistic fiction school teaching federal mandates Everybody reads in America program
Quantum Prophecy: The Gathering 2 Michael Carroll 2006 Ten years after the supposed disappearance of the world s superhumans these new heroes begin to develop their powers and before they can fully realize their potentials, their secret identities of the three newly endowed super heroes are mysteriously leaked to the press. The teenagers must take refuge at a hidden military installation that houses and trains other new super heroes. A sci-fi adventure that raises interesting ideas with respect to science, super heroes, friends, and trust. science fiction super heroes villains peer pressure society trust human nature reasoning
The Prophet of Yonwood the third book of Ember Jeanne DuPrau 2006

This story is mostly about Nickie (11) and how her summer in Yonwood ties to the rest of her life and a journal she will write, which Lina and Doon will find when they leave Ember. However, that story is mostly told in the the last chapter, about what happens after the summer of this story. However, Nickies story is an interesting story about how summer plans (goals) can change, how people aren’t always the kind of person you think, what is good and evil, how to deal with them, and the consequences.
The story opens when, Althea Tower, of Yonwood North Carolina, has a vision of blinding light, the Earth boiling with flames, black smoke and then silence.
Nickie (11) Randolph’s great grandfather dies, so she travels with her mother and aunt to Yonwood to close and sell the house during an international crisis with a threat of war.
Nickie is tired of the crisis and hopes to stay in Yonwood, but Crystal (Aunt) and her mom don’t. Nickie’s father is working for the government in California.
Nickie finds Amanda Stokes, who had been caring for her grandfather and is hiding in the house, after his death, afraid of being homeless.
She is told the news of Althea, who needis a care giver so Amanda goes and gets the job.
Nickie meets Grover, who likes snakes and is considered odd. She also meets Hoyt McCoy ,an older man who keeps to himself in a large house on the outskirts of town and is misunderstood.
Brenda Beeson declares Althea a prophet and interprets her words as god’s warning of sin; and believes all sinners who must be punished.
The conflicts between these characters make an interesting story about an eleven year old’s summer of growth.

modern fantasy science fiction future city dystopian society growing up good v. evil

Ranger s Apprentice Book Four: he Battle for Skandia John Flanagan 2006 After Ranger s Apprentice Will frees Evanlyn Will s kingdom of Araluen join forces with rival Kingdom Skandia to defeat a common enem. high fantasy adolescent growing up friendship responsibility heroes war


Books published in 2007
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
The Keys to the Kingdom: Lady Friday Garth Nix 2007 The fifth installment, of the saga of Arthur Penhaligon. It is beginning to look as if this 12 year old will survive the week, but the Piper, not a Day person, seems to be ... If you are not hooked on these, you probably don t do fantasy. A modern day fantasy adventure that is action, action, and more action. Each time I am eager to read the next one and had to wait. If you haven t read them, You have great books and counting waiting for you. fantasy fiction adventure good and evil
The Invention of Hugo Cabret Brian Selznick 2007 Brian Selznick created a novel that reads as if you are experiencing it from a front row seat of an early Parisian movie theater. Words and pictures combine to create a unique experience for the viewer/reader that tell the story of two orphans, The story is one of survival and discovery for Hugo and other characters in the book. Action packed mystery and story of Hugo s survival and desire to understand his life and have some control on his future. As he seeks answers to this he discovers that his past is entangled with Isabelle and Papa Georges. A great story about fictional characters while simultaneously providing a historical view of Paris and the birth of motion pictures. realistic historical fiction picture book robots orphan automatons Paris France railroad stations history
The White Tyger Paul Park 2007 third of trilogy started to read, but decided to read the first two books. I selected it because critics and other authors have reviewed it and compare it to Philip Pullman s novels, Ursula Le Guin s works and other clasic and contemporary fairy tales and fantasy. It is a dark drama about a Roumanian Princess. Adolescent level

