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Bridge construction challenge with K'Nex

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A variety of challenges, investigations, and problems can be created related to bridges. This one used K'Nex as building materials. You may substitute other materials. I have also used oaktag, straws, thread, and straight pins.

Bridge vocabulary

Source for the definitions of these and more bridge terms.

Investigation notes



Compression - capacity test

Bridge capacity weight test


Who would have thought a bridge could win awards? Does that make this bridge the GOAT?

Hitorical Smithfield Street bridge signs

Pictures of bridge tests

Test with thread added and rod removed

Test with kilogram weight

Test with thread added and two piers removed

Test with four notebooks

Test with thread added and grey rod removed

Test with kilogram weight

Test with thread added and white rod removed

Test with kilogram weight


Statements made when testing bridges:

C. Stading, K. Flanagan, L. Haisch, K. Dusatko, S. Simpson, A. Baumann, M. Tobias, Angie Simpson, M. Foster, and C. Mettler


Test bridges

Piers & beam



Piers, beam, & rails

Pier bridge


Trusses, pier, & deck

Truss under bridge



Bridge photo album

Suspension bridge with stone piers

Suspension bridge



Beam bridge with piers

Concrete beam bridge



Trestle below road bridge

Metal truss below deck



Beam bridge with piers

Metal beam and concrete pilars bridge



Tressle & beam bridge

Metal beam and wood tressle bridge



Tressle above deck bridge with piers and some tressle below

Metal tressle above deck bridge


Arch below deck bridge

Metal arch below deck bridge



Many stone arches bridge

Stone arches below deck bridge



Swinging bridge Rock City

Swinging bridge Rock City



Stone bridge with culverts

Bridge and culvert



Beams and piers bridge

Bridge and piers



First Sunshine skyway bridge in Florida 1977

Sunshine Skyway 1977



Suspension plus pier & beam bridge

Bridge suspension plus



Suspension above & arch below bridge - Pittsburgh Monogahala River

Bridge Monongahala River



Arch bridge in Point Park Pittsburgh

Bridge Pittsburgh PointPark



Three rivers bridges in Pittsburgh

Bridges and three rivers



Tressel bridge above road

Trestle bridge



Large and small arches bridge

Bridge with many arches




K'Nex suspension bridges

Suspension bridge Suspension bridge Suspension bridge