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site logoCritical Thinking Consortium - Fantastic sources
Creative Teaching and Applied Imagination by @TeacherToolkit
Describes a creative process, suggestions for how to teach, research, & problem based learning (PBL)
site logo Information on the brain, disease, immunology, injury, memory, pain, genetics, imaging, and more
Visual Resources
Visual Literacy resources at Arizona State University and links to other sites
site logo Mark Kistler's Imagingation Station
Learn to draw and more: galleries, camps, school assemblies...

Imagination, Mental Imagery, Consciousness, and Cognition: Scientific, Philosophical and Historical Approaches. Directory of Nigel Thomas's articles and an annotated list of links to others . Scroll down ... page...

Theories of Imagery and Imagination article by Nigel Thomas

"The Human Imagination" Our Seventh Sense!
by Donald L. Hamilton
Information on imagination. Free E-book version
site logo Dictionary of Philosophy of the Mind.
More like encyclopedia


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