Role Play & Role Reversal: Steps and Suggestions

Role play and role play Reversals

  1. Have the students role-play the events leading to and causing a conflict.
  2. Freeze the role-play at the point the conflict begins, switch roles, and continue.
  3. Stop when you think the players might understand the other's point of view.

Discuss the issues.

  1. Ask Student A to present Student B's wants, feelings, and reasoning.
  2. Ask Student B whether Student A was accurate.
  3. Ask Student B to present Student A's wants, feelings, and reasoning.
  4. Ask Student A whether Student B was accurate.

Change chairs or hats.

Sample Role Play Steps

Steps Adapted from: Models of Teaching. 8th edition: Bruce Joyce, Marsha Weil, & Emily Calhoun (2009). Pearson Education Inc.

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