The Mysterious Benedict Society Trenton Lee Stewart 2007 Imagine being gifted, creative, and an orphan with no one to relate to. Then one day an invitation to enter a contest arrives. Riddles and puzzles await many, but only four survive and become the Mysterious Benedict Society. How ever intriguing, interesting, and exciting the contest was these four soon discover that they have been selected to save the world s population from being brought under the control of one ambitious person. Soon there are more puzzles and mind games that need to be solved for higher stakes than winning a contest. A scheme is about to be initiated with a new stronger formula and a more powerful secret device that will make it impossible for anyone to resist. Making it too late to save the world from this evil fate. The puzzles and problems are interesting and Stewart make them more interesting by having multiple creative solutions. Very mysterious futuristic reading.
science fiction fantasy puzzles riddles problem solving mystery future mind control adventure school
Dragons Keep Janet Lee Carey 2007 No one must know her terrible secret. Her mother, the queen has forced her to wear gloves to hide her shame until a cure can be found. Rosalind, a princess who is destined to become queen and fulfill Merlin s six hundred year old prophecy that will restore the royal family to its rightful throne.
So what does this have to do with dragons? Rosalind s curse is entwined with the fate of the bloodthirsty dragons that have been the bane of the kingdom for years. Rosalind discovers the bond between her and the dragons and through her actions discovers how her terrible secret has bound her to the dragons. How she discovers herself and is able to change her point of view for her kingdoms advantage is an outstanding fantasy adventure and story of compassion and change. The story presents opportunities to reflect on differences and how people choose to accept or not accept them and how those decisions can affect their lives.
fiction fantasy fairy tale differences family being different fantasy getting along friendship
Children of the Lamp The Cobra King of Kathmandu book 3 P. B. Kerr 2007 The Children of the Lamp action adventure series continues as the the tribes with the forces of good battle wits and djinn power with the tribes of the forces of evil. Mystery abounds as the twins, Philippa and John Gaunt, travel form New York to London to Napal on a whirlwind adventure to help their friend Dybbuk. How does a talisman and The Cult of the Nine Cobras figure into Dybbuk s friends murder? Does the absence of Uncle Nimrod and Mr. Rakshasas from their home figure in this mystery? Are Phillippa and John the real target of the Nine Cobra Cult? fantasy fiction brother sister
Jack Plank Tells Tales Natalie Babbitt 2007 Jack Plank was a pirate after the voyages of Columbus when the Spanish were busy stealing gold from the natives in the Caribbean. Jack didn't much like plundering and about the only thing he seemed to be able to do was to visit with people and make soup. Which was all right since all the Pirates on the Avarice (extreme greed for wealth or materials) enjoyed his company. As the years passed and it became harder to find gold to ship to Spain the Pirate business waned as the plundering came upon hard times. With only enough food to feed the plunderers Jack was asked to leave, which he did. He was put ashore at Saltwash with some gold so he would be able to find a place to stay until he found work. Mrs. Delfresno agreed to take him in on a trial basis until he found work when it could become permanent. The author uses clever stories and catchy wording to weave a pirate s tale into each day s adventurous search for a job. After a week of Miss. Nina s help and a host of suggestions from many characters Jack s talents are recognized and he finds a place among the landlubbers. Great for a storytelling theme. fiction pirates storytelling boarding house friends imagination trolls crocodile octopus
Emma-Jean Lazarus Fell Out of a Tree Lauren Tarshins 2007 A quirky and utterly logical seventh-grade girl, Emma-Jean Lazarus, gets involved with the messy everyday problems of her peers. Great story with interesting possibilities for discussion. May seem a bit too logical, however that is typical of early adolescent thinking so it would be interesting to see what adolescents think about it. fiction interpersonal relations problem solving middle school family peers
Shanghaied to the Moon Michael J. Daley 2007 Dad didn t have to go on the emergency job to the moon. A thousand other computer network specialists could ve handled the job. Nope, Dad went to get away from me.
Makes me shiver.
It s 2165 and Stewart for the last seven years has been dealing with the death of his mother, the second greatest space pilot of all time. But, on his 13 birthday he learns from his counselor of the conspiracy to keep him from remembering his past. Why would they want to do that? What is so bad or important for him not to know? Who would benefit from him not knowing something? When the opportunity presents a chance to flee, he struggles with his counselor and runs to the oldspacer who offered him passage to the moon. The passage doesn t turn out exactly the way he envisioned, but it does present him with what he has search for unsuccessfully the last seven years.
Great adventure story that moves along at a nice pace and keeps the reader intrigued and guessing to the end.
science fiction space flight adventure
Un Lun Dun China Mieville 2007
Physik Septimus Heap Book Three Angie Sage 2007 The saga continues from Magyk to Flyte and now Physik. This story introduces Snorri Snorrelssen, daughter of Olaf, a northern trader, from Magyk. She is an integral part of this story, but it is mostly Septimus this time as he faces the most daunting challenge of all. Included at various times are the rest of the family and characters in the earlier books. Except the evil this time comes in the form of Queen Etheldredda the Awful a many times great grandmother of Jenna s that was killed 500 years ago. Dragons, ghosts, spirits, adventure, mystery, spells, time travel, magic mirrors, and all the good fantasy stuff make for another good story. modern fantasy audio book available
Owen and Mzee The Language of Friendship Isabella Hatkoff, Craig Hatkoff, and Dr.
Paula Kahumbu
2007 A true story about a hippo misplaced by a tsunamia being befriended by a 135 year old tortoise. nonfiction tortoise friendship
Mr. Peabody's Apples Madonna & Loren Long 2007 Madonna's second children's books is better than the first (The English Roses). The story has a strong message and interesting story that is an old tale from a Hassidic master. Wonderful art richly colored and exaggerated by Loren Long. So what did Madonna do?
One Beastly Beast: Two Aliens, Three Inventors, Four Fantastic Tales Garth Nix 2007 Four short stories. The first is a creative and interesting fantasies about Video Pirates in the form of rats who steal Peter s Dvds and escape to Neverland. Making it mandatory for a boy named Peter to pursue them. After all those late fees are a killer. fiction neverworld fantasy rats video pirates
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows J. K. Rowling 2007 It s Harry... However, the writing continues to get better with each book.
How does she keep everything straight?
modern fantasy good vs evil
Interworld Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves 2007 15 year old Joey Harker learns he is a walker - able to walk between dimensions. Soon he must decide if he will get involved with saving the world and join a team of different versions of himself from other dimensions to fight evil forces striving to conquer all the worlds. Suspense, adventure, along with life threatening situations not only for the characters, but all of humanity. Action like adventures reminiscent of the Matrix, Star Wars, and Harry Potter. science fiction good versus evil multi-dimensions space time travel
Lemonade Mouth MARK PETER HUGHES 2007 A disparate group of high school students thrown together in detention form a band to play at a school talent show and end up competing with a wildly popular local rock band... realistic fiction high school interpersonal relations musicians
The Wednesday Wars Gary D. Schmidt 2007 Gary D. Schmidt has written a novel that is at turns comic and compelling, down-to-earth and over-the-top. In The Wednesday Wars, he offers an unforgettable antihero in Holling Hoodhood, a seventh grade kid from the suburbs in 1967 who embraces his destiny in spite of himself. Holling s father believes the Hoodhoods need to be on their best behavior: the success of his business depends on it. But how can Holling stay out of trouble when there are rats, cream puffs, Shakespeare, and Ariel s tights to contend with over the course of the school year. fiction coming of age William Shakespeare 1564-1616, Plays Long Island New York Junior high family
Demonkeeper Royce Buckingham 2007 The beast moved to the feeding chute. With a new Keeper there might be an opportunity to get out into Seattle and the world of humans. Where there would be plenty of lost children to eat. Nat and his minions who just recently acquired sole care for a house full of strange entities the demon being the worst of the lot. Seeking information from an ancient book he travels to the library and meets Sandy who turn out to be more help than he can imagine at the time. Mean while two street teens, and the Thin Man converge on his home with foul intentions of their own. However, the beast itself has intentions of its own and plans on not letting anyone else get in his way. Unless they are taste young children. Will things ever be the same for Nat? Will the beast escape its chamber and have a tasty meal? Once it escapes will it ever be returned to the basement ? And what is the deal about this Thin Man? Slapstick humor, fast action high spirited romp of an unlikely hero in true misadventure -fast paced action worthy of any teen movie. modern fantasy demonology supernatural
The Misadventures of Benjamin Bartholomew Piff: I You Wish Jason Lethcoe 2007 When a miserable orphan unknowingly disrupts the balance of power between the magical realms of wishes and curses, he must join forces with the Wishworks Factory to reclaim his errant wish and set things right again.
Will this take off as a series???
fiction orphans wishes magic
Agnes Parker... Kathleen O'Dell. Keeping Cool in Middle School Kathleen O'Dell 2007 Agnes Parker tries to maintain her old persona and keep a low profile in middle school (sixth grade), but her best friend Prejean's problems, persistent harrassment from the eghth-grade boys, and a friendship with an interesting boy in her art class make it difficult. fiction middle schools self-confidence Interpersonal relations
Dragonsdale Salamanda Drake 2007 Where dragons and dreams take flight. fiction audio book available
The Neddiad Daniel Pinkwater 2007 Young shoelace heir Neddie Wentworthstein and his family take a train from Chicago to Los Angeles In the 1940s. When he winds up In possession of a valuable Indian turtle artifact whose owner is supposed to be able to prevent the impending destruction of the world, a stranger adventure begins. Distracted by not knowing how he could possibly save the world he finds he is accidentally left behind by his family at one of the train stops in the Wild West. Let the adventure begin. fiction turtles Los Angles history 20th century humorous stories audio book available
The Alchemyst: The secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel Michael Scott 2007 Truth: Nicholas Flame was born in Paris on September 28, 1330. He is acknowledged as the greatest Alchemyst of his day, it is said that he discovered the secret of eternal life. The records show he died in 1418. But his tomb is empty.
The legend: Flamel lives because he has been making the elixir of life. Within the Book of Abraham the Mage is the most powerful secret capable of destroying the world. That is what Dr. John Dee plans after stealing it. Humankind won t know what is happening until it is too late. The prophecy says that Sophie and Josh are the only ones that have the power to save the world.
modern fantasy Nicolas Flamel John Dee alchemist magic supernatural brothers sisters twins San Francisco Calif
Atherton: The House of Power Patrick Carman 2007 Creative tale of a small planet with three tiers that are in the process of collapsing into one. What happens when people from each tier are united when they have grown to fear one another based on their lore, legends, and past.
For the people of Aduana Dos see http://www.athertonseries.com/
science fiction
What the Dickens: The Story of a Rogue Tooth Fairy Gregory Maguire 2007 Amidst a terrifying storm, Dinah's parents go missing. While anxious Dinah and her brother and sister worry and huddle for warmth, their cousin Gage tells them an unlikely story-about tooth fairies, known as skibbereen, who are living in warring colonies right in the neighborhood. According to Gage, the skibbereen put those teeth to good use. And Gage has met them. Dinah is skeptical, but as the story unfolds and the storm rages on, she begins to believe. fiction fantasy myth
The Golden Dream of Carlo Chuchio by the Estate of Lloyd Alexander 2007 Naive and bumbling Carlo, his shady camel-puller Baksheesh. and Shira, a girl determined to return home, follow a treasure map through the deserts and cities of the infamous Golden Road, as mysterious strangers try in vain to point them toward real treasures. fiction fantasy
The Jewel Box Ballerinas Monique De varennes & Ana Juan 2007 Picture book - A rich woman purchases a magic jewel box and sets out to make the two tiny ballerinas within it smile again. fiction fantasy magic friendship music box
The Garden of Eve K. L. Ging 2007 Eve gave up her belief in stories and magic after her mother's death, but a mysterious seed given her as an eleventh-birthday gift by someone she has never met takes her and a boy who claims to be a ghost on a strange journey, to where their supposedly cursed town of Beaumont, New York, flourishes. fiction seeds magic orchards death grief family life New York state - audio book available
The Land of The Silver Apples Nancy Farmer 2007 Sequel to The Sea of Trolls
Includes bibliographical references in appendix
fantasy fiction mythology druids bards goblins elves Saxon - available audio
Letters from Rapunzel Sara Lewis Holmes 2007 Thirteen year old Cadence Rae Brogan (Rapunzel) is trapped in her own tower as her father s world turns black, her mother s world becomes overwhelmed, and Cadence s world is collapsing at a most difficult time of of life - Junior High! Sara Holmes has created a character that you can t help wanting to know what and when things are going to Additionally Holmes use of fairy tales and fairly tale characters is delightfully creative. Of course any adolescent tale must include strong references to school; Homes story does not exclude that rule. Share what you think about this book. What is most compelling for you? How did you relate to Rapunzel? How do you believe middle school students would respond to this story?
Winner of the Ursula Nordstrom First Fiction Contest
realistic fiction parents depression school gifted fairy tales
Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy Jane O Connor 2007 Fancy Nancy is out to convince her family that the dog they need ought to be fancy. fiction picture book Papillon dogs individuality family
Mr. George Baker
2007 Watercolor illustrations depict one-hundred year old Mr. George Baker, African-American, and young Harry, Caucasian boy, develop a warm relationship as they share their struggle of learning a new skill. Good use of illustrations and language to develop the characters, mood, and style of the story. picture book realistic fiction reading multicultural
The Titans Curses: Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 3 Rick Riordan 2007

The Titans CurseModern fantasy book is a series of five. Being made into a movie by 20th Century Fox.
Meet old Perseus Jackson (12) at a school for troubled youth, the son of Poseidon and a mortal woman, whom dies soon after this discovery putting him in mortal danger. Percy along with sidekicks of Grover, (a young satyr) and Annabeth (daughter of Athena) take on quest after quest resulting in many close calls, monster melees, trips across Earth and into Hades. Mythological quests meet today's street kids.

mythology fiction modern fantasy teens adventure gods friends
The Scarlet Stockings Spy Edition 1. (Tales of Young Americans) Trinka Hakes Noble 2007 Maddy Rose is a plucky young girl of a widow whose earnings come from spinning flax. Maddy, spends her days sewing and running errands for her mother. Maddy and her brother have created a code, but will it outwit the British? historical fiction American revolution Philadelphia
Melting Stones Tamora Pierce 2007
fiction fantasy audio
George s Secret Key to the Universe Lucy and Stephen Hawking 2007 Great adventure story about Annie and George who meet, fine they have a mutual love of science, and adventure through the solar system with the assistance of a super-computer. Their educational adventures soon take a turn to life and death situations for their father as an old rival - Dr. Reeper takes control. Will George and Annie be able to save her father? Will George win the science contest? Will George every have his computer? The story coauthored by Stephen Hawking, some claim to be the best physicist since Einstein, incorporates accurate information within the story for readers to learn about planets, the solar system, time, the universe, and other astronomical mysteries. A great read or read aloud to motivate science discussion in middle school and a pretty darn good adventure story at that. science fiction fantasy space universe solar system black holes
Who Was First? Russell Freedman 2007 Russell Freedman...
Wild Girls Pat Murphy 2007 Twelve-year-old Joan is sure that she is going to be miserable when her family moves from Connecticut to California. Then she meets a most unusual girl.... fiction
Love Jerry Spinelli 2007 Characterization, characterization, characterization. Spinelli knows how to create and align characters within a story to create high and low tides of emotional attachments. Attaching Stargirl to Leo, Dootsie, Alvina, Betty Lou, Charlie, Arnold, Perry, the Honeybees, and ... While at the same time attaching all of them to one another through themselves and Stargirl and most importantly through the reader s heart. Where is Stargirl now? Still in Pennsylvania? Is she back in Arizona? Is she moving toward Leo? Does she... How dare anyone question her existence? This story goes beyond realistic fiction. Stargirl exists in the reader s heart, soul, and mind. How could she not? When she has stirred so much love into my life. realistic fiction
Artemis Fowl: The Graphic Novel Colfer, Eoin and Andrew Donkin 2007 This creatively designed graphic novel tells the complete first story of Artemis Fowl in a way that was not possible in the mere novel. The authors, Colfer and Donkin, collaborated with the illustrators, Rigano and Lamanna to combine text and illustrations in a format that includes detailed character information in illustrations, text, and in character files physically embedded in the graphic novel. The combination of these three elements create a style and tone for the story that may provide more detail and a richer experience than the original novel. fantasy fiction child prodigy adventure graphic novel
First Snow in the Woods: A Photographic Fantasy Carl R. Sams 2007 Delightful visual display. Photos blended into page with text overlaid. Many images across both pages. Some images may have been clipped from other photos and joined into others to create a multimedia display. picture book photo book realistic fiction nonfiction
Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See? Bill Martin Jr & Eric Carle 2007 Same patterns as in the book: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? (1964) also by Bill Martin Jr & Eric Carle, but with new animals. Red fox, flying squirrel, prairie dog, striped skunk, screech owl, mountain goat, blue heron, mule deer, rattlesnake, my baby bear … picture book fantasy animals repeating pattern
The Kiss that Missed David Melling 2007 A busy king hurriedly blows his son a goodnight kiss from the hallway, but it misses its target. Being a royal smooch with enchanting powers, it flies off on an adventure through a dark forest full of wild animals and is hotly pursued by a not-so-gallant young knight, who eventually finds himself face to face with an enormous dragon. However, the magical quality of the kiss tames even the wildest of creatures and when the shivering boy fears his demise, he is kissed rather than fried to a crisp. The knight catches the kiss and brings it safely home. Amusing, playful, colorful, cartoon like illustrations with great caricature expressions like the bewildered prince, the terrified knight and horse, and the gleeful royal family when the kiss is returned. Refreshingly original and relevant, showing a busy family full of love. B. Astengo picture book fantasy kiss family bedtime stories dragons knights
Little Red Riding Hood Jerry Pinkney 2007 In this delightful, old-fashioned version of a familiar tale, Little Red Riding Hood is a "sweet little girl" whose mother stitches her a lovely hood, which the child cherishes and all the village people affectionately recognize. Against a snowy, wooded background, the child sets out in her red cloak to bring Mother's chicken soup and raisin muffins to ailing Grandmother. The story proceeds in the expected way. The woodcutter kills the wolf "with one stroke of his ax" and cuts open the beast's stomach, releasing "the kindly old woman." With lively detail (but no blood and guts) and lots of pattern and colors, Pinkney's watercolors show the predator in nightcap and glasses under Grandmother's patchwork quilt and then, in a double-page spread, the menace as it appears to the girl: "Oh Grandmother, what great teeth you have!" The pictures reflect the danger and the coziness, and they are just right for their preschool audience. Hazel Rochman picture book fantasy
The Castle Corona Sharon Creech 2007
fiction fantasy
The Lighthouse War: The Lighthouse Trilogy Book II Adrian Mc Kinty 2007 Okay, I knew it was a trilogy and I picked up book II. Hey, I ve read dozens of multi book episodes. The authors include bread crumbs to jog memories or inform first time readers of situations past, so I plunged in hoping the book jacket was accurate with claims of action to keep the pages turning and a story few readers will be able to resist. The first sixteen pages introduced the Witch Queen - Twenty-seventh Queen of Balanmanek, Gag Macak - the glacier, The Lord Protector, Master Sarpa of the Science Guild, the dying planet - Altair, and the machine - soon to send a message to the Ui Neill world. Not that this information isn t important for the story, but it was a bit tedious until page seventeen where Jamie, Brian, and Ramsey, of the Ayatollahs of Funk, were deep in performance on Royal Avenue in Belfast. The song lyrics would have been humorous, had I read book one, instead of just bizarre. Enough of not reading book one.
The adventure, for me did begin shortly after the main characters entered the story. It is an adventure where two teenage friends travel to Altair where the Lord Protector and Queen are diabolical and ruthless in the best of fantasy style. However, the story is more than the usual high fantasy. Mc Kinty brings together old world, today, and science fiction of future worlds in the style of a fantasy game, like Expedition to Barrier Peaks, which was referenced in the story. I found the timing of my selection of this book to read strange as Gary Gygax, creater of Dungeons and Dragons, died while I was reading it. Fitting tribute.
The dialogue includes references to present day music, celebrates, events, Warcraft, Dungeon & Dragons, and even political references are inserted throughout the narrative. The typical character conversation between Jamie and Ramsey is typical creative adolescent banter. As the party grows Jamie s mother - Anna and Ramsey s thirty year old brother - Brian are drawn into the adventure and provide additional creative opportunities for dialogue. These four and two aliens - Wishaway and Lorca make up the adventure party. The antagonists include typical fantasy adventure types: Witch Queen, Lord Protectorate, King, Princess, Guildsman, and the typical support casts of evil and not so evil characters. However, the depth of evil is questionable as the plot for control of the Salmon has a life and death connection for all. No question ,the claim of being a page turner on the cover is accurate. If you find love triangles, fantasy adventures, advanced alien technology, space travel between two worlds - Earth and Altair, or have ever pondered the philosophical question of our exist and mortality... interesting. And who doesn t? You should enjoy this book.
fantasy science fiction lighthouse trilogy space travel war Ireland
Twelve Lauren Myracle 2007
fiction birthdays twelve
The Higher Institute of Villainous Education Mark Walden 2007 Intense, action packed, violent, wild, life threatening James Bond style adventure to save the world from evil forces. Only these heroes are teenage special ... Well for now let s just say special. science fiction schools genius good and evil artificial intelligence science
The Book of Time Guillaume Prevost translated by William Rodarmor 2007 Sam Faulknwe travels back in time to medieval Ireland, ancient Egypt, and Renaissance Bruges in search of his missing father. science fiction time travel missing persons
Middle School is Worse than Meatloaf Jennifer L. Holm 2007 Is this a book, graphic novel, picture book, or a new genre? It takes the form of a scrapbook or photo journal of Ginny Davis in middle school. A very creative way to present a story of Ginny during a time that is troubling for her and her single mother. graphic novel picture book journal a year life journal middle school family single parent graphic novel
Alex and the Ironic Gentleman
Adrienne Kress 2007 Alex lives with her uncle in an apartment above his doorknob shop. That alone should suggest the story is whimsical, clever, and creative. Which by the way describes Alex who is dreading sixth grade. However, things break her way when Mr. Underwood arrives and is assigned to teach sixth grade. Just when things appear to be getting manageable at school the adventure really begins in chapter four. Thugs show up looking for the descendant of the dreaded pirate Captain Steele and a treasure map. A fire and the lose of her Uncle and the kidnapping of Mr. Underwood Alex finds herself pitted against these thugs, an evil vicious group of old ladies known as the Daughters of the Founding Fathers' Preservation Society, and various obstacles in her quest to find the treasure map and Mr. Underwood. fantasy fiction
The Last Apprentice: Night of the Soul Stealer - 3 Joseph Delaney 2007

Joseph Delaney continues with his third book that takes off where the second ends. More thrills and scares from the spiritual world for the adolescent reader. It will raise more hairs on the back of the necks of adolescent readers. Again set in English or New England community of the 1700's or early 1800's before industrialization. Inhabited by typical human beings of that era with the addition of ghasts, ghosts, boggarts, and other nasties that people of that era are known to have imagined and some they might not have been capable of imagining. Thomas Ward, as an apprentice, continues to learn ...

Plot summary and more

modern fantasy apprentice magic bane thought control supernatural witches
The Last Apprentice: Attack of the Fiend - 4 Joseph Delaney 2007

Joseph Delaney continues with his fourth book that takes off where the third ends. More thrills and scares from the spiritual world for the adolescent reader. It will raise more hairs on the back of the necks of adolescent readers. Again set in English or New England community of the 1700's or early 1800's before industrialization. Thomas Ward, as an apprentice, continues to learn, but now he learns of his real destiny ...

Plot summary and more

modern fantasy apprentice magic bane thought control supernatural witches
Maximum Ride: Saving the World and other Extreme Sports James Patterson 2007 Third in the Maximum Ride series - The time has come for Max, Iggy, Fang, Nudge, Gasman, and Angel to face their ultimate enemy and despite many obstacles try to save the world from a sinister plan to reengineer a select population into a scientifically superior master race. science fictiongenetic engineering adventure Antarctica
Elijah of Buxton Christopher Paul Curtis 2007 Elijah of Buxton is the first freeborn child of Buxton a settlement on Lake Erie in Canada created by escaped slaves in the mid 1800 s. Elijah tells the story of his ordinary life who his momma is continually telling him that he is too frag - ile. However, as we travel with him as he does his chores, does odd jobs in the settlement, interacts with the characters that have become central in his life, and of course going to school we find that Elijah is not an ordinary boy at all. He has a gift of story telling and creative exaggeration with explanations that achieve and surpass the best metaphors and similes penned by even the classic tall tale authors of all times. While the literary style and tone is expertly done with subtle events and happenings being wove together for a powerful climax the plot is agonizingly slow moving. The first chapters are more like short stories tied together with the passing of time and Elijah s struggle for recognition as an adult as his values and character is discovered by the reader. It might be a good read aloud, but I wonder how many young readers will maintain enough interest to read through most of the book. It isn t until the reader is closing in on the end that the plot finally unfolds a multi chapter event with enough excitement to propel the reader to a compelling ending. An ending that can only be achieved by a character who has gained enough insight into the complicated decisions of an adult world and a reader that has gained insight into the complications of slavery in the United States in the 1860 s. historical fiction race African American slave


Books published in 2008
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
Bird Lake Moon Kevin Henkes 2008 This is two compelling stories with plots intersecting when Mitch Sinclair (12) and Spencer Stone (10) meet. Mitch is suffering from the recent announcement of his parent s divorce. Afraid of the unknown it causes him to act out in ways he never would have. Spencer along with Lolly, his younger sister, and both of their parents are attempting to recover from the lose of Matty who drowned in Bird Lake. Suspense, characterization, and altering point of view by chapter from Mitch s perspective to Spencer s perspective makes this an outstanding novel.
Lolly creative antics of talking in different dialects and deciding to give each voice a name.
Language such as - yesterday you were soaked in sunshine . Today - rain. - His mind was an aquarium , and his thoughts were darting around, this way and that, like little fish. -
... all its lines, angles, and corners were softened like the edges on a well-used bar of soap.
fiction realistic divorce friends family death grief Wisconsin
The Missing: Found Book 1 Margaret Peterson Haddix 2008

Adopted thirteen year old friends, Jonah and Chip, receive two mysterious letters. The first says, "You are one of the missing." The second, "Beware! They're coming back to get you."

Soon they discover they were stolen out of time as babies and placed on an airplane. To the people that found them the plane appeared out of nowhere, full of babies, with no adults on board. A mystery that involves time travel and two philosophically opposed groups, each trying to capture the 36 missing who are now 13 year olds, each of them for a different purpose. What should they do? Or do they have a choice? These people can appear and disappear at any time and seem to be able to take matters into their own hands. It's just a question as to which hands will prevail. A compelling plot with challenging situations that create enough suspense to keep the reader turning pages. Haddix does a good job keeping things plausible, particularly with respect to time travel. age 12 years - seventh grade topics time travel mystery adoption

What should they do? Or do they have any choice in the matter as people who appear and disappear at will might be able to take matters into their own hands. Compelling plot with suspenseful situations that are challenging enough to keep turning the pages. As with the time travel Haddix does a good job keeping things plausible.

science fiction time travel mystery adoption
White Sands, Red Menace Ellen Klages 2008 It s 1946 and the author picks up shortly after where she left Dewey and Suze in her first award winning book - The Green Sea. The story continues in the same accurate historical style that depicts the countries cultural and political climate of the day. Set in the southwest state of New Mexico Suze s father has been offered his opportunity of a life time to work on the development of unmanned rocket ships. The story of this unconventional family begins in May of 1946 as they arrive in White Sands. The story unfolds throughout the next year ending in May of 1947. Dewey s and Suze s relationship as unofficial sisters strains during the year but never breaks as it blossom s into a brother relationship with a creation of a mechanical and artistic wonder labeled in their words as the Wall . The author historically recreates the plausible lives of these two adolescent eighth grade girls. An interesting story and slice of life of the times. Masterfully touching on intercultural, racial, gender, and political themes of the time as well as the characters love of art, things mechanical, a mother that is not happy being stuck away from her career all intertwined within relationships that grow toward a climax with the return of Dewey s birth mom. historical fiction atomic bombs radiation slave labor world war 2 cold war rocket ships space vehicles adoption teen pregnancy unwanted pregnancy mathematics mechanical art
Sunrise over Fallujah Walter Dean Myers 2008 Robin Perry who felt compelled to enlist as a result of his experiences of 9-11 joins the service and is sent from Harlem to Iraq in 2003 as a member of the Civil Affairs Battalion. Robin nicknamed Birdy by his comrades - Marla: a tough talking wisecracking blonde gunner and Jonesy, a guitar-player who just wants to open a blues club become comrades in arms. This trio struggles to find meaning in their service to secure, stabilize and win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people. Robin s time there profoundly changes him as his innocence and intentions of good will are overcome by a need to survive and question why he is there. An important book that offers insight to the intense relationships and profound implications that result during a war and more specific for today s youth - Iraq. historical fiction Irag war 2003 African Americans human cost of war
The Battle of the Labarynth : Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 4 Rick Riordan 2008

The Battle of the Labarynth Modern fantasy book is a series of five. Being made into a movie by 20th Century Fox.
Meet old Perseus Jackson (12) at a school for troubled youth, the son of Poseidon and a mortal woman, whom dies soon after this discovery putting him in mortal danger. Percy along with sidekicks of Grover, (a young satyr) and Annabeth (daughter of Athena) take on quest after quest resulting in many close calls, monster melees, trips across Earth and into Hades. Mythological quests meet today's street kids.

mythology fiction modern fantasy teens adventure gods friends
The Dreadful Revenge of Ernest Gallen James Lincoln Collier 2008 When Eugene starts to hear voices inside his head telling him to do awful things, it leads him to look into his small town s past during the early 1900 s. He and Sonny discover long-hidden secrets about his neighbors and his town. supernatural fiction horror story depressions
13: A Novel Jason Robert Brown & Dan Elish 2008 Evan Goldman, almost thirteen, learns what it means to be a man when his parents separate and he and his mother move from New York City to Appleton, Indiana, right before his bar mitzvah. Knowing no one he mysteriously is befriended by two people: Patrice and Bret. Bret the superstar of the school and Patrice not part of of the cool crowd. I am sure you are beginning to connect a pretty transparent plot where the main character is conflicted by his desires to have a big in crowd at his party and also not wanting to be part of a crowd that ostracize, Patrice, someone whom you care about. Normally a plot this transparent might cause me to rate such a story much lower. However, the dialogue the author has Evan use is creative, humorous, and entrances you to keep reading to see in what interesting manner Evan is going to tell his story. A very good read for students in middle school interested in peer relations. Isn t that about all of them? realistic fiction interpersonal relations peer pressure Bar Mitzcvah Indiana divorce school 13 moving, popularity friendship fitting in growing up family
11 Birthdays Wendy Mass 2008 Amanda and Leo, unbeknownst to them, have been linked at birth by an ancient spell that has been around unsuspectingly for years. An unknown protector has arranged for them to spend their birthday s together since birth to protect them from being enchanted by the spell. Unaware of the dangers that could be fall them if they don t celebrate together they independently celebrate apart. Entranced or bewitched Amanda continues to wake up to a Sponge Bob balloon and has to relive her present and worst ever birthday - her eleventh birthday. A ... Really clever way to see the consequences of ones actions and how one s actions sometimes work the way we expect and other times don t. Groundhogs Day for young readers. fiction fantasy birthday time friendship interpersonal relationships
Zorgamazoo Robert Paul Weston 2008 281 pages In rhymed verse with a sing song rhythm. Creative use of fonts and lettering size and orientation throughout as well as a smattering of ink drawings of the zany characters. It is an engagingly enchanting story of Katrina Katrell and her zany romp with Mortimer Yorgle a zorgle and their zany and suspense filled adventure. verse fiction fantasy
The Graveyard Book Gaiman, Neil 2008 Expect strange when the author is Neil Gaiman and this book doesn t let you down. Nobody Owens - Bod parents are killed when Bod is born and he is raised by a couple in the graveyard. Yes they have been dead for several years. The spirits of the graveyard take care of him and provide for his education. Eventually he desires for more than what can be provide by the graveyard and is sent to school. having been warned not to draw attention to himself he can t but do so when he feels a need to act against injustice. His forays beyond his protected boundaries result in the forces of dark being able to detect his presence and act to destroy him. He is reunited with a girl of his childhood and together they attempt to resolve the situation once and for all. A thrilling action filled novel. fantasy fiction supernatural adventure excitement dead cemeteries
Jack and the Box Art Spiegelman 2008 Jack get a new toy a - Zack in the Box. The humor is a little advanced for real young children. As the first time Zach comes out of the box Jack ends up in his mother s arms. Through the book Jack is frightened, frustrated, mad, bewildered, and amused. The genre is a cross between a comic book and picture book. It is creative and as zany as the cat in the hat. A simple way to explore how to include surprise as a style element. picture book fiction graphic comic jack in the box dark humor surprise as style element
Highway Robbery Kate Thompson 2008 In England in the 1700 s there was Dick Turpin. Who was a house-breaker, torturer, murderer, horse-stealer and all-round real nasty piece of work who was fictionalize as Dick Turpin, Highwayman and Knight of the Road. However this story isn t about the character of Dick, but of the unidentified main character who tells the story in first person whose character was asked,by Dick Turpin, to hold Black Bess until he returned. This main character is undeniably ethical as we discover in the story that begins with the following dialogue:
The rider sprang off as light as a cat and pulled the reins over the horse's head. Then he marched straight over to me and put them into my hand. ... Hold the mare for me, lad. And when I come back, I'll give you a golden guinea."
The style of this chapter book includes pen-and-ink drawings by Duddle and Dress, large font and line spacing for easy reading, fast-paced action, dry humor and an ending that begs to be talked about. In fact it would be a great read aloud with its flamboyant narrative and those detailed comical illustrations to accompany it. The plot is suspenseful, precise and with twist to make it richer.
fiction historical robbery adventure horses Richard Turpin Great Britain eighteenth century
Children of the Lamp The Day of the Djinn Warriors Book 4 P. B. Kerr 2008 The Children of the Lamp action adventure series continues as the the tribes with the forces of good battle wits and djinn power with the tribes of the forces of evil. Mystery abounds as the twins, Philippa and John Gaunt, travel form New York to London to Napal on a whirlwind adventure to help their friend Dybbuk. How does a talisman and The Cult of the Nine Cobras figure into Dybbuk s friends murder? Does the absence of Uncle Nimrod and Mr. Rakshasas from their home figure in this mystery? Are Phillippa and John the real target of the Nine Cobra Cult? fantasy fiction brother sister genies magic twins museums
The Willoughbys Lois Lowry 2008
realistic fiction brothers & sisters family orphans humorous
Tunnels Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams 2008 Book one - Will Burrows and his friend Chester embark on a quest to find Will s archaeologist father, who has inexplicably disappeared, they are led to a labyrinthine world underneath London, Full of sinister inhabitants with evil intentions toward Topsoilers like Will and his father. fiction archeology adventure England London Brian James Williams underground
Smiles to Go Jerry Spinelli 2008
fiction realistic friendship brothers sisters self actualization family life high schools protons
The Calder Game Blue Balliett 2008
fiction realistic mystery detective England sculpture art
The Ice Cream Con Jimmy Docherty 2008
fiction realistic Scotland mugging criminals bullies robbers outlaws friendship Glasgow England
Julia Gillian (and the Art of Knowing) Alison Mc Ghee 2008
fiction realistic fear Saint Bernard dogs family life Minnesota Minneapolis neighborhood
Stink and the Great Guinea Pig Express Megan Mc Donald 2008
fiction realistic guinea pigs animal rescue automobile travel Virginia humorous
The 13th Reality: Book 1 The Journal of Curious Letters James Dashner 2008 Twelve clues to solve the riddle or puzzle... fiction
Attack of the Growling Eyeballs Lin Oliver 2008 Adventures of Daniel (10) when he finds he is able to shrink in size and not only that, but he has a twin brother that is as small as his fourth toe. Not only that, but his gGandma Lola has know it since his birth and kept it a secret. Wild and zany fun filled adventure. realistic fiction family life sisters brothers humorous size
Samantha Hansen Has Rocks in Her Head Nancy Viau 2008 Great story of a girl that loves rocks and how she deals with being teased and her mother being a single parent. realistic fiction sister's temper problem solving goals family life behavior Grand Canyon
Nurk the Strange, Surprising Adventure of a (Somewhat) Brave Shrew Ursula Vernon 2008 Nurk a sort-of brave shrew, packs up a few pairs of clean socks and sails off on an accidental adventure, guided by wisdom found in the journal of his famously brave and fierce grandmother, Lady Surka the warrior shrew. animal fiction adventure dragonflies shrews diaries courage letters
Boots and Pieces Emily Ecton 2008 Arlie can t understand why the Sheriff wants to keep the disappearance of Stacyi Sizemore so hush hush. Easy reading, fast paced, funny, and difficult to put down. A story about gummy bear mutations with a growing appetite that is covered up by the town sheriff that is more worried about the turmoil that would be caused if prom is called off, than if he admits a few teenagers were murdered by a mutant monster. Can you solve the mystery before Arlie and Ty? science fiction prom genetics evolution mutants mystery
The Magician: The secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel Book 2 Michael Scott 2008 The story continues with the struggle between Nicholas Flame and Dr. John Dee to save or over throw humankind, which won t know what is happening until it is too late. The prophecy says that Sophie and Josh are the only ones that have the power to save the world, but can they figure out who is the good side before it is too late?
A third in the works - The Sorceress...
modernfantasy Nicolas Flamel John Dee alchemist magic supernatural brothers sisters twins San Francisco Calif
The Diamond of Darkhold the fourth book of Ember Jeanne DuPrau 2008 If you have read the previous books of The City of Ember series, this is the fourth. While it includes answers to previous unanswered questions it provides opportunities for more wonderments.
The story starts with additional background information about the builder’s plan to provide help to the people of Ember when they leave the city to rebuild the world. However, the vault with the information, isn’t found when they leave Ember.
The story continues with the struggles of living in Spark. Struggles from the lack of resources: food medicine, energy, and materials for building and manufacturing. Doon continues to learn about magnetism, electricity, and solar energy. Roamers enter into the plot and provide conflict as Doon, Lina, and different groups of people return to Ember to salvage resources and find the vault.
The ending suggests future opportunities for Earth, but also, a missed opportunity for an interstellar connection.

modern fantasy science fiction future city dystopian society growing up good v. evil

The Last Apprentice: Wrath of the Bloodeye - 5 Joseph Delaney 2008

Joseph Delaney continues with his fifth book that takes off where the fourth ended. More thrills and scares from the spiritual world for the adolescent reader. It will raise more hairs on the back of the necks of adolescent readers. Again set in England before industrialization. Inhabited by typical human beings of that era with the addition of ghasts, ghosts, boggarts, fiends, and other nasties. Thomas Ward, as an apprentice, continues to learn, but now he deals with Bloodeye.
If you like this genre or want scary, this is a five star.

Plot summary and more

modern fantasy apprentice magic bane thought control supernatural witches
Ranger's Apprentice: Sorcerer of the North Book Five John Flanagan 2008 Sequel to - Ranger s Apprentice Book one: The Ruins of Gorlan and Book two The Burning Bridge; Book three The Icebound Land ; Book four The Battle for Skandia
Will is a full fledged Ranger now and is asked to go disguised as a jongleur and travel north to investigate strange happenings. Alyss is sent as a confidant to assist in assessing the situation. As they are just beginning to discover the strange happenings and struggle for control of power their cover is blown and Will must make a critical decision so save the mission or Alyss.
high fantasy adolescent growing up friendship responsibility heroes male Australia
Maximum Ride: The Final Warning James Patterson 2008 Fourth in the Maximum Ride series - On a mission to save the world from global warming, 14 year old Maximum Ride and the other members of the Flock are pursued by their creator, the Uber Director, who wants to auction them off to the highest bidder. science fiction genetic engineering adventure Antarctica female survival
The Keys to the Kingdom: Superior Saturday Garth Nix 2008 The sixth installment, of the saga of Arthur Penhaligon. It is beginning to look as if this 12 year old will survive the week, but it is hard to know since the book doesn t bring day six to a resolution. It turns midnight, but the reader is left hanging... A modern day fantasy adventure that is action, action, and more action. Each time I am eager to read the next one and had to wait. If you haven t read them, there are six good books and one to come waiting for you. modern fantasy adventure good and evil male
What's Up Duck: A Book of Opposites tad Hills 2008
picture book opposites up down
Queste Septimus Heap Book Four Angie Sage 2008 Septimus, Jenna, and Beetle hope to rescue Snorri and Nicko trapped in the past. They are unaware that Merrin has used summons and aided the ghost of the first Chief Hemetic Scribe to send Septimus on a wizzard s Queste. All wizzards chosen for this Queste have never survived it. The story is a well paced adventure with a twisting plot, passionate spirited characters, and told with the authors humorous tone. fiction fantasy audio book available
Ladybug Girl Jacky Davis 2008 Lulu dresses as Ladybug Girl and finds that her parents are busy and she will have to figure out her own fun time. She tries her brother and he tells her she is too little to play baseball and bugs don t play baseball. She goes exploring with the dog Bingo: inside finding L s, measuring a plant, outside to explore finding ants, puddles, fort, wall, rocks, wind, tree, her brothers game, blue jays, and home. picture book fiction imagination ladybug brother sister
The Last Apprentice: Clash of the Demons - 6 Joseph Delaney 2008

Joseph Delaney continues with his fourth book that takes off where the third ends. More thrills and scares from the spiritual world for the adolescent reader. It will raise more hairs on the back of the necks of adolescent readers. Again set in England before industrialization. Inhabited by typical human beings of that era with the addition of fiends to the collection of ghasts, ghosts, boggarts, and other nasties that people of that era are known to have imagined and some they might not have been capable of imagining.

Plot summary and more

fiction fantasy apprentice magic bane thought control supernatural witches
If You re Reading This It s Too Late Pseudonymous Bosch 2008 Second in the Secret Book series:
The book begins with a Binding Contract outlining the reader's responsibilities, followed by a prologue that warns about mysterious things and a monster 400-500 years old - impossible to make more impossible to kill. A few more pages of ... then In enormous letter: "IF YOU RE READING THIS, IT S TOO LATE."
The story eventually starts with chapter 33 and runs backwards... like a count down to a rocket launch or a bomb so I won t have to finish it. BUT finish it he did. Another saga about the kids who discover a mysterious society desiring immortality, which gets them into all kinds of troublesome situations. Sarcasm, playfulness of the author, and suspense moves the reader through mysteries and adventure as the characters search for the mysterious sound prism, discovering Cabbage Face, and a humunculus and trying to figure out how they all come together.
fiction fantasy mystery
Amelia Rules - When the Past Is a Present Jimmy Gownley 2008 Amelia (fourth grade) is an only child who lives with her recently divorced mother. She has one melodramatic adventure after another. Each packed with freewheeling energetic antics. Her good and bad traits are illustrated in full colored graphic art. Jealousy, meanness, sadness, confusion, generosity, and love splatter the pages.
Five stories included in this book are:
Funny Story - mom s date
The Runaways - divorce, talk with Tanner
Let s hear it for Joan - date?, cross town boy, how long is a year - father in army...
When the past is a present - old photo album to see Amelia s roots
Hangin out -
graphic novel comic book picture book friends family super heroes growing up
The 39 Clues: The Maze of Bones Book 1 Rick Riordan 2008 The book introduces us to Amy Cahill (14) and her brother Dan Cahill (11) and their ecentric grandmother Grace. We soon discover she as created a world wide game of find and seek with a cash prize of a million dollars and a formula for world power during the reading of her will. Almost before the lawyer is done reading the will different family branches are off to uncover the clues and to thwart other family members. With Saladin in tow, a Persian cat fond of red snapper, and Nellie Gomez their au pair they set out find the first clue. First of ten books along with sets of cards in each book, additional cards available for purchase, and a companion web site that offers prizes. realistic fiction science fantasy games family adventure mystery
The 39 Clues: One False Note Book 2 Gordon Korman 2008 Amy, Dan, Nellie, and Saladin are off to Austria and Italy in search of another clue. Run ins with the Holt family of five, Irina Spasky, their Russian cousin with ex-KGB ties, and Ian as they attempt to decipher how Mozart, Ben Franklin, and Mozart s sister can provide information to decode clue number two. As they travel from Paris to Salzberg and on to Italy there seems to be a cousin around every corner trying to thwart their success. From visits to museums, art galleries, the catacombs where Mozart and his sisters remains are located, and a family stronghold action and adventure moves the reader through this book adventure of mystery and adventure. fiction science fantasy games family adventure mystery
The 39 Clues: Beyond the Grave Book 4 Jude Watson 2008
fiction science fantasy games family adventure mystery
Ranger's Apprentice: The Siege of Macindaw Book Six John Flanagan 2008 Sequel to - Ranger s Apprentice Book one: The Ruins of Gorlan and Book two The Burning Bridge; Book three The Icebound Land ; Book four The Battle for Skandia; Book five Sorcerer of the North
The books continues where book five left off after Will makes a critical decision to save the mission, Alyss is left prisoner in Macindaw Castle.
See first book in 2005
fiction high fantasy adolescent growing up friendship responsibility heroes male Australia
Cool Zone with the Pain & the Great One Judy Blume 2008
realistic fiction brother sisters schools family life
Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls Moving Day 1 Meg Cabot 2008
fiction realistic moving household rules best friends schools behavior family life
The Hunger Games Suzanne Collins 2008

The first book in a trilogy about a future nation of Panem, who controls its 12 districts with a yearly televised Hunger Game fight to the death. Two contestants, one male and one female, are selected by lotter to compete. Katniss Everdeen, steps forward to take her sister's place in the games. Her struggle to survive begins with her questions about her existance, humanity, love, and extends into politics and fight to who controls government across the trilogy.


  • Catcing Fire by Suzanne Collins. 2009
  • Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. 2010
distopican society science fiction trilogy


Books published in 2009
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
Amelia Rules - The Whole World's Crazy Jimmy Gownley 2009 Amelia (fourth grade) is an only child who lives with her recently divorced mother. She has one melodramatic adventure after another. Each packed with freewheeling energetic antics. Her good and bad traits are illustrated in full colored graphic art. Jealousy, meanness, sadness, confusion, generosity, and love splatter the pages.
Five stories included in this book are:
The Whole world is crazy -
The Gym Class System -
Loosely in Disguise, and Frightened -
Amelia McBride and the Other Side of Yuletide -
Speak Softee to Me -
graphic novel comic book picture book growing up friend's divorce
When You Reach Me Rebecca Stead 2009 Losing your friend since birth, being a latchkey kid, why does the man on the corner sleep with his head under the mailbox and yell at the sky? Why does mom need a boy friend? Why would someone punch someone for no reason at all? Why wold I talk to a person that punched Sal? Why do people do what they do? How can a person know what is going to happen? Why is A Wrinkle in Time her favorite book? This is growing up story. Miranda (12) struggles to gain the confidence in understanding herself and others so she can safely be what she believes she should be. The author uses a subtle style of writing with a steady stream of emotionally connected ideas, phrases, and words in the narrative to create a very powerful experience for the reader. scienc fiction or realistic fiction? friends Wrinkle in Time time travel
Catcing Fire Suzanne Collins 2009

The second in the trilogy about the future nation of Panem, who controls its 12 districts with a yearly televised Hunger Game fight to the death. Two contestants, one male and one female, are selected by lotter to compete. Katniss Everdeen, steps forward to take her sister's place in the games. Her struggle to survive begins with her questions about her existance, humanity, love, and extends into politics and fight to who controls government across the trilogy.


distopican society science fiction trilogy
The Last Olympians: Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 5 Rick Riordan 2009

The Last OlympiansModern fantasy book is a series of five. Being made into a movie by 20th Century Fox.
Meet old Perseus Jackson (12) at a school for troubled youth, the son of Poseidon and a mortal woman, whom dies soon after this discovery putting him in mortal danger. Percy along with sidekicks of Grover, (a young satyr) and Annabeth (daughter of Athena) take on quest after quest resulting in many close calls, monster melees, trips across Earth and into Hades. Mythological quests meet today's street kids.

mythology fiction modern fantasy teens adventure gods friends
The Islands of the Blessed Nancy Farmer 2009

Sequel to The Sea of Trolls and The Land of Silver Apples
Life seems normal in Jack's Saxon village. Until the ringing of a magic bell draws an evil creature sending Jack and Thorgil on a quest that will quell this restless spirit and right the wrong Father Severus did a long time ago.
A story with adventure, humor and thought-provoking juxtapositions of the uglier aspects of the Nordic mythology with the severe penitence Father Severus demands of his fellow Christians and the ceaseless battle that is part of Valhalla, the Northman paradise. As servants of the life force, Jack and Thorgil must put aside their pasts and prejudices discover how to heal the wounds committed in the names of these deities.

modern fantasy mythology druids bards goblins elves Saxon - available audio
Emmaline and the Bunny Katherine Hannigan 2009 While the book is a picture book about bunnies and Emmaline. It isn t your usual young children s picture book about bunnies. Emmaline is a very special young girl who wants a bunny very much. The story is told in verse with rhymes, alliteration, invented words, figurative language, and abstractions - If I went to away. Emmaline isn t neat and likes to romp out side. Which is prohibited in Neatasapin by Mayor Orson Oliphant. Emmaline hears of a place which is very untidy and goes to visit a bunny and the Old One who tells her she must invite a bunny if she wants one to live with her. She returns home where she convinces her parents to stand up to Mayor Orson Oliphant and they create an invitation yard. animal fantasy picture book bunny clean neat and tidy
Little Mouse Gets Ready Jeff Smith 2009 Great book well illustrated and story tells the procedure of getting dressed with great detail and accuracy my Little Mouse as Mamma and other family members patiently wait for him to finish. What mice don t wear clothes. animal fantasy picture book mice mouse little getting dressed humor
George's Cosmic Treasure Hunt Lucy and Stephen Hawking 2009 George and Annie have been grounded since the last adventure when Cosmos exploded from the sheer effort of mounting their rescue. They have been involved in more Earthly pursuits such as going to their father s come as your favorite space object party. Where guests come as dark matter, black holes, red shift, exploding star, and microwaves. However, the party ends on a downer when George discovers that his best friend and her father will be packing up and moving to the Global Space Agency in the United States. Grandma comes through and agrees to go with Cosmos so he can join forces with Annie and help to solve the problem with the errant Mars Rover. Of course the adventures Annie and George take aren t that simple so before long they are on a Cosmic Treasure Hunt. Action packed suspense to move the reader along and of course plenty of accurate space information to boot. fiction science fantasy space universe solar system black holes
Skeleton Creek Ryan's Journal Book 1 Patrick Carman 2009

House bound with a broken leg and full cast caused by a falling accident in a dredge on Skeleton Creek, Ryan (15/16) and Sarah (16) have been forbidden to contact one another. Illustrations & sample pages.

Urged on by evidence seen with their own eyes and video recording documentation of that encounter with a phantom the pair are drawn back together with a desire to seek answers to their questions and possibility to solve a mystery. Ryan's record of events in his journal, this book, and Sarah's collection of video evidence, viewed online at her web site, sarahfincher.com and accessed with passwords in Ryan's journal combine these media to tell this story.

An interesting read and viewing can be had from this embryonic merging of these two media. Example, in print, is the statement by Ryan. If this were a video, not a journal, I'd have to stop. I'd have to rewind. I'd have to play that line again.

However, in the beginning there are places where the text is a bit clunky or a bit juvenile for believability of the character's actions and interactions for their intended ages. Even beyond the supernatural expectations. Ryan's over blown reactions to some trivial incidents and Sarah's over acted expressions in early videos seem a bit belabored, but get better with the best video by far being the last one.

The biggest pet peeve I have with recent serialized books is the trend of authors to edge closer to a story plot without a resolution. A plot that stops without an ending, without a point in the plot for the reader to exhale, relax, or a bit of a resting place, before the plot takes off again in the next serialized text. In this story the author only takes the reader to the climax. Making it a full fledged cliffhanger.

How long will readers have to wait to resolve the Sarah - Ryan dredged dilemma?

How long are readers willing to bite their finger nails or dangle with a clenched grip?

I suppose I am old fashioned in that I think a text will provide more than a serialized television program. However, this is cutting edge and quality needs to mature. I am willing to invest in future art. Whether it is this series or another, time will tell if books and multimedia can merge artfully. This may not be as good as the next, but it most definitely needs to be enjoyed first.

fiction realistic web casts mystery multimedia web casts mystery detective best friends parents ghosts supernatural
Ghost in the Machine Ryan's Journal Book Two Patrick Carman 2009

Skeleton Creek, Ryan (15/16) and Sarah (16) are still forbidden to contact one another. However, with time running out and urged on by additional information the two continue to conspire to solve the mystery of the ghost and the Skeleton Creek Dredge. Illustrations & sample pages.

Again this is a multimedia event with Rya's record of events in his journal, this book, and Sarah's collection of video evidence, viewed online at her web site, sarahfincher.com and accessed with passwords in Ryan's journal combine to tell this story. Where as the first journal was a bit clunky, that may be excused as it is the means to the second journal. The author does a very good job of bringing together an intricate twisting plot with surprises that involve multiple characters with differing and essential purposes for the story that drags the reader to an unexpected and enthralling climax. The video is essential for the climax and not just a nice accompaniment making a very good wedding of the two medias. Well Done!

realistic fiction web casts mystery multimedia web casts mystery detective best friends parents ghosts supernatural
Odd and the Frost Giant Neil Gaiman 2009 Odd, 12 year old Norwegian lad, has been very unlucky the last few years. Losing his father, handicapped from a tree falling on and crushing his leg, and his new stepfather, Fat Elfred, miss treats him. Escaping into the woods he is about to go on an adventure that will change his life and save the city of the gods - Asgard. This book is small, but it is no light weight. Gaiman brings Odd into a tale with and for the gods - Thor, Odin, Loki, and Freya. As Odd wanders through the woods he befriends a Bear, Eagle, and Fox. They join forces to rescue Asgard from the Frost Giants, return it to the gods themselves, and bring spring to the Earth. The style is a true Norse epic with Thor s hammer, Mirim s well, and other intrigue between and among gods, frost giants, and humans. However, the ending isn t of typical Norse mythology ending with a swing of Thor s hammer or a battle like the ride of the valkyrja. Instead Odd uses insight and intelligence to recognize the traits of the different gods and frost giants to initiate a peaceful solution that is a win win for all. modern fantasy heroes loki Norse deity Thor Odin Giants mythology
Wishworks Inc. Stephanie S. Tolan 2009 Max is a dreamer and proud of it. He looks forward to a quiet place where he can fantasize about life with a big red dog, King, that he wishes he could have in real life. He lives with his mom and younger sister being relocated in a new town after his mom s divorce. He feels pressure from his dad as phrases like Only losers and wimps give in to bullies and their henchmen echo in his head while three third grade classmates steal his lunch. During Adventureland, Max finds Wishworks, Inc. where his wishes are guaranteed. The only problem as the proprietor warns Max is - you need to be very careful about a wish. As you imagine Max wishes for a dog and ends up with Ratty. Not exactly the dog of his dreams. He wishes for a dog like King, but as you can imagine it isn t that easy. As with most children s stories Max will discover much about himself, his family, friends, caring for dogs and life in general. Great read for third grade and above. fiction imagination dogs friendship bully divorce wishes miving
The Magician's Elephant Kate DiCamillo 2009 Sends Peter to market to buy fish and bread. Spends money to have his fortune told. Who tells him his sister lives and to find her he must follow the elephant.
Meanwhile a magician who intended to conjure a bouquet of lilies instead conjured an elephant that fell on Madam Betine LaVaughn who was to receive the bouquet and crippled her. The author, intertwines the lives of Peter, his guardian, a local policeman, the magician, Madam Betine, a beggar, his dog, a sculpture, a nun, and Peter s sister to tell an imaginary timeless tale about the deeper needs of all these people and how they are intertwined. How positive empowering actions can change situations for the better if we are to reach out and believe. The illustrations match the rhythmic imagery narrative and the stories tone of a hazy mysterious timeless era where the compassion of the human spirit pulls people together to care for one another.
fiction fantasy orphans missing parents elephants brothers and sisters
Children of the Lamp: The Eye of the Forest Book 5 P. B. Kerr 2009 The Children of the Lamp action adventure series continues as the tribes with the forces of good battle wits and djinn power with the tribes of the forces of evil. Mystery abounds as the twins, Philippa and John Gaunt, travel form New York to the Amazon Jungle with Uncle Nimrod to resolve the mystery of missing Incan artifacts. fantasy fiction brother sister genies magic twins Amazon jungle Inca Peru rain forest
Blueberry Girl Neil Gaiman 2009
picture book verse children love growing up nontraditional families family parent child relationships
The Roar Emma Clayton 2009 Imagine a science fiction story that weaves ideas of - plague, environmental collapse, kidnapping, hostages, prisoners, classes of well to do, abject poverty, overcrowding, government, education, twins, mental telepathy, dream connections, competition, poor, technology, cybernetics, video gaming, the secret, elven, relationships, animals, nature, technology, cyborgs, classism, auras, connections of twins, world conservation, politics, clubs, fear, violence, army, anger, control, healing chambers, imaginary animals, fairy tale, communication, power of money, ethics, power of adolescence, and you get The Roar a story that ROARS from start to finish... Well not exactly finish. The book ends on page 481 with the reader knowing enough about the future world Clayton has created to understand any civilization with extreme differences between classes of people, unequal distribution of wealth and unequal allocation of resources isn t going to solve the problems and create utopia easily. After all it s science fiction not a fairy tale. How many sequels will it take? science fiction war classism siblings twins control society government
Syren Septimus Heap Book 5 Angie Sage 2009 Wolf boy is sent on an errand by Aunt Zelda, while Septimus and Spit Fyre fly off to bring their friends home, but they land on Syren Island with dangerous inhabitants and dangerous secrets. Aunt Zelda, Nicko, Spit Fyre, HJenna, Beetle, Sorri, Lucy Gringe, Wolf Boy, and a few other new characters unite to stop Tertius Fume to use Jinnie to overtake the castle and gain control of the kingdom. Sage has the magic to continue to bring readers back again and again.
fiction fantasy magic wizards fantasy English author audio book available
Murder at Midnight Avi 2009
fiction murder mystery murder poor Italy Pergamontio 1490 mystery
The Potato Chip Puzzles Eric Berlin 2009 Five star puzzle book.
Winston is called to the principal s office to decipher a coded message. He decodes what he believes is a phone number, calls it, and finds he has just won for his school an invitation to compete in a puzzle contest created by the eccentric Dmitri Simon - president Simon s Snack Foods. Little does he know the contest will become an expedition with teams racing around the city looking for clues to solve six puzzles. With a lot of money being awarded to the winner the prize money provides motivation for someone to attempt all kinds of nasty tactics to insure the money goes to him. The plot is driven forward by the time element of having to be the first to solve the puzzles to win and the need to make up time by being the recipient of the first dirty trick. And later as the plot moves to the climax by recognizing the need to catch the culprit if the contest is to be finished fairly and finally how to decide if there is a winner and how it might be decided fairly. A good mystery story which includes among the six contest puzzles others. The inclusion of which adds an interesting tone and style to the story. In addition to these puzzles there is the social puzzles on how students interactions with each other as well as with their teacher result in shaping each others behaviors. Each learning from each other and about each other with the teacher too learning something important about himself and his teaching methodology.
realistic fiction puzzle book puzzles friends school
The Unusual Mind of Vincent Shadow Tim Kehoe 2009
fiction science inventions
This Book is Not Good for You Pseudonymous Bosch 2009 Third in the Secret Book series:
The evil masters of the Midnight Sun continue their evil quest to attain eternal youth - willing to destroy anyone or thing in their way. Cass s mother is kidnapped and used to coerce Max-Ernest, Cass, and Yo-Yoji to procure a magical tuning fork as a condition for mom s release. As usual the three join forces with the Terces Society and all mayhem breaks loose. A madcap adventure Indian Jones style with monkeys, trained bird, in a Rainbow Rain forest. Sarcasm, jocular language, non-linear plot where the book begins with chapter 15 followed by chapter 1 and with enough twists and turns to keep the reader turning the pages. However, there is a strong family theme with the connections of the three main characters, granddads - Larry and Wayne, and Cass s adoptive mother - Mel united in love if not by blood.
modern fantasy friends
The Last Apprentice: Rise of the Huntress.Book 6 Joseph Delaney 2009

With each new book I am amazed at how Joseph Delaney continues to increase the depth of characters, intensity of plot, and supernatural dimensions of his writing style. This sixth book takes off where the fifth ended. The setting begins as previous books, but after gathering an unlikely group of evil and good characters together they are loaded on a ship and set sail for Greece. We finally get to discover more about Mam (Thomas Ward s mother). Her past, present, and future. How Tom has been learning and developing skills and strengths that Mam is counting on in her plan. Is Tom ready for the challenge? Will he be successful in what he unknowingly has been prepared to do. The plot and all the many characters cohesively fit together and tell a story that compels the reader through a dark base evil where not only life is at stake, but the lose of souls forever.

Plot summary and more

modern fantasy apprentice magic bane thought control supernatural witches
The Missing: Sent Book 2 Margaret Peterson Haddix 2009 Jonah and Chip (13) are trying to cope with discovering they are time travelers - children that were kidnapped from their birth time and transported to the future to be adopted. Now they are caught up in between two philosophical opposed groups - time interventionists and time noninterventionists. JB, a noninterventionist, wants to return the children to their birth time. Thus, he zaps Chip and Alex back to that time, fifteenth century England. However, things don t go as planned when Jonah and Katherine grab Chip s arm and are transported with them. Great tale with historical characters - Edward V - King of England, Alex his younger brother - Duke of York, their Uncle - Richard of Gloucester, and their struggle for power climaxing at a battle at Bosworth. This struggle now becomes a subplot in the stories major plot of how the characters might resolve their dilemma of disappearing from the past without changing history. science fiction time travel mystery adoption
Thirteenth Child Patricia C. Wrede 2009 A fantasy based on a large family and an expanding population into a wilderness through a frontier. Major character is Eff who is the 13th child and twin sister of Lan who is a Seventh son of a seventh son. A 13th child is thought to be extremely unlucky and doomed to failure for themselves and others around them and a 7th son of a 7th son is thought to be destined to great things. Eff s parents hope to leave this legacy behind by moving across the continent to the frontier. The main characters are well developed and their growth as they struggle to realize their potential is well written and plausible. However, the strength of other characters and development of cultural background is claimed as weak by some readers. The strength of the characterization of the main characters and fast pace they interact with people and the environment and the problems that arise keep the reader moving forward. Add magical animals and magical spells to create additional kinds of challenges and opportunities you have an interesting fantasy. modern fantasy frontier magic school twin brothers sisters
MAX - A Maximum Ride Novel James Patterson 2009 Fifth in the Maximum Ride series - The bird kids were ill-conceived accidens. He, Devin was truly an evolved human. The CSM Coalition to Stop the Madness organized this whole show to promote their own agenda - saving the world s creatures. Snipers, bombs, talent agents, mom being kidnapped, and the usual desire to exterminate the flock continue. The hunt for mom leads the flock to the Pacific and underwater bases. Action packed thriller with the sarcastic biting comment of Max (first person narrator), 14 year old Maximum Ride and the other members of the Flock are pursued by their creator, the Uber Director, who wants to auction them off to the highest bidder. Great read. science fiction genetic engineering adventure Antarctica female survival
Deeper Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams 2009 Book two - Will Burrows and his friend Chester team up with Cal, the brother Chester didn t know he had. The story of WIlls relationship to his birth mother Sarah unfolds in the beginning of the book as the chapters alternate between topside and underneath as Will continues his quest to find his archaeologist father, who inexplicably disappeared in the labyrinthine world underneath London. The deeper the boys go the more intense the story sinister inhabitants with evil intentions and very willing to use drugs, torture, intense violence, and death to gain control of not only the deep, but desiring to initiate plans to over take the topside by annihilating the humans on the surface. being a major part of the plot. The authors have created not only a world but a unique culture that is interesting. There are times when the plot or certain characteristics seem a bit implausible, but its unique setting, action packed story, plot twists, and tangled relationships between its characters are good enough to keep the reader involved. fiction fantasy archeology adventure England London Brian James Williams underground
The Yggyssey Daniel Pinkwater 2009 In the mid 1950 s in the wacked out Los Angels Hermione Hotel, Yggdrasil Birnbaum and her friends, Seamus and Neddie, follow Chase the rabbit down a rabbit hole to Old New Hackensack, which is in on another plane, to try to learn why ghosts are disappearing from the Birbaum s hotel and other Hollywodd, California, locations. Sequel to the Neddiad. modern fantasy adventure ghosts witches space time hauting hotels motels Hollywood History
Children of the Dawnland Kathleen O Neal Gear and W. Michael Gear 2009 13 000 years ago in the Great Lakes Region of North America 12 year old Twig, a spirit dreamer, and best friend, Greyhawk, team up with an unpopular shaman, Screech Owl, to warn the villagers of an arrival of a meteor that is going to have cataclysmic affects on the earth and long term devastation on the environment. Evidence does exist to suggest this type of event did indeed happen about this period of time. Based on that assumption the authors describes how such an event might have been foretold and how people cold have coped with the destruction and might have survived. A disaster story that I know of no movie for the same event. realistic fiction historical prehistoric people paleo-indians shamans climate change great lakes region North America
Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident Eoin Colfer 2009 This creatively designed graphic novel tells the complete Artemis Fowl story of The Artic Incident in a way that was not possible in the mere novel. The author, Colfer collaborated with the illustrators, Rigano, and the fact file page creator Alexander Garkusha to combine text and illustrations in a format that includes detailed character information in illustrations, text, and in character files physically embedded in the graphic novel. The combination of these three elements create a style and tone for the story that may provide more detail and a richer experience than the original novel. It is a great feat, but not the first as Artemis Fowl: The Graphic Novel preceded it. Still a great experience. modern fantasy child prodigy adventure graphic novel
The Sorceress: The secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel Book 3 Michael Scott 2009 Book 3 begins where two ended.
Sophie, Josh, and Flamel in London and Perenelle at Alcatraz. The Dark Elders feel the end for Nicholas and Perenelle are eminently near and order Dr. John Dee to finish Flamel and bring the twins to him. And Nicolo Machiavelli to finish Perenelle and release the monsters that have been called to Alcatraz. Will it be that easy or are the Dark Elders underestimating the power that Josh, Sophie as well as the Flamels have.
Before the end we the twins will meet William Shakespeare, travel to Stonehenge, to access a ley gate to San Francisco. The meet up with the insane Elder Gilgamesh to acquire the knowledge of the elemental power of Water Magic. The chase and escape plots are rather transparent and the inclusion of Billy the Kid is questionable. There are other times when the reader wonders why or what the heck and want the focus to be on the main characters and their plight. Of course if you are a fan of Sophie and Josh it is a must-read, but let s hope the action in the last three fits the needs of the characters and the plot development more closely. The coming books - The Necromancer book 4, The Warlock book 5, and The Enchantress book 6.
modern fantasy Nicolas Flamel John Dee alchemist magic supernatural brothers sisters twins San Francisco Calif. Niccolo Machiavelli
Tentacles Roland Smith 2009 Tentacles, sequel to Cryptid Hunters, is an adventure with plenty of suspense and can be read and enjoyed without reading the previous book. The author includes a list of characters in the beginning of the book which is nice, but not necessary. Typical good guy verses bad guy in the style of MacGyver, Bond, NASA race to be the first to discover, cryptids - animals thought to exist, but no direct evidence of that existence. Plot is a fast paced action thriller. With characters - Dr. Travis Wolfe matched against - evil Noah Blackwood in a race to catch a giant squid in the waters of New Zealand while hatching eggs found in the jungles of the Amazon. Eggs believed to belong to another mysterious cryptid, Mokele-mbembe, While also protecting Grace, main character, from her Noah Blackwood, her grandfather who wants to collect her too. The characters, Marty, Grace, Luther and Wolfe contrast with Noah to bring themes of right and wrong, moral decision making, and love of family into the story. Tentacles appeals to young adolescents and older who may not be avid readers, but are looking for a good adventure novel. fiction
Jasper Dash and the Flame-Pits of Delaware - A Pals in Peril Tale M. T. Anderson 2009 Jasper Dash star of his school's Stare-Eyes Team is pitted against the state of Deleware Champs. Jasper's concentration is interrupted when he receives a telepathic cry for help. Jasper, convinced there is something unnatural about the opposing team. He and his fellow technonaut s, Katie and Lily, follow the Stare-Eyes team into the wilds of Delaware. A dangerous region with impenetrable jungles with lofty mountains jutting out and the occasional exotic city. It seems Delaware is now ruled by a crazed military dictator and the plea for help is coming from a monastery where they are being held hostages. The thugs use the monastery's arcane powers to create an indestructible army. How can our heroes fight with peaceful coexistence to free the monks and bring democracy back to Deleware? The off-the-wall style, with mock-heroic dialogue, breakneck chases, fights, gnat eyelash escapes, and evil villains. parody of sports, gangsters, and travel guides. The author frequently steps out of the plot to comments and make general suggestion for the reader. Beneath all the absurdity is themes of loyalty, violence, peace, and self-acceptance.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw Jeff Kinney 2009 Greg Heffley, middle school student and family member living with both his parents, younger sister Manny and older brother Rodrick. He engages his parents in one up man-ship as he writes and illustrates his life with his family and at school in his diary from January to June. Kids love this series of books. This is the fourth in the series: Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Do-It-Yourself Book, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw realistic fiction cartoon graphic novel whimpy tough middle school diaries diary families
The 39 Clues The Sword Thief Book 3 Peter Lerangis 2009 The 39 Clues Book one The Maze of Bones
The 39 Clues Book two One False Note
The 39 Clues Book three The Sword Thief
The 39 Clues Book four Beyond the Grave
The 39 Clues Book five The Black Circle
realistic fiction science fantasy games family adventure mystery
The 39 Clues: The Black Circle Book 5 Patric Carman 2009 The 39 Clues Book one The Maze of Bones
The 39 Clues Book two One False Note
The 39 Clues Book three The Sword Thief
The 39 Clues Book four Beyond the Grave
The 39 Clues Book five The Black Circle
realistic fiction science fantasy games family adventure mystery



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